Variety (May 9, 1951)

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FI 7 ^ April's C o Mti Dozen > 1,1 M l ll, • V%airry Brit Teckaieslar Prolt Ktmi $1,210,000 «*50 * 'cl'. LMdM. Mae 1 1 |» mi Fans'* tUL ■PPbing to of it. *Up Front «U». ms of i ho portr<1 Horo for Iho jffiT Doc SI. Output rvariMf of 102 000 000 fool, t of tho prof Iho poor. «H um wap. with ho «uba<anUaJty ahead of Iho avail* li» ,uli I 40 to aail t _ f It] i!«* « L t li dkl HfO op to 10 •Her hearing M 4 DelUeh 1 Par». M Pa% man#** • RKO*; ~Ab UvioMr Mm* til I W hoRemale" 2 *M l oolello Get II of tho Negro Gelling. »m 12th la Nile exhibit Gellin* ii*x* METIO PLENES AID ii.rmv3.i»<:.,v a of tho hit holdings ihoro to 1.000 »hare* Report of tho SIC *1«adrr" «t«rt transactions hr tho manrti from March 11 to April 10. diacioara that Brandt had fat Mod hts Broad rorti Inc., holding! to 100 013 aharra of in local b> d tatri> ita environ! no of Go Llrng > I Mn Brandt haa add another 17 700 I vharea hi her name * Lncw*a, I no . which la alarm as I the mart el for tho 003 par common on tho a »ia otv ienvirons no longer are for him. «torfc of Loews Bootoo Theatre*, nr at laM Mairh deapfto hio lateat mu^inl ~Cafb- purchased an extra SI aharra dor- #>d a nrnht m ihr *noe at the Opera House" recently tng tho month. Tho parrot cem- P t on in | . ^ pany now eVM 127 303 aharra Harry Cohn reported belatedly that la February ho bought <00 lT7 | In the lintel a doe la rod relief la area r open every 4 to do an.** IPT nbdda had a not to! of over S7 300 worth of elooo During tho Oral < chain rut Ha torn f 1.170.312. to » ] Re- port period with 123.187 aharra of the common, plan 000 aharra of tho eompany*a p refe r red alert I ■- lam». of u moral Prwtdon Corp . bought 100 aharra of the Arm * an- YUtrrial Under C. Control Plan L. A. to N. Y. of the C ant Kathy Jar* J the ule of Joe K. It, 1 * 4 [ft t]I|l William Cootie William 4L Clark llume Cronya Vic Doaaone Ned K. Depute pear legal battle to oaict Fanrhoo 4 Marco from tho downtown para mount Theatre Ruling by Judge Harry Westover in Federal Court Street* would be lbe aaaat Im- portant pic produced In N. Y. In v . paved tho way for F4Jd to pmi cuunterantU seeking a total of $5 • t'l] Aug SI. 1041. II would ho a teat aa to whether CP's enure program of pix would bo shot In tho east Union coopera- tion and civic aaaiatanre will ho a factor la keeping all CP shooting in N. Y . Cowan said Ho said that a meeting with N Y. Mayor Vin- cent lmpellittori waa being act up ao that official encouragement could bo obtained to keep produc- tion of CP*a program in N Y . aa well aa to attract at her major mo I la In tho city. WM LIYT TO EU10PE N. V. to L A. I^eonard Goldalo ln Louia Hayward ( harlot Hondoraon lM Jaifo equipment. lighting cqui Sol Hurok Vivoca UndSon Bay McDonald troia. ticket leaning and machine, plus other typoa of raw Mock. ph< ture production and terials Europe to N. Y. L e muel Ayers Erakmo ( aid* .11 Gerald Mayor Anno Shelton Paul Smith Milton Biow Virginia Boh Vaiono Can V u tor Moore Paul Nathaa Mitt Tfidorf Joseph Pasternak Robert Prraton Mike Romanoff Peggy Byan Viveca Undfor Richard Myon Richard Noy Nate Spin paid Hal Wailia Jock L Wi