Variety (May 30, 1951)

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, M mj M, mi CHI HAZE OVER PRICE CUTS Wright, Ex-Govt. Prosecutor, Suggests H[| |f[) f fl | |h [(] SWG Overwhelmingly Votes to Ratify Arbitration of Film Anti-Trust Suits HAt T -B 0 WHO • New Contract With Majors, Indies Arbitration of gulls rating from gul alleged j antitrust law violations by distrito fta pre ye d bp Robert U W right, fanner igtdal assistant to 1 will i WE Screens Four I at iba Desire" at Mi "I the U. S Attorney General. In an Showings ‘ of four of H« top pi* article which will appear mid-June the Strand Theatre. N. Y Exhi In the Arbitration Journal, pub- of the Metropolitan area will |t*hed bp the American Arbitration Jim Thorp* Ml American" and "A A«an Wright, who proaeeutad the Streetc a r Nt Govern m ents ant it mat caae agalnat Ing the major rompamet claim* that "Strangers on a Train* and "Cap- it the dumb* believe auch anita tain Horatio Horn blower will be «lN result la tbelr paying more screened Friday than )od compensation for ana- Screenings In ether parts mi (he tamed Injuries to an exhibitor. « coun t ry will be Held June 12-IS. they should lake the lead la e*- tjbllshtag arbitration tribunals Ao injured exhib. Wright assert* could seek an ap p ropriate damage award, instead of prosecuting a j treble-damage suit, bp submitting iplamt to arbitration W right believes the e* o( trebled litigation are ao great that injured eahlba would bars ter chance mi recovery In arbitration proceedlM than by i ^ litigation Tbia be rape Hollywood May 29 ,or , r Chicago. May 29 One of the moot Important tlons faring Chicago exhibit price-cutting left unanswered loot week by Al- Theatres of Illinois, which to 9nd methods to choke off |h any further price radnsltona here, j Granel Guides 'Kind H oil) wood. May 29 Members of (he Screen Writ era Guild voted overwhelm! day night <29* to ratify | writing contract* with both the ma- jor studios and the li Warner Stresses Z\ No I Ceding On i\ New Pic Budgets jse? m to t showing double features. Aral Ne sooner had the conaab tuoae [ Kanin's script, util star Judy Holli- up tbaa two more Indie theatre* »Mh George Cukor hacked tariffs, raising the total to (*•> the same team that f •even houses offering current pact* ta at slightly more real than a package mi rigarets Latest theatres to trim the Englewood and the Linden. | mg 42c and 23c top. tlvety. Englewood by Allied proxy Jack Hollywood. May 29 •rrl Granet will product C Ma s "The Marrying Kind." orig inally aasignad to S. Sytvao Simon . Ip while working Retarding the ma L was explained, the Guild an G*r*«m fo*red to rescind its working rules after * the price battle into even more of a quag mire Neither mi these theatres, ho* r \er u on s first %ul »cy. though three ethers. Ralaban Yates Yields On Tele But Rogers Looks Elsewhere meanwhile that Hollywood. May 29 Allied's defect loo BAR In the JP caae la AM It. "M the coaaful. Understood the JP the- atre played to only 20 payees m or e than Ms* regular week I > average during the Aral week, and aloe that BAR* houses are currently fail- Landry Gra Free TV Pbts te Help Vasnf IS n t aa i rt « f »d amw memo vn men Biz m Hpk lMttreS »»«>loc Aim Ala. - June Ulnn«^nAlU U.« TO f# T f PTOdUCl lOU Of ■ ^ . ITanks Are Ce e « «• la their "hour of distress Msjee- C ochran *tth •ir Cleaners A Laundry Is try ing to d . M . *' *1 Si.-I Mr l» > li ■ J. w! ^ ' tings Occult however that ms on hand but the through the rut ■P- nalhr true he writes If the sward Warner* U propping an unusually rould repceaenl the amount mi I heavy summer shooting schedule damage actually InfUcted perhaps . a)t |, pi an « to start 12 new Alms uilh Interest from (he date of in- during this period This slate with jury, instead mi the ^ mandatory ^ ataried. will give studio figure provided by the Clayton a total mi 14 to keep workers A<* pled between now and fall la order to conform a damage budgets of all fort h coming a< bit ration system to the purposes auctions will he elastic. M Is mi the Act. It would be oecesaary phatued by Jack L Warner Pro- to empower the arbitrator to durtioo chief declared there wUI award punitive damages where he, ** ** dklUr limit ao any Idea found violation caused aa injury.. »hirh possesses reasonable surely mi returning more than It coats Month mi June will see at least four pictures storting with teeoff *tC thl. week #f VS um C*gnrp '"T”" I * Bugle* In the After- n * " Film will star Ray Milland Roy Rowland will direct Tech- slate ■ ^ J4 . 4 u , Tanks Are Coming." to star Steve In tbelr "hour of distress Majes ( orhran atth s^ler an the n h i mil | U * Ibe epidemic la a bis neighborhood theatres by plugging ^ tK luce as s Gord^m MacItoe^Wi* lhAl * Ur ,roiB lndlc * ,hrt •* th * Rogers two week* ago committed = — 1 I m n GOVM Ml Bili. | egtoto Met Even nimlelf to ma* « more pessimistic aource* grant f»j| He also hoped he could tsa (hot much more <*f a ipveod *<*uid tinue tage brothers for theatre* via collapse Chi's nabe picture cone Republic deal Although some studios such as Metro fin case of Meanwhile. City Tax Collector r^j Skeltoni and Ul (In case ef William Prendergast look passing Abbott 4 G <Continued no page Iti nori have okayed clause* Republic has yet to da so Slnro Gene Autry began making Uleptx a* well aa standard on claim that rules variance with provisions of the L SWG prexy Karl Tunherg explained the necessity mi lurking rules to per* ract to go into effect Valentine Do vie*, chairman ef the indies' negotiating committee, ex- plained that although the Indies did not agree to the added writer payment when theatrical Alms went Inte video release, they did give written recognition to nego- tiate pay ment of suck fees If either the Screen Actors Guild or Screen Director «... i made i payment agreement with dor er mi (be group Membership voted to the present t*t will m tK. i otherwise have expired July that final settlement of Ihe tot'ended Sunda\ <27» may not re i Membership voted 269 IA la sz s? Zjs-jz* ,u ;r*• ,r ^ j - t *t^ ne tbeetre could re Y ate.**had* relenTIT uTlbe point * eade •here he okayed television for such advertising which will Roger* "with restrictions.- but if* milted to the membership also known that the cowboy star the rode Is and hi* agent are huddling with to able to advertise In the | other parties and haven't talked paper* to Republic fur weeks Feasibility mi working out a It's been guile a haasto between rode ef fair practices between the j Rep and Rogers over the tele guild and the trade pa pecs was clause with cowpoke Insisting he initiated by D/uit Vxaimr which get tele rights tn any new poet A ha* an antitrust suit pending lew month* ago. Yale* told him against the SWG because ef 1st- -.,-b MR of Ike b ouses | —pk a tically to couldn’t do video. , ter t bytaw forbidding m currently towering rote* are to- <reU *bat Republic takes advertise In trade papers rated on the southed* some sign* I th * 1 be ran de totter I — of a general spread is evidenced This is the biggest wurr lied, since the only antitetu itors to to Al- Negotiations are wow In the • Screes Aden Gold OK ia It cndal •<*«« i . uu - Ob N.Y. Cassa! i Denisn •' -Tfc. U* - “«—* *«•••>■ «•*« themselves ever TV la Ms own ~ u . *>?-w«n .. wsiuhiv r«zn. per hou aa * some of their tost bus! ^ Uf|#r put them oe their feet Slate la pretty catholic In type ... . .. . , Including cornedte« musicals west s* in# benefactor is concerned The - Room for Owe More" is a romantic . Majestic outlets to every instance ^ u . mM C arv 0 *nt and T " T. LTJL' P"**- D*wat*vi Detroit Biz Ires ia quest loo and Ms Blanks and directed by Normaa suffer* when (to theatre* hate T aaio ^ **d "Where's Charley?" is I iring Ray Rol- paim Lene an nt present Alan, the idea of the TV show is l#f A 'i. B y. locations wMh the nearby the both appeared This will . . ! reded by David Butler. ^ H V-W .«*— f »»«»-• I Th. Crtnuea Pit..." sponsored by Majestic, has Rill INehl. St. Paul In picturt- Improves After Initial Trassit Strike Ssarb Fer Aden is Vidfibss mi Annua l memberthu the N Y. branch of Guild an Friday <25! okayed ndattons mi the N Y ad- council for contract demands of actors in v id pis . for Columbia release lost fall. mapping a similar This city, heretofore largely de- 2-ftr-l,‘A’Dials Make igR P' JA ' rts FT1 SwHp W)Mpls Bow as B.O. Hypo will to In nt f d in to kMn Louis u now to the Math week of patrk editor and erttto telling gg^man mu put two other pra- , rtrt to that has tied up all fc%MlOinii illtbi and d nrttans before summer cam era s, it* tnmpaclatkm except Uxlcato lures and I ' Th * B,f Tr —" *** Springfield S # end of the strike It tn ngbt lures and boosting the Aim Indus Ri r, - william Jacob* has ’Alisa try and pix generally It's a 15- are minimum for day-play- ers HOP per eight-hour day. week- ly freelance minimum. 9375 per 91m spot commercials, de- an being l‘( minutes nr leva. I would get additional payment for each re-use additional payment for each re-u*e of entertainment Alma , for TV will also to sought; idpic commercials will I to one year after the A rat use. Mi apolia May 29 to within six Twe-f h.v. nu4r th»ir - h h.r. >Ua« with ^ - RAG tetovi- la«hed out at minute stint every Sunday. Inci- . Mani will be handled by uovtd frym* as much as 90' r downtown den U Jf? Weisbart. and William Cagney also and jnst a little below average al bur unTV^ 4r *"“ l * U «° ba* "A I job Is In the Street*" ^br* to ^ .. _ ' _ IT —— _ GraAiallv downtown bit has P •torn a cent. TV apparently doesn’t mind this booming of n competing entertainment H'B to KoWm AAC* 'Jack and Beanstalk' Holljndodd. May 29 headed by When the strike began a poll of billing of "A" pictures, for the Arst America" on bis schedule. "Mara exhito by Vabixtv showed bit was time la local exhibit too as local to- Mary" will to handled by David g«*rn as rton thealreomners desperately to revive the boxofAce Team Dailey, Prelle In n«m b~n u wuw. *r. a t- u»d.r «h. a- 4 -ki^L, ** b ,« r . . .. • 1 mal Nabes are still s little off erahip need large newspaper di*- y •>.*!*"* «*»»«>»> W ——' * | Mhat Price? Musical bul th . t , 6u , mmn lo lh , P u, .d, .. «• «im,. IK eleviewers *hit attrnrtions Hollywood. May 29 mg of drlveina than to the con- "two fur one** oo "three big days." 4 : 7^*^ that p nrtl rnln• [ Sol f Siegel was assigned by tinuing transportation strike, Thuraday Monday „ t. r I*!l’ d * n<1 plu< 201 b-Fox to produce a musical ver- j Downtown exhito say that If a Ad instructed public to bring ne hou- v *r>d 6 oeuiJ raal ^ ^ -\% hat Price Gtoo" ' engi- good picture is play ing, people get poo' along buy one ticket at nally Aimed silently as a straight to the theatre somehow —by pri- lar admission war drama by Pox Films la IA25 vale ear walking, etc.—in almost ticket free Dan Dal lev mill do the role origi- as great number* as before the ' eral tax In the ad* the theatre* i nally played by Edmund Lowe, and strike If a weak pic 1s on the bill were described a* having "prices < Mir hr tine Prelie will emart the it get* Urn nix as before. ! that are friendly to the family part originated by Dolores Del Rio That’s (to overall picture of the budget " The Rgt Flagg role, originally situation, but tore's one af the re- WMh Impetus given to the move- played by Victor Me Lag leu is still Anement* A couple of week* ago men! by the action of the St Loot* uncast itto Fox presented Josephine Raker Park, one of the finest and hitherto I-wu Costello, closed a deal with Henry and Phoebe Ephron are onstage Stnke-and-all the theatre m«M successful of all the local Hollywmxi M.v .7 "-*rners for the release of "Jack doing the script, now called "Char-j grossed a temAc 990 000 Thi* neighborhood and suburban (toa- j Pxnminml has lined up two sue- rad the Beanstalk." forthcoming maine " with a 17. S Marine Corps week. Eddy Arnold Is on the same Ire* and located in a well-to-do re**i%e Bob Hope starrrr* for sum- musical fantasy coat airing Abbott background -4 age and the estimate looks like neighborhood the swing to double ami fall production. Marling »"d Costello. Filming starts la 925 000 featuring of "A" pictures is gain- »houi July 15 with Aon of Pale- July. with Alex Gottlieb producing l"a ‘H’wood Story’ Precrn Fox manager David M Ideal ex ing momentum to this previously face * a «r*uel to hi* earlier pic- ra.l Jean Yarbrough directing. Chicago. May 29 plained the difference like tkis: single-feature stronghold twre Paleface Robert Welch will Deal Is In line wMh Warner*’ • Universal * "Hollywood Story" Alls* Baker appealed to the In order to adopt the double- produce with Roy Roger* and Jane hvaly acquired Interest In round- preems at the Chkrago Theatre 'horseless! carriage trade. Arnold feature policy drop its admission Row’ll rovtarring in? up outside product for dlstrtbu- here Friday •!» following ram- appeals to the streetcar brigade Iron* COr lo 44c and buy picture* Slated for a September star t i* tarn Company Is also negotiating paign In which star* of present. The Baker fan* could and did bring . for le*a money', the St. Louis Park Military Police, comedy sfftrii <1 •»*k Fidelity for the release of 19 post and future prospects partici- four or Ave friends with them; the gave up Its 25-day availability to Hal Kanior and Jack Acker for productions. » paled. I iContinued on page 23) (dropped lU Aght for a 29 da> slot I product ioo by Horry Ttfgead TelevUmu Authority, which la testing SAG’s jurisdiction at six Aim studio* which make TV and o*tor Alms *TVA said they want- ed no Aim jurisdiction except on TV." Thomson said, "yet they are actively contesting to secure con- trol ml all Aim made by the six companies " TV A position is that N wa« the National Inbor Relations Board which required studio* to voir a* a unit, regardless mi wheth- er the studio turn* out Aim for TV. theatrical exhibition or a combine lion of both Par Slates 2 More Hope Starrers for ’51