Variety (May 30, 1951)

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41 , May M, 1*31 Paris «m a suit against de Granada mau of Ms mr If Mulat do Bril .3) Dl.d \fo-.-u^oierl Jranno Aubert getting a Legion •f Honor. _ trod Onia Id make TV thdrla /or DaMiaL Irvin Marla making hit office aitl Rodflf Co Mary Roach out of hospital and ,rfov«f1afl rapidly. sury Sotidoc buy mg tha Lrfl Bank nitory. Jaroto * Ladder. Krmand lirtr* lUnkiai ftln \ rroaa of Sartre a ‘ Rad Ulov»« ' Tht Bud Orndein* dining on the Eiffel Tower before ah# foea to Homo. Bor rah Minevitch tossing rock tail party for daughter Lydia on |*er arrival. Pierre Lewis-Gucrin putting the r>n idling tour hem on hit an revue mipaov for unjust dismissal He ot ordered to pay Min Concha Berlin "The Happy Hunter*.** new mu ' deal by Femandet SevilU and Tejedor at the Calderon Mare Paquita Gallego and features Julia Lajod, Niovem Patino and Crawno A uthor a rior Adrian Ortega b now under contract to direct musi- cal shawm at the Lope de Vega Theatre in Madrid Mari Carmen Atvarada mill stag ulth same company. Dublin By Maxwell S we e n e y Victor .Vlvernier arch In for Irish Hi*et t musical "Dortewr Mir- acle," to he done for the ftrst time at the Conservatoire I .ary Kaetner rushing to f-ondon to greet Jack Cohn and Joseph M.t’onvUle despite the flu Cewda Glenn getting Paul Der- val to talk more money than the f oliet Bergere ever heard of. J St Giniet. author of the Bouffe* Pindent play. "Belle de Mai.** is the ulfe <»f prior Bene Sard I. the ulfe of art or Bene Sanrll. March of Time producer Sam Brvant homing after toral Reo- n«»»mc Cooperation Ad mi nut ration fob It completed. Irene Selxnirk trying to entire Claude Dauphin to come to N Y lie opened reeently in Jacques Drval t Savon des Jouets.'* Michele Fanner t# star in Bay Neniura's "From Farit to Monte Carin'* Babv Beats the Hand util be the title for the English market. Judy Garland Inked for Theatre . Royal. Dublin Comedian Jack Cruise to Eng- land for club dotes Bertie Ellimao named Irish man- ager for Eros Films Polidi tenor Walter JanowiU now an ln*h citizen Verne Morgan in from London to direct Dublin revival of Quaker Girt * Dame Sybil Thorndike to I .ondon after judging National Drama ! Festival. Shelai Riehard* readving produc- , lion of Kale O Brten « That Lady * lor Dublin Bill Shaun In for Reason ot Theatre Royal. Dublin, he returns I to U. S. m fall. Hoofers Alice Delgamo and Baba de Monte m on vocation niter By B4B Conlno Paul Cordon eu route to New York Producer Herbert Tiacbendorf ia the U. S. Bob Hope. Manlya Maxwell. Les Broun aod company at Tllama Palaat. Oscar Kaitueis opened in Noel Coword's * Present Laughter* May 25 Jerry Lnvan bringing Grand Bal let of Marquis de Cuevas to Titania Palast June I. Christopher Fry’s "Venus Ob- served' bring presented ot hrhloss , Park Theatre Of the seven German pis shorn n in U S last year. Ave were Com- munist -made. The Berlin Senate mil Issue special stamps for the International film Festival. Malaparte. Raf Vallone. Elena Varti. Pierre Fresnay and Errol Flynn arrived here (.auriiz Mrkhior will perform in a Whgnenoa opera ot the Btaed- t ai versa!, mil go to I. on don man | to join the company s office there A Sidney civic organ nation mil ask the city fathers to tohoo un- sightly signboards from bey van- tage points. Bay signs do not give city any dignity Soma Br e ad s !, who came out for the Fuller unit uttk "A Mew sane for Margaret " is doing a scries ot radio ploys for the com- mercial M a cquarie network Douglas Watt has rejoined 'snider Dean nabe film loop after a term in com m ercial radio ns as- sistant In 51am Snider nos visit- ins England and America an bu look see. Perth, uestern key city, is in bjvr Sabbatk Alms, ctslr fathers Having given okay Admissions u ill he at usual ueekday rales City has previously had Sunday shoos via voluntary com rontrib ] Rome By Helen McGill Tubbs Bpenrer Tracy here on his Eu- ropean vacation Bobrrt flagging m from N. Y. an Scalers I dm bu The Humphrey Bogarts had an audience ulth the Pope John Po rd teon to Parts for talks with John McCarthy . Ingrid Bergman to Paris to join husband Roberto Rossellini MrAmHoU" recently played day date in 12 second-run houses Marches* T h c oda li getting script ready for new pic. Oh Nerone " Amersco A boa l U foreign Ae- palament rsec. here on European A Ido Barit I will produce a film ulth American and Italian actors in Spam Vittorio DeBica's nest u ill bo "Umberto D * a story about teen- Set Sales Opera In J Curt Goetz will start shooting House in Montevideo' in June Pic la based on Berlin stage hit of sets uill he t the Arst mon Minneapolis Abbey producer It is Moonev mulling musical production for By Lao Hotel Bs diss on Flam# Boons hoc J-ms Paige Hotel Nicollet Minnesota Ter- »a* • bolding over Carmen Caval- lam. Johnny Long Into Prom Ball- r«*nm for four nights. May II- June I. Martin k Lewis pencilled Inta Radio City Aug. 2 for their first loral date I^aog Pine, northern Minnesota straw hatter, to open eight-week season July 4 on play -o-we*k pUie*. Bob Hop# and bit Hollywood re- \ue come Into Auditorium. June IS under C. C. Milken local aegis Milkes la arranging five other upper Midwest dates for attract too Flame nltery. formerly Club C arnival, which played name acts, abandoning present policy of show with lino of girls and three acts, ta one of non-name bands and semt-namo art or two. Gay AO's. Blanche Coleman's All • Girl Band In from England for Irish provincial dance dates. Union of Berlin Theatres reveals that total seating capacity of Ber- lin Aim houses Is 22 000 or an average-of 443 seats per theatre Orson Welles has asked the Film Festival committee for permission to address the Berlin people during the festival and apologue for hu remarks made in Pans after his last Berlin viait Latest American pis being con- sidered for showing at Berlin Film I .Festival include Destination' Moon " Mating Besson " "Cinder ello." "Fathers Utile Dividend t and "Bright Victory" "Rebecca", will hr shown hut not entered in the competition in the upper me so will probably pas* I who also bought Mne arts. These to CBB. will be me brackets and darkened by order baa current for advertising Australia istonher raining Royal Irish Academy Productions, named to head new Irish Theatre Council setup in Dublin Priscilla Forteacue » Q ueried In from Boston to tape recordings for Columbia Broadcasting System 1 "Listen Lairds" show By Erie Cocric k Many nabos ore finding vaude profitable with p*c bills Treasure Island (RKO> Is aorko at Regent. Sidney for Hoyts. "Worms Eye View" a click al Royal. Sydney, for Williamsons David N. Martins "Ice follies pulling sock Mi at Tleotl, Sydney David Martin's “Ice Follies" at Tivoli. Sydney, continues turuawa) Irish warbler Sean Meaney re- turns to U. S. neat month to join Special Services entertainment unit for Germany and Korea. Hilton Ed ward*-Michael Mac- Li am mo i r mulling new play. "Bring Back a Story.** by Donal Gilt man and Pat Coldrick Marking centenary of Mrth of Irish playwright Richard Bnnsley Sheridan, a Sheridan Prue of 2300 and Delilah ' at King's. Melbourne May 23 Power failures h this tone are cooling the Aim Ms many thousands airmen!t, bringing bach line of girls Barcdma By J C. Vidal Games souse, playing reis- Crtatma pic house, playing reis- sue of "The Crusades " Comic Roberto Font at Bigat anery with his one-maa act. It. A Stem ml# German pic. * Berlin Ballad." at the Kursaal American Ambassador Stanton Gnffi* In Barcelona an a visit. Antonio Machln at the Uceo In BsUmanca with his show. "Cuban Singers" New Bits Grill Boom Mil has Mart Sol Trtfo, Yo-Yo magic and Lvno Andres. Scarcity of good American Alms prompting Coliseum to stage the Ana Maria Ballet. Manuel Dtrenta's legit company at the Arriaga Theatre in Bilbao pining "Juan Jose" AI puente in Oviedo's legit com- pany doing "As We Now Art ’ by la-andro Navarro. Jr. Sheridan a Sheridan Prue of 2300 m offered for new Irish play Polish pianist Malcuiymski inked i for longhair appearance with , Radis Eire ana Symphony io July. Arnold Haskell, chief of Sad- lers' Wells Ballet School, here from Lo n don to gak at National University. upped average 21 40 per week schedules for other areas still un- settled Minister for Education Richard Mule shy okayed Dublin moppets seeing Disney's "Cinderella* dur- ing school-time: attendance at cinema counts as school at- for a run at Comedy, Melbourne, for Williamsons Tent vsude shows doing okay In the Aussie nabe areas. Mostly homebrew talent Universal running a major sales drive as s tribute to foreign sales chief. Aussie-bom Al Doff Franquin hypnotist after nice Adelaide solo run. will plane lo America soon to try his lurk Abe Romania, danceband leader, oow doing a stagehand show at State, Sydney, for Greater Union September Tide* with Evelyn Laye and Frank La art on hows into Melbourne May 12 for WtlKamsoa- Talt. National Theatre Arts Festival play ing "The Glass Menagerie" on s limited run at the Princess. Mel- by tioveminent regulations on in- stallment buying, the factor which is believed most responsible for the dip in b-w set sales While RCA. DuMont and other top manufacturers In the Radio- TV Manufacturers Assn continue adamant against CBS color the latter weh has several manufac- turers on its side Weh recently merged with Hytroo Radio ^Elec- tronic* Corp. which owns Air- King While the Hytron deal was mu necessarily based on a favor- able color decision, it's believed nonetheless that Air King will 'tart producing color receivers, converters and adaptors immedi- ately. lo addition, other manufac- turers went on record last fall as bring willing to make equipment for CBS. including Teletone Ren- du. Webster-Chicago and MunU RTMA attitude was summed up by Dr. Allen B DuMont, pret of the out At bearing his name, who said successful color TV must still await Anal development of an all- electronic system. which he claimed Is still several years away While he would not state speetA- rally that DuMont will net make CBS color receive r s, he declared He has no tuck plans at present In fact, he added, he does not see how CBB can make a commercial success of Its system "I hope CBS will start iu color programming soon." he said, "since that will bring the impracticality of the sys- tem out into the open * RCA served notice that it wnll continue to Aght the CBS system before the public, which some in- dustryttei think will confuse the issue In the mind* of the public even more. RCA. in an official Remington Olmsted of the Lon- don Company of "Oklahoma " hero studvtng voice Albert Bolvotori off to Leghorn to set tor of too* for • film to bo made in English Walter Rilla. British Aim player, in from lamdon to do a role in an Italian production (•rand Spring Ball for members of Kalian Cinema world held at Grand Hotel. May 12 kittv *Mre M ervyn> Leroy here to vi%it her daughter, Genie By* field who lives In Rome. * Italian actress Nads Fiorelli goes to Nice to take a role In French produc tion. "The Orchid Woman " Producer Paul Graetf of Paris is waving at his villa here white working on a Fr a nco Italian film. Katharine Hepburn in from Lon- don for a short vacation before starting work an "African Queen " Bruktop closed her ABC Boom season, and is after a place m Cash Foot Step Bros . American danro art, drew rapacity Mi ot Quirt no Theatre with thetr revue. "Black and White Mr*u an actress Mans Felix will ro-star witk Bossano Brazil m Oliva Enchantment Traglce." to "Forbidden Christ. * film of con- temporary Italian author. Cumo Malaparte. goes to Berlin for tho film festival In June To Please a Lady." renamed “lodianapolia" for the lute mar- ket. is proving good escapist en- tertainment for locals who art auto rac ing ent bun lasts Genoa rsne e d e t that a compatible tv stem • which RCA claims to havei it more in tho public interest than a non-compatible system <CBh 1." RCA said M would "go ahead with public demonstrations of its Im- proved compatible all-electronic system of color TV." By R. F. Hawkins "Can’t Take It With You" doing a repeat at tha Eleonoca Duse Little Theatre Anton Kara* and sit Her plus singer Teddy Reno. In one^nighter at Augustus Theatre. Spring spened open season of- fically Hers at Carte Felice Theatre with Verdi * ’Macbeth " “Father of Bride."* "Foes\t he Saga " "Till Cloud* Boll By" aod ’Bright I^eaf* are current draws at local theatres "Achtung Banditen." which is bring shot locally, ha* Gina Lnlte- beigids as star "Anna." with Nil- vans Manas no starred, assy Ha next Genoa lor a turner Remain Rascel stair in cal now at the Augustus with Gina CervT and Pagnant starred, folios successful north Italian in must- Harvey." Andrvma after a Stockholm Eddie Samuels will take his local musical. "Tho Highwayman." out on the rood Show did so-ao in Durante Part Radio announcer actor-author Jose Mtret feted an his 25th annl in 'ho*Mi. He began radio work in I92A lecturer Federico Garcia San- ehu hack in Madrid after his trip •« Puerto Rico. Santo Domingo and I ne/ucln. Holers nltery has new show that in« ludes Lo* Gilanillo* de Bronce. Maruja Pagan. Maruja Gumbau and Miniatures de Espana. Company formed by Jose Subt- ree. Ana Ms Noe and Osvaldo Grnazsani will present "Around tho World" at the Poiiorama Mexican actor Gustavo Royo for I he lead in "Parsifal." Carlos Ser- r*no de Osma will supervise Maruja Tamaya takes the place M Raquel Da in* in the musical 'how. 2 Legs in Fonts lb*" now at I he Font alba Theatre. Madrid. Irene Lopex Heredia at the !n- r *nta Isabel Theatre In Madrid »»th Jose Maria Persian's new com- ply. "On the Road of Life." wrrit- vspresoly for her Vet actress Concha Catala has By Sven G. WlnquiM The gal a-performance for win- ners of IA5I gold medal awards at the Rods Kvarn cinema on May • was marked by showing parts of new Swedish film*, produced late in 1250. but not yet released. The operetta "Desert Song'* was most popular show for touring com- panies during the 10-year period 1232-49. It was seen by* 193 209 people in that span not including two of Sweden * leading cities Stockholm and Gothenburg Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rouhclini agreed to make an Italian section in a film produred by the srelfare-organuation Radda B*rnen •Save the rhildrenl. The film will show how the organization uses the money it receive* Parts of the psc will be made in several countries in Europe Actor-producer Kart Gerhard re- cently celebrated his 40th birthday at a gala-performance at the China Theatre It is more than 30 years ago that he debuted on stage. Dur- ing the last war his shows often had difficulties because the for- eign office banned some of the songs after protests from the Nazis Moat popular song among those banned was his "Trojan Horse*' dealing with how the quislings helped Hiller lo occupy several "Devil s Disciple.** played by the British Commonwealth Thytrr Co doesnt look so Mg at Palace, Sydney, Lack of good support pix may force some loral exhibs into bid- ding for local vaude or going ■loots finfnre John Alden former radio actor, doing oke with ‘King Lear'* on three-times weekly policy at St James. Sydney. Greater Union will rename its Libertv in Melbourne as the Odeon when house reopens late this year after Are damage Ealing's latest Aussie pic. "Wher- ever She Goes." story of pianist Eileen Joyce, is being groomed lor early release here British Empire Films will han- dle l.allmark s "One Too Many " ‘Secrets of Beauty'* and “Delin- quent Angels" here Cyril Richards and Madge El- liott here on a visit May return nest year to do shows under the Williamson-Tait banner "Ladses Night in Turkish Bath ' look* okay for run at Tivoli. Mel- bourne for Celebrity. Jim Gerald and Ed Glover head cast Ealing ha* changed title ot the Eileen Joyce me "Prelude" to "Wherever She Goes." Film is now being readied for Aussie debut Reported that Caril Marks, la charge ef Far EaU territory for mg of papers. Meanwhile, N^C announced parting of a contract with Eddie Canter for nest reason lie return* in the fail ta Colgate Comedy Hour." Neb no* Beau Owa CM Grom Chicago May 29 Jimmy Durante in hi* Arst week at Chez Paree is running 2300 to 2400 ahead of his boff grows of 225.000 rstaMished last February C omic is extending his day here from three to four weeks and then will cut some sides with Ethel Merman in New York before gome bark to the Coast. I Joe Pavternak comes ia next week ta talk about a summer pic. Durante Motidjying Jimmy Durante bejels fur a holi- day al his Beverly Hills home when he closes at the Chez Paree Chi- cago He’s dated for the Toronto Exposition Aug 24 for two weeks last year Danny Kaye was the headliner» before he resumes for SBC-TV. Script trouble has stalled a pos- sible Met re-Joe Pasternak sum- mer picture, ia which he would costar with Helen Traubel. It may yet get before the cameras before ' September, as it now looks. By B. P. Hawkins Milan Fair causing acute short- age of hotel rooms Nino Taranto in new rrvwe, "Taranteide* at Puccini Theatre. Streetcar Named Desire." Ten- nessee Williams legltcr. running at Nuosm. Ruvse pic propaganda festival running at Rialto, mainly docu- mentaries shown Anton ("Third Man"! Kara*. Teddy Reno. Compagnons de la Chanson others in shuw at Man- ion i Theatre “Miiaroio a Viggiu * with Sil- van* Pampamni *h<»oting at Milan Fair grounds Luigi Giartuno is directing the Franco CancelUert prod*M non. Portland, Ore. By Bay Feves llupalong Cassidy set as grand mar dial of Portland Rove Festival. Delta Rythm Boys in at Clover Club for a week before sailing for Sweden John Foder in town to visit son Marlin manager of J. J. Parker Guild Theatre Connie Haines Billy Bishop A Ann and Vic Palmer ot Portland Home Show for nine days. Claudia Puua headlining Amato • Supper Club for two weeks Buv- «etl Twins and Billy Rry also on MU.