Variety (May 30, 1951)

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Wed i s cosine, Mmy W, 1BS| Un-Am Activities Group Under Way With Red Probe Into Radio. TV, Legit JBiHer Row Over Harlan s Lover •I Norfolk Vb.. oa NBC * "St#* _ .... rMay Land in Germany s High Court . By NMVIN A. LOB F tt ashmgion >Uy 2t Mou*f In American Activities Committee ilrt*By M* under »l) li% probr o< ( umimMlM ha rklw IfkyiMM and the left! iU|r i» Nr* 3ork ( onunittM Itmtig* l«*r% arr In N»« York rlwrlUM up wi certain sus p ected actor* and %riim and mtOini information from other* rlaiminc fa have fart% ahuul comma* influence* In Man haitan t show hat. That * at 4t*rloud an pan a%er •he past weekend by Rep franci« E Waller <D Pa', who rank* anond only to (liaimaa John S Wood on the In Anrncaa Activi lie* Committee Walter to!d n*«*men that the committee was getting ready to awileh It* en.phasi* from Molly wood to Broadway, and admitted that iu*e%tigatan were already w i m king the b«g town for inf or , lndustrv iteo are wondering ' whether the pufled-maire machine n I J « ! re Recta the influence of the ARC lljHI UN l merger with United Paramount Korean Gl Junket Th "'~ — Orson WeQes May Do OtkeUo in Lo —♦ frankfurt klav 20 * t The hitter controversy mer D§ Undving Lover.'* grot poMw» r . . | Aim of VeM Harlan Matt Ger* London ^ * director. Will pr«»h- Hollywood May 2f F.rrwl fl>na gained the Jack Renny troupe of Hollywood enter- tainer* which lease* June 2d for a live-week tour of Gl hoar* m Korea and Japan Journey will hr made in military transport plane* In addition to the two alar*. the five-week tour of Gl hoar* to Korea and Japan Journey will hr made in military transport plane* In addition to the two alar*, the troupe consists of Renay Vemits Mat yon* Reynold* Jackie Heller frank Remley Harry Kahne Do lore* Gay and June Bruner Par Going Thru ter-' Fanny Brice Dies ** On Coast at ! Hollywood May It fanny Brice. H. one of the great staging comedienne* of American I «how ki«. died early today Tue* • | of a cerebral hemorrhage •of- fered at her home to«t Thursday morning the had been in a coma Nance that time How*ter as a practical matter i the committee actually started legit hearing* when N brought Jose Per rer before M loaf Tuesday ‘22* and Friday The actor la much more a part of the live theatre tl»aa of pcciurr* and the question* aimed at him dealt mainly writh legit. In addition, as has already In m disclosed mi Vxairrr. Abe Harrow * came, to VadBaglaa se- cretly to am wee questions put by committee official* How man* other* have al*o testified secretly la not known The pattern fur the Broadway With Plans For iSS girl on tl fY Pi Miss Bn Ferrer Stanrer ss :*.; fanny Brice was a alar la 'aude % tile legit dim and radio, a head « a _ * . _ i ncube has already heoa set by the Hollywood hearings House Com mil tee expect* several ex-Commie* to com* forward and purge them arise* by amwenng question* and naming those they knew la the party Committee dies contain in- tensive anal**** of back Issue* of The Dai It Worker and of the apon *or% of the various commie front groups and functions in Net* York There Is no indication here of when the Broadway heanngs a* such will grt under wray. How- ever. the feeling is strong among Continued on page 20» Insurance Cos. Cae Slew 0* Jolsoo Policies; Would Pay on Basis of Afe 70 Hollywood. May 29 Insurance companies Involved In po'trte* an Al Joisoa'i life have aig- a d their willingness to pay the et« iim— hut an the kaala that he was 70 at time of his death not 04 aa stated la the policies face value af the policies deeded to the estate la H 000 000 la pay- ing off an 70-year basis estate would receive about f I SO.000 less than the face value It's expected N. Y. attorme*. Schwarts A Frue- Urh. will contest the Insurance It's pointed out by Arthur Steb- huia. broker who insured Jolsaa. 1 that the same companies were In- volved Is a 12 000 000 policy on Jolaan'a life taken by Warners in 1020 At that tune the tompanic* accepted the statement he was horn in ISO* same date given in a personal policy for M00 000 It had been popularly accepted he oaa Insured for $1 000 000 Actually he was okayed for 11 000,- 000 about the year before be died but turned back $000,000 of that Hollvwaadites who clearly placed their careen la jeopardy via con- fessed links with the Communist Part* or left-wing organisation*, which they later regretted are find- ing support from a variety af front a Moreover. *ome are pinning big, hopes on the fart that Para mo unt j i% going through with plan* for a Jo-* Ferrer starrer. represent- ing the ftr*t new mayor company production with a prominent star who was Involved In the House Ua- Amencaa .Activities probe la a second move in similar direction. Sterling. Hayden who confessed membership in the Com- munist Party far a short time was aliened a costamng spot hy pro- ducer Nat Halt In "Denver and Rio Grande * far Par release Ferrer is set ta leave N Y for the Coa*t around June 7 for pre- liminary work an "Aavthmg Can Happen " Georgs Seaton screen- play based an the bestseller af two years bark He was signed ta the nne-psc deal two months ano but the fact that Par la unhesitatingly going through with the produc- tion was said ta be plenty encour- aging Ferrer, af course, denied any Commie sentiment and said be never wafer could be a party member He did not deny, how- ever. support af several organ no- tion* listed as subversive by the •Continued an page 17• COL IN TUSSLE WITH TOTTU ON FILM CREDIT Washington. May 20. Columbia Pictures which eased out Larry Parka follow tng his ad- I mouoa that he was formerly a Commie, la currently In a basal* with Frank Tuttle over deletion of . the director's screen credits from 'Magic Face" Tuttle, who made ; * Fare" in Austria, told the House Ln-American Activities Committee about it last Thursday <24*. Tuttle said that when earlier wit- II arsees first named him as a mem- 1 ber of the Communist Party there | were two repercussions. First, m- I die producer Mort Brt*km, for - whom be had directed "Magic • face,** notified him (bat 'the . money and releasing people** bad L withdrawn support from two other (Continued on page IB' liner in any form of entertainment she undertook Starting aa a little girl an the sidewalks of New York. | Mias Brice reaihed the top the hard way. Her Oral stage appear anre was at an amateur aight in Keeney a Theatre Brooklyn which led tn an early career la burlesque the springboard of many of today's outstanding stars After a brief interlude an the legit stage in **A Royal Slave** In Brooklyn she be came a chorus girl at Hurtig A Sermon '* Columbia Circle la N Y . | playing in girl shows like The Transatlantic Burlesquer- and I The College Girl ** Graduating from burlesque she moved into vaudeville at the old Colonial in N, Y. where her keen srner of humor and her gift of timing at- tracted the attention of Florent Ziegfeld An experienced trouper at 19 Mies Bnce joined the Ziegfeld Follies In 1010** and appeared un- der the Ziegfeld banner on and off. 'until the producers death in 1932 With the exception uf ton year*. * I *he was a topllner in the annual "Ziegfeld Fellies’* from 1010 ta 1 1023 and later she played la a ’ revival af the shew hy the Shu- I berts and his widow, Billie Burke In one of her absences from the t * Follies. * about 1014 Miss Bnce I I 'Continued on psge 18' ■ ■ j ably wind up In the Federal C«m* l-nndon May 22 *4 It of Iona I Court this couotrv't A A (.01 husky, who brought highest legislative body Lauvud Ohm Welle* here I. do • tenet el •*>»»« »“• »n.hlem .1 . w j. _ that the court Is yet to be lommemil broaUca g i established hy the federal gw. m dr nag presenting him for a rrninrfl t but this I* expend short season in the West End m within the next sis tn eight week*. "OftMUu.** |This new development came when If deal is set »t w t || be d«mr at ^W^ulibi r ra^4 His Majesty t Theatre in »"eii- p* ^aill take hit case of orcani/- non with Emile Lmter. mg a bovcott against "Laser * ta ■ ■ — - the supreme tribunal aa that all legal possibilities be exhausted In More Benefits For _ _ __ __ that He would organia* the hoveett. Show Biz Idle Via '.S an injunction They won the «uit NY SmHs£§5?MarsS£ 11s A a UiaiV A/III ordered him tn pay SUM damages Lueth managed to mm> J oldest actors and various other a f trr « n unprecedented public Idle in the show bis held are eligl fund raising campaign col led rd ble for additional unemploy men! required money tn a remark- "*• rwm, > ‘“H^^r.'T^h -Mu.rd h. Hughes Brers bill. As nkayed by m \\ go on wUh the boveoit the M. Y. State Legislature, the pious Harlan argued that after new law extends the Oscal year court decision he had no legal from JufW> 4 right ta do aa.. Retorting the coverage period from June 4 to MjMwWrf ^ anaaimou-i) sn- June 30 Thus anyone now rlaim %upfwr t of Lueth %a>- ing unemployment insurance will mg (hat since freedom af e\pres- ort tw# more weeks aid. ac a maxi **on prevails in western German of M Lueth can not be forbidden tn mum of It weeks. ^ 4 ^ 1 — . f legal pm More Benefits For “7; that he 1 Show Biz Idle Via J-S: N Y State BiBiSl \t.. • Ni)ow|icupie m n*e >cw \rndt Social lot mrmkrr of ihe York area usually submit their; Hun6eU Bg federal parliament l claims ta the states Division of w) |j rrplr%rnl Lueth before the l ii.m» i,t «rul 1 ncmploMneni *•* J ^pjwme court Beside* tong to surance Branch at g73 Eighth Ave . ^fieve an annulment of previous James Bowles. *enioc wv ro|Mi grrtslons on the bovi-mt. **•?*•" J■ , * r ^. 7 Lueth will try In force the diMnb pomi* osat that it * important that ^ provide evidence that they have §mm im^BuwAanl Ion bnmnflao I w ^ m. la the Xeo l^ieth can rnilrtae a court ruling \<t..f * u "'" d •“■'Si •— *"• xnuw tne inemity 01 n»s employer, bovcott This I* rv- >■ o.dcr II. ta «lta« m.> b* p „. vld , funlvrr mtrr- W*- O**®** rstinc .vrlnMMili mim* Ih* K Vocal Chords Rapture Sends Castor to Hosp As Medic* Orders Rest Eddie Cantor was ordered to take a 10-day rest at the Doctors I Hospital N. Y. following the rup- ture of a f a blood vessel In bis vocal Monday *201. Ailment the morning follow mg hit Sunday night Colgate comedy Strain on Cantor‘a throat fol- lowed an increased schedule of tele appearances for Colgate, ac- tivity on behalf of the United Jew- ish Appeal, sale of Israeli bonds and a slepprd-up program of out- side activities which included pitches for Brotherhood Week, and for various charities. Comic was slated ta appear on the Milton Berl* show, last night • Tue* l. Danny Thomas substitut- ed Cantor t next Colgate show la set for June 17. Frequently. Bowles said, when has grossed quite well since its a radio or TV actor applies fur in- February release despite aumrr- ! *urance. he doesnt know whether •«* protests agalast its showing his actual employer was the net and disturbances work, the spon s or, the packager sr Resentment against Harlan is aa agency Mareover starling July due la his direction, under the . 2. a claimant will also have ta pro- Natia. af the 01m “The Jew Jlue%* * duce a tax and wage form ©b- an anti-Remitir pic For this llar- tainrd from his employer to gain , Ian was charged twice with having brnrftls. Amount of payments, of committed crimes against human- course, depends upon the mdl- ity. but denaxifkatton courts ac- v idual s earnings Maximum Is quitted lum In both cases "Lover* now $24 weekly, but Is ta be raised was banned In Wiesbaden. Kiel and tn $30 in July. Ahrensburg. and withdrawn from Main requirement la that the release ui Frankfurt and Munuk. claimant must have worked at least Some dosrn minor riots and di*- . 20 weeks out of the year prior lo turhanres occurred tn other places filing, in order tn be eligible. But m protest against pic s release, these working weeks don t have ta - — - — — ■ be consecutive, aa long as they are within the 32 week prrtod Bowles estimates that the average actor only receives around 12 weeks em ploy men! annually . AMUS. CEILINGS UP ! *• «v~- has made drmanda an C*mr.i* CAD |kf IIIAIIIDV ,U11 X. V, far aa amount over rul\ U.U inyumi tioooo to cover receipts of his Washington May 29 I there on April 22 la«l Mu- Question of whether tn continue ***** *aa **"red lh * Carnegie *T f "*?> " U,M * u^*bu“N *V Horowitz DeauaA 10G (laimed Due Him Fr > Caruefie for Concert SmbBeriptimm Order Verm Enclosed And o^eck for $ Please send VARIETY Yws ALAN LADD SETS UP PIX TV RADIO CO Hollywood. May 20 Alan Ijsdd has set up Ijuld En- terprises for production of motion pictures, telepix and radio shows Indie until will be activated on expiration of hia Paramount con- tract In November. 1052 Meanwhile. M*t expected latMi new pact aa a aoe-a-year Warner contract** will be signed within a few weeks Deal, being negotiated for him by Music Carp of Amer- ica's Lew Wavaerman. permits video work lo extent of certain amount of television shots annu- Raqnlnr Subscription Kotos Ota Year—$10.00 Tw* Y#ar»_$1l 00 C»—4- ita Patwif^-Sl A44itUb«l p*r Ymt J'&KIeTy km. IM WmI 41W Str**T N«w Ybrl I*. N. ally and only when they don't ron- flirt with film work First of Ladd** indie pix la ex- pected In be "Nbadowr Riders of Yellowstone" a l^re Ravage. Jr. novel Actor port based the storv , which he may produce himself or turn over to a mayor studio with himself in the po#kar* Noo-exr lusive part wMh W«r- ‘neis S'wl4 be for 14 yean. Iric* « hrra llwr* are no pnre retl Suprem, Court m «* -IU bt UudwT a* hoaiingt Mo>» la Ibr Aral on* nudr ■■ berg on June 34. connection with a hassle over hov- Motlnn pictures and radio are responalblUly at the HalL among the media totally exempts * i,hou « h ~veral olhrr ****** * r1 - ^ j ists and organizations are to sum- (row pore roMrela uixtar lit* Urn. Ur powtlna <tho U( h la Irerer <ta- This means there la no ceiling an greet tn Horowitz Other* su*h as the rental a Aim distributor may the N. Y. Philharmonic Sol Huruk. charge for hia product or on what Philadelphia Orchestra etc. have a theatre may charge far tickets smaller monies Involved and have Advertising rates for radid and held off making any mnre* for the television are also exempt from time being out of courtesy la CH ceilings. However, following the management miliar of vv or id nv ar II. salaries ^ .meiir boiof&ct wa* a con* and wages in the price ceiling ex- cession held for over 40 sears by emp» ladu.trt., hare brea kept aa lhe H^k Bnu and Uwir I»1 Ixr. ocr (cilmgs until a month and a half ago when The U. S Wage Stabilization the Hall management abroc t.M Board last week set up a six avan the agreement due to a hassle be- panrl t# drtide whether to np the tween boxofice and the Germ | lid uC motion picture, radio and meat over amusement taxes Gov- , similar wages. The panel will re- eminent claim# delinquencies »• !• the board which In turn, payment af taxes over so me tune, j *HI announce a formal policy. and la currently auditing the book* Theodore W. Khrel. impartial ar *• kettle the matter ArtMs -nd i bitraliir of the New York City Iran orgaaiiatiaua claiming moor' sit svUem. will be chairman of them were caught in the ii*e panel, whose v ice chairman will time between rlamp<in-< t. he rrnfrvse Richard A. Lester. Government and takeover of 1*4 IimkHoo U. I (Continued M. page 34*