Variety (May 9, 1951)

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pUjrff Monica kUry PtekJ ord and Patrice Mon- th# Coast far a mI in for confab. with Innkeeper Patrice Man- fahg wia Donln ioaalag shindig foUtaiaf irn a tt Ruth aod Normal th tonheeoer *®T - Merry Widow" with Clift Hotel tsed thotr divorce. p * r - tort - t/,rpLTteid»r g**— «•*—**— • "*•*«• - **» ^t£2J . «s^th,. ww wiu »^. u l— T". r . Granville, local Lewis lo toon from the uaa lor a »M in for confab, w tauple of weeks far a va cation otto Eltel on Footer Dr. Mikiea Raoaa doe la ML T. f< * War Lawford lo Miami scoring Roxy Theatre. N, Y., vacationing , here for three week, while iTY her h 5* "* J- V‘ r '"!f"P Danny Kaye to attend next D iV1Ar ^» Cttnto Mr a checkup hree weeks while N T month a charity p roem of “On the IVITIPF1 Francesca Do Seal Itc •cctiptm R««r •*»*» RHtere~ ID »d ..firw Grw4 OrRar B Uw ^ dlvwre Bntre C*W hit, Sherman-Aoahooao- of Wdtr Rate. _ .. ^ M.mld Arlen hoi i proxy, and chairman Carroil Gibbons director of on- w Co ^ Tt **** * ** * St^Uart ^ ^ thf( h , |f| rank Bering, took off for tertalnment at the Saeoy and Ber- directed M N week for aettno chore, keley hotels, recuperating for fort- *F Karl Mooching**. i &*■ fhin McWal^r Slick of Pwnkto CHek." night on the Continent after sort- Loot theatre a h a w at Palais de . “hr im.rg.nry apf out nines. la Medlterranee. Nice was new Bing Crashy celeb. _ . , Martin Jnrow. In charge of legit three-act com ed y. •‘Virginia " fee- day with hia aona in rVllhififton aactlon af the William Madia taring comedian Paagualt and David A. Upton Ajenry. to Parts last weekend Lydia Lore Unlvenal homeoffle nsr s nra B. Lowe after a week in London It wm -w. Are Geing To Monte Y Frank Freeman '■arar 2 hi »~« fstl*^ zrn'jsi wssl.’S bt — 1 — - ' W °^4-^ U -i*n U !»7h M rill^JAo , mr Uoni * CarU wh9m W9t% ***** Franklin Pangbor . 1 an his next British Coronado pr #i| m iki. month &J5P?,.a“C!i!!j , PE. " S * , “? U ’ ’* u " 4 " •“ Murk an:hu*ama uum Rlrtara V Gabriel Pascal to the Mayo Clink far a checkup Franceaca De Scaffe Bled tuN to an the net Hart. Sb Hotels proxy. Exio Pima In from the Cooat In next weekend He anils May S3 on the He De France for o aix- The newlywed Huhhell Robin ton. Jra iVivienoe SegaH facelift tog and redoing their new Koto- nah R Y., house Ty£jrgS at •“*» « - stt?.- — •> for Robert R. >o«n(> r.rniroJ Mlrh ' j ‘f arre,.* rhtof of Ed- *k*»ku rDt*ror» uaretfc# U. S Harry Brand DlaDrd to Miami to anaual uorkrnd oart) at A# w, “ * I™* . _. . Jamra_ E Carroty rhtof of E«- , nn<lunr . m , n , th<( 320000 Amrr. tprn d two uroka with Jo~ph M Crrra briar U0-1D l.jt G ** 4 * P ! **P &£! V. i.r^Trti cirtSS *—• S-W* *** Sc hr nek Baa Washer touted Uw Lyaa 2^2*«!L 'uSktuma liarti work aret work oaT^Wklo M >P*>« •< »>. throat Nate Spingold ia from B T. far Fantol aflWo la Ha publicity aorv- ’ *J,J m»^T ' ^r*?n« smith Inrrrtutatr?- New Bruaooaa film. "Wblto conlrrrocra with Hairy CMto at trr for N V theatre. Eeklba la Hardto M aa aia prrin* hmith InrratiMIr. larludia English ape.»mg Columbia Uto area hare tamed ta plan, for Pr«ld«i« aad An Tniman aur- ^SUTV JS^TlL miw^ta rJUaeb artuu Cjirgo. Tabet, Socman Siegel rttorked to at aa tostItuttonal campaign Ptl*» ai 1 endaaU at Ojrety Theatre ”" r '7 JE h „ * j H , Holt. Goby Andrea Meg Paramount after conlerenree with Mailto-I Louis Vaudable of «* •J ,, k , II M hi. t. Milan and Rome Lemoaiuor la sddlttoa to AatorT oartent editors _ after fks WuhaftoH By F l aron n K Oil via de HsvilUnd Agency, after a David A Upton In in at m in UJA ith to Miami to Maxim s I>aula Vaudable of betw™T^tT TZJJ with hi. wife to Milan and Rome, Lemonnior to addltloo lo Amen- eawern Pam. to for the gasirotiomiqu. • 1 Wtween-ocu greetinf to the w|)m ^ w<|| Toscanini esn Mars Glena Pmd and Ste ve Broidy in town af fete at the Cham herd this week c * Harry F safer hack from rusk Gersldino Brooks. TTT^a ” Monogr featuring th# famed Part* eatery ■ WiUiama did a n II lh- tr1p u Partg M look see at the ArtiMs exchanges , wTwS£&r ITlr3%£ ,2‘tidS "Iff* £ QevebM JtS? a^ r *R-h^*V.,U P jT. r " U ’* 1 W M?, Hym.n 1 ?.rwtto H ^ , r r,^‘Sb^. 1 ^ KMan . .-hand rtM.oc to S^^^Sr^ ** "*** T#4 af &T aa^toS p ara la PartT I^ndoa knag Armed Service, Radio Sho. Zephyr C lub bought Jay . Cafe ‘kout her llle eUjnr and Kklta •« »*• '«•' Rrtheada Naval Hospi from Sam Leltoua for $35 000 ‘-“~ U Dttmauif\jm George Jem* bark to the Co*,, “ “J *^*» *-* PMlieW»U L^» R«-r ^ c.p«Hy --^“fod*, piy. Oti^ following the )mnt dmarr honoring ,M _ '°V . ... , crowd ta addressing _toeat_ women a Kaouaa Wynn led a i Qerduf Steve Broidy to week tour of ArtiMs exchanges Jack Benny en after a ftve- gr am-Allied the Molly- ' Hollywood Salute." Jane Froman In d for huddles with Trotti JJJJJ tog for Pepsi Cola, show s| Francis. Universal a four Eddie Cantor and himself by the rrancia, universal • lour ie ( Jewish Theatrical Guild on Satur | *** * day. mterspiiced with a shot on i P*P* r Dofonae Bond i the Bnair h . mm b d “ “ with a aeries of week* from Sam Lettsoo for *33.000. U f 4 * •"tmm laid np wllk Bu, Lutto Rainer pul tod piv.^oi^ ,lmU * _ crowd to addressing local women's k w t.^ m . u By Jerry Gaghaa divtotoa of L'altod Jewish Appeal _ _ *» 'PE ** Eileen Barton boobed by the drive TV.vV. Air rJ^e hlL^^ Leatngtoa Caotoo. ta Mart May M Roger Stearns Itork at Uw l l-« Stewart Granger planed la from NO Wfift make, hta thud Club'a ptawa altar taog >.<.n»n alter im neek, .cotton I# appear in Attanlu Cuv June ft. au" for Betty Bacharach Horn# benefit. w ... r lav . fK _ ^ » v^ - -—...o..., ffer l ™ m tk. iwJmI >«▼• Mags shows into Iu>ew s Part coooeration with Uberty Network. vos” rr!Z+ i ™ ™ y a,Ml Granada one day each week. Marlene Dietrich guest af hooor SUnlo^nw 1 . Imr^nnl Th^ T#4 Kln *^ »»-bandmaMer who •< dinner celebrating 31M anniver- four tr. if wPh,?u imriri^ir ha »dl*d Capitoi Records promo- of her arrival to Hollywood. aua" Vri n tlon *■ thta territory ahinedto Alice Pen nr man resigned as 1* a f T B y . ^ •* ,y Columbia disks exploitation staff executive secretary of the Screen •ea- lu.. rita«irs > n d hm Writers Guild to await the arrival “a manager Mfit uoni i lassies, ana of | baby nder Stanley KaMtaky. ELC salesman. Loretta Younx and Robert Younx t Dallas 22 th. HoaywoodTS T **“ mgenry . , . industry at the Variety Ouka ■’ ■«« Rafbar In.araaUonat conation La Phtla- |W1» aifciiB Ctmnt ru^k *Ma AworniaKI mini Barry Gray may be spelled by Nick hcnn> N. Y Mirror coiumn- iy** Whip Wilson launching a nation- his vride hunt for hillbilly sinners, to irk cooperation with Uberty Network. day each Jng. ex Capitoi Metro exploitation department, returning ta Detroit. — 1 « T t> - 0<torT aa aoclated Hatol Ntot,ltot Ml with Hollywood Television Service. rftC# holding over Gil announcing their engagement Sat- dt.. In( « Doralne A urday Git Shag dgughtar of c^u Colly art agent Paul SmaU and Ullian ^ ^ Schary Small He’s aon of Jack > Abe Sunberg. manager i cola Drive-In and Fabian By Masha# i (33 Bird Mont Harold L Smitl hl t * T lt4 #f with Cecil Golly archaafra. rep. Is rocuptog st his home to , Ullisa Throe St Paul colleges com bln Germantown after three-wee k s to ?* lagdramatto fartJUli* to0a» Twta J —Moaprtal hot* ’“HTJt « Otto, than ftrvt thaatra ta-«ha bC — Pittsburgh By Hal Caban earned sous . Psim Qnr niat Tony Curtis got here >uM to time Colony Club Lh ^r‘™P to By back to the cnaM with Janet rest in June junket to Atlanta. Johnny Pineapple* s band and Hawaiian Revue In for a month s Kua Beget stay at Baker Hotel's Mural L Smith expected In Bn. I Tht i.Vh s z Radio producer Pie about to switch to TV. Pat Knight (Wlidal ratting at Pro. Del Casino and Steve Murray .. held over at Mother Kelly's, here D a n njr (Danny's Hideaway, N. Y> Stradella to for week's — gy p»w. - MOM* p~.7J=rg;.m> rlfM By Hal Coban earned smaller's rights oa the te V f * P t mp fdour room. my luta. d. Rrt. Pah Sprhft S2TS & ^ uk " mo ” lh, v (33 Bird Montperwaaael m % Jimmy the “Pro- w Casino and Steve Murray Harold L Smith exported In ...... ’ . . 4 . Avlatrtx-wife of Bob Protchard f»**or Backwards’* af the club cir- over ^ l Paris shortly ^ Thu 1 Z Sakalla hack In their ^ WJAS sales staff, sued him for wJ5 eaUbitah residence here. N f> .Hto aawiy. Radio producer Pierre Grimhiat di * trt homa divorce but will continue filling nitery "• Y . Stradella In for week s xJ5U“aK <WUd " ^tto Vernon Rtov a, N T PoM Vta. had ^ ber. for RKO coot ah, “ ^ Wook Shor. g-d^v Mo*. VB-fc^ ^ ^ L^^rsrw^ ZSZfZ \ XX ” The Gerry Mayers ta U1 for t ata!t!k« clu- Jan Andre, disk - jockeying ***** midnight disk - interview graduation of Gerry. Jr. o^iT^tte^ WWSWs all-night progra^ again Dan Dalley. to for a three-day Impresario Jules Borkon busy , T ” 1, ^ M while Phil Zinkand ta hospitalized Mirpnae visit, took a quick trip to . strr * Rondos and Jerry Bran- prepping a pic with Fernandel Jimmy \ an Heuxen Ringltog Bros Bamum k Bailey y °** Hood. Tgxaa. and added some ow *** Champa Elyaees saved from loo- 2^™? Hoilxw°°<i. writing at clrcus booked for three^day stand Uair j4 Ulf cSk KMi^cIrthl) fL^^ n d°V • |ng cafe sidewalk Ubies in drive to t ^ at Heidelberg Raceway beginning Ultl * ^ ***** *• *“ du * SSnlmT^* ^ 1 mid-June m!ke room for parkin. Tai ^ .J-f ^» To^CU, oos Murr.v Wringer Phil Relamaa. RKO foreign chief, IUfqw * < Clnb. here for RKO confabs Dinah Shore and Georns Bud Oraaletn picking up Geor g a JJ*? 1 home practically Schaefer at the airport pieted. The Gerry Mayers to UK. for .9*^? *£22* ffgj JP? ( rg4»tto. <4 Orry. Jr. l tniif rvirto l u l#« HArkfM huit ** b^noiitH a uw taith r^f-Ranfiai 7 SougsrrUer Jimmy Van Heusea at a convention Drake. Marlene Dietrich Bobby Fife resigned as president to pay *300 damages to M. Des- champa for not using hia services after booking him for Tel Aviv or- those listening Guadalajara Trio of Pittsburgh Entertainers Tbea at Doll House tncal Association. Al Aldrich Scotland Ranc hers the day after she was brought Helen McGill Tabhs bgrtt from Ulto. .utfeno* from -p^ Pouf stgo Broa hvrv la gi X?l»t£rf*ZSu£ Iu ."“ 1 7’‘r£5 Uck “ d w . h! '* MBmAkoa. B^Ja.n k. •*■ JeEmT^B Rosalind Russell and Melvyn W «■■■ Douglas coming here Sunday (ID I Red Ingle clicked to to do Theatre Guild On the Air's Glasgow. Craig's Wife" ; Judy Garland art for Lou Sow as MGM record Arm Glasgow, May 21. Copa City ops Murray Wringer and Ned Schuyler closed the Lounge, where they had been pre- senting moderate budget lineups and will reopen the main room to te late June with Josephine Baker Oa a A I . mat ipire. heading up first rx presentation deni ia A legit here In an Lou Sowa a MGM record Arm Glasgow May 21. and White " opened a branch distributorship in Glasgow Grand Opera Co doing ducer direr- Charleston. W Va.. with BiU Bock- “Jennie Deans** and Mefitto- th in Pxnx m *7 charge frto _ . _ Chcafs Equity benefit of “South P Is set for June 3. Barry Sullivan Mopped Las Veras By BIU WIHnrd ida pamell weekending tt the ingd . Is spending a month to Paris * ay c ** r ** . (M „ Avxm ~ „ By BIU WIHnrd RtaJtTtaiw:-^ssf -- s±*^ 1 ^ ngatf — ~ Rudy Solmaen motored to from Hayes replaces her. Joyce Grenfell and Elisabeth Diane Adrian added to Jee E. Paris to Mart two Italian film * Welch coming to Scotland to re- Lewis show at El Raneho Vegas. tductiona soon o w • vue “Penny Plato." Westbrook Pegler to town to tom W aggener former HoUy Sil FriDCISCH ** at Rothe- I Rancho Vegas Variety clubbers of local Ton* Ayr 39 skied to Kentucky Derby before af^tartM k^rtrKta^S Qwt ^' ,0r Mo# Gala 1. for J.nv Ptcka» “ V.^,; TTu'bhar, af lor* Tata lo '“ ...a, v -„. k... __ It _., _ opening with Civse Light Opera. A lasts ir Mcliarg young Ayr 5* »kled to Kentucky Derby before Harry Davies to ahead of n<lf . Errol Garner hitting jackpot at singer, joining Crazy Gang at Vic- hitting Gotham and Philly “Borschleapsdes" opening Black- i n Blackhawk. extending booking twa tons Palace. London. Frank Fontaine. Lea Paul b Moor, May 15. to . b * m * d * ■ Ro ^' , more atania. Harry Gordon Scot comic, la Mary Ford Loa Gato, parted ter Fnrt Shendan ia nremune Arm^c . LcuU * Craig and Erick John* Bing Crosby to for ta pings with straw hat stint at Lyceum, Edln- Th underbird opening May 24th Forces Day flint with toSl Am ***“ dancers, tt the Horton Louis Armstrong Burl Ives and burgh starting June 1. Paul Yawitx. Norman Taurof performing Mav if Dancers, here arranging a conceit Teresa Brewer Vers-Ellen Aim musical. “Happy George Givtt. Ralph Idwsrdi jAh n iR., . . , 4 Mries. Odette Myrtil at Mark Hopkins Go Lovely." has Scottish preem at sunning poolside at Desert ton farmu 0Vf T.. 10 French actor Michoft Auclair Peacock Court for five daya, to be Regal. Edinburgh. Aug. 2u Maddox Bros. 4 Rose hillbilty 7 4 , a 1 er will return to Paris after compie- followed by Liberace. The Me Flannels, ftcot radio fam- unit, to for two frames tt Latt ppe nee at unental theatre tiou tt “Red Shirts." to which he Louis Annstrong. Ear! Hines. Uy. will play Edinburgh Palladium Frontier for Helldorado week Ltibur Williams and ^uhby Ben was teamed with Anna Magnani > Jack Teagarden, Coxy Cole and Aug. 20 during Edinburgh Festival, color. . appearance at Oriental theatre l4 £ 0f Esther Wi lli a m s god hubby Ben was te with Anna Magqani Jack T Aug. Mil play E 20 during Edinburgh Festival. 1 color.