Variety (May 30, 1951)

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NlflRM M.f 30, 1031 DA in Spitting Distance of Profit; Dpped Costs Outweigh Hypoed T ake s£s| '" " ' Loan Export Assn. Board to Be Set 1 ip In London on Anglo Dfd May St. itha G. McCarthy, hewd of Picture Ana mi America * til ftp* level Ananrtali.' »d ia N > a top ever ■rx'eidi) Cl ■ iTm *. . Di'tr.b actually ha« b»-en »n the Mach hut tint was limited to a mm* g> week since the takeover of »*«>» «-*" I— ♦►or *• bough. Abnormal exDenies uitrt h-ve _ • been heepint the company slightly la the rrd Hope no* I* bv Jul> . IS U \ will have stepped up it* in- * ra,H ** rone to a comfortable pioflt mar- gin ^ Holdinc down the out At t net take jn the past couple of week* -re« urfing *wrh at veveranre NV to di«mi«>ed personnel and ** the ftnanrial burden* entailed in the company's sales eonventioa Km him I UmOAmSm!>«*••»• «...«** »< wr**M «"* ‘•' ,k Patent Office BacW* Aend Tri*. Th»rS^ >311. McCarthy la V- f.*. !*•# of S Ilf mi UMlNrM i*« 1 *'* 1 ** 4a) Bight, following th* ^arto>« Washington May 24 t A Patent Office chief exai iner ha* upheld the Motion Picture Ail* In Rome to Handle Italo-US. Pact May 21 a . • i. . f Loin Export Aaan. Board mill Duke I* liming Jockf y be art up here to handle loan* t# StqutiKfa in N. V. TJS^JtSiS: StTSi early thlt month In Chicato \n *"7 "" Pix Duck New Tax 'ssxurtrt Abroad, Sees Big •mbi oKnn u Km id uo rnnlrnrt iu»r« ai hi* product to that com* Lois Popkin Deal Academy Award Products Inc | ■ Academy Award Product* was, y /I II I T*/f May lue UA lift variety of product* ranging from * tire* to pipe* Holly wood’* Acod- Past week'* announcement by emy subsequently learned of thla Columbia that It baa acquired du- aad filed action to have the^Pent trtbutien right* to Harry Popkin * office bar ut of at * Academy The Well.** may lead to *omr legal sklrmLbe*. If not an all-out battle, with United Artl*U. Same applte* to Popkin * ‘ Magic Face - which also appear* vlated fur Col relea*- ing. Maurice Duke who * producing the U as a mult of the ink- “Disk Jockey” far Allied Artlat* mf of the Italian tin agreement release, return* to the Const June w ith American dtstnb* Uat week. S after *uperv ising Aiming of amr* Under the setup. U. S distrtbs »iil eral disk jock sequences In New ^ able to remit St f i of their York Scene* art scheduled I# be Mocked earning*, the balance to be tensed 'tailing next Monday *4» divided Into abort and long term through Wednesday Martin Block and some 17 other east-of- Member* of the loan hoard have ! the-Mississippi plotter pilot* will ^ )fi been selected hut an- ; participate nouncement la expected abortly, I* Mated for Loral producer* will he permuted tr y may aUll appeal the de- ns (tonal distrib u tion dog I. Aboaf, U’s Chief ■real effort tn build up contract dole* Consequence was when the 1 purchase « »* rvmsummaled rotntieelv few pix from lineup were *tt for was when the ttt • |k 1 pany under a long *tan Woes in Proposed rs exhib playing | ■ »Col statement. UA put livery of ha product to that ultl- tract In line 1 mult of the ^ _ a a 1 Bill on Excises Sl: Indicating the rompanv Is travel- ing la the right direction is the aieedy climb in domestic gross bum ness since ELT was taken; Washington Mav 24 over First week following the or- Number of items affecting a total take of m* are in the excise portieaa af $270000 This has been the new tax bill which the House Foreign Upturn %x Plenty favorable picture of con- dition* abroad naa fetched tbi% * week by Aiwerfro Aboaf. Universal rtatng at the rate mi about S3 000 ways and Mean* completed on of n per week In spite of the contmu- fridiy i25». Bill will go before itr + m*der Ing rise the unusual expense* tH * House for approval about the ~ tun . which UA had to moot kept it in middle oi June It etll then he tuk ** Which UA had to the lows column 1 total revenue was over the I2t 0 anlnnL 11 ,n middle of June It will then he sub- week the ^ to rhange* by the Senate be- 'ZZ&'SSZZ''" ,b *“ Carboa-Pickarf Among the changes made by the Way* and Meant Committee’ 1. Admissions Us on special reduced admission* will apply on th* price actually charted instead M of on the regular, normal aahingtow. Ma 2B. ^ Mc b UrkeU. An unusual irjbiU waa P»M last | j Committee reversed a ***** Bl to th e iM m Cmr- action at the Mat minute and re- Packard to ■torefl the existing 10% manufac- turer** excise rate on radio and • I television receiver*, phonographs. and musical instrument* in the hand* of it* legal department ill* the view of taking whatever action d deemed advisable. meek by -Well** was completed lost year foreign department topper follow- but at that time Popkin balked at mg a four-week tour of Europe delivering M tn UA because of tho Exec reported admission* have fal- distrib* shaky position under the Me o* somewhat but a wave of Foul V. McNutt regime Outfit idml u l w p r l n advance* kaa ac- , Has been revltal- counted for an upswing tn theatre them into regular theatre* It the Arthur B. Knm receipts. M e«| t mated that the N. Y. alike Admission tilt* he *ald virtually moul g handle between 19 and 20 were accepted without adverse re- | U |mn picture* a year, action, having gtted Into the gen- A facing the U. S com- «.l o< .plnllinff p,,c~ on ^.JTWVh. drurUlufun o 4 ho. to make application for project* and tho board will | whether the proposals merit loans. A mei leans will hav e ns part in Italian Aim production under pres- ent plana, but It M Held psnvihl* that some fund* will And their way eventually into )oAnc Ame*l<«n- It«itan independent pta. Although details have nut brrn worked out aa yet. Italian Aim top- i to open an of Ace in New tho exploitation and han- dling of Italian pix In the t V Although a number of Italian Aim* scored boovlly In the U A. nriai return* tn producers have been negligible because of ocUicht to American distrib* Pro- N. Y. office would iron out problems and. at the same time, seek to take Italian AI mo out of the art house* exclusively -nd TRUMAN LEADS TRIBUTE Tn (XRTER BARRON Form PutMftliir To Moke TV Shorts • Metro — | -- o r ^ 9 - M. AUrt4 w '*"5 •* ,or Klfha '' <1 1 meeting in N Y ttu formed a > - tncrvhip w. h pany * world market ■ T+ Packard to produce a serves of M .*77% M -a nearly all consumer produrt* and service* He added the stepped- up tariff has been effected in large cities and industrial area* where employment ia at a high level. Aboaf and U’s global sale* chief at a press \ that the com- . I bine division manager for the theatre*. With President Truman KT2 SlSSSSffSSir IVSl.ggg Sesqusrenlennul amphi-1 y Holly wood and film theatres theatre waa renamed the Gorier ^ exempted from the excise* on Barron Amphitheatre. rawrstock and photographic equip- Not only did the President make ^nt * U ch aa camera* prelectors, tho principal speech of dedication. H c All who use film and equtp- but the me. waa Secretary of the tnmnt for business purposes are Interior Oscar L Chapman, the exempted For amateur*, commit- stadium and Rack Crook Park M too dropped the 25% excise on which it k located are both under cameras to 20% and increased the UMo af the Interior De- 13% on raw film to 20%. Xher Government big 4 .Non profit girt such aa Attorney General J. j orchestras, and non-profit or | Howard McGrath wore site on era live motion picture theatre* are hand and Loew s was represented exempted from the 20% admission* by Nicholas M Schench It* proxy; nick. Thus, such organisations as Joseph R. Vogel. J. Robert Rubin the Metropolitan Opera C* and iContmued on page Ali COL'S W7C NET. WAY OFT FROM PRIOR TEAR Columbia Pictures this wee* re- bminim for I pottoA Ml MBlBpi gf IMVAN lor ^ ^ _ * the Aral 28 weeks of the current the ended last March 31, half-hour shorts for 1 s ‘ A seal year la running 11% above compared with 5l.4AA 7 AOtfo r the Africa They are so designed that J Mmf period last year Ana- corresponding period tn Ml ProAt “SLTEI i tielia* for exsmphr UM ^seek hil equalled ti ll per share^ of mm iture* for thcatncai this' wVi 1 »^*ce In the previons period cal- release . the fact that the week w Tho producer* mrm ^ one In a sale* drive. gotiating • deal for Ana non* mi > « i,*-, io,f by J Ar' • Rank fNM* Italy former Hollywood pro- *PvrlAeally cited by Aboaf aa ex- ducer la Rank * aon-ln-law Carl- P^nenong upbeat revenue, Re- son is now here working in -Whis- construction of numerous theatre* paring Nmifh." being co-produced I *• Germany to largely accountable l.v Julian Lesser (son of Soli and British low -budget specialist J for the income pickup in that country. Only area named where business has been off was Belgi Carlson will do a multiple- ^nt Aboaf added that general threat iob In tho African erne* kniwwving He'* now writing tho screenplay* ,,ui 1‘keiy will be regected la a eight *r* romoletcd. snd Will dl- ! a* the Anal twisted ow tho A54JI1 share* out- standing at tho end of both periods Operating proAt amounted to II 457 000 in tho now portod down from 42 551 000 In 50 Provision for Federal tones waa estimated a« tt. compared with 41.000 AM 50. linf, John Joseph. Si Readier Dan Ore Nm York Philharmon ic Symphony Orch tax e Terrell. Oscar Doob John Murphy and Herman Robbins Another at- tending waa Richard Walsh, prexy of International Alliance of The- atrical Stage Employees Orville Crouch, who succeeded Barron in Washington, waa chairman of the executive committee for tho cere- rum pie ted) and will dl- ummrr upturn them aa well as co-produce. * e F<>rt on England was given by He may alto act In them Kramer, general sales mis- Pix will be shot ia and around *P f of Eroa Films British pro- N air obi. Kenya East Africa Curt- «w H tn Aid rt b u tt on outAt who un ton became familiar with the area **pcctedly walked into the preos snd began plotting his stones •***<>• Immediately upon hto N Y when working Metro* "King Solo-1 f [ ot * It * hi* Aral non'* Mine*- which waa shot 11 'V 0 state*. 1 - i ^41 T An Mnrrh ,herr Ht ulki *4 »*«wely of the Kramerji comment was thal the ror April I op YltrCM f p^^Mlity of aetting up with bto >ave of Aim festivals throughout Washington. May 28 ^ife snd family an a *emi perms EngUnd proved a big pickup for taxes paid to; boats ia the British colony «• MHfry Top-qasliiy pix are 5. Admission to country fair*. •Continued on page 541 $ 26 , 782,776 B.O. Tix« u s tho Government ia April, aid gen- uhich to growing rapidly and has MOr *"g especially hefty grosse*. he Fngl^h vpeskmg popula-‘ 1 So far fore by Massachusett* schoolgirl Shirley Mae France to swim the English Channel, Presumably the M-G Aim trill be 1 Mb dedicatory erally reflecting March at the box-1 a lu._ „ ^ plaque far the amphitheatre waa office, amounted to 42A.7t2.77A. tioa. i & ^ as later-cnunlry trade presented by the D. C. tent af Va- Bureau of Internal Revenue re- 1 . «»nditMna are conce r ned. Aboaf riety Club, via Ms chief barker, ported last week It naa aa in -1 noted three factor* on the favor- hlonon Gerber. ! crease of about 91.100.00t over the U| Anur Mf Tark All vicar abU udr including the new U S On the entertainment list were previous month, but ran about 1 WWiRO Mu ■ nMlwmmi port with Italy. Germany's lifting Kathryn Grayson. Eugene List. $600,000 back of the April. 1450. 1 Broadway publicist and promoter o1 * u import quota sad the Walter Puftgeon. who read a me*- Agure About RKf of the admis- Ted Womer Aew to the Coast this projected new French deal which sage in memory of Barron Igor stona tax come from motion pic- meek on an invitation from Metro , • anticipated, will bring new ad- Gorta, Marge and Gower Cham- turn theatres. to serve as technical adviser on an vantages to the American indus- pion. the U. S. Marine Carps Band Niteries turned aver to Uncle untitled picture to *lar Esther W»l- , try. the Justin Lawrie Singer* Arst Sam U.AA3 530 they took in dur- turns of the rev ised D C. pageant mg March an the 20% bite on Womer engineered the attempt*. _, _ '* snd the summer be-1 N. Y. to Europe Harry Buckley David Butler Richard Conte Charles J. CarreII Neel Coward John Davts Humphrey Doulrns Edwin Knopf Jacques Kopfslein I ids l^vingaton Mr* George Marshall El\a Maxwell Ben McCord Bruce Millholland J Arthur Rank Jk k Srhlisarl Artur Schnabel Sam 1^ Sridelman Margaret Truman I- Arnold Weissbcrger I A R WyU# Boh Erlkr L A. to N, Y. 'Faith af Our Father*-; and ar- check* Thu was aa increase af chevtra conducted by Sam Jack 4500 000 over the month before Kaufman, of Loew s Capitol Thca- and was nearly the same aa the Ire here. > April. 1450 Agure. Seated quietly in the audience New York* 3rd Internal Reve- between the Provident and Schenck nue District which include* Broad- were Mr*. Barron and Carter T. way. paid the Us collector $4 074.- Barron. Jr. * 1 724 in April. The decline from the preceding month was more 6 Distribs Sue Pa K\hih xhMm k 300000 Tm collection* on o i/iMiins 7%ue I R. r.\mo Broadway » nitertes came to $264 - On % Discrepancy M7 a substantial decline from the Charging under-reporting re- 4M4.7A® ef the month before. Ceipts on percentage r“ ture*. six major dud ibs Aled separate suits In Pittsburgh Federal (’ Europe to N. Y. Peg Leg Bates UA BAKES SUGAR M. Sugar ha* been ap- Wednesday '23i against Francis E ' pointed manager of United Artists' hlcCillick. former operator of the , homeofAce contract and piaydate Coraopoito and Lync theatre^. Co- dept. raopoito. Pa. Sugar formerly wax assistant to Plaintiffs in the rate were Lai- William J. Hnneman. when latter eersal Metro RKO. Columbia. Par- sit v p. in charge of dutribut it and W amer Brea. | lor Eagle Lion Claxsicx. Kitty Carlisle Donald Crisp Dixie Crosby Joseph Gevaert Jack Haley Moss Hart Jascha Heifett Conrad HiMon Heide Krall Arthur Lubin Mm. Edward G Room-won Irene M Selaick Gene Autry Richard Bare Greg Bautaer Nate Blum berg David Butler Ina Claire Walter Craig Henry Daniell llarry Ellerba Harry Essex Tom Ewell l.rnn Farnol Sylvia Fine Joan Fontaine Eva Gabor I .eon Goldberg Frank Gruber Cedric Hardw tcke Leland Hayward James Jones Robert J. Kronen berg Don Loper Ruddy McDouall Ralph Meeker James Michener James A. Mulvey J. Carrol Naish Dennis O’Keefe Waiter O Keefe Abe Olman Walter Pidgeon Cole Porter Edward G. Robinson tuna Romay Stanley Rubin Robert Ryan Ben Set* we lb Arthur Shields Frank Sinatra Margaret Wycherly N. Y. to L. A. JoM-pfa Bern hard Philip Bourneuf Dixie Crosby Richard W. Krakeur Joe Pasternak Rebel Randall France* Rrid Ted Worner