Variety (May 9, 1951)

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May », mi U Z I MARK I AGES I t 1 ■ I gtfS&SS B^^gaer^^Sf I Hedda Hissed —v t L«—. -J "Death af a othrn. * 9 ht ckiMrta and i kmih 111 - er wnivt arthritis for yttn and broochiai set .a rtrfatly , CHARLES J. MEAKINS Charles I. Mriklai 79, rftirtd crested the la im hit this rale la "la Old him the Ac a d em y of the year with the talkiaf ft Cisco Kid ale portrayal at 11 Aril aid as Although rlalm ms the ll«hed himself la pis. veer* he was alee featured as Dr la after a ha| died la Klara. Uhl I of OwL. May 9 A musical *9° he played the lead la Henry as a character actor. It was Spr1n,1,rne Sydney. April 27 lie was a ) Clara Kid that he e*ah- wner * Pioneer sad switched la himaelf la pU la later Meahias. who retired la 1BJ2. vaude la the Aussie keys Mawe at Osklaad. Calif , I . — Police listed death as Gilbert. New Tart. May R Clark, as lightly su He’s ... Is his olfe wha oorhed with him la a comedy-manic act hilled as “Larry Gray sad Car- T. stage Mnhafdt. neat to New York after a ful stape career la CL rale was that of Hla M e beginning his long series af wood rales Other pis In He appeared os the N la Oliver Moraaros Ud." aad “A Taller Made Man be I Hally which he appeared include “Six Hours to Live," “Paddy, the Nest Best Thing." “forty second Street " ‘ Stand Op and Cheer " "Kina af Burlesque " ‘Slave Ship." Kid- napped * and “Lady la the Dark '* Ilis s ersnd wife. I Winifred Bo Y He SAM T1SNMAN M j died la New May 4. after a long Illness, a *t< as a started la hay la the Star Theatre. Surviving are his strand wife, Muriel Baker, with RKO't studio publicity depart meat la Holly- a daughter and a sou MARRY Mt'SGRAYE Harry Musgrave 00 longtime died lu pic bu later to .... hoys via the aid 71 vail loop ive CALC B. ML’RNEY 3**" yrf *7, rr**. «y • r * May t Bride Al M< Kialev Tern. recently. Groom b KATL an in- to ABTHI R F. VI OR RONE F M or rone il, active la the him hu st ae m far 49 years aad p ro ids at af the Superior Motion Picture Supply Company af Pittsburgh, died la that city April 27 His death waa aerrlbed ta a heart ailment Until Marrant went lata busi- ness far himself la 1990 he waa a projectionist for nearly a quarter af a century and was a number af IATSE and Malian Picture Opera- tods Local 171. Bosides his wife, he leaves two daughters, a slater Mi G M pro k" torn >t f.thrr ta I •ar past 40 years at major Clncia -1 u . . . aatl theatres and fanner president - .. BIRTHS and Mr* Jam Hally wood. May V full af Martha Scott reenacted the hilltop death scene from “Our Town." with playwright Thornton Wilder as the Stage Manager, and ark Its old magic spell. | Ttbbett sang the Prayer from the in . af Loral Picture Operators. di< < aatl. May 0 Surv i ved by wife aad two daughter. April 90. N la a le ve which ha Mrs WUIIam Kapcll I did at the Met Opera House Father » 1(92 la a stirring rendition that brought forth Mr and Mrs Jack Voeth daugh- recreated the cap art from “Rut- ter. Hollywood. A aril 20 Father lesqut * with .Betty Bartley as a la a rsd.o Ihlmi. tin MARRY STODDARD Harry Stoddard 90. script girl. Mr end and the shit was a In fond Remembrance WILLIAM H. STEIN CO-FOUNDER OF M.C.A. MAY 14, 1943 Joe orate "1 Get the Blues When It died Hoih»uo«j. May 7 after a lengthy Hally lllnr.k Inmc Wife Muriel Bshn and Ta vivid memories af ’ with Dancan'a singing af "I Oat Plenty af Nutttn*" and Miss Rahil's top- April 20 Father la an dr a wer rendition af “Summer!I« followed If Mtoir duet af l ter. Las Angelea. May 1. Father h handles publicity far Finch an aad ~ Marco Mr aad Mrs Joe oily wood. N Mr. aad N - John Kras# other's KA M glrU, Pi ttsbur gh. A pril KDKA Kresge twin | You Is My W I 90 Fa Uta Hagen Douglas Wi Alesander Scourby recreat i r the the Yiddish Art Theatre in hath ANNA BRAGINSKAYA-FISHSON traffic director at Anna Braginskava Fishoau 94.1 M 4 Mrs B ... MaJr 2 daughter. Pittsburgh. April IK I Letter Scene 'In which Mias Hagea N ~ Vwt ““ "* • Mr. ,n4 Mr. Hoy. Bra^r * <W. — **• .ml Pittsburgh. April it Father s a Rirhard Waring playing (he Death 11 h Scene Loot was poignantly moving In Mias LeGaiHenne's brilliant par- ’trayol. .!<•( is Swanson gave her < f Charlie Chaplin In a I routine which Eddie Sutherland ta the U. S la 1920 Harry Lee. Oft. vaude head 11 la team af Hoey A Lee died May 2 la W r it w oo d . N J. He toured far 90 years appearing at Ham- Father Is chief meriteia's Victoria and the Palace | tlaa KITE N fT radio account caeca! ive : Walker-Downing agency Mr and Mrs Jnrk Dally ter. Chirago May 1. rather Is member af The Sta maters at at loo WGN mat April 20 r for ala- Wifa th .Mr and Mrs brothers survive ter. New Ha Father la Mr and Mrs. John Sierruvirhm staged far her. Dennis King, aa General Burgayne, recreated the sharplv -etched comedy trial from “The Devil's Diartpie “ Gii Rogers was beautiful hut inaudible singing Km brace able You'' ft Segal, daugh- May I Charles Bray, wha look him tala later worked for the Frank Vhielan chain af thea- tres. He ultimately became talent for that circuit. When the aa absorbed by the Great States circuit, he continued ta these u. > • New York where for the it A!bee nrruit with the Keith ta be- At with Psui Small and the Music Corp af Amqnra. At* the liar af hit death he waa partnered with Milton Berger la the FBED D. FASLEY Fred D Pasiey. 02 papermaa. died to N Y. May 7. His savvy af the OTTO 0 OOENBBOBN Otto 0 Roc hr bom 77 violinist N l W hgir New York violist with the Chirago Sym- , phony Orchestra from 1002 until 1992 died la Chicago May 1 by sou aad _ . maauln« *>r*<tar ot -cm Craay.” but ta tw kwrUtata Shubrrt Nr» Ha*»a. Mta Mark 4 ^^. %pmot , Hh Pau | Hartman that followed, she 'and he* Mr. and Mrs. Mervya Wall, terrif Shirley daughter Dublin Ireland. April , 7 B Father »tf playw - *^* Radio Etreaaa features suit ant far the Warners' pic, face." starring Pad Mum recently he wrote "Nat Guilty" af Judge ‘ Samuel S lUi career as a criminal lawyer Surviving are wife aad three STARKE PATTERSON Starke Patterson. 91. legit actor, died last week af to- ll r a nd Mrs. Frsnk Mucken* EUGENIO GIOVANNETTI (haupt. daughter. Yonkers. N. Eugenio Gtovaanetti. M. play- , May I Father la produriiaa man- wnght- journalist. died to Rome, ager a# station WOR N. Y Italy May 2. He aaa noted for Mr and Mrs Douglas T. Yates hla translations af classic Latin ton. New York. May 9 Father la EDWARD F. DUNN Frank Dunn. 9V film ac- tor, died in Hollywood. May after a lengthy illness Wife and son Republic Pvct h and Jo Ann with equal hilarity the A ret scene from “My Sister Eileen." Pat the crowd with dance to “The Daughter of O'Grady * All This and Ballet. Too Ella Logan brought the wistful- neaa of “Ftalan's Rainbow' in m r-dher vlow t« of “How Are Things to Glorca BILL WORTH Bill Worth. 97 May 2 to Wealwood Village Calif. < Waliarh While ^1 Mnrra?" Ray Middleton and Du- Actors’ Studio TV I &?'£££ .. . 1 that Included “The Girl That I - * ^ ~ 1 Marry * and Anything You Can Margaret Phillips. Maureen Staple- Da" One af the bog Thelma Schaee and Eli i waa the ..f t la Franrhot Ti twirling a lariat. after a heart attack an the 20 th- to he tied esclualvety to the pack plunking guitar and reaching way K) * lot age. It's expected that each will down Into a subterranean regiater GORDON SCHAEFER in the to sing **Green G Betty Jane Wat the IJIars”; Wilton EDWIN L. MARIN Edwin L Mann. 90. vet film di- rector. died May 2 in Holl * • • • r r< -rrX ill hla film career to 1919 as aa cameraman at the Para- mount-Famous Players Studio on Inog I s land. He went to Hollywood In 1929 aa aa assistant director for the old Pint • now Warner Bros.) and in queol years Marta was under contract to Metro from 1994 to 1941 during *hirh time ha directed the ' Marne * films la 1949 he ro- turned to Warner s to direct The Younger Brothers " He was under contract to Warners at his ^eath and hts recent pictures include Raton Pass," Colt 49“ and * Fort do at least Series af hour _ ja presented an TV via ABC two [Clary singing “People Will Say with the record depart- M an the Republic lot. died April y«ars ago aad CBS last year Mias We re in Love" from “Oklahoma." 2B to Hollywood following a heart Crawfard and Karan also super ' and a Ballet Theatre group led by Agnes dr MUIe and John Kriaa do- ing escerpts from Mias de Mille t ballet. “Rodeo" Victor Moore and William Gan- Harold West 42. drummer with the Roy Eldridge arch died in Cleveland May 4. He collapsed on the band-stand at Lindsay’s Shy reached a h ospital A member of the Eldridge hand since 1939. West also played with i»ukr HHngfon C. Gillespie. Surviving are his wife, the farmer Ann Moms, three sons, his father, two brothers and two ORCAR W1NGE tre Sw H..X *1 and fl I nil May 2 after a long illness he studied at the both in to legit m and In 1922 to Bavu l)/.y Gamer and Chick FLOYD M..BILLINGSLEY M Billingsley, died to ctacs. lhf 1 Be was third veepee of the International Alliance af ThcalricaJ Stage Em- ployees Billingsley joined the San Fran- cisco projectionists’ Local 192 1919 and had been Its Floyd n F n *:* Mr proxy In 1B21 an IATSE vice Winge left the establish the •peretta theatre in Ma|mo which hr managed until 1944 In that jear be became head of the Muni cipal Theatre. Mai mo He returned to acting in lfM 9 and had roles in mg in !<M« a play s as " W M 9ERPT W. H Berry, 91. British dian. died to London May 1 In 29 poors an th^ i->ndon M^ge, he ap- ■ atMi r 40 Vievt Rd hits s last stage appearance as in a 1929 revival af “A Waltx LUCY DALY WARD Lucy Daly Ward. 72. actress widow af actor Hap Ward, died to New York. May 2. Mrs. Ward flrnt appeared an the DICK KNIGHT Dick Knight. 40 radio-TV com- edy writer, died May 2 to New York following heart alt nek Details to Radio DAVE BLACK Dove Black, salesman for Re- public Pictures for the post 19 years, died In New York May R from “Of Lee Tracy. Sylvia HARRY FOSTER Harry Foster, 27. nightclub en- tertainer. died April 29 In Holly-1 following a heart attack ftft af Ullian. Gilbert and Fred Bela, exhibitors and af Benjamin Beta, a s s is tant manager af National Screen Service, died to Cincinnati, May 4. . <2 af Rohrrt O Gotsrh. librarian at station KXOK died nf a brain hemorrhage April 29 to St vised those with Donald Davis, now for CBS-TV. aa won a Peabody Award when on ABC to 1949 Roosevelt and Harrlty who are | M recreated the pitching the package to net- im president * I plan to make Thee I Sing;" It a half-hour show once a week, yirig Ann featuring to addition to originals, a MfM f roM -'Broadway." one-act plays, scenes from legit hits Mary Boland and Pkillp Tonge did and wJl short Stories. . s«ene from “Meet the Wife ** Let Str».b»r* ud Duwl Mann j ^Urrd Ulllu Rita- wtll mark -Hh Kum la wprr ^ lhra tar H |( m twa Ina "“■ta directarial «rt aa ita 1 ^ and lhr g„ j. u , r | had a stirring “Report on the Slate of the Nat Ion. “ Joseph Sant ley. Phil Baker. Barry Gray and Jack Carter did the card-playing femme takeoff from “Third Music * Re I Dorothy SarwoR Virginia Mee Walter. and Ralph dates, starting to Turn* brought bark toe sparkle of April 2. ending to SUllwatc-r May iiada" witk 2. T E . _ I oJ Longhair Hildy ta M _ Columbia Artists Mgt It vroa held entirely In con ce rt halls, chant a company af 19. u Wife af Oreo Roberts graphic director af Films, died April 29 ta Aires. 99 girl, died ta N. Y. May 4. Surviving Is her by the Co#- | frani the operetta Faye Kmersoa was a charming Margaret Webster a witty and Tallulah Bankhead a Mias Bankhead s ^nivt. light engi- j arrival brought a roar af welcome, of 19 I J by. Robert j the inevitable “Well, darlines." and a hst af a Charleston exhih*tion. from “Make* a Wish" Factor." aided by Equity, ma te opening and v*v id. especially the .when Dolores Gray. McCnr * h. Helen Gal- Anna Sonrako as produc e r - di- { rector Hildy Is hark at her club shed Ann " and ' stage with pp< *rr<j on the burgh thrat her. Dan Daly.' city May 1 *9» at the Skima Towers. Okla- homa City -owned by Ambassador Perie Mesta* Other dates are May lagher and Harold Lang sparked Gold Pitta- 14-20 al Adolphus Hotel Dallas, proceeding* As Miss Kmersoa put ree. , B- "f *as the best of theatre for l Shreveport La I thnr who love It brsL" ibrane inner, died in that »nd May 22 29 Washington l