Variety (May 30, 1951)

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May M, 1*51 H'WOOD’S NEW SAVIOR ? Paramount May Be First on Market With Color TV Receivers for Homes paramount of the cm outfit* to have • ■■ television r tct lw on the nurlwt Par recently acquired a 9#% la- ta Chromatic TV. which a patent for the manufac- ture af a receiver which la aaid la work an the haalc CBS system hut which provide* for bath Mack-awd- whlte and color reception without the uee of CBS’ rotating disk In- deed. the Chroaaatlc receiver will utilise aa all-electronic tube. Step Up Gi Shows BUT TOUCH OH THEITHE THD By NERB GOLDCM late fearfully viewed by Hollywood a* the demon de- signed ta put M out af busiaeaa. la paradoxically Hollywood May 21 Hollywood Coordinating Commit - too. headed by George Murphy, got together with the USO. directed by upon a* It* possible *a Dr Undaley F. Kimball, to step up *ew York Time* expressed the entertainment far the 23.000 serv Idea publicly In an editorial Sun lata town every day <27*. but M had already been taking mart concrete shape ta Meanwhile, the Hollywood Can- ts refurbishing the TBS Him UulM^ |U Crtrn, tm , vm4 geld sequentlal system ran be Jb1 _ 4 adapted to any of the elect Report L B. Mayer Quitting Metro In 10 Days; Contract Release Aug. 31 Foreign Chiefs Travel tubes under development Fact that Chromatic la ready to Its set oa the market indicates has perfected the tube It* preted that the set will include a •witch, which raa he thrown ta change the Uapdada her af frames from the color iyv tern to black-and-white reception Par spokesman said yesterday (Tues 1 that none of the ma)or TV ■et manufacturer* Is Interested in produrmg the set. so that Par will probably lease facilities to manu- facture M. With Par awning 30% of Chromatic, the remaining 30% Is owned by the arlentlsts vmtrd It Par t Interest TV underlines the growing affinity F3 Alliance of Indie sde a SEsi Producers Seen mam 1st to the new thinking, of of the merger of the Ameri- can Broadcasting Co. and United Paramou n t Theatres That appar- ently made suddenly dear to the lay press and p c of r — lanal stock- traders that the two media which they had looked upon aa purely competitive might have a startling community of interest The idea af Hollywood turning to tele la not at all novel to the Two foreign are sailing for Europe during the nest week one for bu parleys and (he ether far a vacation Murray Silvcrstone head of itth-Fo* Internal! morrow <Thor* • on the Mary, for Eui ♦ Resignation af Louis B Mayer aa Metro studio vtepee Is due within the nest K> days, according to In* siders hep to the aft-reported ill feeling between him and Larw's- M-G president Nicholas M. af hisSlu chief for leaves June 7 an the beth for a holiday Junket it Elba r\ 1 I IF Aim industry. While no ane In I IfinVaH o Y DOF Hollywood haa done murk public l/vlujCtl U I Cul verbalising on the subject, it haa * long been a pretty well accepted anre of prominent Indie pro- JjJ ***** ^•***a^TV had maturedjo Alliance of prominent Indie durers in a button combine continues «s a strong possibility but there's little chance of Its actual her sis months to TV had matured to M could afford 1§» Metro Seen Next To Follow M’s Lead on Pay Cuts I S3 the Aim and video Indus- cording to I tries, which Is further emphasised the delay Is that certain af the film- by the ABC-United Par Theatres makers involved have at her com- mitments to meet or their 510,000,000 Loss Now For General Pirposes By UPT After Lookisg to TV f * Z:z £ CBS Color oK Cues % Exhib Tint Qamor ■ paay as newt likely to make the Supreme Court decision In favor p,Mn|f of CBS color television Monday Mr * re P*>rol1 rates with 20th s which green lights commercial I ** lh * industry* heaviest Other | $10 000 000 loan which United Para m ount The atm listed with Prudential lnsuri Ce. and a trio of hanks, originally I slated for ‘general was part af a hick UPT estat $43,000 000 credit whirk UPT established with the money institutions Earlier, $33 000.000 of this total was put to use la the circuit's acquisition af theatres which had been in part* nership with other exhibs When the $10.000 000 balance was taken down last month, it was made known UPT was looking ta use It far further development of its TV interests However, as the merger American Broadcasting Co has worked out. only a stork swap tion skeds demand continuance af presrnt distribution tie-ins. at least Major factor In this connection « la that Samuel Gold* vn • option toll now up ta his dtstnb part with colorcasts for the first time. Is n- companies for one RKO Goldwyn Is a key member peeled ta intensify exhibitor clam- af the group of Almltes talking the or for more color films While no setup, but the combination official industry statistics are avait- be unable to develop Its able, it's believed that no more organisation in time ta than 30% af all films currently handle his output Producer starts produced are tinted Exhiba. hit latest. "I Want You." rolling in tirularly the indie groups about two weeks been campaigning in recent months Linked witk Goldwyn In talks on for a 100% switch to color as the new organisation are Frank a means of bolstering the sluanp- Capra. Charles K Feldman. Wil* ing boxofflce 1 1 am Wyler, Georgs Stevens and Exhibs have kept television In Walt Disney Plan which they re* the forefro n t of their arguments Metro was reported this as likely to be next to follow 20th- | wl ** **• denial c Fax’s lead In imposing a scaled#* a af tap aalaHas has been no overt hint as yet In the upper echelon of Loew's. the M-G parent firm, of any plans far rut. but well-placed trade eb- have their eye on that and the corporation have the right ta terminate the contract on Aug. 21, 1031. an notice ta the other party an or before this upcoming June M This means af course Mayer would have almost a full month to call M quits notice la expected within a p s riad la the situation has I the boiling point abu n dance of la tion within the trade and In the S ibiir press via the aalMBbli -G toppers, particularly at the homeofftc*. art said to riled ever the numem which have been in circulation for the past several months Emphatically denied by an au- thoritative so u r et was one publish- report that Mayer alread y had tn hts resign at is • the * Conti n u e d on page-di COMPO, EPIC Assist State Deyt Is Scott Cossaltssts for Fibs of Motion Picture Or- ta N Y and Motion idustry Council on the will serve In advisory Ides for the State Dept s Inti t tonal Motion Picture Division. MPICs manpower committee will making security checks iContinued on page 34* Wntnui l. Retail UPT Past Alaag Wtt We. UPT prexy ia in N. Y. on Monday <2t> the $10.tOQ.00A Is now on the books for Km Into N.Y. Far Pfijffmtt GiWed M Welt man. •f United Paramount atres. and now vicepret In charge of programs and talent develop- ment for American Broadcasting Paramount Theatres, will not be replaced la the UPT post Writ man will carry on with his former cir- cuit chores along with hit new duties In the merged setup New programming plans and tal- ent projects have not been for- mulated Welt man said Work wUl the nr until after the been formalised by of directors of both ■Meting for which has set for June C Further steps also will be held up until Federal C Commission acts claiming that audiences desire col or pictures and that more features produced la tint would give them a better selling point against the threat af TV competition N«w that video also Is soon expected to •wing to enter, at loast an a other are not ripe at the for any widewale paring of aries or profit-participation feet for instance, has 1 built up payroll schedules In tcrested In serving aa consultants line with those of 20th and Metro In the State Dept *• progarm of Prexy Barney Balaban has always p«x far overseas distribution, a stickler for keeping over- COMPO will art as coordinator in down, m that commensurate the east af MPIC's activities and at Paramount generally pay assist, also, la less than at other companies checks Warner Bros Is thought to be a ' Contingent af Stale Dept particularly unlikely spot at the meat for a followup to the pie of 20th prexy Sp prexy Spy Skouras in asking all staffers ei mg ever $300 a meek to take cuts Morale Is said already to he m strained at WB as the result of re- that any 18* f the N. Y. office returned on page igi Arthur B Krim. United Artists prexy. hops Into N. Y. from the Coast today «Wed » for a week of huddles witk Robert Benjamin hts partner in the UA operation, and other of the distrib't toppers Accompanied by bis wife. Ben- jamin will leave for Europe next , . . w week for s three to-four week va- Report (aCrBld Miyer cation, accounting for the get-to- gether witk Krim nt this time I-alter had been on the Coast for the past four weeks negotiating UA releasing pacts with indie pro- ducers. He heads west following the N. Y. confabs. National Boxoffire Survey Weather Help* Boo.t Bis; ‘Caruso’ Fir»t for Third Time; ‘Riviera* Second. ‘Broke* in Third Place Although Mill suffering from ap- promise "Fabiola" «UA> %hai*N parcr.t l*< k rtf enough new. strong as a m o ne y Aim on basis af three product. key cities covered by key pi a v dates In exchange cities \ uirnr this week are shaping up covered by V uiimr Film, which stronger than recently Some keys u opening this week at N V Vle- are reflecting Memorial Day week torU |« big ia Boston sock in yin/ErY rousi av siuk iav«SMAN M VAIItTV | s« Mm mu v Yors ta. n % it • m l ana — WCI *• rt am upbeat Cool, rainy weather also | m| ti Agured ia the improved boxofflce t Johnston** Absence Delay* MPAA Meeting Special meeting of Motion Pte- Gerald the Motion Picture Assn of America • international division for the past five year*. Is reported likely resigning his current post as Continental rep for the orgaaiia tion He» current 1> on leave in BtV .8 ^ _ Mayer was associated with the State Dept prior to joining the MPAA and reportedly has sn offer to return to a diplomatic post Meantime. Gene Van Dee Mayer s ttdd yti in the Pans headquarters. Now. MPAA prexy-on-leave, to at- 1 wba some months ago submitted tend. his resignation, has been prevailed Among the items an Friday's upon to remain until the personnel ar-nda are discussion of new situation la squared away That s ' expected shortly, following return Great Caruso" M-G Is No. 1 spot for the third live week Playing in more than IS key spots, the big musical is racking up over $390 000 gross cur- rently Next best Is * On Riviera" Vi... I \IP11 '20th*. which premises to reach Yia> l*R>e .lir.A-A flwty 1290000 Arsf week out Mayer, asaociated with Donny Kaye starrer is particularly snd smash ia San Fran- "Hard. Fast. Besutifol" RKO* is good on initial date In •11 Voi 1 $2 "Sealed Cargo** (RKO* Is fair on initial engagement* "Little Big Horn" Lip*, also new. is okay in Boston "Dear Brat * Par is fair- tsk and mild on initial playdalet "Fat Man" 'L» looks both nice and mi Id 1 sir on Arst dates "Last Out- post" Par* is only fair on three dates this round "Anarhe Drums" lure Assn of scheduled for Monday <2t> in N. Y.. *as postponed until Friday IP cause of the inability of Eric I 1 * hcdule of | P »mcs and extension af the sms r*. r*«m's financial support to the V .11 Roger* Memorial Hospital. S • n-c l-ike, N. Y. strong at N. Y. Roxy Third spot is going to "Go for •gj, lo ^, «kay « n d modest Broke * M-G*. this bring the sec- -Lemon Drop Kid" 'Par . with ond round it has been out on re several nire pi ay dates is adding lease after two initial playdate* suable coin this stan*» lost Wff k Fourth monev roes *0 -Bullfighter and L*dv~ Ren* is Goodbye My Fancy WB». al- if *. IB Chi Man From Planet though it is inclined to be spotty x ~ it'A* shapes trim in Montreal No 12 • • OOOOI 34 A0 i 33 II "Smuggler's Island «U* Is land -Brave gggi" ,c#l‘ Is not so mg fifth place while “Half Angel Raton Pass" W "Raw- | WB is "Up Front" 1 U* Is rated to his New York headquarters next wreck from Europe by John G McCarthy MPAA t 20th' is finishing sixth n*w- )n Omaha hid. 20th is seventh and "Ap. | €ood IB point men t With Danger -Par* b! -follow Sun" <20th» winding up eighth "Along Grent Q ^ My (a i^ouisville Divide" WB» and '^Tales of Hoff- KKO* mans' 'Indie- round out the Bit' 10 list Too runner-up film* are "Thing" RKO*. "Santa Fe" 'Col». • Kon-TtkJ" fRKO* and "Fivhtin* Coast Guard" 'Rep* , M ■ _ . S-veral new pictures, Just b'ini | <Co***pletr B fj'ct Reports o real tan "In Navy Now" Mhh*, in Montreal, b big In "Communist for FBI" 'WB» shape* bic In D^nve- I INDEX Bills Chatter . Film Reviews . 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