Variety (May 23, 1951)

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May *3. Backlogs of Multi-Top Names Cue Studio Releasing Headache llullv wood. May 22 ♦ ■ 1 ■ DomiMiMNi of current bn< klif* m a ll l • to* t •. *> • «r~p •» Ferrer Added to Minute *«ar n*me* hat rued a new relrav « • "*•* •" ,h * ’ All-Star Pint Parade To Appeal Toronto's Nix On Mary Pirkford Statu* Toronto May a. 5-1 vote turned 4o«n proposal to erect a 55.000 statue to will immediately take their plea to Royal Scores Present Showmanship. Recalls Fihn Pioneers’ Bounce City C onne l l direct of Mayor Hir ha\e the ♦ Vei O nently in 75 of the lot Of* avail-1 J< inf release name of the btffrr the talent mater far “Pint lumei Having amassed b a ck l o g* of all-star benefit In he prevented hy a« many as six pictures each the United Entertainment Indus- Siudio difficulty, of wane, h try at the Center Theatre. N. Y„ ha«ed on an unwillingness In satu- *t midnight next Tneeday 2li. rate the market olth films atarving others In the met mill he Gloria he un t personnel. Chief esnah Swanson. Frank Sinatra. Lamina ration Hems from the growing Day Perry Com#. Rate Smith, Cl If- J number of loanouts in recent ion Fad I man. Dogma r Eileen WU- monihs and the number of top M . Kn Murray. Sam Lerenoon. name dan now available for any Frankie Laine. Steve Allen. Victor film on a freelance heals. Borge. Paul Winchell ESect of the Umnout practice op Mahon e y, Ray Sloch arch mil the mayors is typified hy the case m the pH of Shelley Winters who has four Ticket of ad m km Ion la Sima due foe release -each from a of Mood, given hy May 21. at the different stndln First to go will temporary blood centre In he Roberts Productions' He Ran igg-145 of the Hotel Aator N. Y. All the Way." UA release set for ____________ mid-July. Following, la rapid sue S5S^'Vs5r3“» TWsys Preen Nsptuls two members of the ftee- of Control. Merrill Wants Firing now a National day theatre Talent Manager John F Ro\ *J, sndcnatmg Co. 1 think that prevent- By let Arbitrated to have hern placed an the center-1 Through hie manager. Moe Gale, heyday, haa boulevard strip of University Ave baritone Robert Merrill la Sling to on the subject He recalls eshih Plrhlord s birthplace. arMtrate his current hassle wHh pioneers like Ike Uheea. Sam Noth- part of the site of the Hospital Met Opera managing director Ru | afel iRoxyi. Elmer Rogers Martin for Sick Children. 1 ddf Ring, though the latter la Reck. Morris Meyerfeid. Moe Hark, sdamant In refusing to allow the Dr. Hugo Rieeenfetd. Harold g. situation to go to arbitration The Franklin. Boh O'Donnell Sam Rata, singer and Ring are at adds an A. J. Bala ha a. Mayor Edward what the latter alleges to he a Bowes. Sid Orauman. Turner A \ rotation of Merrill's Met contract Dahnken. Ackerman A Harris tb* . . lg A | nhen he went In H n tl ywssi to do 1 Brhcnrka. John H Harris \h» Gu Ids Meet On tfru/sgSvs S afters -ss ,sulted la Bing dismissing Merrill their mark on the entire picture ' mu the Met roster business. DespHe Bing s refusal to arhi- j Today mo at of them are legend, trate. the Aaaerlcan Guild of Must- ary. gone or active only on higher al Artists will likely Insist an | levels la the struggling suite 20th Pay Cuts — Reps of Actors. Guilds arSa 1 ;».s r« R#yai Fudy’ lms, u * Almost Stop the Sbow Green.** tervtat.vely -ft to | l out r nd the totter port of October, Ironically, actress hasn't had a Him | ? out store "Frenchle." which Ul * w * r ' n leased last January. Sheppard and John 1U»I. PWJM* Top hock logger in the freelance mombor% of the Canadian Aeld is ftav Milland with one Repertory Theatre. Ottawa, tied In Aim lust going into release four .-M-ingly with The RepM Fam- cwmpieied and one ready to start •iodup HeU-pub^ wlthio a couple of weeks First out wedding, skedded between fts United Artists’ "Circle of Dan- Saturday performances was known which will he followed hy «• ■•••* ^ matinee audience, and •Continued on page 211 "hen the wedding principals— playing young daughter and m»d- — yoined hands at WANCEt EXPANDMG *- ,n * *• a». »ua»*»r* . P _ piauao nearly broke them up Later V1DPIC WTO FEATURE • “ rr, *" t **om****» •*•*- rvra, arbitration A Andlng for Merrill days they were adventurous . Lj hy the American Arbitration Assn asm. They dared to do thing* .net Mondav niehi *ould he ueed hy AGMA oa a Bala baa A Rati made the final union at the means to reinstate the singer with Its service* and Rethafu /uu the i mom i Roxy service" Rki M ram •211 In an informal sessisn at the , #reea Directors Guild offices to Ik* With-Fox’s plan for volun- tary pay cuts Se ssisn. attended hy 25 from the Ave groups, woo. it was st re se ed , not authorised hy boards of various Guilds How- ever. officials of each g ro u p were in accord that the sesslao be held prior to individual board meetings Although no action was taken, (he following statement was issued: 35 representatives of the four Hollywood Talent Guilds, plus the Artists Managers group, met Last night to explore two statements issu ed hy executives of 20th-Fox. It was dec i ded by those present to information no the if when that inf with lix service" and Rothafel tl Roxy service" shine ia the theatregoer. Royal recalls ~j«* | Plankett did stunts at Brwodwavs Mark Strand Theatre that v led | with Dr. Riesenfeld s a m bide strews Philanthropy. Showmanship Parlayed hy Society Groups 1 Rowes at the Capitol, and Rothafel T. Rut 700G Apully “•SrStert,.... And show •"* excitement la running a the- Half hour Aim baaed on "Alad din's Lamp " which was hy Walter Wanger of s series for ABC television, will expended hy the feature length for regular theatri- cal distribution Wanger thinks he II have to add another <0 min- utes I# the running time and will seek to insert name values Into the expansion in order to give the pic- ture a better box off ice potential. What are you going to do i-- the Unlike ’4A-'50. CRT edged out of the red in the 25-week stretch (Continued on page 151 Hedy Threaten* Mar Suit Uvuui Hollywood May 22. Iledy 1 Hen representatives will report to their individual guild be Meeting was railed hy Joseph L Mankiewtrt. SDG proxy It was originally set up foe three talent Guilds the actors, writers directors However, morning hurry colls were Invite reps of the Artists Managers Guild Joseph L. Man- durat-aellers . . ft Albee. ho flMWhia rals in the hinterlands *' rein hy such little things as letting raising clone to I70U0O0 a year |. , ... TV . IT ihT*Jrmny C^iUl^P' lhoMfh Pooling of the pur- professional directors Cargill^ pro- { U vlng tlMOOA duces 1 <0 **"*"*??*"? 9 ** a year for the circuit AI bee said y Ih m euRMIn g Ms rssi from ^ wanted each local ’ blue hook Tax are uou- , (Continued on peddled at Alt. hut slnro the the ally peddled at Alt. town s politicos, subdeha. page 21i participate la the production, la generally sold out ia ad- va LENA'S $10,000 PER FOR 4 WEEKS AT N.J. RIVIERA Hypoed hy planned c for rnu _ _ _ . . _. kiewlci and Karl Tun berg, press- usually gross around >15 0U0 in the On Unmuthonztd Pic dents of RAG SDG and SWG went smaller towns and A30 000 in the Into a huBdle when they heard larger ones A limited percentage about the Spyrwn Skouras plan and deal is arranged hy Cargill with the Fact that Wanger ia pulling the rcn«ri»d 20,h r °* tn wait until their mom of the coin can he donated pilot Aim out of the video hopper .n,,™* 1 * wTlhlm^U, * ull4# Mv# *kUined a detailed re- im Use local charity In recent indicates that the TV market for . * port on the company s asaets IM- 5UTnrocccds from these amateur . u ^ w.- i^, Beverly Hills, that she la planning , . . | Tears proceeoa irons tnesc amateur • idAlma is n t yet Mg tanifh for ^ damages against the kliltles and financial prospects, theatricals have the mafoe Hollywood mdie prj- dmVenw T** "* lkM « M,NI I kmgi for ducers. Film stars Johnny Sands JJ* . , ° , „ bers had taken salary ruts on and was adapted by Howard Dima- ‘"V/*!." °‘ fjf w krrp dale W'illiara Cameron Mennes '•wrd that she vssM ®kay Hx used with a layout ou her Publication of the pic. Miss Lamarr says, causes her ' humiliation and re- opens a 20-year old mixtakr (her appearance in "Ecstasy **•, to ex- am mat loa of her own children and to aa entirely new generation of _ people who would otherwise Pitch Wtfc Yuk Stars *“ v * "** - llorse oill play the Riviera. Ft Lee. N. J . for four weeks starting Sept 7 at AIAA00 a week It will he the singrr • first date at mltery. her previous cafe engagements in the New York area during the past few vears having been at the Copncahans The booking indicates that Riviera operator Bill Miller will designed sets for "Gone With the Wind" and Wanger's "Joan at Arc." Fraocs-U5. Patriotic make a strong bid to cash la on 52 Iron tho late summer-early fall - ••• country and eataMished Mood ordinarily dives Miller has aim ®ka mayor lots during the last two banks In almos t evryry locality via- inked co m edian Victor Borge lor fT* _. „ . , _ tied. I two weeks starting Aug 23 During the hank holiday In 1A33. gy using a Aexlble revue format the director la able is place every- n r t / t 1 ’ r L lone who wants to he in the show HCL Ol Todl? S ITeHCH and rehearsals begin l(— on page 1A> a yam rsp- Paiis May 22 tinned C urse of Beauty." m Editors of the Paris - Match which the star tells how she was Magazine are organizing z Franco- ’ forced to be photographed in the American Independence Day gala nude in "Ecstasy " Because the Harlem Goes Gala For Josy Baker ^ m n a on Harlem put on nf Its major la tboae who show no aptitude for tho stage are given waikuo parts jnmfnix -«• hut relatives can see them oasepaint A cast France for a typewriter of between 150 to 200 volunteers not sure 1 have one yet. Tourism Staffers Mu$f By HERB GOLDEN Cannes May 15 Have been searching all over I m Thu is so that of the t on Jooephmo Baker Day. 1 bluenosed citizenry Is disappointed. a a little French job with the krvs to he held July 3 at the Moulin byline story is copyrighted by her. Sunday i20» when the National Such Rouge which has been shuttered she contends use of the rut gives for over a decade, The gala, which the impression she okayed it Ar- wtll commemorate the 2.000th an- 1 liele, says Miss Lamarr, then 15. niversary of Paris, will glorify the was forced to pose nude on tho 1*00 era and tie up the Moulin threat that If she didn t the diree- Rouge with Hollywood Top tor would shutter pic and her American film names will he in- father would have to pay the whole tiled. I cost nf work «.re«dy done. The affair will be sponsored hy | Because of her youth and lark the U S Embassy In Paris and af knowledge of legal rights, she TWA and Air-France have boon I waa frlAMHi MAo snhmfc EL aa William Holbrook. Borland Dixon and lAi set to fly the U. 8 stars Israel says SmbmeripHorn Order Form Enclosed find check for $ Please send VARIETY lot yLrs s 0 o n o o R« 4 «l«r Setscriptiea Rates Oaa Year—$10.04 Twe Years—111 00 Caaada aad Parana—11 Additieaef par V li 1S4 Was! 44tV Street New Yerh 19, N. V. Assn for the Advancement of Fred Color e d P eople awarded the re- ( «c patrlsted Parisian comedienne x ■ lifetime membership ia recog- ST. • arts CYNDA GLENN TO HEAD NEW PARIS TERGERE’ Paris. May 22 Paul Derval haa signed Cyada Glenn lo headline la his next edi- tion of tho "Folies Bergere " Miss Glenn, among the Arst U. 8. per- formers tn star la top Parisian re- vues. waa originally slated lo re- turn to Aaserica In a F U. 8. all in the Worst winter and spring in ovein- ks the native story on the Riviera—like the tales handed out In California. Sun’s out today and (he Mediterranean la Us adverti-ed theatre Award waa made hy Nobel Peace Prise winner Dr. Ralph Runche at a dinner U id ered her at Golden Gate Ballroom Other major award waa a scroll by the American Guild of Variety Artists presented hy vcepcc Gypsy At ooe were 5 000 people lined or In the rain waiting for a glimpse of Miss Raker The presentations climaxed day of galas by NAACP which I C ’ *• twiih, interviews and ^ p ™* started with a luncheon at Harlem s Theresa attended hy 400. a of Harlem youth groups, a cock , tail party at the Park Palace Rail room, attended by New York's Mayor Vincent tmpellitleii and 1 the dinner, la addition, several Harlem »l . . A dearth of local drawing f stars is causing an Increasing re- liance on U. S. names Indicative Is the fact that Mary Meade topping the display. shops gave Mias Raker a n of gifts Station WL1B will mark a week .long Salute to Josephine Raker" whkk will include guest appear- ances by Dr. Runche, Fredric March Florence Eldridge lean Hervholt Miss Lee. Noble Sisale. ncrx K Only Nines lor USO I Turner inay follow Jack Benny. Jennifer Jones and the Jack Powell unit (regular vaude- Principal thing noted sbnul France in the 2 l % years since MM | here is the change in cos ta , li • about twice as expensive m»w. Bread Just went up another tor • all the restaurants and pe are changing prices accord- ingly. We've been follow kne a Mtchelin Guide and have found al- most all hotel rates higher than those quoted. The famed restaurant! that were always high are even highrr and you can pretty rapidl> to broke trying to keep up with lh«tn. On the way down here. Incidental- ly. we lunched at Le Pyramidr the famed restaurant at Vloanr Casino de' Pins *hicte Joseph Wechsberg did lhal wonderful piece in the New Yorker shout a year ago. We had 12 dif- ferent types of pete de foie gia< and lunch waa a mere 115 C rvi experience? Although the season la still * month away, there la aa ama-zing number of people on the Riviera “ of vllle company i to the Korean front I Not many under LSO-Camp Shows suspires | English (although they re i» r- Not until next fall will USO have mitted only 100 pounds and tbm i la extended budget for further lal- quite understand how they can - t , at Mats Carlo and other ca-H** •dip top names and and play for relatively larpe Large number of toun'i* White Ella Fitzgerald, ent. Hampton Walter White Right White, Utter two vureAre vaude untU like INmell h Hakes' NAAIP txeco., , * - , Itg ora wanted ia the Far East, . %