Variety (May 9, 1951)

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«’r<lnr~U*. May «, Ml THESP LOANOUTS AS B.O. AID builds Seeking Cut of TV Profits Pic Studios Slowly Easing TV Ban Key to Pic Producers' Nix of Video TRAntNG OF STARS To Help Exploitation of New Product fe*r that all Hollywood guilds f l 9 ■ - Hollywood. May • •i union* will ssok to nK la for ar . . n . By WHITNIY WILLIAMS .. n > n^i u t l oi ltol ng a orw medium far IM the proAta la the chief I Of! TV Vt. Pi* by Vaairnr By WHITNIY WILLIAMS Hol l ywood. May S. Upsurge la number of contra, layer loanoutn to sthof st u d i es f Hollywood Red Hearing* rtUMtHh May Wind Up on Coa Washington May S hi owe# Ua American Acttvlti gradually easing op no the • growing tendency on the part of Comm I motor companies to coop e rate la lywood huilidtng up attractions for a mg- <1*>. to N. Y. Times Aim critic. con- I SMC bos of See as well as to take probe eluded that pis still held great «*»•«■ •* the Snanctal book In moot- month 1 tog committed high salaries. A th Although the action loll of A its Hoi- pearanc e i by tbeir Granted. It*i a stow the movement to on weekly F «P w* trailer at 1 mth or early In J A three man subci ittee will trailer, at Srst frowned upon and now M )ust port of the rsptoitattoo pr ■ >g r in f..f « I--.-! 40 't f the Inquiry In * 1 see the day not too far off quality of Holly < not yot cut Into tbeir pic habit Defer NLRB Vote On Actor CoMrol For (he Voting to the National Labor He- ltons Soard election on re n r e- n tat loo for Aim actors. Including juried let Ion for v Id pic boon pM e# for a able to draw up the list of eligible* at RICO. bock to the Coast on Sunday (•>. Harris said that the NLRB s recent derision on the >A(i Trie* ision “tremendous victory for SAG** to that M will not only give SAG representation for many tele per- formers on the Coast but also In NLRB ruled that there be sepa- rate voting units for studios in the UCLA TO Clyde Doyle <D». ■ *,n film t! on M etfl for their Writers Guild and the points on the their major he Guild re- rot of the First of the largrr «f th# sw<; Gtonald 'cFC* eo to M T. on a -or. At the key I go to writers on d by the Indies to April Si. 10SI: the otlng units for of Motion Met TWatres Reap Sme Bescft frmNnr NPA BnUng Orfcr There will also be separat units for Mi unaffUiatod an page 1S» May * Theet Mnle Uantas ftft. 1 |Ew ip». nrases mi nii Of Earfcr AruUity To (at Price* for Bu will appear at the With Mine#spoils. May S Inem far of the beai display f 100 N.Y. Theatres n Drive For Defease Vobafeen desperate because of TV’s Inroads, figure that perhaps they can lore more people away from tbeir arts with lower admissions At tonal. It's being argued, such a stop to ontly one of the city's fore- suburban theatres, the Park. factors. At final session Aryan Fey UdflttO VOUfffS Robert Sisk and Sam Ztmbaltot will discuss Putting the Picture Ou Designed as a pilot campaign. , , Film *hu-h iir-if. through ;>f“ ' •' un * x '‘ 4 * ! * *' rk PMi theatre — duct ion sod editing phases until In the N Y area will get under- wit] have the Srst chance to buy pr1ntl lrf »hipped Screen Pro- way tomorrow (Thun t with a Aim rights to the togiter. and will ducer * Guild pr e*y William Pert- drive for the enrollment of . IM _ __ »» oo*-«h(rd ot th, purchM. ^"u, .n.rodJcrlb, d,t<™» vot-.^n. U M» WCt g g** prk. p..d by .n, o*h,r Ain. pro- fu«1u*.n« m -.1) b, «..en th* ot fhrll chairman Nonua 0>hrmfunb Ddleu* u> th, cooperati,* effort . .rv* P he«l at UCLA Aim Abbta. .U1 t«r,»l i«U~ »u TWr~ jUowtU ^7^ „ ,be Hty. tore A*k* $2,500,000 From STpLETta £ fJT.**, •*»*• C 1 e (U • * defense enroll##* • HArold Field-Harold Raplaa op- rsr for MUNW llUr r ll I V! 1 r . mM lxn will be kicked off cratlon. demanded Hf«y avail- U. Anfrlr*. Mr, * |U)ldWyn L/mXy 3d 1 HCf III ' iS,,, n.r th, r.rtte* to br hod la 1 m n aL * r titm.irnia md»mixu si which Ms>or Flace of tbeir present 35-da> and Ftr Both H GcrMIJ Vincent Unpclttttert will preside lhw 11 w “ * slot so that It can drop Its admis- ry by Lao Horsier. [heretofore acted anly for Gold- and circuit >upper George S konra s If the initial week s run proves Los Angeles. May S Similarly. G el d wyn and Disney , c have the mms aatos reps la the 11 Far bat and S mi t h America. t, campaign will be es- and other theatres will