Variety (May 30, 1951)

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<4 EANNT BRia r«aa> Brw«. M. w( early yesterday Tues 1 of i , rrebral hemorrhagn suffered ImI « roll further detail* on page 2. MAR lilt: MY. A RIM Qt FENA MARIO Til lotion. 54 f. Met Opera lyric soprano professionally a* Queens Mart*, died Mat 2t in M. f7 MIm Mario made her operatic dehut ta 1 • 1 • with the Ran C arlo Opera Co. In Tale* of Hoffmann She re ILaidie Mrahm. Cl. Waahinfion '****4 Man Carl# three year* 4.mmm manatee for RKO The 4irr*. died May 29 in Washington I orlher detail* In film section I.AI Rl M E SCHWAB l.jurence Sr ho ah. 57. veteran Ugit musical producer and author, died May 29 In Southampton Ho* fMtal. Southampton. LI. of a heart attach H«i*lon Dec IT. I .Many of Schwab’* works In the *an« with the Scotti Opera Co, and the Ravinia Opera Cn until she mined the Met in | the United State* f brief Illness Ba m In Hamilton Amuaement Co. building theatre* O. North nat one of the In the U, 8 and Canada larr* of First Among Stali i Broads ay produr- and for many year* •« tions naa The Wiaard of Ot.” | with Pal he Films He was tied- uhlrh ran for a year and a half ited trim originating the Soap Bo* He entered the Detroit publishing Derby held In 1901 with acquisition >i Hm * ifr The Journal, and Ivr year* later Bo bought The Free Press « sm'u iiii* A Baghr mA 0 MB mtnrltt. George A Richard* 02 owner WJR. Detroit. WGAR. Cleveland j"" rm Loan Export Assn. f ANNS Mr*. A GAMNBTT M Gannett. M i of the National heart all ion of Music club* and wife of Guy P Gannett Maine newspaper publisher and radio station owner, died in Cape Klua and controversial figure t y licenses mould go to eark dial rib. Under the new two-year . effect!*# Frida* • I». the not placed a quota s. but the \ls- Export As*n ha« set- U. S major the imile* ’ tied on 225 p<» I fi m Monday 29* of a t. Detail* in Radio♦ prr year This intra-induMr* . lem must be solved by the penie* themselves in apportioning I he numhrr of Aim* to br imported, wi inkle that has been maiked bitterness in the pa*l. PADDY Q4TNN 1922 During her amp at the Mot.I^ ’ u^’can'mli Paddy Quinn IT ***lf ut bend " ..T' TT ^ Ml** Mann sang with tome other f - 1 t!l *'" of Warner Bros prop department * ,,h * companies including the San Fran* Vast!! i—7 nk# • May 19 in Glendale Cali Award ciaco Opera and the Pan* Opera j** 1 * th? Hnt-Inl Mu*»r Com Vfuino —toed Warner In 1925 a She retired from the Met In 199B fn" • te!5i— will Knwi n d Hi* wife survives **" *«reement oaa signed May M.« Marta .I* Luafct vMra at W M bSSTI I ' n * n " ■— •* Signed May 22 in roiisooraiion with del the Schwab A Mandel parti »hip anueving fame with productions as **Sweet Little Devil.” ’ Captain Jinks" and ’The He*ert hong ” He collabed with G DeSylva on Queen High.* lUmmerMein on ’’New (iood News** " •We Three.” wrHh t Krar Moon” and with -fren for All.” As a producer, Schwab’s mas afAxed to •’Am e nca’a hearts.” Gingham Girl.” firebrand." ’Sweet Little Devil 'Captain Jink*.” Queen High Mim Marm al*e laui^t vo^ at conaervatacy * Music Bo*ton a I *... „ /. ?' ?! tw< in | director of the M, t Opera Guild ANDBYW B. LYDON \v?' * ■ .r*t *.* y . * Jl * 4,,l * rd Ty She a member of I he music panel Andrew N l.ydun 72. stagehand if U m Inte rnational <U\ *r? n '* ■"* "»y»«wy rtflj— • ot Um U » Cmhiimm far dirt) \U> 14 la SrMtl*. *••». — * ,h * r * rl, ' r ' Murder at the Opera House. UWm i> Surviving are a daughter two •* America, signing on behalf of Mephi*to Reside* her husband a daughter giandrhtktrm and srven great- W. S tompanle* Deal came Death Dtop* Delilah. 1 * and a son survive gi godchildren rlou to hitting a snag last Pebru- Death Two brother* *urvive JOHN TCKRK John Tuerh, 92 thoatriral ducer. died May 25 In New York Tuerh oaa aaanriated with William A Brady. Jr . and the late Dwight Deere Wl that •New Me Trade Wl More W Hide s—«~ Schwabs partnership with Man* af lot Within !he ft man In the production of ornmend to Love” H927I | nicer wit Mackerel Order Gates.” . - -- j ■ ary when the Italian gov SCOTT LYON RAYMOND P. SCHMIDT . Scott Lyon tRobrrt Fa* Young*. Baymand P. Schmidt 44. former ***!?"*_ .T*. . 91. Scottish represents!i*e at the ipnli gabber at RWR. died t — p rodnrt In t he Americsn British Variety Artiste* Fcdera- m a St. Louis hospital May 23 af maiket be guaranteed '•* the U. S. Hon. died in Glasgow May 21 A « Hear ailment He served m the -doslry »• return for uorrsir tried native of Edinburgh he made ini Navy for two years. tmpartetlana Loon angle in the “ ‘ the In 1911 as a > Hi* wife ( w.m ,v *^7,1 o'TJ clown with Cooke* Clrcwa there with George Mu ^ appr-rallc# VM • in 1923 at the L o nd o n Music Hall I Crime Marches On” Limelight.” Under hia oer. Tuerk produced "A Man a House " Romantic Mr The Stark.” No I Dickens ’ and The Distant City, "free for All” the last-named in 1941. "Knight* of He began his theatrical career with the late William A. Brady in ip with Man* 1909 and in 1914 he worked with , del was di**oi*ed in 1912. follow- Brady an —me Aim pro d uction* al| ing which he produced ‘"Page Mias j but —on left that Aeld for legit. Bark ETHEL SINCLAIR Ethel Sinclair 52. one of the in the heyday of Mark ‘Venus in Silk” In 1937-39 he was a Aim producer at 20th Cen- Fm studios on the C< in recent year* he had Miriated oilh production* of Miami Music Cirrus In Florida A funeral —rviee will be held at Campbell’* Funeral Church. • 1st St. and Madison Ave . N Y . tomorrow Thur* ». Mi* wife Mildred, and a —a. I**iirente Schwab. Jr.. NBC tele Hi* wife, a daughter, two us- clair A Lamarr She played the ter* and a brother *ur*t*e. Palace Theatre N. Y. many time* - Mias Sinclair had been m retire- EDWYRD D STAIR 1 *••} f <r > > fm Edward D Stair. 92. former Band survive* newspaper publisher and theatre top comedienne* in the heyday at r »~7^_ ±a d.*d sr.Turt <z.zr' WILLARD HENRY CHILDS Reason for the new agreement Willard Henry Childs. 79. lormrr and the need for R ha*e hern ap- radio performer known profession parent (or some time. Italians must ally as Billy Childs, died in W’est make gains in their dollar account* Palm Beach Fla May 22 and Alms are a substantial —urre. He was a member of the Bl. from the American slew point, it Claire minstrels radio group necessary to come to a ™ elusive agreement **to GKNY IIHDN Americsn picture* in Italy.” ae* Gene Fields, comedian. 34. died ) cording to the MARRIAGES by wife and parent* \DELAIDY A.NTOB th. mansgev «1ird 22 in LVtioil Si air became manager of the Whit Mr* Gertrude G •.trews, known on the si laid# A*lor. died in WILLARD HENRY CHILD* | **e *idow of Willard Henry Childs. 71. early Grnssmith Jr. feggArttol ney Theatre. Detroit, in 1992 and day radio minstrel man. died May then started with John H. Havlin 23 in Weal Palm Brarh Fla aftei a ebam of theatre* In fit cities a long illness He b a ndie d an— I ^ lmmtr that brought them in ronAirt with rad- role* during the 20 * on Civlra theat.e Club New York. ** Klaw A Erianger. Ignoring ulti* RYW. pioneer Chicago Uatum. A* 23 in New York She c * Hilly Child* he was a me.nbrr of (K# %lMrr ^ A | fr# d J the Sinclair Minstrel* from I to 1937 on NBC Wife and three —n* %ur\i\e Barbara Ann Knudson to Wil* liarn Henry. Ho n olulu. May 21. Both are vereen player* lie * in thr Navy now - . HoM-marie Srblangcr to B«*brrt " Neills. May 39. Pittsburgh Both May 25 ^ art or* Betty Jane Howarth to Alan Palm Spcinn May 19 a a arreen actress, he* a 71. lM*4rr » rt, « of the old New York SOLDIERS IN GREASE PAINT Jn JRemonani 1951 •illy George Mack Mo*ino March Poo nuts ftehn Kid C bond I or Christy Ruth Hoi! * iSm : <J , atf ChnHU King Chor l o tin King Goorgn Krinog Imil oy -togi Jnck Ros* linn#! Roycn Al Vol Christina Street Too—ro Kny Tyler Evelyn Wnh! Vnen Wnh I Willinm Joseph Welsh Wilder as Jr., New York. May is — eser v a af and —n af 30th Kos pret. former rt.. inner, mt Ihe ^-"r'Urprl Le»- •• l»-«"y hurl of the Mutual oetourli Si***; »egm. Me. 2 1 *Ml IS a T\ *« tress, groom is a w reeo MBS. LCON ABIM) •MI4 WVK I , Cherle. M *.»4er l7 ";e»e*er Berber. hH^lee U llo.e.rl M.l- freare. DUe Bercmi.i 41 .»e< loirrMete Thee lie. < Irtu.l lleui- ter Me. 14. Chtreeo lie. dnk mnier wife of Iroiuido Brr *<Nl Trs.. died recently Horn in* jorkey at station WIND (ovici wrrrn writer was found juries received in — automobile j Marum Faust to Larry Set nil. dead May 22 in her Westwood accident at Celeste, Tex, in which May 29 Chicago He'* a siaiion | «&.)aL£meZ. PulUe r.lteri 'h.. .lie -e. WIND «* >«So. _ it a suicide — Joan Ham* to Jou ph Wmsbrrg Her hu*band recently appeared Wrv g.g, Barringer 44 bark j * before the House Ua American a-fr m-|d ThT7)n»heu.n and --* 11 - ^ ,M * du ^ r -l Arti\itie* Committee la Washing-1Theatre*. New York when ^—- u ^ mn-rd Man h 24 Mar- fOITH Mtl-sh MANN | ... >mr.lrd UH »nt Bth RS |l*,l«u Thr.trr. !Ju» '«**••*" V.lrni.n. cS they were straight %audr houses i .....t,- dud M.> » m Sr. Vorh “JtZ, rTTlr ’ranres Kerlaa to Ftl* —lot*t at Town Hall. N. Y. lad January Surviving are a son and two sister*. ARTHt R Arthur A. J S# *L ! Virginia Minn May 29 He was llausburg. Albany N. Y* u_, t... U 4 ,,n^ founder and director af the Uptown May 2> Hnde ha* bren —prana Berlin Philhai p| a Chicago Survived by k0 *«ht m WGY. NBC and W KGB* father, brother and si>lrr TV pmgiams from Srhrnertadi MANN Mrs. Edith Weiss Mann. 99. ist. died May 19 In West Aeld. N. —letst with the ^ i r—rw. uhhhl norvivow — ■ ■ w pio^i am* from Srhenertady Janet I-re (odd in ft on to Robert _ - - I John I la 11 Ida y. New Providenre. * CnrtHnn SmHb \ j., 29 He Is with Warner National Art •Foundation director g^ Di*ir»butlng Carp . Albwnx and former (hi Tnb drama critic. , Eugmie ByAeld to Count l-e«ne ROSA N DI B died in Chicago May 23. Gaetaai. Rome May 29 Bndr it r. 7A. farmer — the daughter af Mrs. Meiwn l-e* died in l^anla fihra. 4A. —list for m- | a»d the late Ernest B\ Aeld. Audubon. B. May 2) H«»-ander fra j years in the ABC "Breakfast | Ckacngn hotel esocutive wm tasophomsl and librarian for ( | u q- orcb died in Chicago May the John Philip Sou— hand 22 . , Surviving are hts wife, a da ugh- , BIRTHS *f r ta*r «Mrr» Mr uul Mrv Rtrlu.d Brrn.i.m ,hw uZSTmZ ^ »*». w. rise,.. CIOIN M. STARK I m~I. ** *' •* MrWM,v N— flc.^mm Glenn M Stark. 5A. former ban- _____ son recently Pittsburgh Father tone with the Chicago Opera Cn. own* the Brighton Theatre Pitts* died May 29 at hi* home. Ovester. Maurice Tar—ea. 42 taieai agent burgh Pa. and nephew of Julius Taaaea died Mr. and Mr*. William Katz A former New York theatrical May 20 in Hollywood after a heart pnt%hurgh. May 22 f. Stark al— operated a attark. 1 ag« . Enright Theatre. Pittsburgh, al school on Broadway. Ilu I for W B Ctaaa Wolf. 41. labo r fi at the Paramount studio, died May YOWLH 20 in Hollywood of Injur k-* in « Calvert Fowler, traffic acrident Hollywood film wile, —a and daughter survive GEOBGK M. C. FOWLER f and radio wnter. died May 29 m Far HilU. N. J. Fowler was said to have written one of the first rad— scripts for "Ao—s 'o' Andy Surviving are hia wife, three brother* and two stater* RAY WEST Bay West. A4. died in Chicago May 29. He was Ire Hams Theatre for many — addition told ticket* 99 of Mr* Jame* Ales* wife of Pittsburgh theatre —pply man. died there recently actor, died May 23 m Milan. Italy Mr and Mr* George Slump son. Kansas City. May 21. Father i* program director of Oat-o KCKN. Mr. and Mr*. Nat Lefknwiti, daughter. May 24. New York. Jalhrr it treasurer of William Muni* Afenry Mr and Mr*. William Koenig, daughter Hollywood. May 24 Fallier is assistant story editor at RKO Mr and Mr*. Al Dvona buy. Chicago May 25 Fathrr i* talent ****** ** i Aim lerhnirt— for 25 >i —y year* and ? , t M Hollywood rts lor many _______ David A. Pierre. A3. Paianvouoi Mr and Mr* John Wiggin*. girl. ears, died Chicago May 25. Father is former CHS audweat research run—ltaat. . Mr and Mr* John F llurlbut. Survived by three daughter* and Ralph Em—n Barnard. 54 Aim VBC TZl of lf ^ u . ton sound technician, died May 22 in 1 ,^ , <>r ! Los Angeles Mr Fied Riche* N Y . Mav 29 Father i* ever piudutrr of CBS co—r televisi ptwgramminff. audi* TOM NOBTM 2* North 75 Aim ■ jm r*vrm. rim ^rrhti 97. of Canada Lee \mtil m Chicago May 22 alter a iactor, died May 29 In .V Y.