Variety (October 10, 1951)

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nCTfUA 10. 1«SI Snadi ilSG for ‘Koo-Hn in 22 N.Y. 'V2!r '‘i!' ■ See Holiday t Next » i« M«a In Iwo drvvlo^l ' As‘Happy BirtUay’ 20(1 Reraaps 4 Fix HoUjnaooid, Oct f. foair pkiurct arc teck ca the lOik-Foa lot far raiaket aad a44ad M-raaa, ykith 1 Illiac4 laat Marrk. •cttlac aa ai« ' (raafVt ravampinf rcqalrlng about ' thrra'a:arka. ' Othrrt rtcalird for caira far# *Tha Pride ol Ht. l4»a«a.** "i^ydla ttaitey*’ aad *‘fiaad Ba}<K ■wrtf,'* IndH'^iiun of a further breaka fioVn thr traditional «uba«K|unit^ r un td>t^ HI iHiui \ i« aeaa in two aeveiofh t tiM Hi^ Uuilng the poal ^rk. Moat | M .'mlH jinl o aa the iremenduu* \ t'l^dUn rMKa run up in «e\rn daya f Jud> llollidap'* nest aiarrer re* t*\ * Kron^tlkl** In 21 <>urr«eatert portrdly a ill kt “Happy llinhday,’* alter HKt> the pie's diatrtb, had i to be prndurrd by Stanley Kramer niAiil an HKO rlfrult bookinp be* for I’olMmbla release, Kramer rause of refusal to give, the pic, earlier this . year aretuired screen lop-^^haU hiUlng. ‘ tlghia to the Anita l^ms'pLay. a i .<Se«tind development oaa a Broadoay hit of If46-47v' with furthering of the , recent IretMl of Helen . Hayes starring ' : > aiieeding pis from Broadoray first'I MUa iloJIlday Is nww before the run mlu tire chalna In New York.: cameras In "The Marrying Kind** l.wie%>i to go that , route la ‘The; for. Co|. tt rll * ^VA», ohlck breaks this week dirctily from Loew't Ktaie to the hr tNfh l> n i*ar amount. and' then rutht onto the f oew'a net. >; Ihe Wrli* folkmrt the scheme a hu h i nUed Arflsli tried a few monihe ado with “Pabtola.** after If icit the \ irtoria, and t*olumbia iiM-o ujih "Sirocco’* w|icn It. came ou of the f 'apliol. Kon-Tihl’* not only rang up a •to f*ri«lnglv large giroas Inihe week riining last , night 'Toes'>, hot raifw-d holdovers In. 17 of ilie 12 lloaircv It waa ocfcgfnatly commit- l(‘d lo. iiMirr than one week in only siv oi tire houses, the other II giv* Irig It added playing time m the re<^»itt of holdbver kgures. Hrsull IS a blow to the HM> and |,o*‘w's skeifit In New Vork.‘ which 'Orvey made for him rrf the potenvj Princeton'Navy contewt waa car- liadilMmallv lake the pu k «»l ftrsl-i l»al irw ome to he cspected 'roin | r»rd by the Boston Pilgrim; SUn- run |irodu41 h*r two-day, three-day 13 jwajor dlova which he . ley. Philadelphia; Si...Jame>s, Ai^ or fiHir-dav engagrmenis. Top fra* oem tures |day tierrentage and hottom | Studv hy John R hall go at hat rentals. > n»er t «»*M video man Hot RO. PSx CoiriiiM Tighl Silutioo I World Series Draws . * iiteresi Away Fron Video With the W‘oiid Series, from whkh theatre lelevrlslon la ek- 'eluded, drawing the ma|or •ports inleregl thia week^ things were relatively quiet on the big-agreen video front. Only ive housea ear* ried the * Navy-Prlnceton football game Saturday *41 aiid. aince the Series woa available free Id home t viewers In alt Ive cities, no ea* hilMtor reported better than fair hualness. Theatre TV-Netw.ork has lined up the Yale-<.‘oiujiibia game. In V Y. this Haturday ill* but It's espreted that football wilt not be iKit enough io rat# much attention at the hosolftcc. Aa a result, ea^ luha. don't expert IheIr bti-screen gndcasts to pay off for at. leaal amdher w«*ek, and poaaibly two If s not kfmwn at this time how DOS Units To ibalricak Via IV Restridkms ■ .f • ■ ’ . V . rnwiilIngneM ..of ruvid Cl VIS'; hick to veil his old pix to TV fiijr Usral sponaorvhtp in vaiUnM terrl- l*eles Is espe^^ted fo resultin a, ,, ;p m* •»■»»< decisiofi In restrict it ,to theatrical [many housaa will sign on for Satur reh'Sve^ Seicnttk is miw having a : day’s game. Aafl^S. Accord “-S- to Bo Rotified Oct 17 Anglo American tlm agreement negoilated In Losulon laat July will be formaify ratified by an ewchange of letters In Waabington Oct. 17o Joyce O'Hari, acting head of the Motion picture Aaan, of AmeiiCe, w 111 represent that organlMtlon and Tllla G. Amall tha Society of ; Independent. Motion Picture Producers. Sir frank Lee. perma- nent secretary fee tha JMtiah Board of Trade, wilt sign an be- baif of. (he. b’nlted kingdom. Denver Fans See Bat in the Nick J;: Guild Newsreel Denver.'Osdo t. Denver got theatre tetevlslon Saturday |g> wrlth a auddrnnesa that nearly toored Harris ^ar»d Job a W otfberg. lather andi son. who had been trying Id get aulhorlaaifon for two weeks to lelevtse the World Series at the Broadway. The Wolfberga thou^t they were W ith the "Kem-Ttkl rsampic. it t% rxpfcfrd that other dislrilw with anvihing like a suitable plr fdir Ihis lv)w- Ilf. plavng will skip the ifr- cults In favor of a wch of Indios similar to that, vet up (vir the Soil ia'^vrf him, Thai means ilist the two moipe chains will have tv^ lih* f'oniinued on |mvc 1g» \ has diUL'hisrot Ihat IMiH c<»uld an' licfpair runviderahW revcmtc were N. Y,. and Providence hut rshiba In he wUiing to allow divided or re-( ihoae cities were unable to clear gionql vponMirsInp /.There are, (he necessary.telephone tines. i bury Park. N , Markey. fdir- Theatre. N, V . and the ?4ai*ohalvi>-J|^l^^v i «. .'-KTr*- ^ uird lor bouM^ ' «»»• limo Soiurdoy. •aorbiiU CommUsloner Ford Frick sent a wrtre telling them to go ahead. The however: lew if any single sptm 1 fiutid Newvieel house had M* U»rs prrjvarrd lo pay a price the | rquiiunent in«talled at HW -lavt | IJJJ produi'cr w«mld And conduce to minute Theatre had. advertised a IV vale. iit would have the game In advance | I S«-lrnid k IS adamant agaimt let- and sold tickets for it. When it hng the p*x, w hich.. Include such * afipeared as though it would not nrown Palace and A osmo- ii«-ms at *‘Meb»‘tra ** ^’Sinee You have the equipment W time, H re- Ueiit Awav* and ‘^The paradihe ^ ♦ ConiinulBf wolume of unusoalle succnesjul kb. pig on Broadway haa reeulted In tko llglKesi gr%(. li tn n tl m i In N. Y m yeort. Xengthy holdovera at the big-money ahowcaaea appear ^onaumly Inrro aMn g In number, forcing aonw dialrlba to settle fo.r lem deeirable ontleta ar hold h««a on their releaaea. \ Radio City Mmlc Hall hat beea aernpled by Metro almoat to tty* enriuaion of alt oClier dlatrlbs. Hatl io far thia year baa given aniy eight week! (o non>M-G pit. and Ift apparent M-O wdll have tha Houae for the balance of the jesA at leaal. .• ■- ■ Faramoont haa hafi the Capitol tied up wllh “Place In the Jtun** tiir the paw all weeks, and the run i* confinulhg. “David and Rathshe- ha“ la still going at a Keftv dip at the RIvoll after eight weeks, and there*# no indication when this house will be aeailahle for another pic *'B(rtetcar Named IVsire * which completed |ta third week la».» night iTuesl. la aUtl drawing trr- mendoua bualneia Ot the Warmr Conaequently the availability of thia house for another Aim is noi In. tight. Addltlokally. both the Cap and the Aator Agure to be tied up for IndeAnlte pertoda upon the dual preem of “Quo Vadla*’ at both vimis on Nov. g Vfeteria. where the current tenant la Columbia’s * Sat- urday's Hero.“ la aleted for a run- , (Continued on page 15i , t*avr.‘ be shown on anything hu( ; Hut the.Ng-screen unit waa Anally | a naiiutuil havis wUh kiHtruprtale : delivered late Friday afternoon tj'. i i hoofda lie feels mullipir sponsur-' pomtitiAg televising of tha game . ^^nsa seisasleA ^Awa*wswv«s' Aks^'' ^ F&M Appeak (o Fsii ' ' FCC Masbership Os ABC-UPT lilerTralios Wavhinitlfm. (U’t,. g Turned d«»wn on Its peitliofi lo ' InIrtvriM- Ift foiihcoMiing hearings •It . the . pi'tHMMied mrrgrr of the Amciu an Hrtwkdcavting Co and I niled PaiSfiKHint Theatres. Kan- iHon A'Marco, llveatrr itp^ rsh^cs In | l.oS Angf lev aitd SI, la»uU, is ap-; praliiig lo ll»e full meuilu'rbhtp uf , the Fr^ral €'*>ntmu meal tons I'om- niivsmn ftir permlvMon to be a party tn the. proc^dlngs. t 'onulr (n^of-ge Sterling drn'u-d a •toliun h> r A \rf counsel, Hus- aril Hardy, to enter the rate un gntundi litat ihe theatre roiiiiuiiiy. not being a hioadrast llcrnsre. la, n<»l ‘a pwriv in Intcreat.'’ \tlor-) JlolljwtHid* Oct. i. nevs hHT Am' and tPT. ioinrd by 1 Aim, T, J. O'Brien. Ret. FC C •tad cminsrl, apposed the • director of Skiatron electronics A F 4 M petition: . TelevisionCorp. aa>a Skiatron la Hardy lamenda that U wmild be perfecting a large screen for thea- , lo Ihe a<lvantage of the C’mnwlsy j w hich will be sold lo thea- aion to hear from a - ihralie op- Irea for f.VOfiO. about mte-lhlrd the eraliH- twiore dcvtdmg the ABC- Price now asked by RCA. I i*T mci ger question and that i' tTBi Icn. here to huddle w ith pic- KkMs tcviimony would put the l*»*'e studio execs for product on ,ra-e lo Ihe “acid lest" oi public' Hie i-onirmplaied test for Skia- iiiit-rrM In answer to •I'guinenis l^m’s, pav-as-you-v irw device, says that oIIm'C exhibitors would want (he new model will, he tested In to iniervs^nr If his petitum 1% grant- e»l I lardy told Sterling thal olher tlu-atie tqtcrativrs are "airald'* *o fl<* hrrSUM* they fear they'd r *t In Iniuble with sources ul Atm auppiv. vh»p wtMild rhcapi’^n |l»e'Alms litiwrvrr. Alarkey beluves that llu- only really (arue residual In vuih pioduti lies in syndH’atlon Thai s hcrauve local slaliohs pul hrgltef values on, (lie Alma than do Ihc networks, sime lot al operators by dcung their own selling get their full I4u»e rale. \larkev has also been going into ihe pracliralily of clu»ppiiig Ihe pix into IS-minule or half-hour srg- tnehts. t'onvldrrable dtffUully la iContinusrd pn page I5l $5,000 TWitre D Uik Prepped by Skutroi Saturday. Dick Pitto Jons TOA IRrk Fitla. formerly editorial dl- rreior of tlw Coom'tl of Motion Future Orgaoiaadona. haa jolnrd politan hotela. Tim phone company pagH Frick at the SatiM^y World Serlea game in New York, and Immediately hooked up tho Bmadway so they could get the Seriea on the screen In the third inning. The theatre Ailed rapidly, at no admltaion prices, and will show the rest of the garnet. No admlaaion will be charged, but H la necesaary to get ticfcets from a Denver bank, thua keeping tome of the mob away (lie Theatre Owners of Amertca aa {from the Broad way. The showing la !! exm^Uve aaslatanl In ebarge of of Ane quality, wim the kgtuwa public relatums and pri-gramralng. large and giving R a life-lllM •p-l *®**”* advertlvii Bb»«*.^^v a_ ^ s^w.o.A ft. . I . . . ^ ; w w ’ . nmmMWsnunaowi^MmounuMHMBMHHMnM Prior to going to fOMPO. he waa Aim editor and colum.iiat with the Charlotte,. N. C., Observer. In disclosing Pitta* appointment. TOY •executive director Gael Sul- livan stated the move waa made aa a meant of “Implementing the de- clared national policy of TOA to strengthen tta contact , with the grassroota.“ Final plana for eatab- lishlng ala TOA regional commit- tees throughout the country, he added, will be completed shortly, knd Pitts , will aid in organiung iheir programt. Mutate TV ( w m isutg tro- - poac • grrenlighta it. I SmkaeHpiimm Order k'mrm Enclo&ed lUid check for I Pleaa* aei^*VARIETY Tor T« f k • p s e e e. e, Si reef ' • ♦ a' • e -A . I.ily...., e r-r s a s a s k d • • •••«• On Ymt—$ 10.00 Two Yoor*—$11.00 Cooodo 00 $ Oocolyi II ASSMioool por Tow 1S4 W#U 4$4S Stroot newspaper-owned stationa have ad- November. ■ miHrd privately lhat they leeehed The exec savs th# Suhscriber- '^^ra to pi«y dow n any big-screen vi«iun device wiU he rcs<|> In l>e-, event* in their sporfscaata. crmhrr. and . w ill he teyird on Thealrr TV proiKMienta have al- MaiH-TV. N. V.. as s«>bn at the FCC dltcovered that newspaper , publlcHy on .a major sporta event It Invaluable/sb far •^ their grossea I are concerned, even though the ( sports pagea don’t necesaajily have to wn(loa,the theatre TV angle. Ret ent Willie Pep-Sandy Sailer Aght. for example, created hardly a stir In many metropollUn newa- papera. possibly because of the In^ tense excitement over boaeball. whk h was occurring slmuHaneoua- ly. Whatever the reason for the ' AgbCt slougholl In the sporta pages. It drew disappointing buaineaa both fur , Ihe big-screen hemsea and for the RKO Alms of (he bout. X - ___ ‘ . N* Y, to Europo Richard de Rochemoot ' .Mrs. Sam' Cnildwyn tHcar Hammerstrin 2d jack Kirkland' t^Kldard Lieberson Jean Louis ' ' Annrtt MacQuame Arthur Pincua 'Spyroa P. Skouraa '■•"••.'■'t/.'V'' kliiia Ten Eyck rrMN /c»nc. ... 5tafe. . •.. , Nbw YBTk If. N. Y; •P* pearance... WMk no homo televiaion In Den- ver, fans watching the seU tn the kotfia. serviced by a cloaed circuit, (Continued o« page SSI N.Y.loLA Pandro B. Berman Jack BrOder / Kay Campbell Larry Daveo ., Hal Deafor Morey Goldstein Clarence Groene . Sam Harris George Nomsteln - Cy Howard : 'l-ee Jones ■ Rouben Mamoullan James Mlchener Allen Rivkin, Joseph Slantley Marvin Scbenck Harold SchlB Carl Stanton Fred Thomas Richard Tborpo Lew Waaaerman Europo to N, Y. ! Pamela Brown Mae Bygrevea Alec Coppei Trent Dunne Frank M- Folsom Ftter Toy William Gargan . Ken' Giaiger •• Dorothy Glah ..Ronald Howard Dorle Jarmel Eric Jotmaton Harry Koainef... Ceorgei Maurer Joaepk H McConnell / .Htepben Falloa Herman Shumlin Mema Bmltk Oano Boria ’’ • Earl .L Sponabl# . Frank Tart Eluabetb Taylor Robert Taylor. Demia Zeemaa BiolonI Orders 2 Tarid' Deldions Memphis. Of.!, g. epon hit announced A tiding that loth Fan a “David and Raihi^ha * "misused and abused the, Holy Bible,*' Memphia censor Uo>d T. Binxord order^ two deletions from Ihe Aim before it was permincd to open at Loew’a PaU<e here. Cuts amounted to about Av# mtn- utea. BInford alto blaated the Alni's producers. ' asaertlng “they have taken a Bible atory and turned it Into a . farce by making Bathsm-ha a vixen and unfaithful wife whtn she had no way of defending her- self againat David, the King. * BInford diarloaed a love scene and a dan^ sequence were ordered *«»iTie advertising art. LA. to N. Y. Richard Arlen Edward Arnold ' lauren Bacall Nate J. Rlomberg Budd Boetticher Humphrey Bogart Harry Jr. Kitty Cartlale Carletou Carpenter Roeenmry Clooney Wendell Cotey Broderick CTawford • Roy O. Disney Ed Dtduxlf Jnllus Epateln Fhlllp Epateln Judy Garland C'harlaa Glett Sam Goldwsm Helen Grayco SdWi Gruden Mika Hall William Hammeratelg .. Moat Hart Bob Healy Cornwell Jackson Danny Kaye Stanley Kramer Dorolky Lamour A1 Lar^r Frank f iotaaar Andrew Marton . John McNulty Ralph Meeki^ Ray MUland Oeorgt Morria Abo OHnan Gail Patrick Romaaoa Brothere Slgmand Romberg ^ Irene SharafI Jehn Shubart HalStanley-..;'\.- Jule "Styne Benay Venuta Vera-EUen Card Walker Hal Waliix Charlea Waltere Harry Ward . Fat Waaver ' Lester Welch . Fred Wile