Variety (May 9, 1951)

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, May 1 mi ZXHul Stars’ Exodas From B’way Shows At 1 «. Season’s Ead (June 2) to Set Record s» •trt. uliriT^ K: I'.U’-'I jjtl 'll * 1 M lijrofli Only I with the ty of the British tied the M Royal Montreal, both • 117300 Harold ticket has Ul and Ray Middleton ("South Pariftc*). Pan! Kelly and Ufa Ho- of CaU Me Mister * * r Skinner Taking j? ‘Paris’ to Baras £ Cornelia OUa serve one year. Betty Jane Rest >n| Pool Lyday John Schmidt. ro w t i l. to serve three years. May Muth. council replacement, for one y. Mias Muth. I,Ml that ho laelli] 1 17 . 300. but that _ _ A AO C «1etails of the mat ray ("Make a Wish I * I I II GREENWOOD TO COAST; NOES TTHD8 TO REST relatively lefttah l ■ 1 1 the Coaat with her MaferltsHun directly following the foldo of the (11). W. Ima FA Sb Ibrt Mmols For S1S.473 ■ ‘Ain’ Fin idncer WUUam R. Raise II. Ides t* Ku hArd L1TO of the suits, for SO 03d. W Next was George Abbott's next Broa< •tint will probably be another steal. for which ho intends to ply the hook and be prodi director. He's mulling sr straight plays aa possibilities but the director and leads are not I il %*l Thr j* 1 c« .% to bring the k1k>» “JF® to the U. S. following Rs London $lDtws,$l Week Phi Ts 5a?*, , T! Hyps Iambi Bin B.O. Richard Myers, who u day dl) for Parts for a will be on bind for final i Pittsburgh. May l "Music for Mt. Lebanon * series In Pittsburgh booked “A Night with Rodgers A Hammersteia" for next October Originally, the S3 person si traction was announced ta carry selections from "Allegro ’ **Stsle Fair.’* "Carousel." "South Pacific and "Oklahoma * Ever rz Z ZTXZ. u, b. tw am u— hr. Ih. Broad•«> and Chlra*. produr ,1*, or , u «£.t . ment plan on tlx. la a "$1 down-11 1 1 a week" scheme This Is believed f ‘J™ 1 to be the Aral Ume for suck a gins- •** * i a k m 'un.iriff r fitff* The MOAT directars told Vaiiitt I fll if lyricist Sonny Burke, $1 a week er "suggest a reason • plan of paying for their adv LONDON THREE SISTERS' LOOKS OK DUE TO CAST sf.T m i ’ Evidence of the new plan has scribed aa somewhat soporific with rx u ta/ already mushroom e d to Green- play considered gloomy for a Fen- On Her w»y villa. O. where a local editor Is tlval of Britain ofrnif Gloria Marlowe understudy to also giving the stunt pUy la his Play was adapted by Peter Aab- Doretta Morrow In King and I." columns and encouraging readers more and Marv Bntniev* and waa l eaVfl m«t tkA to next week to play and local aaerrhanU ta follow suit directed by Ashmore Ralph Rich- her Arst principal part. May Parch- Edmund OrgUl. proxy of Orglli ardsoo and Diana Churchill head er the girl next door. In “Seven- Hardware Co. here, who la paying the cast, with Celia Johnson Mar teen" Stephanie Augustine one- half the coot af all seaaoa ticket* caret Leighton and Renee Avher- ««<U h*r to -KIM .n<1 L- tor hi. — }•»_ rmpkw*. told Mild tupport . w __ Aug I to 1W by the Dallas State Fair Musicals, at State Fair An- d.tonum. I in the Pitt Stadium this She previously was In the ensem- > i hies of "South PactAe" and "Annie eo Get Your Gun.* rr tertamment for his empioyces | cheater and waa at Man- In after even if he has to pay for tt. a brief tour