Variety (May 30, 1951)

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, M. r M. 1*51 GOTTA BE SMASH HUS, OR ELSE RKO's Announced 33 Releases for *52 f|(j IN'BtTWttNS Film Rental Adjustments Indicated Seen Answer to Beefing Stockholders []ty p|£ p(|(](j|j[jj By Lkhtman for Houses ‘In Trouble IIKO t «nnounc»in»nt this week an eipaatlH rtWaw schedule far IMS waa seen »* aa ••■wer to both «quawktng exhlbs and squawk ms stockh ol der * Company Mod H would release S3 pit Thai will include all la Ha backlog a« wot I m those oa the states of the siadha I and al KKO • Indie producers | British ‘Soldiers Hollywood. May St Loo duo Wot Hollywood to the screen with “Old S oldiers Never Die " With lie American stodlos layfiag claim to the tHIe the Four ('ootioonta production. Evidence Is rontiaaally mount- toe that the Aim industry la taking Ms place alongside the legM Add as a business al hits " Pic prodort al While asaerUng. that eshibs in heela al the Jolting news that UO starring Godfrey Tearle product too and distribution bad Into U. 1. release nest ■ rune up a loss oI H A32 AOd during — - IA* Huge lineup far IA91 ifl sp- • the calibre which had hero d mg moderate bo return ko the ia now resulting in deAnt *>i lions, particularly da Arst-mn 20th V.. TV Hrded ton al the ones peeled nith larger dive taken by Aim b oxoff i*«-« man. 30th-1 last September ia teen in Wth- said yeolet distribution topper Al Ur hi- umHon to man yaatsrday Tues». la re- hie ” At a lease a trta al Ha top pcs for io the bon the year during that month the sales 4 from declining gras age (ban those nlth larger opera!iona. Al IJrht- man. SOth-Foi s dlstrihutioci chief, said yesterday 'Toe* • the com- pany would glee "sympathetic lent Ion to all theatres “in trou- Top eshlhs state that the condo- JWptemher si •ton la abdeut The mi bite isn't generally dn boving mediocrity There's the tercel In the 1 TV 7 I al Ha top pcs for lo the homcol A c e I Cchtman said tunng that month the sales department would awet slump last year sir each situation aa H found H. tesd! barged to public In- rating thot If a plea for a rental e Aood al beg-name rut would help a distresse d eshih It sill al month LCrhtma thot the but during the would not torn a deaf ear . .. . . . IJchtman said he had fa cute. 0th ntaws were ■feeling the to tele* had the sacne complaint that RKO has refused t# release a sufficient number al pis despite the heavy backlog on Ha shelves This has hero annoy ing to theat remen de that t hr Arid nt on KKO far p» k1uc 1 ts houae. alight and la stock .hY.'Trek 00 M ‘ r 04 < ra because not enough pis Ir, . iwspaiimre incaweea at performance at I through tte RKO dta J5S**J* f*V * " " •«» **11 Wd I* • III to carry the ovet dg |S January concerning ef*' FnaaChiy a sixth bx David J G •** Aim on the tnbutlou mill mi a consistently 1 at the b a . p cob r a Aftb stanza wrict. and ‘The Desert Fox," baaed an the best-selling hCog mi General Rommel sales rep will meat in helping . ! feet oat ion by controlling stock . ^ r '" r *** csoaer alien There was long a mystory aa ta ii,U u«h#i th* no losnbrit part mi the a why controlling stockholder How ^ * * lh ^ I fact that Ira Strand ard Hughes refused lo release anl- n o# J km m I are shutter mg temporarily and the w jmananms ano awvenmm Acient pcs daapite the litt Ibacoaa- J ~ i Cawiiol is dMcMng stage shows at * fVva r ^PhAd ha tops In pany had them available That s . f Whether it bu ^ *ho State ia bringing in a re- NddHlAn rnAVIA I A 14 r '* rrrnl ru,n ' been pretty much clanked now to J"*" ^ ta arlr^d ’ tw * H-uneo and Joliet." today IlCvUCQ I DUDC Ul. “T, •* l«T I the satisfaction of top RKO eaecs Wed*, which ia takew aa an Mdi *** ^T»M •* national I-Z5T2.STi/LiI tMflIITlSr? attention to the (1 s ■ || § rz Zenith May Lose rily and the _ 9 ■sent be helping emhlhs lo survive Urhtman an n o un ced that 301 h Foa would hold Ha Aral national •ales convention since IA4A in lac Angeles. June 11-15. with home of Ace eaecs. div is ion sod branch Study mi reps hi attendance dissatisfaction nith the Quality mi ^ learned by the Green# mlTh oi tbT product backlog A " hkrl1 the compiaiat re's been an absence mi a rua mi strong pti al all four (Continued on page SO) , 7 . 7 \ 7 -- ‘ — U-l Adds 2 Rank J. Arttar Wintt. , SST.K. SS?,12,^2.' „ J; - i iwnuai Patting bp Pix. Davis Says lo-op tor Its r V priwlrtly to Mvtom tto arw ■ _ . . E4wto W. Aaron ana Arthur Stlvrr- XmHh Mo mcmilly rou.4 li ... .. inf UR ratwRt al Ha mto Phanr- mkh al tto anaian that rvirr vision test for submission to the Myers, formerly SOI h i Toronto Fedrral (‘ommunicstion* Com- hrsnch manager had been named mission may And Haelf without Canadian dIMrtcl manager re- the nocesaary telephone facilities plsring Stiver*sue. Philip Sher for use mi lhe “pay-#e-yoo-«rc ’ formerly with United Artists system 'Continued on page IA* It's reported this week that, i while American Telephone A Tele- Utr«s> liras* lsi«as«^ C« Ur 6 k, Fatty ----- ^bS'^KSTill't Hrrrr, Ur*« berud Tha J Arthur Warner Ca Nan „ . p(M .. n mk |, ta And aa arte*- ai7«li^»Ul7 l^r ! J'* U - M " , * r *“ v ' •“***»« i_i t Fwrkamm* Xark Knanriat hnuaa la proaiding .MrcuuVw at tha taiurnt. Thar i“_J* , vT* * ■ ” IttiMlr* avallabla la Wnr them la AUtOBOIDf TOT tlCIUngC the second-money Anancmg for the e s pressed hope this week however. L . 1. j?? r L; T^sP" 1 ^ Phon e iisisn for reguisr cummer- mg t n A . , And *1 pis to be made by ^ of ioosCng Hughes’ grip without Thl d additio2al^ ‘ lMl *“•> If ATAT decides to hack IfTI., L/IStTID OverlUU! Fidelity indie unit. Warner ia enm- . ^ ... terday <Twes • TheaAd.tions^pIs ^ Mg rnp0€iHi that Zenith will | ^ ^ milted for a total of *W0 000 ' Continued on pags W ”*'*•*„* Idimdon" and Tbe the FCC ta demand that San Francisco May » while Chemical 0M0. H V mill ... ^ the phone c ompany aa a pul»4i< Macs rSa. u 4 r^.rr^ur,T:,,M new 3d dimension in ■sr - rr r . ^rr-. no misimumi or mmmumi CA ACT TCCT CHftWlNf Rank • SO-feature program for the FCC remains Questionable practices Partners ia Fidelity are Howard WfMOl Imul JWInllHl 1HI wa* noi set during the Rnt- Zenith *v*tem is set up to work Harley, W.Hch A p.™ BlumrniKgl Jn Hullynoud. M.r » '"du-r, Iwrf, .u«U t M (UdMtou. urn.. Ito PV « seph Seidelmaa and Greg Eautier “Natural Vision." new third-di- ^ *• New York. Toronto and ugnals are carried aver leaard | l ‘TF rr - “ Pis. which ir* to be distributed by i^mion type Aim system, has been Chicago These ordinarily would telephone wires Pictures are ' h lf Warner Bros, will not carry the »hewn to press and Industry Agures Me the pictures that Eagle lJoo I . rramb ied when they appear oa Fidelity label but another identi ^ ^ President M L. Guns burg Classics would have handled if the the screen but the PV seto«n~r g ^* tl >f> Acatma ta separate them from the wtM reported that the system im had wot been absorbed C aw dial phone operator and re- * unit’s Alms boiag handled by other der development for mors than a M> United Artists quest tbe program be wants to see lnb * h * disUtbs year, is now practical far geoduc- 1 ' 1 Zenith, as well as the mafior Aim "j?? Iy ^| Tbe sestet af Aims. obicb will Hr .gded that one major Aim Monk product whicb F.LC had an mhich .applied product ! Ran Francisco May 2f autonomy for esebange rs and a general avorbaulia^ mpliAcailoo of distribution m are suggested by Rot us wa« not set during tbe left- 1 Zenith system is art up to work PmAAc C abM Co n Aaconre industry topper's nine-day M phona facilities since the PV W >»Mependent Theatre Owners ta New > ork Toronto and usnals are carried over leaard I *• • *• mtgrtec- but the PV seto*n»r I handled by other deiTlopmenr'for mors'than s 1 United Anisia quest tbe program 'be wants to see lr| M* “Moot been adding mnr e i in Tear. Is now practical far produc- 1 ^ IWVli ,h# 1 M»w Hb . as well as the malar Aim I!J7Ir* %V buildtnj^^ew Tuck V IM. which W tg l|M added that one major Aim ** companies which supplied product ( S "' ' company and several indies Mand when the l VB£ 0ggl waa ( (of ti|r pv test are meanwhile out mi proportion In ompiaina that the di«- Krvrral Indte. l A-RLC in m .k.n< Aim Blade. There has been • far the PV test, are anw hilr IT**ew Vark VSy mi Rabel which is 11 ?x •. i r t. 11 *! HrjH:, . baa- Mack and white faataga. [^TLmUhTSI NY N I CHI IFV1 F ‘f Utey don t do a good lob. get office-checking organisation sup- In shooting, two regulation cam- 1 . mo u HI • is-J. utlUl l LX wtir boys?" be aaks "All aa> ported by major duiiiba Is under eras are set side by side in a M- j ^ P Reshufiing of personnel and distribution company need* ia a going an economy program to eon- cnled blimp which raa be InMallad T rt.n<uUidat>on of Metro's New York general sales manager, a few form with reduced checking activi- on present dollies Film negative Hfftt Dot Fields IO ^nd New j^sey branches has been traveling assistant sales managers ties Jack H Levin, v.p. and geo runs simultaneous!; through each # . completed by William F Rodgrrs. and good branch managers Waste eral manager, booed out of UR I j camera. Two machines arc also Kayica Roberta LYIICS 1 distribution topper Change* were »• distribution must go last Friday '25» and was sneaaadad naodad far projection It w aa ad- J ^ illness of Jack Bowen bv bis imiafnt. Hamid Groves 1 mitted Aim could oat be shown Hollywood May 2A wh# M M pervised the two spot. pIMC TliAII AC PAfTf fj HV Twentieth-Foa two weeks ago universally for some tine since H Metro has brought Dorothy M duu - tci chief lie suffered a iH® HMAdlAllbU Dl ranee I led (HI and pncAad wHk rsgnires four cameras M booths Fields from H Y It reviae and m|ld heart attack about Us months, pan rnn Q Iki 9 VLAfK W Ulmark Service Systems How Instead of current two. However. ' modernise lyrics of “Roberta Mnd (n «i«equently is now relin |U rUB 5 111 L I LAIVJ ever dumb will continue Hs mem- present plans call for n>ad*how tng I tones lo be used in lx.velv to ^^Ing the major burdens of the Hollywood May 19 berflup in CRI until Dec 31. IASI of initial Aim In sureseater houses ! Look At." studio remake of the _ Pi—Ttw-na* inked a new Two- | Queen Mao Davis also leaves office-checking organization sup- In shooting, two regulation cam- I ^ ported by major dutriba is under eras are set side by side In a pat j“ 91 ***** hopping direct ta y program ta . -K ..Ik Nli) mies l/UI now 1U and New Jersey branches has been traveling ^ u Mini: through each # . completed by WillUm F Rod ter*, and good beam ~^r* N T.. Rensc Roberta Lyric* d«r>vi* iw> rK. n «« «»r» •» .r 11 *-. V_ _. , _ the result of Illness mi Jack Bowen “W Me HoHywand. May 2A niiur TUA| time »hc« it Metro ha. brought Dorothy m dut nct chteL He suffered a MU camera* in buotbt Fields from *1 Y ta reviae hud ^* 1 ^ heart attack about sis month* . nan rAi In booths ' fields f However. I modern) sdshowing tunes lo er houses. I Look Al ,ro *.N- Y •■i mild heart attack about si* month* siac lyrics of Roberts gnd cnnsequently u now relin to be used in 'Lwely U quashing the major burden* of the At. studio remake mi the 77, PINE-THOMAS PACTED BY PAR FOR 8 IN 2 YEARS ever, dumb will continue Its mem pceaeni pnni ran ior ■■■■ lunes to usru m uem **» quashing the major burdens of the MoHvwo. 1 Mav » brlWu. ia CRI uniII Dm Jl. Itol oi inltul Ilia ta iuimmIm tonn Look A| - .iudu> r»m»k» oi lb* ^ Pi»» Th.un*l litod • noi. loo- Onl» otter major dtatrlk uttaf wiu rxtra protadon buUllod for I Kcm Hwterli mutacnl ori<mall> „»ttal ...» i. «l IhZ , rll .Kinl for pro- xt.lim.rk ta Urt.7. cten. In. UM tte _ 'dltard ta 1«1 « RKO u Ctn^r t ‘ "r.T .* LTUX-iSTtan dirt, , tente^TIl otato ZT foto )tm lr.drr.tood ttel WUI- It warn »)»• »d»IU*d ttel tte *n- Rndera » .rd A-i nr^lrvw Ds<aa * irr .*^p^iioui^ly work aa unpor grromr. idtonr or.I ...r uhrn mark b planning to expand Us ac- tire program ?ould bavc to m darrer . . a_. . 1 uni circuit deals Replacinc him present pad exiires tivHies in the theatre Aeid ‘Natural-Vision subjects since it < Pair of "umbersfrom ( lfi ( hc district pn*t b Soul Gottlieb There* no .4*ct».oa vet a* t*» Box office checking has dropped currently impractical to ml* Ihttar legH . ***^7^. - w. 1 «ho n*oves up from manager of A hethrr the Arm nw-» make p*x on approximately UT, in the last year, with regulation one-lensed Alin* ) "V r , the MG Pit is burgh branch the Paramount lot Indie aUo Sitoiding to John J. O’Connor. CBI After roadshow uif it cmmM be j for the ' . _ . ( ?5J i \ Her hand take* over man signed new icai with John Paine board chairman. Distribs bave been shown regularly as one-strip sub», with such Maudes av , f lhe n^rged N V N J ta star la si* pi* la next three keeping lab on percentage dates Jed bv taking off one of two artgi- In Your Lye* ^ . Jjjfnng frcJJi manager of vear* He * already ma*b *t* lur t '.ough periodic audits via Copy nal negatives (SiaS'C: ^ N J «rhi«r wbl?b now i* PT. Under ttve.r old ton r d right Protection Bureau and a Gunzburg « brother Julian f.unr Skelton lar r Ralph Pielow former unit must dill deliver fo».» pic- grikeral knowledge of their Alms burg . dolor of opthamology H pmn and Km Mmer will Mar i y ^^‘ |u furr4 , |ww C nm*wi-^ raining power and revenue poten veepre of Arm George Schaefer b when Aim hit* ca m era* tbb sy U N ^ arc already ti— ■* Of theatres in shell they distribution head of the company mer a* a Jmk Cununi«ig* p^du* Mur^Ui repMC* Oot lie. ^77 pi | iContinued an page 17s ition. with Mrrvyn LcRoy directing.»change duel. ^ mark b planning ta expand Us tivHies in the theatre Aeid is i»»on ' and Ann Miller will star eliminated Ralph Pielow. former unit must dill deliver fox • |wc- t ST. lu« kH."c..Lr., .k, to- V * V. m*** ^r-jg^iJSr a. nwr » a Jm k ( produc tarih to rrptac* Gtalteb ». *» .»<« H««« k«>l a<r * MT “ Itiock, «tib Mrc.ya LrRo> dirreumk irtenf* chtrL Uuniptneo.