Variety (October 10, 1951)

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1 *. 1«31 M llym’On Bi% h RKO |o Staleniale Proxy Fight ^ >11 tr dtUrltM frt^ly woul 4 lik#.* t# • •yvtem 9i arMirathon iiji ttt 0 «w tkwni thf'number p 4 »><k whhcli theyrr# kit, twv Virw arbItralkMi m • kikhty vrvUti 4 *iv ' pMUbiJilT. they think t>Mi Allied State* Asm pretty iiMN h ruled out the rhanre of* ee- l^tiii^luiui a iiyiteM of settlement* j a aiMH't court• when board chair -1 min \biem f, Myera recently tied )n *f till ration with‘rompettli\ e bid- dmC IhMrib* (eel that on that bas|* Tin*iiie Ownen of Ahierica, Al* lird« ri^al eahib orianlaation. a ill hive little wcceaa taler tn the. mi>nih w Ith eSorta to get Allied ' si |i> 4 <>nventlo«i to go along with TO\ **n airbltratloo. A* (or TOA'f ' a - oaed Intenikm of making a mlo' tfv *1 a conciliatory ayatetn. e^en it VIlied won't cooperate, dlslriba i Ihmh u'» not proctlcal. f Their thinking te that arhiiratfon j •< a fvMeni moat apply ^o all eahiba j. •t mme, Uoweeer, they point out. | Skoursg a Sportgcasler Spvroa P. .Hkoura*’ SUth-IToa preay. played apurtacaafer at last werk'i meeting of the corporatioil’a itockholdera jlhe prmtire lle>pite rahihitmA’| Recogntring the wld«><vprea 4 dUlUe ftir bidiling. aa? ina|.»r cvmm Inteieat In the opening gatne . pony aalea chiefs, thev have Vet to ’ of ll»e Wtwid .Seriea, Skouraa come lip with an adetpiaie atierna- j , ^during the-:gfme announc^' ^tlve;'.- ttie. ecoco from lime to time. that rib delermiiiati»m to atic kj a ith the > preNeni w-heitve <d him I . . . >r I Hog f ttlU»w» recent. UM ier heels j esi JliftL I I hy Truenvan R«mihu<M h ami Altram [ fOLf lIRu liOOUlU r Myeiv. JcaiJer* iH the VIMrdj . 7 *^ - ngwowogo^ State* rii'liib a*<MN'i 4 lH>n end h% a ' ij: ^ ' whole hew ot viiee* liiiiaa«>'i» at the afl-j J, : J |J•_ ^ Theatre f>alie*V- 4 a-Ju»terua r*Mi* 0 \AMltHIII6(l IUS6a Vmk_U.i aeek* ^ om^ewrf s^*> Kepetithm of the .aihe tune «« Skith even stioiiger uvertmiea la - TU •"**‘‘* 1 ****^ at the iHled ttmveU jkMiTds IV Hops iiz/a, - ' .■ "■ ^ Salef hea'rla .dev-lare' the>‘ve had « ReRerting the financial upa and memhert id their aiaif* analyae . f'ootinued Idaviv hv eaHth lead era recent 1 < at C«»in loM Hive buldi ng have further Cuov lined them, dia- [ triba aa.v/ that theatreiHen have no [ N. Y. Report Bockt Bit (jMtiilai vupfKtrt a* le.i%i frvNW New York (<:»r five in more auKrtioo than they have (or f . dudry'ii, claim (hOI l.ile mag waa nroiig recent h In M* cifv- male'that 3 mW iHeatiea hail closed IhriHighout live hatnni came In the annual rriMirt la.d Friday. t,Y« of Men York ( Mv lacenM*.!!NunmiaaoMter Kdw aid T MH'affrey Mr vaid that in rp$n 'their uere 241 po’luie hoiii«e« Heenaed, a <h*» line ot onlv thtee Irom the prcv uMv* •>ear :7 V'' ,,'., MiA'affrey Imik rwgtnraiwe of ihe preavlire of televi%i«»n and (dlM'r t'tSimmiilr lorre’* ' ,c»n film* in hi* reyUn-t to Yfa/tn Impeliltten.' fie ivaid ui a hi ici auivey. that V«I far the iinlMSiry had md heCH ''matemlly affeilrd,** ' there* nothing to atop, any eahib I of a part of the In- recent apev’che* and vtaiementa'hy u ho wants to. at any time, to aak . du<tr> . both JOth rfm and Colum rshib i»*o<'lation tontnn* how here uho wants to. at any time, to aaa amn rim ana voium rshib i»*o< lation toptnn* howhete ' 111*11 ■ JM gVM M*! ■■■tJ w ith the present tioard on r«*sorv< (•ir aibitratlon. No formot ptctuio | financial statements fn them, they say. U there any * 1 -' ing the isaue industry setup la .required. ‘ All i P**^ week on Iheir ternatit'e to bidding that, Is even | ^ It hilr no individual Or gr«»Mp 1 * that * necessary la agreeme n t of the . dow nallde the .*arly pari id this let alone oReiing in*ur-. I J f * 1 *^ known tvi own or rontrol film cvinv two parties to arkotrate. Kspenae I 1 ^** upwartf trend, which ancc to the di*trlli* tlirt thev wtioA . j a lUT lll||V I W panv. ihare* aurtu-irnt in nmnher 0 ( M»e■ proeoduro la a ina|or point - ^ In ahout mid-year. get sued hv r.vhitHi who want prod ; * ■ ^ ^ *t tht* time to outvote Hughes, Invoked, of couno. Under the (or* I Col wound up its fUtal year, uct In fouiprtitive *Hual on* 1 ' ^ Y , hnaiW lal dlMrlct Mwinre* \atd Over industry syolofn. dlstrlbs bore ended last June 3 R, with a -pvoRt ( C«>ntpany mIt* v p * do not. gain ..V a * 1 * || V wnne unrcrtajhiv esMs as result the brunt of tho coat. .j id $l, 4 tMl.fMW. equal to fI If per | say that they are happy li an'ausil * Y I 0 ||C I «d an vdTer by a H«»ston syndicate Counsel lor the componlea (eel; share id common *tock, compared 1 tars effe«i <d hnlding i> to get them J VVlii 1 to aci|uJre a targe block «d shares that If llvq eshlb organiaatlona are i with eaimings of tl ig| tklO, or ! higher renUU in wune sitiMitionw/^ ^ .$ «d bidh RKO outfit* Tl«e oRering reaMy Merioys about getting a lio- tt..VI per share, for ItfWi. Mowever. j,They repratetlly* nvainriin. how " ‘7 WotlvwitiKnl, fh-f. f i price was said ii» be ill .Htmk tnmal arlntratlon aetup. they - must the net take for the (Inal quarier * ever, that that I s a second at v'angle | RepuldUv has s»*ri«»u»l.v om »l has hem running ahiniVfd RT* 4 l«»r igree lo •igrt with the lowest com- showed an Improveinenl. Tlw* 13 , ku the (ati that there o^ems to Ue' ered devoting its entire pi«Miurtioo tf»r pir shares, and M (i 2 ^i-i«*r the nnm arhltrablo denominator. Dis- week permd ended June 7 3 ll re- no. other w'ay to handle rmupetl to lelepia, .pet** Meiheit J Aaies Ihoatrra or a total of It .VI tnb* point to the Counril of klo-V suited In earnings of I.V 3 I. 0 HII. . or five houses and keyp out rd .law !>rvealrd on Ihe witivess siaml in IdmiiRed with the Moaton group Ipm picture Organiaatloas as an es*!YU per share,compared with f.Y 3 g,- suits ^ Federal Cmirt, wliere ii# was live wa* Serge ,hemenenko vp «g the ample. COMPO waa able to get iR®®- ot* ••f per share, lor the Fshib leaders recenity have been cHniaclir wtlness for lt»e stuiHo m Kirst Mational Hank of Ikniion. and a**iied only when every poaaibU . ceri^ponding period In, * 50 , to MipiMirt tlieii rase the * a suit hrnughi bv Rov , R 4 »gers to -l«»ng active in film Industry hnanc* area of acttvlCy, oacept tbe moot . , Col's pperaling ^ profli t before decisrtm of la*s . Angrlvs ' f^edet al' prevent selling, or leasing to v ide«i Ing The syndteale's offer is being basic, was bniahed away. j tanesi wa* aaen more Impressive. ] Court Judge Yanksuh in the . of Rogers oaiers made at K«*t» made to individual aloikitoklers. fvMlher, H la Said, tbe Mme stale-iCrosa profit reached 11.011 OOb ftar .Aaldwtn HiHs muI ('•mri upheld Yales said the teleniv at iiviiv ■ reported ,, j-. . ^7 , ll»dlvW;Oo«|, .'■(h-f. 0 Repuldirv has s»*ri«»usl.v con d- F<-aiing his control of RKO Pic*' lurys imi.gM iiw thieatem>'d via a • . pi ovy flgM. < Mow uid Hughes, w ho itiV^dy owns PJp lIJO shares, equal’ to 24 V of the total outstanding, hr* bi^n tncrcasmg hi* hrddlng* AhriHiuh oy^n itiarkel p«iiTha*ea by " N rei»s. ar'Ciodtng to m *11 5 d tnfto.manls . Hughes buy up w a> said to he rv%i«»n*ilde ftn tl»e fie.ivv activity in the HKtl IStiuic* is^ue r»%er the I.Of c«*upie Id w v-ek- Ttie slot k ' ii.»s been by fat the leader among ^ail Ahti iswues in trading volume. Jiid aimmg the |ea«ter* «»f all * 0 - 7 cn<iites M the N %• Httick Es- .rh.vnvr ' ]nfi»rmati«m HmI Hughe* sut- I»e 4 ts ht* control might be leop- ridircd came a* a switch alOce mam Interest mer pa<*l nvonihs has Iveen in hi* theatre eswruponv hold- ings. also 14 '> Aitiance qf W Y >ltare 4 »wnrrs in fim chain has heefi , detiiandlng suhslaiitlal rrpres«*nta- I iftHi on the hoard pi dtrectriit s. and J have yet to reat.h aov aglcement with the present tiuard on rcarvlv* ^mg Ihe isaue d'hlle no indivuiiial or gr«»Mp la known tu own nr control film csim- pam . ihpre* sulfu'irnt /In mitiiher «t tilts time to outvtHe Hughes, N Y flnaiW lal dlMrict stHinre* \atd wune unrertajhiv esists as result of an offer by a H«»stnn s.vndicate to a^iuire a targe block of shares id bidh RKO nut( 11 * Tl«e oRcf ing i price was Said ill be ill Stm-k hos hem running ahmil $4 g 7 t 4 lor r vHxner, n IS aam. ine same aiaie- ^ viroM iwoni reacneu I inm lor jsaiowtn itiifs sum t ouri upneio YateS said the telepiv ai livilv ment made by RKO proi Ned E. \ hbal quarier, up fr*>nt ggOOObO In .the right of a distnU to cIkmomp hu n*, pt|im.d in view oi eshdi Drpmet about COMPO. wlien he tbe ^V^ period customer. On that Im% 1 s, eshib ogumsiium knd stiMlio's ficsire t,. Hy in RKtl Rim lomiiany trading assumed leadership of that organl-C P. Skuurat, lOth t pre^ Krmtinued on page 1 Yi 11 ^^se basking of pii ip vtdes, He" tat ton. applies to arbllratlon. That , Informed componv stork/ „ ,,, ■ /■ added that Moeers* atfoinev Knd macir tp individual sIsKkItnklers. it's repiHied j-. First appearam-e id rising arAiv- (Continued u« , page l Yi N. Y. last week that while the Rest half of (hia year waa the **tiMiat unsatisfactory In the history of the company since I have been ' pith you.** 3 <>tb hat been esperienclng substantial gaina since Ihe third release har'king of pii Ip vtdcsi H« added that Rogers* att»»nrv Fr«’<l i erir fWuniy. appraiM d ol the p«»s- •Contmued »n page 15 c Iv You must learn lo crawl befure jJtWers at a a^Jal meellMg In ^ - nnikFrr AU t4D Atuniv appraio d ol the Immv T U j C I D L - >»•* » »* a«,Li itJ.rr..r?MThi-J !5 I^^SHUAPWin^ONJAP Scale, poScy i L . I n WINNER* RKO TO DKTRIB p'*'-'-! Set for *Vadn’li Lober to Take Orer "Uintiv,luvu luuuinio ^ ^ ’" 2 :. 2 ^ . ^ 1 -^? Tovu, fM. I pt. ■ lo.k. M«k. M RrU Ewb IktM Al Hi ibail PtriM- «««. Hiiro , ttairt M....OO l•..|u.r tvp. pro-f.^ do .. « pW-d oMI.f C fSII U|W lOIC* - ^ y**" I ^•d ' ' !!/£*** ****^J**irr" i ^ *’Hasho- 5 l«Hi.** winner of them, bill latter Said he douMcd ' Tilled admisivlon Srsles snd i B*,.”!?**^***^ 1 ' *•*♦ •'*•*<• priae at the rer ent Veti -1 studio'had., viderf rights o|Mnating policy fur Metro's ‘ Quo laa Sd Keleaae •** "*<>""" ',« f.i« /^»ki * «,«.,* ,h.i j Yki« ««• ««««,• v,d.s:-lb, l.ob.r. lorrtM op-i lo tor ,b. ,W,u.rt,r. ,'i* ■‘^“*1: H"* ,'T’ V'" * T I niied Yrtista (areign eperatlona ooo This wui a temp<irory boaia. Lober. who gu ooo (nr t Set for ‘Vadn’ Is First Eifkl Dates Tilled admission irales and o|Mnating policy 'fur Metro's ‘ Quo initial eight dales. It was dis« loved In S Y this week. i*. isans^ Vil ^^ ferrtfory has ncnnil Rogrrs to iHodiici *''*•»** *dl open at SIS Sflualions “"-F •«, ^ HKO oCh N V «. N..V. ». .Mh l.k .To 4 - Dale!, incidenlally. made a print renew wnh Hie stintio unilormly iaggrd at PUr f«M m«»rn- iumed the outAl na continental period, hut the latter Rgure In^ cirjfklo 'renew with tlie sUntio s*’!TiS^ I T*f**^ ^^ Having ' eluded M 7 « 000 In Income (rom F^sHvtl* Sm^i^of ibi * * *"•<* •>*»” * *•»'*“’* Hclicve H« IwItched from Wanmrs wriii HmakPu ^ .. the Venice fcsiivai. Mory of inet ^ . . Iwitched from Warners, wilt handle the post until Arnold Picker la (lee lu move Imp the spot. Pu ker Is amw werking out his DOrCI TC anipioviiicnt peci with ('olumbtg. iMlUIXl VHerrs he's vicepresident of the rwn ill buernattonal department Contract fllK H/ esptres nest fall, when he goes »** i \ under a deal already aet. _ , I'leie's vrt to ^ anv iMdUrtotiAM Columbia •Continued oh page 1 S> BRESLER PREPS 'JOEY' FOR HAYWORTH, KELLY mg and aftermwm pctl*»riiianres • eaw uq^geqw: rv'ioueuaei. s-wewee 7 m »few~ 1 - hh ^ s^a^*- * a and tl 50 ItK evening shows Chil- Rim U In llfh century Japan, It ; hr •^**’*^ in ere * g,rrn> fuire will he 50 r Maioilty deptrts a kilting told through Ihe *" *** ***** *P«>I' Have a normal lop of K k« evr.ttpr,..- «rirt« M tlw * * 2 ''''*’' 5 T "T**'' VV«» 4 «-du .1 p.«-u.* ,« ,!«• <•- U.S «1 h«.„ Bn»p«i. , I" . .!«. ...h «PI-d -.!« r,p , krnuld ra.«ii*nrr ).» kbi.ik- ,,,, ^ y,_ tr C 4 . 4 , .p« 4 w,bip »"d M.,ir.i 4 . 1 ,^, ^ ^ r,p .III Hollywood, Oct. tta a % r ' AIT handed Jerry Rresler, UA AWaMS CattOf OK rT'''• ‘T •"» '“"‘••‘“ LrLTZr liTSrL -pil j»; - !d 4 .mrMr»«ti «u,h. to « 4 d „ll..d C d IJ^II r«l«k.* lua> ckrHw. . I . f*!" *..”*. lUI,.,* f L O, IC,,| il a ‘ tfkXMiiMr 4.4,,," and «,id •Wv w4ll kk 4kt»fuiinrd 'to''*ito *<K1h and 0«i4k Kell,. »ho were *-• Htod,. Fwikb l4iipdr1 ,4«w ' ^ • *^**1,'..., - a 4 i i. l.t 4 W. Mv«, >,.« M« to "C<«,r P'ov'ot to I- A <mm 1 W.,hi»w«n. ; t.M *. «tortdd 4 « ..od , 1 ... ^ ■ M ■ a aqo-'wsg • ^ OS ss nsprprw wu pvw ■». w mgp a* • aould also make Hmf theatrical ^ pis annually Rep wouM own the evening, with the pu vldpis and get >hare ol mecchai^ running on a , rontinuous basis dismrproRt*. Rush, lie said calli-d , tegular high Is 31 .VI latter's own plana. There appears i b^ne pofssibtlity Lober' may stay ®ii a* vetond/in eommand i ^ WSUnloidBi nm'SUf«l Sfatrie, Jake Wilk. for more than two ^.l ade*, eastern alory, chief lor Gainer Rroa.. Is now reportedly eking (or the company on a commiv^ion bosit He la i(temi.t- l •>4 to unload (or WB aome of the Crawford for ''Lone Star/ Kes Easkpd t Soitek Hollywood. Oct. 9 do/en* of storita It has acquired . play. **4 Deep Seductive Wound.** product, believes (he time and ef- Film ootRf has notified br am Iws OvCf Hit years and whirh aro now 1 which Jule Siyne u A to Have pro- fort which such .a pic aa "Ronde** that all dates for "Heiective Si<»rv" laicv rase will be heant tf\ ihr .mi* ^ 4 v shelves < 'His remuneration * duced on Broadway last season, demand* would no! be commercial- must be approved b> the ho play- prrme t'ourt later ihu we**k 4 p- ‘h the form of commission for' Into a acreen play. It U making , <3 feasible unless Uw Important date department Par’s apmvreiit peal the .Sutphea K^taii v l> an ••rh property sold the rounds. Meantime Englundhgs outlet* were Rgqred in. .aim is to insure’againvi the ft tin • itutgivwth of, the nrg*gi#*ed anli- 'tter leaving hit atorv ed oost ’ lust completed a dramalie epis^ ^ Film, which already has , been' being played b> eshitw at a«> but iruvi decree of Warner Hro-i R^AFB FrRndl a .* reasonable offer and saiii A •tor goes from a'usqal tup of DCfUlu I iCIlCD ITIv l^v&J|'hed consult. Rogers, but -Yaiev $1 541 IP 12 40 f^,r the "yadiy*’ run. a Ronde,** French Import now I wrver gat a reply. ^ ^ . whuh will be on a tw«»-o-da>, re- , . ng In 1 .. .A. and Wavhingtun. | Case is e*|*ertcd to wind H***’ ^.iwd urat policy The 32 4 n mav- may wind lip as a release by I'nited ' week. imum will be lor evenings wiih^ '^’keilv" had the title role In the,r^*YI*is but on condition the ftlm 7 ■■.“■"r"**'" - oiatineeik set at 3 V 50 . There will originaJ stage version of **Joe.v" bn passed by the N V. state censor fVBav lAaiADDC lyki DPCT **e no speiial children’s ticket* Broadwav. Although he la a MHro ' Hoord Commercial Picture*, head ibflUKU lUA DUT " I" tlw oul*ide-N. V; spot* where contractee. Columbia has call on a | Hy Gaston Ifakim. I* preventing ^ Vadis ’ i> *et to piay. two dlffer- Culicr City player' in return for ! • He pic in the U: S-. and the Indie AM 11 A Alf pAIr IlATpX i-nt policies will be followed 7 ho ,to rktom Ii.ii 4 rt at Br 4 KtaTitk! w*** «•>«<«••> h- .ptoOkrtoB VH HU. VH fUn U«IM , . 0 «il,« 4 «-l 4 > 4 i 13 < vith proposals (or national re- Despite objertion* raised b* tlH* ' . ../ /s- 7 . ■ 7 '-/" , . : Theatre t>wiier* of Ametira at ^ i s T k, however, while feeling the , reeent N, convention against Ar|fMH|Mt Tq > . 7 I* ideal for the kart’* circuit,IdisDibs*, insistence on h«Hi»e**iri 4 e * *»• 1 c» dopled a hands-off policy until i approval on booking deatv. Para , Rn HMirfl hv Hldn ill [. Y. market la a**ured; Distrib. -mount thi* week further appeared ’ 7 ■ICalU uj IIIEU Il already la well stocked with ^adhering to the polirV. Washington, (in 3 wet. believes the time and ef-| Film outftt hav notified hram'l*<L‘* .7 . ArgunictiJ- in the S iiptM n Ks- which such s pic aa "Ronde’* ■ that all dates for "Deiectivc Si<irv” case will be heard b\ ibe .Si- ind* would no! be commercial- must be approved b> the ho play-. prrme Court later lh.f«. we<*k . itp- UA with proposals (or national re- lease. : 4 -' UA, however, while feeling the . reeent convent ion . agai n<-t Aim is Ideal for the •an” circuit, i disDib**, tn<vi»tence on h«Hiie«*iri 4 e hat adopted a hands-off policy until I approval on booking deatv. Para tho N. Y. market la aa»ured; (>i»lrtb. < mount thi* week further appeared Ken EngUind has rewrHien his] which already is well slocked with ^adhering to the policV Film, -which already has , been' being played b> eshtbv at anv ImiI iruvi decree of Warner Hrov h^t Spring, wtik wont to the Coaat 1 lor Metro’s trilogy. •’American turned down by I be N Y board the choice weekend tiine. / 7 handle the unloodlna UUk (oriha Beaut v^whieh Sldnev Sheldon is but appeal from which is now be- Par followed Ihii »aioe policv .Satphen. which own* the' pru|v 4 rtv of the New Ytok Wainer The-, (^ handle the unloading for the Beauty.** which Sidney Sheldon is , Hut appeal from which is now be- Par followed ihii «aine pulirv . rt> of the New Ywk w aiiier riu^ Modio He preferred the east.! producing. ling readied, would be the Arsi un- with three pis ,m*wf iwinging ifd« atrr fformerly .Strand*, vainly k iwever, and now Iim returned tO Englund nuiv do a cooperative dubbed foreign languager ever wide relea*r *’Here (*«*oies tlir -migW. pcrmi»s 4 fin to inteirvrnc m Headquarters In New York. = ; western with George Marshall jW-| handled by U k. It has subtRles m Groom;** ‘That’s My lh»w* and ihr Warner antHruvt ca>e to pro- ■k.Rorl* !•' tom story properties ■ reefing. They were afftliated with I English. .Diatrlb’s Interest, stem* “Place in the Sun; ■ Didrih* han leci it* rights under a Ob year lease. Into raidi is part of an overall ef- * Bert Frledlob in “A Millionaire fori from fact “Ronde” iv drawing con- dling of these and some earlier re- Warner jodgment m 4 ke« no m«'»* f'»rt hv lYB to liquidate all po^Me Chrivfv,*’ the JOlh Century - Foa , steteni I y strong return* In its Urn- leaves drew squaw k% tr»*m Hye •run to protect the longterm Sul- •'veiv in i»reporation for divorce ^’’paikage'^ currently at tho Rosy J Red U, S dale% so far and is un- TOAerv Latter also attacked War piwnlea'ie.inllspro^sionofdis'W*- iurnt. ' . vj.Nfiw Y’or^ i usually suet c*sfui abroad. 7 ,|nef Brm. rr least nf pmrt ices. lUittun of the Warner Tlieatre chain. dling of these and some ear iter re- Warner judgment m ike* no provv leases drew squaw k^ tr»*ni llye . •h*n to protect the long term ?sul- TOAers- Latter also attacked W ar pitrn les'ie. in Us provision of disuse |nef Brm. rrlcaslnf prnrtices. l Uitrun of the Warner Tiieairc chain.