Variety (May 30, 1951)

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ncTiw . m.t jo, io:,i l IA in Spitting Distance ol Profit: Upped Costs Outweigh Hypoed Take s Loan Export Assn. Board to Be Set Up In Rome to Handle ltalo-U.S. Pact hn C McCarthy, bend •* Ma- Plrture Am nf Anahn i W- « til diM UM Aim tinned Artists i* within %p*inwf ♦ Agreement her* with Sir Hartley sh.»n<M, pmtikni •» ?•"* « |) u ^ Filming ‘Jockfy* •*<««' •* Patent Office Back# Acad TlM t, Thur«uy .»»*. **'•**»» .• t%r* k»H I v r . |. Name «• “0 "■ r Thm - div-lo^rd la H. »■ y eMeroA) ?!, v O. A t If Ol alM^ . »i»K* follawini the BArteyt. <Two*> Dtstnb actually ha* been ta tW May 29 l oan Eiport Assn Board «ill he set up here la handle loan* i« : n V V {h * luMafll toduaUy Idr production :*qatlir*l in IN. I • lf| n a | p and promotion a# Ha Aims U. W ash melon May 29 S Patent OfAco chief exam- Mach hut thia was iimtird ta a_ *»», inff hM upheld the Academy af gte week '»* M Mat Ian Pirlt ragle Uan Claries last Apiil * |g| a proceeding brought against Abnormal expense* sinesAcademy Award Product* lac. In the red Hope nan la Iff da) , ^ nermiuuo to uie “Arad IS U A a III have stepped up H* In- ^ come to a comfoi table pioAt mar- gin Holding take in t Hr Aita day alght. following the p •» toy*. Manrtfo Duke who* producing t* the 0. S.. aa a reault of the Ink ' |*lh«k Jockey** for Allied Artlat* mg of tbo Italian Aim agreement release, return* to the Coo«t June with American diatribe Last week. S after aupemaing Aiming of sea* Under the aotiip. U. A. dietrlha *.| r . rmv Award* aa a trademark on a variety of product> ranging ft Col’s Popkin Deal May Cue UA Tiff H ■■■ to the Ananrial burd< n# the company* sale* foment ion oarty thla month la Chicago Pa- nther adverse factor aaa that FIX* Arid Matters. who had bren week*’ diaml«Nal notice. made great effort to build up contract da lea Consequence a a* a hen the purr ha *e vaa ron*ummated only a rotative I > fen pi from the ELC lineup more aet for exhib playing rz Pix Duck New Tax “ist: .to Popklns -Magic face** nhlch ! also appear* slated for Col releaa- ! too. Popkin tied up la Indicating the company la travel- ing la the right direction » the steady climb la domestic groaa bucinrv* amre VAX' »a« taken aver First neek following the III • H J un6 ^ a tong-alaa Woes in Proposed zszrzrsrz * I Col statement. UA put it meat on livery of his product to that multi- In line result of the the matter eral dt*k jock sequence* In New be able to remH 8C r r of thnr York. Scenes ore scheduled to be Mocked earning*, the balance to be tensed starting neat Monday '4» d , %l ded Into abort and long-term through Wednesday «•>. Marlin ^nn*. Block and some 17 other east-of- Members of the loan hoard hate the-Mississippi platter pilots *»" not yet been selected hut an- participate nouncement la expected shortly. la slated for Local producer* will ho permitted to make application for production protects and the board oil! deride whether the proposals merit loans. Americana will have no part in Italian him production under pres- ent plana, hut It la Held possible that some funds will And their way entuolly Into joint AmetU^n- Italian Independent pis Although details have not bren worked out oa yet. Italian Aim t«»p- to open an office in New the exploitation and han- dling of Italian pix in the l s. Xui Bill on Excises Washington May 20 Aw ol Wenm affecting! national distribution Aug I. Akoaf, U’s Chief Abroad. Sees Big s Foreign Upturn « . . , Although a number af Italian him* » th* hand. o< ... Ittsl detriment PI«U> ' luv. «or«l b*«>lly in the l' S. with the view of taking whatever ditums abroad was fetched this ^ returns to producers tune action it deemed advisable. week hy Amerfro Aboaf. V nl verm 1 1 nrglUKlbW hecasmTol outright “Weir was completed lost year foreign department topper follow- uW| l# AnMTtcaa dial ribs Pro- but at that time Popkin balked at »■»« a fenr-weet ,our ,,f . Eur0 ^T ! posed N. Y, delivering it to CA because of the tx* reported adrmtalons have fal- theao at the same BtoMfton brought a total take of Ma are in the excise p or t I ana ol dhtrlbs shakv position under the to" tof somewhat but a wavo of u to take Italian Alma out Out At admisston-prico advances has ac- . . rt houar# exclualvrly -..d vital- counted tor an upswing m theatre ^ them into regular theatre* It Krm rtmgia u r «timated that the N. Y. oifUe Admission tilts he said, virtually handle between IS and N * ere accepted w ithout adv erse re- iui u « picture* a year, action, having Atted into the gen- A problem facing the U. A row- eral pattern of spiralling prices on Mnirt u the determination of how nearly all consumer products and .Continued on peg* services He added the stepped j - up tariff has been effected in large rA| >c si ITT Uf ay cities and Industrial areas where Jj 5M)lU Ntf, WA» P2TOOUO Thi* hM f he new tax bill which the House p au | v. McNutt regime rising ol the rate of about SAJAB Ways and Means completed on M nc* of course, has been C ^weeh In spite of (he contmu- frt^y , 2 j». Bill will go before ltt4 ull acr the Arthur B rise, the unuauol expenses ^ House for approval about the ,.| UI . which UA had to meot kept it in nttddie of June, It will then he sub* - the loaa column 1-oal week the ^ to changes hy the Senate he- total revenue was over the MAO- ( m p f| M lly becomes law about ABA mark . the middle of September | Among the changes made hy the TRUMAN LEADS TRIBUTE I. Admissions tax on special reduced admia«iont will applv on the price actually charged instead of on tlio regular, normal ratos for such tickets. S. Committee reversed a TO CARTER BARRON Washington May 2t An unusual tribute was paid last Friday night <23> to the late Car- CarboePackard Form Partnerslup iI OFF FROM PRIOR \EAR _ . Alfred Daff. revealed at a pres s Yank artor H.chard CartMM ha> „ N T th ., Ik » , ( otumh.a PtrturaaJhi. i»- a p«ftarnl<» »itk f — mt i ««rM market kuuaeaa lar W HIilkp lIBSSB l«» employ ment is at a high level. which H is located are both under I cameras' to and increased the i u'rHi^h^io^^^iet specialist Jf ision of the Interior De- iy* ^ raw t i\m to MKc Ica^mros it hig- gles such aa Attorney General J. I orchestras, and non-profit or Howard McGrath were also on eralive motion picture theatres are hand and Loew s was represented exempted from the J0*Y admissions hy Nicholas M Schenck. It* prexy; nick. Thus, such Joseph It. Vogel. J. Robert Rubin, ling. John Joseph. Si Readier. Dan Terrell, Oscar Doob John Murphy and Herman Robbins Another at- tending waa Richard Walsh prexy of International Alliance of The- atrical Stage Employees will do a multiple- threat job la the African arrte* He's now writing the screenplays •eight are completed) and will di country. Only area named where business has been off was Belgium but Aboaf added that general nomic conditions are and likely will he rrAected la a theatre upturn Report on England waa given hy Nat Kramer, general sales _ . red them aa well _ the Metropolitan Opera Co and Hr ali0 ^ ta ihtm | Ntt York Philharmonic Symphony P|X ^ ^ fthol i a and ground *< rr Froa Films. British Orth become Ux-exempt. | Nalrob4 Krfiya La M Africa Cart- ion-distribution outfit who un A Admission to country fairs, •Continued on page Ml familiar with the area expectedly walked into the Ml organ plotting h.s atones Immed.strly upon his s Y hen working Metro s -King Solo-1 •rrivol from London. H i hit Arat ‘s Mines.** which was shot lr *F to thq M at h . ment waa that the wavo of Aim festivals throughout England proved a big pickup for the Industry Top-quality pig are scoring especially hefty grosses, he _ (l . $26,782,776 B.0. Taxes _ ^ °° l, to * -| T^n Msrcli there He Is talking vaguely of the to rOF April I OP .nlTCn poaaibillty of setting up with his Washington, waa chairman of the | W ashington. May 2B A ife and family on a semi perms executive committee for the cere- j U S. admissions Uxes paid to newt basis in the British colony, monick. the Government in April, and gen- «hirh is growing rapidly and has Tbo largo bronze dedicatory ( erally rcAecUng March at the box- a | ar ge English-speaking popuia- plaque for the amphitheatre was office, amounted to A2A.7S2.T7A (ton. presented hy the D. C. tent of Vo- Bureau of Internal Revenue re- rlety Club, via 1U chief barker, ported last week It waa an in -1 Morton Gerber. crease of about $1,100,000 over the Mi, T P( fi ifjvKrf On the entertainment list were previous month, hut ran about i “wIBCI Mil MVBsl Kathryn Grayson. Eugene List. | $000 000 back of the April. 10S0 Walter Ptdgcon who read a mes- figure About OCT sage in memory of Barron Igor siona tax come from motion pic- week on an invitation from Metro » , # anticipated will bring new »d- Gortn. Marge and Gower Cham- ture theatres. to serve as technical adviser on an vantages to the American indus- pton, the U. S. Marine Corps Band. 1 Niterles turned over to Cncle , untitled picture to star Esther Wil-1 *0- the Justin Lawrle Singers, first Sam $3,603 330 they took in dur- uams scene of the revised D. C. pageant, ing March on the 20's bite on Worner engineered the attempts -Fjith of Our Fathers’*; and or- checks This was aa increase of . Last summer and the summer be- ckrYtra conducted b> Sam Jack $500 000 over the month before fore by Massachusetts schoolgirl Kaufman, of Loew’v Capitol Thca- and was nearly the same aa the Shirley Mae France to swim the Ire here. April. 1050 figure. j English Channel. Presumably the So far aa Inter-country t conditions are concerned. Aboaf noted three factors on the favor- able side, including the new U. 8 pact with Italy. Germany a lifting of iu Broadway publicist and promoter ol 1,1 import quota and the of the Minus- Ted Worner Aew to the Coost this projected new French deal which L. A. to N. Y. Brian A heme Gene Autry Richard Bare Greg Bautarr Bested quietly in the audience New York's 3rd Internal Rrvo- between the President and Sc be nek nue District, which includes Broad- were Mr* Barron and Carter T. way. paid the tax collector $4 076 - Jr. 720 in April. The decline fi — the preceding month waa J 4 DtoriU Sue l’». Kxhib ! tZSSTLJS M-G Aim will such an effort. iHh the On % Discrepancy SI? a substantial decline f^— ,k - Chatting under re porting re- 7 $2 of the mooth be.< Ceipts on percentage r“ lure*, six I ,,, M1OT . injl . m mayor distribs Aled separate suit* | tJA BA H KA SUvAl In Pittsburgh Federal 1 ourl Joseph M. Sugar has been ap- | Europe to N. Y. Peg Leg Bates Wednesday *23i against Francis E pointed manager of United Artists* hlcGiUick. former operator of the | homeof Ace contract and play date Coraopolis and Lyric theatres, Co- dept. raopolis. Pa. Sugar formerly was assistant to : Plaintiff* In the raao were tni- William J. Hr me man. when latter versa I Metro RKO. Columbia. Par- was v.p. in chaige of distribution Warner Bros. Jfor Eagle Lion Classics. Kitty Carlisle Donald Crisp Dixie Crosby Joseph Gevaert Jack Haley Moss Hart Ja*cha Hcifeta Conrad Hilton Hcide KraU Arthur Lubin Mrs. Edward G Irene M Sclmick N. Y. to Europe Harry Buckley David Butler Richard Conte Charles J. Corrrll Noel Coward John Davit Humphrey Douton* Edwin Knopf Jacques Kopfstein Lida Livingxlon Mrs. George Marshall Elsa Maxwell Bert McCord Bruce Millholland J Arthur Rank Jack Schlisael Artur Schnabel Sam L. Seidel man Margaret Truman L. Arnold Weiiaberger I A. R Wylie Bob Eeller Nate Blumberg David Butier Ina Claire Walter Craig Henry Daniell llarry Ellerbo Harry Eases Tom Ewell Lvna Farno! Sylvia Fine Joan Fontaine Gabor l^eon Goldberg Frank Gruber Cedric Hardwirke Leland Hayward Janies Jones Robert J. Kronenberg Don Loper Ruddy McDowall Ralph Meeker James Mtehener James A. Mulvey J. Carrol Naish Dennis O’Keefe Walter O Keefe Abe Olmaa Walter Pidgeon Cole Porter Edward G. Robinson Lna Romay Stanley Rnbin Robert Ryan iwnlb Arthur Shields Frank Sinatra Margaret Wycherty N. Y. to L. A. Joseph Bernhard Philip Boumruf Dixie Crosby Richard W. brake uf Joe Pasternak Rebel Randall Frances Rrid Ted Wi