Variety (September 05, 1951)

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Wcdnfiday, September 5, 1951 Italian Pic Wins Sdznick Award At Venice Fete; WeDes Polls ‘Othello’ Ago I Senate Narrows By ROBERT E. HAWKINS ♦ Venice, Sept. 4 . Sarnoff Chairmans Italy’s “Cammlno dell* Speran- ir% « - r, * 9 za won the Golden Laurel Award ‘Crusade for Freedom* at the Venice Film Festival Satur- Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff, RCA day «1>. Prize, donated annually hoard chairman, has been named by David O. Sdznick. was handed chairman of the 1951 Crusade for to reps of Lux. producers of the Freedom for the greater New York pic, by U. S. Ambassador to Italy at«*a by Gen. Lucius D. Clay, na- James C. Dunn. tional chairman. This marked the second straight Gen. Sarnoff will head a fund- year that an Italian him has won. raising and membership campaign Sdznick, who was slated to attend, in N. Y. in behalf of Radio Free was not able to be present, having Europe, whose transmitters reach been held in the U. S. behind the Iron Curtain. Cam- “Othello," produced by Orson j palgn is also seeking funds this Welles, was a late-minute with* year to extend its operations to drawal from Venice competition, the Far East. This will be known Welles said the processing was as Radio Free Asia. Washington. Sept. 4. Although July admissions tax HP 19- a* i\ collections, reflecting June at the I OV rYMlUltlAVl I 111 boxofflee, were up substantially 1OA llACllIKJlIUll vrll over the previous month, they con- tinued to lag behind the flgure for /II •- HP1 . July, 1950. This year’s take was I hOFIlV I ilPQlTPC $28,620,413, about $600,000 short of V/IUU IIJ 1IICdll CO the $29,247,204 taken in by the * Revenue Bureau during July, 1950. Washington. Sept. 4. In contrast, the nightclub tax The drive by the Council of Mo- bite came to a fine $3,698,260, Hon Picture Organizations to pre- which bettered the previous year's vent pseudo-charitable film thea- Agure by about $600,000. In New tres from springing up in opposi- York’s 3rd Internal Revenue Dis- tion to the nation’s regular exhib- trlct, which includes the Broadway itors has won the solid approval of sector, general admissions tax was the Senate Finance Committee, a mediocre $3,765.l7l, while the which is working on the new tax night spots did relatively better bill. with $402,372 received in 20'b tax- The committee radically changed CS On their checks. llnu«P.»nnmv«H itmvicinn BOB MORRIS faulty, and it was thus unready for showing. He similarly yanked his • Macbeth ’ in 1949. “Cammino” was selected “as the picture which, produced by Euro- peans in Europe during the preced- wsiv ivi nvnoivvi, a i, i Mana 0 «m«nt | Tokyo, Aug. 28. *1 Senate Finance Committee last contribution to mutual understand- AM Coverage of Hearings i«o Broaj«!,y E 0 WA f°JL for ^ h * P £," , b f summed^pTn j ex'impUons’from* "he bU , e r 0 and d eo'n h * ioR and Roodwilli the peo-• Wa.hlr.Rlon, Sept. 4. —— the career of Lynn Cowan (Belley pletely eliminated them when the I* 1 " “f tL n ^w. d « Overall code for the u*e of new*- ft 1 • 1 1 «*> «fter leaving the B. F. Keith entertainment insists of motion h. toll fclSJr. ■ radio and television in Vdhnift A (TPHCV Clrcu* and the Gus Sun time, pictures or la held In a film theatre, till .It winner, in various lan’ House and Senate Committee hear- iAIilllvn lUVllvY Cowan and his partner. Bill Bailey. Senate committee, which re- mac. craune awarded in * 5 * hould be set up by Congress. came to the Far East some 20 years sumes work on the bill tomorrow Silver I 1 0u: ‘ly *»* rded according to the final report of the f| I, I Ufl ago with silent screen actress Betty <5> also: Other contenders were* "Herr- Kefauver Senate Crime Investigat- KAimhf Hu |«|l ll Compson and remained in the Ori- |. okayed exemptions from the liehe Zetten* iTelete^Comodla). in * Committee. WUglll UJf MI \jt\ ent when she returned to the U.S. admissions tax for non-profit sym- Germany; “Four In a Jeep” Committee found these were le- Team toured Japan, China. Hong phony orchs and operas, approving i Wechsler-Praesens). Switzerland; gitimate news media which should London, Sept. 4. Kong and kindred areas before the House action. “Trio” <Rank), Britain; “Justixe get proper consideration but ad- Music Corp. of America has en- ; settling in Singapore to open the' 2. Ruled that any charitable or- est Faite” ( Dorfman - Silver >. mitted there was sometimes a con- larged its British holdings with Cocoanut Grove on Pasie Paiyang, ganization, to be eligible for ex- France; “Medan Staden Sover” flict between the rights of the wit- j the acquisition of the Myron Selz- “The Long White Sands’’ road. 1 emption from the admissions tax iSvensk Filmimdustri), Sweden, ness and the rights of the news nick agency here. Later they operated the Cathay 1 on its entertainments, must re- Preceding the presentation of the correspondents. Committee, which Reported purchase price is $100.- Cafe and ballroom which served ceive public support, award, one-reel excerpts from the permitted some sponsored telecast- 000. which includes a roster of as Japanese headquarters during 3. Limited admissions tax ex- six finalists were shown, and the »ng of Its hearings, found that talent comprising l^aurence Olivier, the war. eruptions for religious groups to winner was subsequently screened there was a need for sponsors to Vivien Leigh, Roger Livesey. When Singapore was attacked lurches and conventions of in its entirety. Entries for the help pay the tab on the long public Valerie Hobson. Godfrey Tearle on Dec. 7, 1941. reserve officer , churches. Laurel awards thfe year totaled 32. service shows of hearings because and Eileen Herlie. Cowan was re-called to service. He i 4 Completely wiped out exemp- A teacup diplomatic crisis was stations could not afford it other- Deal was initiated by Lew e *<-'#pcd from the besieged Malayan Hons provided by the House for averted when French producers wise. Wasserman, MCA prexv. during ci| y in a small boat which landed entertainments staged by coopera- withdrew their threat to yank the Report suggested that Congress his recent trip abroad. Cecil Ten- Lynn. Jr., jn Java. Bailey and his tive group*. Gallic entries due to a change*ln ; should set up hearing rooms nent. agency’s managing director. 8* r l * n their vaude act) and son, Limited tax exemptions on the film aid bill. Troubte started equipped with glass-enclosed sec- and a one-third ow ner, remains him. his wife (Estelle Davis—the entertainment for educalinal insti- uhen this government bill to sub- lions for television and newsreel with the office wife didn’t make it and were in- tutions to those with an organized sldi» Nlim was recently amended cameras, to provide minimum of The agt . ncy acquisition terned for th * duration. U S. U, * y ' . ,. „ „ e Aid was cut from 35% of total cost annoyance to witnesses. It wss is the second major percentery buy Cowan reported to U. S. head- Sia .. ^° Ts', P J of Him to 15%. with tlie new law pointed out that the UN assembly , for MCA Th( , 0 rganiiation recent- quarters and served with the En- fContinued on page 75) .Continued on page 22) hall at Lake^uecess. N. Y . dld a ' ly , c<)Uirrd , he Unnit A Dunfee glneers. In campaigns through ^ood job with such equipment. agency, which gave MCA-a talent Java, New Guinea and other Mel- /M 11 J P D* C-w^lr .1 rJLL. w «L Committee report commented j roster especially strong in British anesian islands he worked with the UlODdI AlHICQ i 0FC6S BIZ JOCK dl Lainourgo “Television is essentially another • legit. overseas motion picture service. .. . • nr 1 r n <n ff r •• « ; improved method of public com- His post called for him to handle UllltV 111 Works F0r ror D9X0lIIC€ restival munication. If hearings are to be films. USO personal tours of stars * ^ Edinburgh, sept. 4. to^pr^M Iindsay-Crouse-Berlin “ r J„«ioS. ,uge ,everal soldier USO Entertainment Non-atop boxoffice is being re- cannot be limited to those who aPe DL™- * Vno»oeo*» The Dal IU Swankery Washington. Sept. 4. “If able to attend in person. | planning a dUCCCSSOr An wllh , h _ - A worldwide unification of the > Radio Free Asia. During the past year he# sung . , more nongs and emceed more shows "‘on television than any other pop if p C A 11 singer in the business. That covers UrUC lonmss ij€t UO a lot of territory but the record 6 5 JT speaks for itself. We'd like to play Code for Newsreel, TV, lt ,or 10U M.n. # .m.n« see r% / II • PHIL EDWARDS Am loverage Ol Hearings Broadway FLaza 7-2042 Washington. Sept. 4. iuz.j/z received in b tax- The committee radically changed their checks. the House-approved tax provision — providing broad exemptions from II n as mj the 20% admissions tax for enter- WiUu Happens (o Uld tainment operated by cooperatives, ff . r \ ’ charities, religious groups, etc. Vann* Article? Vuno House measure, according to thea- fduue /illldlo. JOme (re people, was full of holes Tn Uw«a r ain and h*ve opened the way to UO Laol anu 11a Yc rUu unfair competition in the film field. Tokyo. Aug. 28. * Senate Finance Committee last Overall code for the use of news- . 1 . V™ . ^ reels, radio and television in list of six winners in various lan- , Houw . an ^ r guage groups previously awarded mR<; \ hou f ^ hy v;ji v «r i according to the final report of the Other contenders were: “Herr- Senate Crime Jn\< vtigat- liche Zeiten” «Teichs-Comedia), Germany; “Four In a Jeep" ing Committee. Committee found these were le- Sdznick Agency Bought by MCA i Wechsler-Praesens). Switzerland; gitimate news media which should “Trio” 'Rank), Britain; “Justixe get proper consideration but ad- Faite’ (Dorfman - Silver), corded here with the 1951 Inter- a hi e to attend in person. Dra m»** * I ready *b«ing named *he ,No “bjeet to having re- • Boxoffice Festival.” Tickets are iffinglhru'h. 1 )i*. 1 *?. " ku' selling like ho. cakes. ^ ° f PUb “ C films. USO personal tours of stars as well as stage several soldier productions. The Dal IU Swankery faculty. 6. Approved the House-passe<f (Continued on page 75) Global Armed Forces Unity in Works For USO Entertainment Washington. Sept. 4. A worldwide unification of the An assIgnment wilh the Eco . i /v wonnwine unincauon or ine Toner for Ethel Merman S ^ d mp ». n ^, ur 0 n f cmVnntr «hi< I inter< * s t irrespective of whether ' d a Oi ganizers are smiling, as this | the witncss Ukeg it or not No se _ and has been the costliest of all five , , . , . . , I suitcssur vrimir uu Linn mrr- lUA.ui. Urnfocctnnai rnUetainncnn* Edinburgh arts junkets yet staged. [J™ J *'“ bJ ^ l L°" h h i‘ £ ee 1 *° man. foliowing "Call Me Madam." Spot Is * swank field grade of- „ r af ?.‘, B High standard of attractions will J h “ * f B h bu |b photographs wh en it ends its Broadway run club with probably the finest w,. iLh rt..t°»i 1 . nf Th/ °^,i„f make the 1951 deficit the largest .“ d k.I* Jun » '• Her summer may be taken cocktail lounge, roof garden and ****£ yet recorded, but international w b o " llca,t pubhc with the proposed 2<*th-Fox fllmlia- snaik bar in the Orient. . . . ,|rn a Hu\. forEur.^S'rl.u! prestige has soared. . h ^ rlngs has bcen * common P* ac ‘ | tion of the vehicle providing terms Mrs. Cowan had charge of the ?31> nlght * * Top event with the public is the * , for her services are set. She still snack bar and observers no»e that Go**tz former pko pvpx Sadler s Wells Ballet at the Em- Newsreel cameras present the insists on *150.000 for the picture, it is the place in Tokyo to eat. |. currently soending a tartnhrift pile Theatre here, normally occu-, n ’°^ mffirult problem because of, whereas 20th would be willing to Prices will probably make people in the Pur.,n Tk..i™ „f n. * pied by vaude on the Moss’ Em- 'heir bulk and the brilliance of UP its 100G bid .« *125.000. The . in the U.S* faint A Saturday ? 5 taS rataKK pires circuit. Ballet lovers sit 'he lights required for their use. authors, in turn, have cut their 1 special dinner, for example, is only men! circuit for this mfluTro around for hours in the bureaus “All of these media of news col- »$300,000 sale price on “Madam” to $1.50. This includes tenderloin He plans to set ud an orc-inizatiori awaiting persons arriving to dis- lection and dissemination have $250,000. as an inducement to both steak plus the usual other ameni- bised in Pari# nr WU«hJIi*n r-r pose of tickets. Next in order of been used for many years. Adding the studio and the star, but the ties. manv to operate is 4 unit ,,, . t" popularity are Margaret Lockwood television merely has the effect of Jury’s still out with both of them, r Music for all club functions is ing entertainment to all branches’ in 1 \ gmalion. and Shakespeare s increasing the number of people 1 Lindsay k Crouse’s “Remains to ; furnished by Hiroshi Walarialee of the service The Winter Tale, a resounding who can actually see the proceed- Be Seen.’’ comedy meller which Le- and his Star Dusters—15 men and European Theatre, which in- success, with John Gielgud Flora ings. Television cameras are quiet land Hayward is mounting, is mean-, a real stateside combo. It plays eludes North Africa and the North- Robson and Diana Wynyard in the , »nd unobtrus ve and they require time being readied. And Jhe long ! all the latest hiU in a style largely ern commands of Newfoundland c !!-- . . , . I tonsidcrably less light than news- j yenned “Music Box Revue” is still memorized from pop records. Greenland and Iceland, is one of Meantime, sock trade U reported , reel cameras. a g | e am with Berlin. He has the Being a ham at heart Cowan three large areas of U S military dramas fllnfs ^Mbltion^ nut* m i n 5 Un ^ en i u »° n a rom-| libretto Idea in the rough; he owns can - t g f av ol|t of the act -nd^very installations outside the U. S. Sec- (iramas, nlm... art exhibitions, out- , nuttee not to discriminate Iinlnct. : the theatre! he has a Hream east c ■... _: 4 _ ! nnH tu. p..iuk Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse •» Jw to”V* . ^1.^ ! >d Irving Berlin are mulling a he I™* oxer the managership of r fmfz ’ he iH K \nlpH Fnr?M successor “vehicle for Ethel Mer- the Dai IU Hotel Club in Tokyo. J™!* prestige has soared. Top event with the public is the Sadler’s W r ells Ballet at the Em- pire Theatre here, normally occu- door displays, etc. avMhifinn« 1 J 1 is upon a com ‘ !L bre 4 l i° idea t lhe rou « h * he •»«* can’t stay out of the act and every installutions outside the U. S. Sec- exhibitions, out- mittee not to discriminate unjust- he theatre; he has a dream cast Saturday night sits at the baby on d of the trio, the Caribbean area, in mind 'Fred Allen, Lena Home grand and leads community singing has *lready been organized along and Fred Astaire among them), 0 f all the old faves as he was in lhe new unified lines by Lt. Col. and even has * $10 top scale pro- vaude with Jack Benny and his is Jerome Coray, who recently re- . posed on the theory such top tal* same age, 39? turned from latter chore. Goetz ' uim iT,r- U,d . c r.r. nd ,hat priC * Th * Cowan*, who .re leaving w ‘!‘ trek t0 J,p,n * oon h '" “v resistance. this month t(J take char(( , of , h * establish the same type of circuit Castle Terrace Club of tho engi- f0 „ . F J r “V •VOICE’ INAUGURATES t has not yet reached NEW NIPPONESE UNIT i .nTO Sffi Uml .Connolly, a film* officer of the “P their own ebecka. while all Washington. Sept. 4. |u. S. State Dept, who happened ?, b * r * rw * ,v * *' •*«*' union scale. New dally broadcasts to Japan | to he here on business. Flans for the near future, however, in both English and Japanese were ■ a L e * l a on optlmiitic side. Chief ! Inaugurated yesterday (3) by » t,H sp ls to keep a steady stream Being a ham at heart. Cowan three large areas of U. S. military ly among the various media.’* Subscription Order Form Enclosed find check for $ Please send VARIETY for years 9 9 I (Please Print Name) Street City /one State ents would command that price with Utile resistance. ‘VOICE’ INAUGURATES Regular Subscription Ratos Ono Yoar—$10.00 Two Yaars—$18.00 Canada and Foraign—$1 Additional per Ytar powcriui iransminers relay tnem to London for the last frw v»>r« _ — ™ «■*««:« »«««- Hawaii. There relay transmitters is due back in the state** s«*nt 11 * m< n ^ sailing has always been send the programs to Manila, where ' She sails from England on the Wa i*er O’Keefe and Ted a final relay shoots them up to Queen Elizabeth Sent fl * re curre ntly on tour, with Nipland. P i W c ^"^beth hep*. 6. th< » Camel Cavalier Caravan set to 154 Wost 46* Sfreet Inc. Now York 19. N. Y. I country. in the ’45-’4fi season. i — ■••o m i stars w ho lure the crowds.