Variety (May 9, 1951)

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% 1*51 1/ I h #•1 m #1 kll ing a Cycle 4 r 4 n I. »|B their grip be uninhibited by old Industry tie* ungoverned by the traditional pot- ter. arrived In New York Monday dating herb to Jackie Coog an * <7> by train from the Cooat. and click with Charie* Chaplin In Jack L Warner bounced back to "The Kid * When that picture N Y from Hollywood by air the icored at the banoffic*. the late day before to Join hie brother!. Harry M and Major Albert who are Mated to go Into their fret major huddle with the Lurio syndicate today (Wed >. Veiled behind much aorrerv. to pick up the Scbwalker| TestnoBiaJ Subscribing to this theory are a number of Industry!!**, particu- larly prominent circuit operator* WB Personnel Plenty Jittery VbSaleTais break on the S29 000 000 deal for U% of the three Warner brother** holding* at 919 a share which would glee the Lurie tyndlcate con- trol of the company. It la at least agreed hy both principal* that the paper work Involved In a deal of this nature Is staggering* It quickly reached the legalist! as soan as Lurie arrived In N Y. ae- I ill of jitters > J II By Allied’s Myers tious for control of the company, Bombshell announcement of proj- ected sellout by Harry M^ Jack L. and Albert Warner last week came aa an anticlimax to period of un- certainty among the employes in view of sharp retrenchment* at the Burbank studio and rumors of sim- ilar let outs In N Y and the Aeld in the industry pended for Important stellar Bobert Ryan’s approving to Uaiver- And ts Bride' With Justice Dept. Oi Special Decrees Kills O. A mail, president of the Society of Independent Motion Picture uducrri mil huddle nith the Department of Justice •gain this week. In Une with the group's continuing close watch on industry trust suit decrees and their enforcement Araall will stop off In Washing- ton on his way to N. Y. from his home la Atlanta He’s due in Y. on Sunday 09). SIMPP feeling Is there have been too many delays in putting •n end to the Government’s mo- A null’s aim la for completion of divorcement by all the major com- P*«»es in a minimum Of time. He’s •••0 chit for quick breaking down •* ®nJor circuits, via divestiture !>epinet Bark in N. Y. After Hughe* Huddle* Ned E. Dept net. president of **0. is back la N. Y. after a week •n the Const huddling with Howard Hughes. Also during his visit. Depiaet taught up with new product. RKO maw Bos s hacking of 19 completed Boom Theatre TV 3 As 13 Top Exhibs Buy SO RCA Sets Theatre television received Its biggest push forward yesterday — Tuesl with newt that RCA has received order* from 19 of the na- tion’s top theatre circuits for more than 90 of Us instantaneous projec tioa units Total order means a pi gross to RCA of more than 11.000 -1 Minneapolis, May 9. Far several week*, reports Film company head* were raked *4 possible streamlining of per- ever the cools and accused of be sonnet to conform with the econo- mg "tired old men ’ by Abram P ®Y program have been giving the Myers. Allied State* general roue worker* severe cases of piakvlip- set. at the North Central Allied Phobia although there have been convention being held here. **> let out* in N Y or the branches Myers. In convent Inn address, tince the Coast retrenchments complained bitterly about their ap started With the Lone deal ap- parent inability, or at least failure, parently la the bag and the War- to rally their forces to combat ner freer* reported desire to ra- th# present boxofftce crises. "With tire via sale of their stock to other the industry ia Us present sad Interests la event the Lurie trans- late. you'd expect the top people action slips through ho. wor k er s to devise a plan to moot this emer- and branch toppers are la a state (Continued on page If) (Continued on page 19* National Boxoffice Survey tion unih Total order means a First-Run Biz Spotty; Dividend Chump for Fourth ooo*Vgurtng the'naw ram of 91&-1 Time; *Ctnuo' Second, ‘Sun’ Takes Third service charME First-run trade in principal key pop-scale dotes now. is displaying Renewed exhibitor inter**! in HUm of the country, covered hy enough to capture seventh position theatre TV resulting In the order* Vanigrr still is very spotty, with with Only the Valiant” (WB drop- u believed traraable to llrre^T "*"»> '**' ^ *■« °“ lo ***** tent to the highly favors bieaudi Ur * 2? ence reaction to bie screen rover which soon will be around more Kid enough money to land ninth «• <* the recent Kef.uver crime *■ ,h T kty * !>">••**» “ WholeMW- .lOlhl committee hearings and cereroonie* brtter bli In a few weeks. Many Kettles Back an Farm (U> and attendant to Gen Douels* Mac- theatres currently are suffering "Tales of Hoffmann ' ladle• round Arthur’s return to the U s r,v from the usual seasonal tendencies, out the top 12 grosser* In that lion of hum# viewer* to the *sm* only this year the competition from order. ‘ In Ngvy Now" <20th> and l Continued on oaee jVi TV and the fact that the public Abbott Costello Meet Invisible Is shopping carefully for Hs enter- Moo" «U» ora runner-up ptx la that ■a || r\ n n ■ tatnment make the downbeat more sequence. HorOK |D.r UBrtoi pronounced Weak or unsalable Bullfighter and Lady" (Rep*. _ __ product also is damaging otter slow going on s om e Initial For TiirF# IHH At Raiu "Father* Little Dividend" (M-Gl Is showing enough currently 1 m m Is champ again, foe the fourth week to hint future possibilities "Tok\o Washington May I m succession, although now bring File 219" KKO» is okay in Wash Concert manager Sol Hurok has pressed hy "Great Caru*o” also tafton but mild la Baltimore Also Inked a deal with Loews In New from the Metro stable* “Canno” mw. "Last Outpost" (Par* shape* York to take over the Capitol The- gives every indication of toco he- 9°°d on preem dote ia Frisco, at re here for four performances of tng smash leader "Appointment With Dancer’ Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet next "Follow the Sun" (20th* is mov- 'Far*, nice Is K C. h sat u good Feb. 25-27. Thu is first time that tag up to third, and supplanting *■ ud Balt*. "Queen Foi the Capitol has ever washed out I "The Thing" > RKO). mainly through ■ <CA» looms t *>e in Omage its own ftlm vaude fare for such weight of numerous bookings be- bot verv'* in three a deal, although It booked the Fo- cauM getting spottv reMilts thus kr Y* "Fighting Cna*t Sr■*■••• "*«• ■TocSddSr 5 ^ Sadler. Well. drop. I. fourth brine comMentl. Jj* • <* p*[ Ballet la a slater company of the 1 . mjnv u-tttaw "Commu- <UA» to hefty In Fries harked Sadler s Wells Ballet that played p B |~ (WR( n osr% to by stsgeshow, hut light In N Y *■ «“• ™ * nd ,h ‘r ,,f,h -sue ThT^r.-r 1! ■ *-* Sadler s Wells Ballet had an ai- sixth hep In Phllly most disastrous two-day run at 1 "Saxnvon A Dwiu^h" ip»*» l 'Complete Boxoffice Rrportg on 1 . r ,r.t s.t, o—« wuuiaa u-ari. II - f I - f u to 1 toUl of 9909.000 If split with Par last i x •ait* vasioi* Oe*l* Vevu l*4» SIS • Ve.r IV l*nw