Variety (May 9, 1951)

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, M mj 9, 1951 Hihon Hotels’ Merriel Abbott Sees Better Cafe Biz, Hikes Talent Budgets May t. -•g- -' ::,: rS55£ Wes{ *«■** w irM shuttertnz and «thm dormant T 4m U gam Mini IrTWtliattMB. Mtmpkla. Ark. May A MerrWl Abbott, om tl Um coon Joy Theatre here. which baa try** largest talent buyers. Is ez- aeon given Um < ‘ Hama Mtery’i leer First let above to play t Cv Extend Closing Date of B’way Palace To May 23 as Business Improves rhestr o o They'll add bands and arts tbls (all. In the musk department, talent tier laments the shortage af top name bands which can also double on the show end. pointing •nt that very lew are left More Variety Artists held June T st I te be Hotel. the !• art Grade Absorbs Guild of Variety tbs of stalled ne 1 r . |i;(1 , ? V » : , f ’ ' *^®s WHS* wW WURmm . a* na |k a ^ alallml ha At 1 »9* <E Dole). Russell Swann Silly * ItL 2 London Funs is- g^nsisraz S£^* f=s,\r2 Kay Boiey. RusseU "Bob" Evans , ^ .b hr i ^ bhMi.^o.u.t t £Es^"aJ!rff<5ss: »-< |JI2 den?JobnlllnfIlng RtortfeTrtth > mmm ?.!! fused to accede to them However. On tbe Hew eratmne to t bringing In Xa .mer band i by Frankie Cat and Mlguellto Houl s Wed debut of the tp la tbe Persian Kay Thompson * g ~i p . j Jsrk Gwynne Tom Ms-1 In and ** onr *f 'he rondltton% toward ne- i V- W i** '* [>,,! W..L (ouatloa. North ornt AOVA ■ York front the HU- be wUI work under direction of * “ sm. in it La t ion and mem Brian Ro«bor«,*h mm M Gradr rrp will W Lou Mryrr f^thl Vnti?r ,h„. ^ssftjss iATSSurszA*'* zs&jrszzzj^jstt ilL. . V; .TV/”; IT . . , rinnatt will send CllR Carlo and Personal rbock wiUi tbe talent to oiicy. to be followed The Johnnie Riscoe agency. _ . k dev land a nod went reimburse North, to. Vaughan Monroe which was due to go over to the rh ' Krves ahd Boh West Wow that there will be n* con- Vaider Grades on Oct. 1. will )o4n outfit A. Emnmtt wM rnwuosilt Dallas tract, amount paid by the cast wUI rwtod Room will bo J uno t . aa jt woa pomMbto tor the 4nd A| Sharp * win go frmn Dew used to solidify Its gains wtth ^ # g r, j M a vec. Detroit's delegates are Billy the circus It • probable th at an lh * m w,kr ih * n •"ticipated and Ruaa Wright. Kansas City, organlrer will be assigned to travel - Object of assembling these new«| Workman; Miami. Alan Gale; "Wh the tent show and see that }fOWUf M ICC jUftS Montreal. Ken Lawrence. New the circus meets union require- * Room of the Plaza, will start the fall and will possibly ore the Earsfcra Tsar is Lisbon Skater Cleared si Draft Dedfug Rap; Rejected Pittsburgh. May A Phil Richards, skater In ‘ Rhythm On Ice" at the Ankara, who was \ tgfrnn ||oy A the outfit which | "Holiday as Ice of 1$51" Is art to open their first stand to Europe here tomorrow night <Tues I. Dot# be a final draft but North eltmi- It was con ago as a draft dodger convinced FBI that he was anything but that Richards capta ine d he had toft his route with hometown Selective See Theatre Dates For Josie Baker, Cafe Denaads High Ted Lewis Reopens St. Loo Club After IATSE Okay St. Louis. May I Chao* Chib st th* Chat* Hotol. Josephine Baker will hence- forth play most of her U. S dates to theatres, according to her new Calary demands, which call for $12,500 weekly plus percentages As a result very few cafes will be to a position to shell out that kind of coin. The singer s Initial dates to the U A were at $7,500 plus per- centages After the star's click at tbe Strand. N. Y.. her basic salary was upped to $10,000 plus over- referendum to mov tioo site to a mid order to save money Membership a nucleus to enforce uni o n con- also voted to defeat the "Phils dlturns del phis Resolution ’ which called for boo If aces to pay a 1% levy vr CaHlamanl On on nitory budgets for the union's ^**9 9CUKMI MM welfare fund ClArtl OBfthi Suit CofM Fold Chi Spot Breach-of-contnrt^wlt between Chicago. May A the Ak-Sar-Ben Temple, here, sad Pnitoe Aattoid tha BMl Mrth- Ju<iv (snot* is nearing wule company will stay fortnight snd than Oporto It Is rated here at least a Play 10 days to a great aovetty because of a dispute with the Inter- national Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, will reopen Fri- day (II) for two weeks to play the Ted Lewis show. Particular ar- range menu were made with the IATSE for this stand. . Lewis will play a special date at the Chase the previous day (Thors.) when Eddie Cantor comes solicited for la August, 1*44. i which was playing here reopen with her Cafe la owned by Ned Schuyler, Mias Bakers per- N.Y. Nkery Biz fogged Bat Wow 170G for Copa, Latin Qtr- Riviera Holly snd Day plus Buddy and Batty N.Y. Strand to Close For Month's Alterations The Strand Theatre N. Y . will close for alterations May $0 and reopen July 4. Last Wagebill to go to prior to the hiatus will be After her Copa City date, Mias Baker will go to the Coast for sev- eral weeks No Cooat deals have been made as yet. although nego- tiations are on for her to play the RKO Hill Street Theatre. Los An- geles. early In July. Mias Baker will return to Europe In August and be bock in the U. A In Octo- While the majority of nlteries n J^L^-i-here^re are suffering the effects of warm mated ^ ! weather and TV competition, three berebut novelty of a of the top metropolitan New York Gallic thorn. P lu * the natural dra adou are doing record breaking of the Latin Quarter la response Leila Lamp! Policy on Gypsy Rose Lee Inked For PsUodhim, London Quarter sod Rivoria for this week high tvsrngr will gross $170 000 totally Iwitb BUI Miller, who opened the out lazes'. Riviera (situated at Fort Lae. The Coparabana. with Martin k N J > last week, la anticipating Lewis, is heading lor $d4 000 a $54 000 for tha preem week Wnh Cooa record for the Erst week of tames. Agure cornea to $1SJ9A 000 <with tarn) for the Erst four days of the engagement snd Jack F.ntrstter conperstor of the spot with Jules Podell estimates that H will hit $4$ 000 < with lazes) after the third show tonight (Wed). The spot has stopped tak lag reservations for any show this coming Friday snd Saturday. The potential of this spot la larger than any of the others because the Copa lc« Unit • Pitt Click Pittsburgh. May A The George Arnold skating s hew. ' Rhythm On Ice." a nine-person unit, has clicked so well at Ankara TV Dni Mambas Vitnry Bis Columbus. May A ■ . > m U m conditions have reduced the num- ber of night clubs operating nightly in Columbus to two. Of The Big Five," which banded together dur log the war. only the Riviera snd Pslm Garden are operating steadily Gypsy Boe» Lee hi signed for the Palladium. Ml will 1 Deal w set by Charles V Yates Taylor Yates Is cur- the China Doll weeks < In the as every aU . who started Ice Capades" ed with Doro- Seturday nights The Caroly snd Club Ale zander hava shuttered for reotly to with Bob played re when the comic at the Prince of thy Lm Ksy 24 la. will stay with the net ; '» • • • • I