Variety (May 30, 1951)

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UA, U-L Republic Move Closer to TV In Rim Co. Trend Toward Alliance Hollyw i ii. May 21 Smrtl of the wjf pome* which have been Atrting with television in one way or an- other during remt month* moved flTirr I# on alliance with TV 4or tag the lost week eo» the heel* of tutted Paramount Theatres' mer- ger with the ABC network Com- favorably Mail. Supply Rooms Of WOK Yield Hidden Talent WOR, New York key of Mutual, early this week dtarovered tone hidden talent in Its mail and wp ply room* Burton Trimble, mail- My. was found to be leading BRIGHT FUTURE TV Audiences in 22 of 33 Polled SEEN IN WEDDING 0“ 0u,stri P Ra<fio * Nighttime By GEORGE BOM N Last week » merger of American Broadcasting Co. with United Par- ■ ** **!■ *?..•*!“* lameteSrnSSTanSr tiatic director of the group recording of "The Jumping Frog of Calaveras hy Station will audition Trimble for a shot on lU "Sylvan Levin Opera Concert" and has upped Flusaer from his suppl> )ob to a post m Ms TV studios ‘Frog," which Tune magacine has raliod "a bright hope . . of the American opera " will get 1 _ T. an string on one of WOR s disk • pp ‘ ,,r,, ‘ two" industries" Anally "imrying thi ' t'* hatchet are United Artists Unlver- 'department, turned out to he sr sal International and Republic, while Par Pictures and 20th-Fox are already committed to TV M various ways Reasons for the alliance are many but M‘t believed the chief asm la the film industry s growing res I list ton that TV may represent a hedge against the currently- sliding bo soft Ice. If Him profits continue to drop. It's thought, TV may represent a means eventual!) of recouping those lo s ses Also taken into consideration la the fad that the two industries can be made ta work together promotion-wise Thus It's believed that UPT will reli heavily an ABC. both radio and ttdeo ta pro m ote new Interest In Aim-going Of the ma|or companies Metro Warners and RKO apparently are continuing their watch-end-wait attitude on the assumption that It s still too early. Metro the moot adamant Loew s theatre circuit Is the only mayor chain to date which has com- pletely shunned theatre TV. War- ner*. which helped in the develop- . , M ^ meat of RC As big -screen unit, sub- almost exclusively in New York tele- seqoently bowed out but It s con- vision for the last six months de- • Continued on excite speculation on the fut course **f show business, and more notably the Aim and video indus- tries. than any single & •Show llinn' to R’wiy Mulled by Air Minneapolis. May 29 Taking its Haven Northwest Airlines here la mull Of S) cities measured by C. E. Hoop e r. In 22 television ha* out- in average evening according to the May H sopor TV pocket pi e ce In from the New A M Is doml markets both media At the and In two I. since TV Initially proyected Itself tag the idea af being the Arst air Hum. «hirh also into the nation's That the I casting-Paramount Theatre* Inc . setup, with Its integration of pix into telecasting, would Now V oi k pare 1949 nighttime audience* ( pre video! with 1930-31, show a greater audi- ence to both broadcast media than there waa before the advent of TV. With the tying time ec the u ^ Northwest Airlines' huge Stralo- cruiser* now only Ave hour* he- IVM* Mmnrcpolu »od P" dlh. Uw .pent vien- how pianos conld shove eg lag has came from other activities, here around 2 p m in time to Cities in which TV now out pul Is mutt s reappraisal of video an !•■•«* P^tlcntor ahme ta Now oiler dark are Atlanta Baft*- , 1| Other de toiled stories on the ABC UPT merger on popes 2 end M v ■ - into radio audi- I ■■1 1 .™- - York and then, departing lm- apparent within hours after lJt,r «#r* be back brre early the next Buffalo. Cincinnati. Cleveland C TV as Panacea For Type-Cast film Player By BOB STAHL Actor Dane Clark, who a worked the AB-PT Ana Used. Both the Aim and industries were I far-reaching rami Acs tion* United Par ABC wedding the new entertainment patterns which are considered inevitable in the wake of the pu-TV alliance That the merger was ptychologl call) timed was one. aspect not overlooked In industry circle* In a currently bearish TV economy. (Continued on page 40i it Durantes New £ NBC Pact Covers ■ m Court Hears Late Mayor 's B cast Disk in LaGuardia Libel Snt Vs. N.Y. Mirror of a six years ago by the late mayor of New York. Fiorello La- Guard is in the $300 000 libel suit he brought against the New York Daily Mirror, was introduced into the court (Tues. I. Hears! In editorials in May. 1947. that La Guardis had suppressed important papers before he left oAce Plain tiff* called Moms Novik. radio cow suit ant sod former manager of WNYC. the municipal Introduced the disk of the broadcast of Aug 12. IMS six months before he left City Hall On this sirer. LaGuardia had said that when he took over the mayor slty the Ales were empty, but that ns ha administration drew to a close the Ales were so full a new mayor couldn't And anything, and he was therefore setting up a rial body ta return unneoe*car- per* hack ta the departments dared this week that even though he's been a Hollywood star for Ave yean. "1 never really began to learn my craft until I got Into TV " Clark also expressed ha gratitude Weigh Meet Of Color on Set Sales If 17 O is a vlai 15-Year Span - cw> Dayton Detroit Los Angrie*. Louisville. Milwaukee Minneap- olis^ Paul New York Philadel- phia. Pittsburgh Providence Paw- tucket St Louis. S>racuse. Toledo Washington Radio leads TV n Dallas f ort Worth. Houston, arkaooville, New Orleans Okla- Otjr. Salt Lake City. San An- tonio. San Diego and San Francis- Cities in which three Memphis and Kan In a deal paralleling In some respects that made by Milton Berie and NBC with Its pay guarantee* extending over 30 year* Jimmy Crix Who Panned Hamlet Guinness Stuns Back At Wickedly Wrong British Cv.’ What effect the CBS color de- but actually the his esc In the case of the School the contract covosw a A vs year period May 2k After getting an all-around to TV for "giving me fabulous pay cision will have an currently-1 tected pay wise, for a period cov is pro kmc for his production of "Ham- id rov let " which was described b% two nnd autonomy of action an that I slumping television set sales re- enng IS years, with Durante thu* can thumb mv no*e now at a bad mains a matter of speculation becoming the second comedian Ay ,h offer from Hollywood" CBS and those few manufacturers mg the NBC colors to enjoy what Al h»t * v i*mi*h*d rMirWnr* favoring Its tint system, daun the amounts to a lifetime annuity Clark has established residence favoring with ha family in N V. to centrate on TV. but do pictures and legit He left over (Continued on page 20* tatmdtfMn af color at this tim e I to plans to may be just the hypo " n a Kg Cuacert Shakes* Ha* Eros Oil it Columbia; t.ntS. uU™till tun 1 «TcuI/tv will repeat the early history af sales again BCA and of the other top manufacturers however, assert the Supreme Court. _ . *. B way Foldings Ur dump sale* to a new low CBS claim it bas e d on its t critics as the they had ever seen director-star Alec Guinness took some swipes bark at the scribes Schnocaola s deal Is still being (Guinness' "Hamlet" was eagerly kept under wraps pending Analu awaited and R was tentatively «Conti nue d on page CP planned to bring production to N. Y this fall Actor won Vaatrnr's Ctppicn, Brswi Shift Mark * l i £ l Dmecn in N Y. ** still being tried. D. Court. Two top exec** of Columbia Art- ists Mgt.. the largest concert bu- reau in the world are quitting or shifting responsibility, for one of the major ahakeup* of the concert bu In the last decade Steppii-g out of Columbia this week, in the son's biggest surprise Is La Evans, one of the company * ers and Its president last year Retiring from artists' nonage men! In September hut staying an in s | capacity. Is F. Cl also s Colombia founder one of the music business real veterans The Evan* bow out is the rest. (Continued on page 20» white video Thus, they that the Arst buyers of (Continued on page CP Vaude Bayers Bigger Dirty Linen on WASH Washington. May 29 later it had ta at Wheaton Md. where Washington's FM sta- tion WASH has its transmitter, a y oung woman came ta pay a visit "So glad you're open Sundays." she said to Ed Lor- en tt the engineer. Tea observing the various rad.# console* and dial* she apologised O I thought thu was a poll of N Y critics as best actor of , the 1949-30 season for bis role in The Cocktail Party" on Broad- I way • In Interview* with the Sunday Talent Tap at Less Coin XT Broadway vaude houses opera!- more about the character of Him- mg this summer will probably be let than any living dramatic rntic. in their m«>'t advantageous post- Claiming that the critics opinions turn in years from the standpoint cancelled one another ant. Gum- of talent-buying and grosses Cl***- «cs* asserted he a m no t retiring mg of the Capitol, early July, and [J* ***?*• ■ or % * rkmt rH ** f the Strand tonight tWed ». will' *■ Hollywood eliminate two of the major de- "I remember some of the vltri- luxer* The Palace s closing date otic things written about Olivier s has been advanced ta June 12 with Romeo " he said "It happens to further weekly extension still poo- all artists with anything different sible Thus, the Roxy and Para- ta say Poor Keats was literally mount remaining Broadway vaude- killed by bis critics Rembranrtt Aimers and the Radio City Music and Heethoven were ridiculed. Hall will be the only presentation Don t think that because I men- ' enpona in midtown ton these name* 1 have lo*t my It's anticipated that these houses sense of ! will be in the driver's seat on lal- them to Sly Unties can he.