Variety (October 24, 1951)

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Par to In Few Months; Exhibs’ RCA Reaction • Paramount will h* rtidy within ♦ • few month* to d« numeral* • color version ol Ml toflMffw* iitMtrt tele mitm^ip *** ul Rti bourn «*M this week Disclosure runt m a sequel to RCA'a unv fil- ing of its Urge-screen rotor at press and exhibitor preview* In the Colonial Tht*lrf Mi lf. k l*'t Par 4 * rotor wiU bo on him juvt •* ,* It* btgvcreen black-and- white Thu u accomplished via ah • intermediate * ayatem wh« reh> the image I* phut«»gi aphed WjgW ; the fare of a cathode tube and the Aim ■ la * immediately protected RAW procesalng take* about 40 second* and It I* *aid the color will take only a few second* longer ^ } iyd in the system »HI be Par * pew Chromatic tube, which will provide the tinted reception Bold ing up an immediate go-ahead on production of the complete system in Par * indecision «»n which at two available color Alma It wants to U*f One I* the Keller Dorian lentiru far atork and the other i* a suh- trattive dye pnwe** Lattgr if said , to be .. an old method coho photography . on which the patent* Stretch ing Bubblegum • Cleveland. Oct 23 - Manager of a nab# here has solved the problem of clearing hi* tbeatre of youngster* at kid matioeea-^>and keep them from seeing the show over and over. After the Amt »how. thla *till is dashed on the screen ‘ All children who leave the theatre now will get a package of Dubtoie Bubble gum at the door He gets 300 empty aeat* within five minute*. SAG Fite Vs. Pix For Theatres. TM Hollywood Ort 23 Hidhafi to H’wosf Boy and John Boulting. British producer-director team, arrived In New Yorti yeaterday TuHJ on the llo do France onrouto tn Holly. wood, where they II work for Metro. Boultings acre Inked by the stu- dio several moot ha ago They 11 : write, produce and direct an un titled yarn. : /. :,1v -- ~ | r | -|——— —* Kuan Article Explains ■ ‘Streetcar’ Catting b ■ Rap at Warners, Lefio* Disc imore by Vxaimr several weeks ago (hat Elia Kaum and Warner Bin* were at odda over the cutting of "Mreetcar Named De- sire.** to order to geA a passable [rating from the U#M of Decency resulted in a requeft by the Bow Vork Time* for further elucidation [by the director He gave a by- ; lined two-column play-by-play in ! Sunday * '211 Times ? i By remarkable understatement. Karan got in some subtle, but nonetheless "bating, opinion* of both WB and the Catholic Aim morals organisation Declaring ‘the producer* have Implored me to keep silent about it »the con- ftni lor they regard it a* a poaa- .. . m. W. _ k _a k ^ Stale to Be ■ Main Issue ot Unde ’m Appeal —♦ Controversial Issue o# separation ^ U/ A L t * -V.l n Chureb and sUte Ubeiy will bo Foreman With Lippert? lUn main consideration of the V 8. '' Hollywood. Oct 23 While confirmation wasn’t possible tonight *T«n V M » repotted t hat Carl r ore man l* In a deal to produce pin Inde- pendently for release through Lippert. with Utter supplying mayor financing Pi* are said to he in mod- erate - budget classification. Foreman would function go producer-writer An multiple- pic setups, end he would re- tain lights to do outside pit. Hollywood Oct 23 “VL^sJ^tlnU B.du-rt L Lippert. Arst producer »«u headmhe with a happy ending Arrangement by which Stanley opinion written by Judge 8 huh *» J •* _ ( j n mtempt t«» turn out Alms for at llte bogofftre. Karan added that n ramer and Carl Foreman parted Fuld. Also, in a *e Supreme Court tn deciding an ap- peal from the W. Y. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ban of The Miracle * Ephraim t. L o n don, attorney for Joseph Bnrstyn, distributor of the film, told ho expert* the top tri- bunal will weigh the Mw < v case at the tome Ume it ronsvden two other actiona Involving basic rhurrh-state differences Other suits renter around pub- lic school students being released from clast to attend religious in- I struct ions and Btble-reading *n ' public school* Appeal from the Miracle" ala will be taken neat month, and Its suit and the others are likely to go boforo the Ani- pneme Court In December or Janu- ary. according In Londan S Y. court’s ruling upheld the r i ght of U»o Btnto Board of Be-* gents to ben the showing «»f "Miracle 4 on the ground that it ' w as “sacrilegious.” The vote w as 3-1 I Burst) n side believes it has firm ground for appeal tn the support j given the film by a minority opinion written by judge Stanley H Fuld. Alan, in a separate bave expired and which l +r uw by both Un atre* and telev‘M«n he could** see it that wa^ compani yesterday \ton » entailed opinion which fon mr yed with *he gmeerakavr further deyolognd bftd ^ .pp^rpitv Mnaaed lb the tpsroi Difeclor said he learned Aoite iom pi r(e buyout of Foreman’s ma)oHty on most counts Judge ^ ~list i n g l fT" tioaed in M»e lowoi Director saio ne learnea quur # wm pleto .buyout • of ‘Foreman’*.. « im ^ visuallv m 'UMabblr with the Acreon | ^bout the rutting a partnership interest m the pro- A Both ate *4-d . .l \ ' ii)d • uicb bna voiced op that the Legion uaa going o g Hucer 4 * two compnniev. Se» ond s .. |m,. . »i >on to .,.h a ptose. Uffrrt j the pM urea t or t of « h . Icrm.nat tom wna 11 clifrvts _•* I • week that he is hoiding raliilg Tl|0 dudio» rear Ion. | tn nn nrf r a r s n aaamsr iti^kes dlfAeun the ds*t in»«u» «»n r or ‘'Condemned j studios reaction.’*! complete buyout of rnfoman’s nia)oHty on most counts Judge linn ship interest in the pro- : C harles S. Desmond stated films r»*r‘a iuo romoaoies. Se« und should be covered by the press defects aim -u| Uhs Week' Ihal he is holding rating me musiqx inrun ni-kes dllAtult the _. dfvjM«>" ■ r *\t**+ to < he at re* of the Anal ‘ K**#n wroti o*a one of P* viiu h i.» mi , . .nd^ii DifAcuity. F ^ hin ^ ^Kng» : «f. 13 ] They had # siaable investment portion (he termination was ■ nrlvileges of the First Aroembrrnt. Thla similarly was maintained n w h|^,Mrs«;;av ^ ,j ht% ot igipal package af^ lll Tbl of the K-D him ‘ h, ‘ h ks t . 4t'd ma> evenluaily ihannrl them the a., "lab' k wat til :tn Is mVlltAAII ™ . . cim . (agreement to pay off Foreman over f n, » 7v trr. "I»f»« 1 Sse Jud *' maintained n hv Kastman, Vm**n *“ in ,.!« )«. lion. M**« w! ftliec K used on the projector and t.ik* * tU V hlro. OnH ■v/.- ■ s \ii has been Aghling any at «.uni«-<t I a tukrt l>« tare and they at once a*- d rhai no C atholic would buy ,on krt ll»> l-.rrd th.l th... 1 ._T.r^ly » ment contract with the Kramer! . canitalion I ®ss*wt>TS said he’ll have the hack Tersely worded announcvMMig *■«j .SjSgt **'"* iii.aini • kMrrf mM>tisa uiit the which joined bld| In the. lo S\t. nga ngminn *n> •< • — J • ■ ,TV. following a board meotlnd said the m»nea mw m mt.ifsrr w " . • . ! ^ u iu iher ,VU‘HI nntr iiumiihu iwwvwama »»m*s « Color*, but differed on w»u thef ^ have not settled (Continued on page 2T1 Martin-Lewis Short Brings Beef to Col By Wallis Haten, Par '“aX*^ ,o L.^. K. w AUCHENER’S ‘PARADISE’ .ttMn'I.m h,» u( . dual rrlc» T,,*™ l4»r the Alma because the "vaatly RAI f.HT RY iSPFN different production technique* 1 • 1 make it |u»i*ossible to combine the/' Hollywood. Oct. 23. two methods. Hi* setup provided Aspen Product Ions has purchased fur a AO minute feature, which James A. Mtchener's "Return to ~could be sliced in the middle to Paradise” for an undisclosed cash Kramer mainstay since the pro- ducer went into production on his film last winter Metropolitan Com- mittee galled for the appointment SICKENER'S TARADIST S 2 - ship in two Kramer outfits. Thee. . » to » n F hierairny BOBCHT IT ASTER I court af the itj Kr.mrr Produtlton*. »hkh n- 4untlon . ^ 1IT rted i«m«d •Continued on page 20) Dr Charles A Brtnd. Jr, counwl umiin lie nut « u in me miutuv w rBiraiv inr an unmw u»m « r>AT n IV IS W.dH* IL./. n I.imluiiion unit .»nd {>iovmU i 0 half h«Hir \tdeo shows ' price plus 7'.• < of the pfsRi. and HIT f||M TlimS UOWD P.h jj nount «hu h distributes w »t ||«. he bniml the Ar*t seven of I will make two pi* owl of It. “Ibr- | _ . pis have filed » v*»uaw k *>>M *> ha tuukage did not sell wellto the* Morgan.*- directed by Mark Rob- ^RlKKpc , (aP lirrtti iumlna wer a released bv a | rt . % ^ | 0 ih**ir patrons. son. and "Until They Sail,** directed that company. It is »*ne of the Acro»di«g lo the incite producer, by Robert Wise. "Screen boat* l1 dt» Wrif* te^iur? thggtechnique required for video’ Plan is for South PaciAc lending, Ing Dean Martin and Jerry ;*;^i*’ t involves too much dating and insuf- in Technk*oK>r. with Michener who are umler |>at to Want* hcient actum lor Almery customers, screenplaying both. Ila/en. . The 13 * omjilrted Alms can be cat ■— > 1 — - •Screen Snapsboplv. t«Adc bv |0 fivf Kltn a gfiaR 0 f 2A for salt *> .... . ... y « TV . P»y Hikes for All Mono cumkTrlciJitn* »' "Mlrkr*" Irlr s«Hie v»n Upp Pact Execs; Broifj’s KH0.469 vision Award. Hollywood, pel. 23, Hollywood Ort 23 * 11 and Par objection is that \ugtnia Van l i»p. and Columbia c._, n rol< | v mi Di L • Continued on page 20i Dr. Charlea A Brtnd Jr. counsel * —I for the Regents, and London dur- tT n tv vs mg oral a r gu m e nts la^t Jubd. )| | anel I urns Down 'Judge luld indicated then tn the ^ ■ . # iu • opinion; of obaervers. that bg ivusnes for Ciran ** rrrd *** th ? ^mentions -i- vanced by London and disagreed London. Ort. 23 f with those made by Dr. Brintl II Green Grow the Rushes,” a pic- .was eapected that the majority of ties. The M«rL bit show* the two romir* receiving a "Mickey tele vision award. Ik II and Par objection t* that Pay Hikes for All Mono Execs; Brody’s $110,469 with Michener ture made by a Aim workers union. hag been rejected for chrwAKI re- lease by a Board of Trade aelec- Am M , Mon panel Following the turn Ail Mono down the production is now being offered to independent!. r # Clin 4CQ * Rushes > the Arst cooperative • ▼* I Vf*tvw kimmaking effort of the Asan. of Hollywood. Ort. 23. Cine A Allied Terhnlcians. It was Steve Biotdy rereived 891 321 in made on a 8230 000 budget, wholly •ome theatres have ■ been billing sumahl> denied the writer* on ^~ sslarv a* president of Monogram- financed by the National Film the short above the feature attrac- film deal. She had bfen set to A , hr< , Ar1uti 819 148 in Fmamw Corp. with »Ur* and tech- tion and blowing up the names gf knie an uiigmal for Rug Hay-^ honuses during the Aaeal year end- nictans taking substantial defer- klartin and Lewia to make it ap worth s comeback film rd June 30. a total of 8110,409. ac- ment Rejection for circuit distribu- pear they are playing »n the fea D.^agretrnwnt ovrr development ^rdmg to prosy statements mailed Mon is * blow to ACT for the loops ture, V\ If and Par maintain this of Uie script led to cancellation t* unfair competition with the MAL mmmKKmmBKsmBmmaamamm to stockholders In advance of the provide substantial revenue. Col has replied that it has ad- monished thetlreiuen against *ueh practice, but is helpless to ronlroi •hetr method of billing. SHUPERTS PAR DUTIES .» » >•«> ^ SPLIT BY 2 STAFFERS ^r n, # !l ** T"t'r , ‘ a? JTUI DI L JlltriblW bit nl lh» oviput by ih. company f „ u „ tMl lnrrrM ,. ov „ thfl ? prr . Gcorfc T. Shupcrt • itt not hf *i\\ |o 1# IH# Air Furcc. vuhii ('OttipfniiUoii Thfic replaced as v p and director of Par mwntly squired a pUm in %mou ^ t4 to 9U0 for Broidy Paramount * subsid. Paramount Vamfotd. ( onn . to prt»dure the $5000 f or Burrows $3200 for Telev uion Productions. Inc His tubes. one »ff the production RUthry and g4 3uo for Morey, duties will he divided among two »mc ts evprvted in a month or less V . staff members and an outside Ratbouin di**brod recently that . « -w agency v production of 30,000 a year was Meet on Loew’i Decree reasons It has hy Pat amount *nniul meeting Nov 14 _ # _ 1 _ . It Payoff to other Mono toppers Par t r.n nr Tiinp luted *% toiiow* w r*v Vtg 9 WW V«8W 1 Johnston Muird chairman, 833.- . issiirsN ff*n nii I ssssJ 441; George D. Burrows, ever v p , . - I~T »»30JM and a bonus of 99 300 never been di>< lose# yjort 0fl \r. Ritchev. foreign depart- Chrnmatic is known ^ p $20 800 plus $9 300 tn George T Shupcrt will not be replaced as v p and director of IpgM, .. iwimuuiuii ui jw.uw a year was Hurt Balaban and John Howell, expected, primarily as a stimulant formerly Shupert a assistants, will to other manufacturers, to whom take over hn production and pro- the patents would be lirensed. . Meet on Loew’s Decree Washington. Oti 23. Attorneys for Loew s met fes-‘ ierday -Mon 1 with lawyers of the ■ramming m'tlv^Twh.le Paul H |, Reason for going ahead with pro- Raymer Co . station rep outAt. will durtion despite the absence of color ^ fwo .do^ ^!hed handle time sales in the future shows on the air, Par vp ex- •* ' rf Jt7. All the ac<»vines were m Conner- plained was because CVomatie ( f (ton with KTLA Par-owned TV »a# equally effective in Mack-an4-»5^ ” * * * *onxp*n*e-n without station in Los Angeles. *hite reception and it could be Production and programming In- sold to the public for the same station in Los Angeles. *hiie reception and it could be Production and programming in- M>td to the public for the same elude shows done live on KTLA price nr imie more than an ordi- and kioescoprd for syndication to n*ry bt» tube, ether outletsL 1 "Even without color shows being Shupcrt resigned last week to available now” Rat bourn said, "it bead a new telepic production-di*. is Crrtain that they*U be back on trtbwtioA Arm being set up by Ed- the sir eventually. As a result. I n ward Small and Sol lesser He is sure, most people considering pur- so« on the Coast confabbing wtth rhave of a set would prefer to buy the producers His headquarters one that will receive color as well Will be in the RKO Bldg, X. Y. , as bUtk aod-white." Additional meetings will be held soon. • •. N. Y.toLA. Danny Dayton David E. Greene , Mannie Greenfield Charlton Heston Eliiabeth Tay lor Be may Yenuta N. Y. to Europe Anthony Beauchamp Pamela Brown Robert K. Christen berry Sarah Churchill Kurt Hirseh Van Johnson Chuck Kebbe Alexander Knox Arthur Kober Joshua Logan Richard Rodger* Siegl Sessler Charles Vanda Lou Walters \ • .. • . • , ’ Europe to N. Y. Bob Amon William Barnett Bernard Brothers Jo Bouillon Roy and John Boulting Steve Broidy Erika Dannhoff Robert Dowling Pierre Galante Hilda Cueden Roy Henderson Sir Arthur Jarrati Alexander Korda Elsa Lane heater Goddard Lieberson - - Louis Upstono Anatoio Lltvak Ilya Lopert J. B. Priest lay * • » Ml r | • \ » (Continued on page 20* L A. to N. Y. Ed Be loin William Berge r Herbert -Rregatem Malcolm Caaaell Eduardo Clanneill Fred Clark Leo J. Cobb John Dales. Jr. Denise Darrel Betty Garrett Georgia Gibbs Max Gilford Margalo Gillmort Harry Goldstein Morey Goldatem Lew Grade Richard Greene William Hinkle Jerome Hines Kurt Hirseh James Wong How# ; Christopher Isherwood Gordon Jenkins Van Johnson G W. (Johnny) Johnstone Norman Krasna Waiter Lantt; Charles LeMairo Melinda Max key James Mason Robert Maxwell « Adrian McCalmaa Dorothy McGuire Dt, Herbert Meyer Ralph Morgan Jog Moskowiti Larry Parks Walter Reilly Dora Schary Charles Bkouraa April Stevens Howard Strickllng Gordon Stulkerg Jerry Wald Hal Wallis Mabel Walker Wilkbrandt Danny Winkler Donald Woods Herbert J. Yateg Eugene Zukor * . . • V'.yV < f .. ■ •; • \ Hf. | #•!. g 4 r 1 *