Variety (May 30, 1951)

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Literati . 21 JlBl lalkraburi of her autobtograp bailed by Dwell Sic Small flareup la the la Hall trade editor of the I ». la- far the peat IS by. to be pee- ked A Pearce tar Jack Lined, anting profile* SCULLY’S SCRAPBOOK By Frank Scully la at weak, aver' abnw Ms beaks, la-! far tbe peat IS a - m . r e spt l New lcbael far Social Reaearrh volved Simon A Scheater and Ran He bed been with tbe paper as will bare ala summer workshops dam House Last spring SAS aa- suburban aad citjr editor far IS , n creative writing, starting Juai nouaced it would publish Shaw years Htanlev, flak who came ig Busi nes s U No B u s i n e ss with teat fr ees E*™ 1 **”^*™^ ! J* Reprint at Show boat it be aad drawings by tbeatnral car- became ♦••^J*** 01 * 0 * J* lag published by Grweeett aad IHiw toanist Al Hirschfeld Most pieces papers, and tngetieider, will ab- ^ |# sn»tb tbe releaes were to run prior in Hobday mag mrb brown t duties of the Metre picture witb book due for publlcaUoa tbit ^ ben Halt Paaarra flack at Lima be nteaUr. H(illitb Ob Raaba Vs TV P*m mkinc niunrv with tmv Hal SAS learned recently thet Ran President of tbe Amertcaa Rook- renrodurtione of Kon Tiki raft Mo«» pi... t. publish on »||m Ami . Robert B Cmpbell. (re™ L.m, July • a collection of Maurice uyi television wont hurt tbe sale __ .. . .. M Y Zolotow pieces, most of them from of books Speaking la annual con- tw the Setrvepoat with keek titled ventiea In Cleveland laet week the Jjj* *r!L in a *n ,!ic -Nn People Like Show People Lae Angeles bookseller sold "When Am A irwmn^A raund^ t »e WorM After son* behind-the arenas duk- radio first came out. If you remem- [J ** Days fljrtng jenkei. posaiW) •ring. RH bos refused to change her. they said Well, that's the end lh “ Its book title SAS will keep iU of books.' It was not tbe end of Holiday negotiating for an to • duties. let tbe rat out ef the bag In a Hollywood May 14 to Athlon Stevens, and’tl long while. As a general thing writers begin their careers as poets and switch to something more substantial aa the economies of living beer dowa on title, regard lest, feeling It booh and title months bel book and title months before that TV, eventually, will bring work-in-progress, s book of four heatings, horrors and political prop#? Amusing sidelight to the tiff Is I about the some rsaik” novelettes teutallvefty titled, "Wind. 1 ever store Oliver Goldsmith publish the fart that the new Irwin Shaw Campbell added that television *«*. band and Stars** I written them mere to ha rm s py with tbe novel. The Troubled Air.'* which now la still In "the curiosity stage * Titles so Harper s faU list to child psychology RH Is publishing, has s full-face He predicted It will eventually dude "The New Yorker 2ftth An- Mo.lern Mvrholontti as well as t phots ef Shaw an the jacket—the i serve as a medium to Interest the niveraary Album.** which contains —a —.—j what I have done thoui Eft sT^l tTkis kr * * *** *■“* * reedm«_ XOOO EmTltoe. of nursery rhyme. 1^1 M ^Vm^vel.u «ctor and olaf- l»»ers who look on anything In the na< _Scheiber( s fiovlet Appraisal Publisher? an ntHas behind wright, and "indite Bunting.** a old religion and as those guided by older beliefs, will though la daring to lay hands on the C -f 1 ft*** .*■ the setyrdai plan .dditign to gifts for retow of Literature shortly, of children and the whet’s happened to Soviet writers h __. rurrrnt hooks snd mars- *"*• IBM lt_. undrrttood h* II nM MtMrrlpOoa. ran br Ml b, •*|* ' »•»«’■>«' °* «nr». Long play wording, (au *!**??!**. album.' ar* alaa aa tha ll.t prior to thet date and treed the i w c, r . ut j. areaidf nt decline in quality of their literary .e rEearSt r ail A Yiimsfeels SSTLZZ csr tL r SP uSSSTJt. iznL'zz ably baraua* •( polmral domiro- bsok uln .pprwlably Schulberg recently toetlfled he- . fore the Haute Un-American Ac- . . mse Rnok tivities Committee thet he had at Ib H9 *** Appeemei PubUahers are getting behind wnght Schulberg la dome an ap- western Union s new Telegift memo* l * * **J*m+9 plan I. addition to gift, for toy. b, J 1 !!!** 0 A 1 M UC " r ™"*" understand what I have done, though In daring to lay hands an the the mar Tne lines ef nursery rhymes 1 realise 1 will shock a lot of old perty- liners who look an anything to the nature ef a change as likely to he far nuntm/^a the werae and. therefore, subversive This will Include meet eld line ™„ Stdn. s" puWUhur. U tort. M IM. lev. by Vincent Sheean. Westward He ham g feels On the Heels ef Ototoftedayt HThSThiSnto"22eVh*t n,,er > • P^bablv terrtfto m4 | T Z7~l\ — - . . . . dick with * Krectured French * end ^ f„^Td »a* «»~»ercielly each In a way. after After the Srst World War you found moat of these -Usplaced gmiuscs **Conti-iund Fractured French" by f *? ! I fmmd much that was th# tremendous job that's been nursing their wounds an the Riviera Rut the aecand one drove them frrt TTrW M .id K^rl omllted .r>d M murk tm»W 6onr M ^ ^ t. ur uut rt that am of Mua aktoa and .wiUght to Califomia to fort. I ... Taylor th* will bnn« ,S »t!?dr Trvro in VaDaula I?*'*'! J" “ "™“ lh » cawalttM and triad ta art up la Brdatdr Manor on a bill out -utrral Gtin." uhirh U run ESfi ZZSJZ vEfii M,m “ h,r - b “‘ ‘* B * *• ahovt Holt.wood aa appruaimatiaa of Villa Vanrty oa a hill above ntng aerially In Collier's. Tent of » h h h f i iVN | nto Bomb-buster ef the layout la Nice Aa illness it not a matter of geography nor of political Ideologies the Latin perversions Is by Dick i. f . rrv Williams who boost- DeLyon. first time around exclusively. I hove found myself forced to reed nursery rhymes to sick Shew. illustrations by Virgil rf1 u | anet , an( j William Morris ^ emaah. Opens children now and then Many of the rhvises seemed as bereft of moral- Pratrh Doublrday is also mulling £ r m hoee opposition to tbe trust * bank* ■» 1 --ever left up. ||y M mom comic books are bereft of humor I found that I was fre- • „ fra f t J} r< d 5 afh *t_i 0ok .J de * brought vaude to Its great popular- improvising and aubatituting my own more civilised rhymes for RL^SL? JSZ W* Thrtr t »«n« «r» oaUtW. ” ln „„ —•» •* "*• >»Ph«lkM. of tho .ngia.1 Room. lay. by Vincent Sheean. Westward Ho-hnm - - n h Few ef them realise thet the tide ef culture travels from east to west. I 1 and just aa Athena had IU day and London its era. on New York is not ilrtucn Da wining 9 destined to guide American culture forever. I was fortunate to Rnding IV0II5C VlCflCvlb M 1 publishing house in Hollywood, of all placet, staffed by men and i ini wri rtM mt is women wbnae minds were open to the beat ef modem ea well aa the best to elder thinking Instead ef spending all their tlase taking m MmIcv, Pill each other's washing they had their eyes and ears open and caught and some of her o«n hev men Blessed Mother Gooae" on a radio program I waa kicking the thing .nottad on th* stare «.th the Mas wlth Guy Bates Poet They caught the program, and before spotted 00 1 no Stare n tne asa ^ COB |^ uy Robert Frost they hod me signed end seeled to a contract A dM— bmrne tr ee, mat exce llent ^ pyblication to their fell list. Her cvchanres »ilk the audience WM mm more proof ef a contention I’ve been airing that have a alight Con^nental flavor, the hope of America's cultural growth lies in the west, particularly to but they re *irutly for the donn Southern California where the world s best minds hove been congre- *" El, ** 1 . ; gating in increasing numbers since two world wan drove them ewt of toftary. R*B pro b ably terrilig and ■ n^w. commercially sock fa a way. after After the Brst World War you found moat of them displaced geniuses the tremendous job that’s been nursing their sounds on tho Riviera But the a scend one drove them of that area of blue skies and sunlight to Caltfamta la fart. I was Kfln^h^h'u^* r ntt abOUt ,eve " “ Mias iak^r huT [ serially in Collier's. Text of °*J. A -*— into Bomb-buster 4 ning serially la the Latin perv • l ,Ta r^ r4 ' b °°*. brt^rttt ..ud, I. It. (r**t popular -- -_ r ?* cnnn M ton »ldo»«r Mjr n.mrt »r* omittrd. *? °? ro '” < * Crt w A* lor bvrltuM thrro I* *ory •* > little .bout thl.lortn of MUttllf jNiUlikl.| *M diMrimnoUng to mrn . which produced great artlaU ‘k* ku Md literati buach Frw lr< n , m . d , B aiMatretw It toa “Abel a tLmdr rreucBi Lea- ntmn , lk . l, w Dock.t.dcr, **—■ »*‘k Doubtcday Making pn™,,*, * Wert and Frank Du- arrangment. with Green for a momi No <hlng about token roralty a. roMpenaatM foe | ^w, .crt.igly a part of the the uaage-of certain matenaLGreen Nothing about Al Jolaon. teroae on intro ta the llrrt buok. |retag Berlla^atodger. A Hamroer- and alao _geta foreword nod (roan unn or Larry Hart, and there cer- Prarson Taylor in the nqwl. tainly should be something about "Compound Fractured French." th# rwrt Williams »ho . .. « ... | h ._ —iv ef tho feudal political implications of tho aitgklil spot he's s cleanup and then goes Not one to revere a thing merely because people had been doing so cm from there to cement and eug for a long time. I decided to rewrite all these classics for all children, ment a fine erigtnal impression replacing with love the rod which had been previously used not only with some whammo bits while tn beat out the meter hut a child's brains as well. Take the Old Lady Miss Baker ta making costume who Lived In a Shoe You recall she had so many children she didal changes At least give La Baker know what to do. Today If she didn’t want an many children she d .t* ****£*.know what to do. No. I d e cided she had so many children because Jack Goodman, editor of linos ’The cinema has been deliberate * Schuster la editing an unique , y snored as being a totally dif •Blkei-cir of al _ fresco material ferent art which requires a bool wruch hes titling ’Not for Publics- la itself " Also—"Lack of space ii stein ar Larry Hart, and there cer- I *nce waa lukewarm compared to 1 >• the original poem the old Udv was tho British Foreign Office and tainlv should be something about the sizzling palm pounding he her children were her colonies She had plenty nf them And she the Immortal Bert Williams who grabbed frequently didn't know what to do with them So she slugged these. V d .*° much ,or th * ** frt> in th * Show gets started with a good But slugging is not an acceptable procedure for either colonies or ti ■ w ^ . ... . band number topped by a bristling children these days, sn I’ve changed my nld lady into one who fed It will contain fragments of cirrus Cabaret Csle-chantant Re- wji, u,u Mo<her Goose possessed of saintly instead of savage qualities I de- ribald addresses private corro- V ue outside England and U S has R.k/rV^TWa?has a ^tot of c,d * il M WM Um# lh * 1 children were taught nursery rhymes which spondence. intimate gag stuff, and been drastically curtailed " Very *velir # aho*>niMhj» but* verv lit e"»P*»aited Faith. Hope and Charity, especially Faith For tho world the like It was Norms. Corwin . drastically* I would say^Of r.dto t JT elm ^ cSKa * • P"«y child right now and will be for a long while, and I Idea, latter will be co-author a tiny bit and nothing of TV, doubt If it can be nursed hack to health an negations, disbeliefs er _ _ — T~T “. _ And yet its lit pages are packed _ _ __ _ calloused libels en long-dead politicos Hope Drops Life Libel Ml ulth a lot of info on the drama of € mpUmi. VI nnfti. Tomorrow Bob Hope has dropped hit ft2- *u countries ballet English music W ash t nr on. May 27 .. ... ^ w " " ‘ . _ ftlft.OftO libel suit against Life halls etc Book also has capsule Jsy Lawrence Jifaxcllos *41 I ^ thit alien jtr* * .of <»t oho think that Mother Gooae he- ms gazlne based oa charges that blogs of old and modern actors and Lawrence Hrook't. Rif A Alan «• •rt-foc-art s sake school of literature, good riddance Let he was maligned tn a story in Life pUvwrtghts and it has an espe- Farrell; For Broke" (N-G). their psychiatrists tell them that to feeding their children these par- penned by syndicated columnist cially fine bibliography of stage ticular classics they may very well be briefing them to look up to con- and # Botdu I realize that this book if Current lineup, teamed with temporary mobsters nr even joining such s mob ii 1 !* JTho Seven Deadly Sins of * fine research job and It would holdover pic. lacks marquee lure Te those who say nursery rhymes are such lovely nonsense, why J”!* Dismissal PM«n were uke many more volumes to cover but makes up for this in freshness turn their sweet uses to spiritual propaganda. I can only say since the filed last week ta Lot Angeles all of show business fully With all and steady pace. poems obviously must contain some propaganda 1 prefer my own to Superior Court Its omits." it Is definitely a must Jay i* wr ' ^corner as a what s in there now •a d" su^Ei £sE ,OC fr 2* who “* «tavt with the The implications u» Jack Homer Little Bo Peep. Old Mother Hub- “iJd. InJ^i^tmn and £cZZ — SSft T ^ *** *7 )U ? “ f “ U ^ *** * have convinced me that Life was A| w , mit __ tiki* )• f™W )?. f T ffEven Tom. Tom the Piper's Son has noth- -* -» A.14A. a ua . Al woooa Blog routine of novel, rib-tickling take ine 1 d wmi rhi dr#n »«nr 1 ■> tk. mm « ■■ ■ mti r idea, latter will be co-author band number topped by a bristling children these days, an I've changed my nld lady into one who fed clarinet into by Adkins; swings up them, wrapped them lovingly to their cribs, kissed them and ashed JJ* 1 * with the ft Rochets, in some crack God to bless them As least that's what my mother did, and she had precision hoofing, swings still 10 It s what the mother nf the Scully Circus do*, and she has ftw f the Jarther fe Ly T * At least ftO to 70 million Americans ef all ages ought to welcome a Be- *!bliMother Goose possessed of saintly instead of savage qualities I de- ha* r, tided it was time that children were taught nursery rhymes which Very Jv#lt# manshiit b 1 verV \ii emphasized Faith. Hope and Charity, especially Faith For the world radio tie else P Cohca l# * peetty sick child right now and will be for a long while, and I doubt If It can be nursed hack to health en negations, disbeliefs or eked .. . _ calloused libels en long-dead politicos act 4 arU-I. W a«k. £!__ H . r . . ^sulc Jmy Lawrence. Mexrlloi <41.1 ,f ^Is alienates a let of readers who think that Mother Gooee be- an ^ 60-11 1 r * alu# ^ Xbx% 60011 lf Current lineup teamed with temporary nticdl ^Tbe Seven Deadly Sm% of , fi M research job and It would holdover pic. lackf marquee lure Te thos Diunissal papers were uke many more volumes to cover but makes up for this in freshness turn their filed last week in Lot Angeles all of show business fully With all and steady pace. poems ob Superior Court Its "omits." M is definitely a must Lawrence newcomer as a what's in In dropping the charges. Hope hook for any theatrical dulf - * - - —^ I tv. &— aaid: "Since this suit was insti- tuted. investigation and discussion have convinced me that Life was acting in good faith and without Intention to harm me in the article Joe Laurie. Jr. Al Woods Bioc I routMM Mrs. A. H Woods, widow nf the offs. G Srtrtt CS »<th n,m». Thro ^ *** r1 * ht,ou ‘ SVM hM their dll. rod Mch a father his wife Title probably will be with accent on the British. [* *7^2? 1 to Boy * Tow * ***** his yen for pigs was "Hello Sweetheart * ar "Love and Lawrence Brooks, of ‘ Song of *ublimated They let him raise pigs there, and his pigs won prises at Kiaaes." two phrases indelibly Norway" note, has s conventional lh * county fair. Okay, so It's propaganda, but at least it has some up- associsted with Woods. I singing act featuring show tunes. M' nj point to It. Flashy manner seems to have ly How To Hans l ike a Dos a hei ng ihowstopper with don't propose to perpetuate Even Tom. Tom the Piper s Son has noth- t of novel, rib-tickling take mg I’d want children to remember. In the original you may remember ** * 9Mlt Hu father eats It. then beats him What hind sf Tm if' ■ ,c,M| y * lh| l to he passing on from nsnsratlau to MMontton? Even ■ . m ** ® #P * 1411 ag*‘wst wrt gj| t aai j p^s.-. to write a joint with Hollywood names, then to biography about the producer and ribbing of overseas broadcasts. p,. _ his wife Title probably will be with accent on the British, niiaaue city sij "Hello Sweetheart'' nr "Love and Lawrence Brooks, of ‘ Song of ■ *g?r «* «”», -J* •“ K,««- two phrotrt Mdrt.Uy Norwoy- note, ha, . coovrolLv,! FtXnLu? TnS. ' tL, h T.k—ouorMted with Woodv «*»‘“ r -af »*»» »«*»« Ci > Daily Tribune were taken over Flashy manner seems to have ap- by the Press-Union Publishing Ce. peal for galleries, with romantic which publishes a morning even- ( HA |7 EI r , u tunes helping Baritone U run of tog and Sunday paper m the Jer- prt vented Ed Murrow mll ^ rrcrpiion waa better than sey city, as of Saturday (2ft) from going to Yugoslavia average for type nf act "Okla The Tribune founded as the Book author Curt Rieea for first horns medley Is on the exuberant Daily World ta 1*25. was purchased tune to five years, visiting to Ger- , ldr *nh ~Strange Music" and Bveyears ago by Samuel Unger- many ^ | " Donkey Serenade his best bets leider. Jr. Ungerleider becomes Alien Churchill profiling salvage Maxelios top-drawer acroe with an associate editor of the Press- king Morris Upsett for Nation's comic accents, go through their bel }' mum Deal was in mak- Business. soring and twirling with their men as I to«« ,ho l rt 1 *‘ 1 7* Unger- rioubleday to negotiating for the usual skill and s h a w m a n s h I p no doub< leider and Holland L. Adams and publication of Ezio Pinzas auto- Mixed quartet always surefire JLTTLm associates Adams, publisher of uiocraphff. here and sendoff solid ro P the Bethlehem (Ps > Globe-Times. Merle Miller bock after six mta A Alan Farrell fare well as L hun< purchased the Press-Uaion news, munths abroad for Argoey and curtain raisers with a routine of _ Maybe He took other mags. Americana terp numbers which 1604 cou * my early Bernard 80 b el boo two articles l they handle with youthful ksunrt —*■ active control of the company In March At same time purchase nf Mine waa announced. War ft How Te Hang Like a Dog It's quite possible that liberty may become so restrained and a free Pres* so proscribed that what happened to ColUngboume might happen to me. He wrote: "The Cer. fko Rat end Lovell the Dof Ruled ell England under the Hog." Lovell was Francis Lard Lovell, one of King Richard Ilfs strong- men as the goon* tic fringe was called to those days He entertained no doubt that the dog referred to him. and decided to give the poet more rope, enough to fact, for a public execution So Collinghoume waa hung for his insolence Maybe hanging would be too good for the likes of me. and tha war* ■ ot bmcraphg. here and sendoff solid ""*'**", *« sacs. «or a puouc execution so tomai" ■cs. Merle Miller bach after six Rita A Alan Farrell fare well as *** hl t“ f Eor hu ' rws- months abroad for Argosy and curtain-raisers with s routine of Ml> ** h * n « in f would be too good for the likes of me. and the look other mags. American* terp numbers which ,h * 4 c<Hjld happen would be that 1 would be Ang red out of a arty Bernard Sahel has two articles they handle with youthful bounce un ‘ 0 " on a nod from above Most people would rather hang tlu on ballet and legit to New Inter- and sic.I! Tee off a bit unevenly H^r security to jeopardy, but that could hardly he true of a Trt-1 national 1*51 Year Rook hut pack up at tuey go along , They say goodbye ta security from the day they write their Bret ce l b. Rowland Baibcr. termer Life* Lowe, "if you think I’m wrong, sue the oubluheit plct.