Variety (May 30, 1951)

Record Details:

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, Mmy M, mi TmAA-MIMC Diskeries Gong ^ Umm, Mi) 22 Mmckim Slid Hit.. Southern Km I Low Tm. .. Sterling ** My Lot* . fD I N Cod Bless You Carol* Only Want Mo Who* (Victor) •f hor , So" • Victor) Extensive Ballyhoo Budgets Shota un Mr Hoot art Crto •.. Ct » “ ♦ In liar »ith Increased budget sl- Schenectady To. Starts Square, Hastir IH«k ^ *■*< u.. *# r ^ 4 * »• Hypo pi alter 1 Mar* jiain mo bollybo. * brine con- the lyric la a well-executed oolI-1 ?}' k Jl * duel with choral support Other I IU ***T S?^ 1 aide Is delivered muchloo slowly JJ® ST*®** .. wf j^T {Lzrr N * n “ -** Sw-trs^r - . ^ - ~ . .... orch turns M a toe instrumental ■ T '*•••■sea urea. Down M •*WKm tHr tun ^ rwnt" Kootb Camp Meetin • South ol iCoiun bu> /Utolher lively la* IK# Bontrr K • Columbia Bras. L.’ nlivJ _ th^iahr^ i V u h "* •Columbia) . . . Another lively hi* iMJ*** -. Ml ^*21 *«UI by »..l t>,%J topootrb sidoa that really swing corny tune in *1 Feel Like Spa jess ggL*-**' • Second 12 record, featuring art and mrmgri eastern publicity chiefs work- Uf*> Dnln Lnun •• *» «»• K»*. I* - Da Dim Do Dom Maurice launched here by Do Wttt C mssnauisn ant inlet man HI Aha ays Lore You VMml 4 94 Schenectady. Spearheading the drive Into So lo Love Chappell *ThiW the overall dimension of Alms. Capital Records r ceatly pro- May Kway . . Maurice the record M sooner to provide a ***** • **"»•»*•<* PM. Soto the :: V 3 — — -«. #«-. 2 -X 2 T-T -TrVJS Cam Up River Leeds ’ m *Mrtal '*• records are grooved distributed free to deportment With Them Hands Dreyer »■ th * MveOThmal circular mam stores fairs sod public school so To Greoo Gram Boa 4 Cox nor and are being launched Initial rittoriums Bookings are art by You Are My Destiny Susa ly M 79 rpm only, although they Capitol's branch managers and ar> n ■ ■ ■ - - can bo put nut at the other spe eds ran cements are non being mode #•) 70 C AAA C . I u First project af the ness outdt •»lh HKO and Loess's circuits to V) / Z J.UUU Wni bv “ nccmdlng to Robert I Berger. Its Mime the Sim at special Saturday M _ , ... Washington rep. mas an initial matinees for children. The pic was llHf Pit (At n SO pressing af 9.009 records ta he said actipted hy Alan Livingston the ^ ■ n uea. m ov Mty M Veterans af Foreign Wars dUkery s ahr chief, and directed hy (L UfM PMU for the benedt of the local , Dm W illiams . VB mB IBl VFW rehabilitation program lie The radio time buying promotion Cxpendttum for mwalrtana' sal- roeding contains Lincoln's Gettys Is highlighted by MG-M Records, ariea by the eight major 01m com- Mirg Address on one side and story whoao distributors have already set pan let totaled $3 729 000 during •* *** famous ClvU War Biaby let < 19 minute and 29-mlnute segments 1990 according to figures published trr •• lh * reeeroo One side lea an indie stations la such hey cities la the president s report to the ,Mm * large picture of Lincoln, u C h i ca go. Philadelphia New Or* American Pederatuia of vtuaietans reverse carries the VFW seal pins leans. Pittsburgh Cleveland and S 1 VS ET 1 . ^ k ta 2 / 7 n£T Solid for jocks and juhes and Jimmy W akely have another Tern m y Doom s ( Ismbake promising duet m Star af Hope" Beveai Mr Freddie Blueo M -'The 'Capitol) . . Frao Ailtaoo has two Honey dripper** ' Deers», At the good sides in -Light ui the Wm head of s saaall combo of cracker- daw’' and -And Then I Prayed" jaH^ wdemen Tommy Dorsey ‘Victor) - ^■ Acme more excellent tais Parlayed with the Benny la My Heart * and **Ynu Goodman disk for Columbia, this Can't Tell s Lie to Your Heart" rould mesa a welcome trend bock ’Columbia) . On the same label, to a suing era Dorsey punches the Do Paars Infantry Chorus do * Freddle Blues In a strsight Dixie a superlative rendition of " Sound MylO. With nr v Jr =pprr fr’f.r.g a trickier phrasing with superta five results Csm Up With The To Greeo $ 3 , 725,000 Syest by 8 Majsr Re Cat. is ’50 Oh lnirim Salan. In ouch hey cities idelphis New Or* Freddy Marti. Orvb Truly Truly fair - Tho Good Humor Man’" (Victor) Truly Fair." launched big by Guy Mitchell by Always ! "Dark Is the Night" ‘Coral' Ball and musical bridge On Tp lv WELL, TV BREAM LIFE WTOCOASn ARAGON Forget TNd 1 Just A Girt That Me. iCorall . . . Post? B stbin. Starting June 19, spot will a line of girls and standard a tab revue staged by with Muriel Raha af the N Y 29 Last Thursday Welk pulled over 200 paying customers Unusual aspect Is that KTLA for months sired a Sunday after- juke faro *d in a lla- with a tno 10 Best Sellers on Con Mjchines, *Mfc sf May 26 ! • >P OF OLD SMOKY (9) (fob W) MCI TM1 MOON (Y) (Chappell) YOUNG (2) (Joflersmi) 9l OLD BOLDfEDB NCVFB IMF tl) 0 19. I APOLOGIZ1 (2) (Crawferdi Second Croup I LOTS YOU I Wren IVoup* Leo F 1 Not * V m a. Capitol Cnptlol Victor Mono (nut Victor Out Mitchell M Miller Columbia Bmp Crosby Andrews Su Derm BUfy 41 T MOM Victor Guv Mitchell M. Miller Vu Demon# from the sa m e place, televising Clyde McCoy. Henry Bum Jack Fms and tins Bay Hutton mho appears neekly in a KTLA night aint mth her sum layout The Sun day thew S n pp i d as fas as the bail- room .as foncemod foiling to up the number af dancer* But when Welk moved m and the same ftp- Don began airing him snre a week on Friday night the dance spot be- gan operating in the Mack again. Weik played the Aragon In I94d He opens in Denver this Is followed In the Aro- ma* «how Is pulling in customers, out KTLA says K won't carry the s how unless the band Is a top bond. Harrington to Manige Hrvimped Detroit Orch Indianapolis May 29 Howard Harrington, manager mi tbe Indianapolis Symphony Or- chestra lor the last nine years, has the newly - reorganised Detroit Symph effective May 29 Detroit •reh folded two years ago. but boa lo Col A. w, at af tbe board Herrington pc of tbe Indiana