Variety (December 1952)

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ORCHESTKAS-MUSIC Wednesday, Deceml>ep 10, 1952 On the Upbeat New York Joe Durion hits been set as li- brettist for Columbia Records up-- coming “Archie and Mehitabel” album which George Kleinsinger is scoring . . . Pianist Rosa Linda alternating with the Milt Herth Trio at the Park Sheraton, N, Y. . , . Pat Terry into the Erie.Club, Philadelphia, Dec. 13 . . . Abbey Albert orch currently at the Hotel Statler, Boston, after 21 months at the Stork Club, N. Y. . . „ Voretta Dillard, Savoy Records pactee, on a one-niter trek in the east . . . Buddy Johnson orch opens at the Savoy Ballroom, N. Y., Dec. 12 . . . Elaine Bergman handling disk pro- motion for the indie MRT label . . . Lester Young orch into Minton’s Playhouse, N. Y., Dec. 12 . . . Gene Ammons orch opens at the Show Boat, Philadelphia, Dec. 15 . ... Rose Murphy booked into the Iroquois Club. Louisville, Dec. 15. , . . Austin Powell Quintet opens at the Blue Mirror, Washington, Dec. 15 . . . Vaughn Monroe plays a one-niter in Youngstown, O., Dec. 12 . . . Guy Mitchell began a two- week engagement at the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, yesterday (Tues.) . . . Georgia Gibbs into the State Theatre, Hartford, for two days beginning Dec. 21 , . . JBilly May orch on one-niter trek through the midwest during December . . . Nellie Lutcher opens at the Oasis. L. A., Jan. 5 , . . Nat (King) Cole begins a three-week engagement at the Tiffany Club, L. A., Dec. 26. Kansas City Stan Kenton orch into the Pla- Mor for a one-nighter Dec. 13 . . . Jimmy Fentherstdne orch current- ly playing a repeat date for three weeks in the Terrace Grill'of Hotel Muehlebach, replacing Ken Harris orch which heads for St. Louis . . , Gunnar Sondberg trio set to open at Putsch’s 210 for an in- definite stay beginning Dec. 15. Bernard Widman trio moves out to Miami, Fla. . . Midland Attrac- tions has Ray Duggan threesome in at the Famous Restaurant, which has returned to musical combo after long spell of organ only with Alberta Bird. Bird shifts to II Pag- liacci on the north side . . . Ernie Ray and piano and orch into River- side Club, Casper, Wyo., Dec. 8, following Chuck George unit which goes to the Alta Club, Miles City, Mont. . . . Virgil Mason foursome out of the Alta Club to the Esquire Club, Rapid City . . . Stewart Scott combo returns .to. the Drum Room of Hotel President, replacing Don Roth Trio Dec. 22. Cnicago Art Talma dge, . Mercury . a&r head, cuts Mary Small, Bernice Parks, Jimmy Darrow and Rusty Draper this .week. Draper, will do a series of teevee shots before go- ing into the Coj>a, Miami . . . Jim- my Dorsey, inked for two weeks at Qlaridge, Memphis', Jan. 23 '. . Jan Garber returns for five weeks at the Roosevelt, New Orleans, Jan. 8 . . . Ralph Marterie has a frame at Melody’ Mill Jan\ 7 and then goes into Casa L'oma, St. Louis, Jan. 13 for another week . . . Hal MacIntyre has a three-weeker at the Chase, St. Louis, Jan. 30 . . . Jimrily Palmer in for 14 days at the Peabody, Memphis, Jan. 26. Bill Bamer returns to the Du- bonnet Dec. 15 for three-month run . . . Norman Carlin formed a trio and starts his first engagement at Basil's, Kokomo, Ind., Bill Devore follows him there for a month’s stay Dec. 15 . . . Sax Mallard group is set from Dec. 8 through Jan. 3 at the Greenpoint, Muncie, Ind. . . . Los Martinos have a similar run at the Cdlony Club, Omaha . . . Norman Dygon plaj's other Colony Club in St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 21 for two weeks . . . Three Twins return to the Stage Lounge for an indefinite booking . . . Shaw Agency has pacted the Stan Getz outfit . . . George Shearing has a week at the Yankee Inn, Akron, Feb. 9 . . . Bill Davis into Canada for two weeks at the Colonial, To- ronto, Jan. 26. Pittsburgh EVERYTHING HAVE IS YOURS ROBBINS MUSIC CORPORATION Jimmy Confer has left Baron •Elliott’s band to become the dinner- time host at Johnny Lauglilin’s Shamrock? Room and to sing there during late supper sessions with Bill Bickel and his Starliters . . . George Shearing unit booked into the Copa for week of Jan. 5 . . . Ralph Flanagan plays a one-nighter Saturday (13) for a private party at Greater Pittsburgh Airport’s Horizon Room . . , Organist Molly Papile back into Horseshoe Bar again after -more than a year’s absence . . . Wally Gingers band goes to N. Y. Roseland Ballroom for week beginning Dec. 19 . . . Ernie Neff at the Hammond at the Devonshire . . . Bands of Bernie Armstrong and Bill LeRoy booked for Pittsburgh Opera Society’s annual ball at Hotel Schenley Fri- day (12). Sara and Her StrinMLalso set . . . Will Mastin Trio plays the Twin Coaches for three nights beginning Dec. 19. Ames Brothers, at that spot last week-end, couldn't make their closing on account of snowstorm which made it impos- sible for them to drive from down- town hotel out to the highway spot. Dallas Doodles Weaver and Fred Low- ery, with Catherine Toomay, into Cipango Club . . . Candy Candido and Jimmy Palmer orch open Dec. 13 at Pappy’s Showland . . . Trini Reyes and jLos Cfuvsiles de Espana open a 10-night stand Thursday (11) in Baker's Hotel’s Mural Room . . . Jimmy Dorsey oreli in for series of one-nighters ... Colony Club gets Tom Melody, the At- woods and Judy. Walker .for Dec. 16 opening . . . Don Cherry opens Dec. 22 at Shreveport’s Stork Club ... Jan Garbp? orch packed for five-week sta/id in Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans, starting Jan. 8 . . . Denise Darcel set for Sky Club opening Jan. 13,' Aftfct' bdWirig heir song act Jan. 2 at Jung Hotel, New Orleans. French star follows Sarnia Gamal, set for Dec. 24 holi- day show in her third Sky Club date in 60 days. Merc Ink* Duke Trio The Dough Duke Trio, instru- mental combo, has been pacted by. Mercury Record's, Their initial sides for the diskery will hit the market within the next two weeks, Group currently is appearing at Frank Dailey’s Ivanhoe, Irvington, N. J. RETAIL DISK BEST SELLERS — ummn — Survey of retail disk best sellers based on reports ob- tained from leading stores in 12 cities and showing com- parative sales rating for this and last week. Week Ending National Rating This Last wk. wk. Dec, 6 Artist, Label, Title I 14 I a a < $ 2 5 3 s a w £ 5 d TJ 1 3 I M I a * ti 4) o § ■* 4 4* £ co w 5 . ►> to O C3 to a g 5 t-3 £ w t- I k> & £ t/i I 2 P a £ & 3 1 1 'G •a S | I « J S J w (5 JONI JAMES (MGM) 1 2 “Why Don’t You Beli eve Me” 1 3 ' MILLS BROSTlDecca) 2 1 “Glow Worm’’ 3 7 “ JOHNNY STANDLEY (Capitol) 3 4 “It’s in the Book” JIMMY BOYD (Columbia) 4 15 “I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa”... 2 4 PATTI PAGE (Mercury) 5 3 “I Went to Your Weddin g” 10 9 JO STAFFORD (Columbia) 6 .. “Keep It a Secret” 4 .. MARIO LANZA (Victor) 7A 5 “Because You’re Mine”. 5 8 JO STAFFORD (Columbia) 7B 11 “Jambalaya” PERRY COMO (Victor) 8 .. “Don’t Let Stars in Your Eyes” VERA LYNN (London) 9 10 “Yours” 10 JO STAFFORD (Columbia). 10 7 “You Belong to Me” 9 .. HILL TOPPERS (Dot) 11A 8 “Trying” , 7 5 EDDIE FISHER (Victor) 11B 10 “Wish You Were Here” TERESA BREWER (Coral) 12A 13 “Till I Waltz Again With You” EDDIE FISHER (Victor) 12B 9 “Lady of Spain” DON CORNELL (Coral) 13 11 “I” , g • PEARL BAILEY (Coral) * 14A 6 “Takes Two to Tango”. 8 6 L. PAUL-MARY FORD (Capitol) 14B 12 “My Baby's Coming Home” . .. TOMMY EDWARDS (M-G-M) 14C .. “You Win Again” DON HOWARD (Essex) 15 10 “Oh Happy Day” 2 12 2 111 4 14 4 2 2 10 6 2 3 111 106 2 2 .. 78 1 4 .. .. 33 10 .. 4 8 1 .. 4 31 8 25 3 . 8 10 9 .. .. 10 6 6 5 6. 6 . 2 6 7 . 5 7 7 10 , 9 2 3 21 7 8 3 .. 7 8 5 . 7 .. 8 .. 10 . 9 10 3 9 8 . 2 16 9 15 5 3 FIVE TOP ALBUMS I'M IN THE MOOD WISH YOU WERE FOR LOVI HERE Eddi« Fishtr iwny Catf Victor . LOC-3058 Victor EPB-3058 LOC-1007 P-3058 OC-1007 RECAUSE YOU'RE MINE Hollywood Cost Victor LM-7015 WDM-7015 DM-7015 NEW FACES OF 1952 •woy Cost Victor OCrlOOB WOC-1008 LOC-1008 5 URERACE Columbia CL-6217 B-308 s C-308 ■.a-;.--; a ".mm .a JUS Another Bffll % gg JUMP BACK HONEY 'obiMed by Ru , h „ records EHa Mat Mont Sonny Oal.-Vnuflhn Monro. '. • ‘' CCctpi*ol> Dorothy Collin,-Snoohv Inn. * ’ ’ ( V,cr * f ) Jimmy Dor*oy • , " 10n ’ ’ 1 • (D.cca) Jimmy Dori.y --... 0 .,^. V' ‘ M Hadda Brooks * ' Columbia) (Columbia; 'o Hod do Brooks * * * / Broadcast Muiic, Inc. n „ - ■ - :j... - N«W Y, r j, ». my y*■ »«£. Vi.S; ( £ James Brings Name Bands Back to Cocoanut Grove Los Angeles, Dec. 9. .Name bands are coming back to thfe COCoaitut* Grove of the Ambas- sador Hotel, once one of the Coast’s traveling band strongholds. Hos- t6iry*hd£ had an occasional orch in recent years but has relied mostly on name talent as its customer hire. Harry James launches the new policy Dec. 24 for four weeks, and will be followed by Russ Morgan for six frames. Other deals are now being set. Jean Sablon and Margaret Whiting, both previously booked, will be the -name singles occupying the spotlight during James', tenure. Best British Sheet Sellers (Week ending Nov. 29) London, D6C. 2. Here in My Heart Mellin You Belong to Me.. .Chappell • Isle Of Itmisfree Maurice Half as Much Robbins Forget-Me-Not Reine Sugarbuslx .-.Chappell Walkin’- to Missouri Dash Homing Waltz Reine JFeeJ: XJp ..... v....CipepbdPte Zing a Little Zong... .Maddox Walkin’ My Baby..Victoria Faith Can Move Dash Second 12 Somewhere Along Way.Magna Blue Tango Mills Auf Wiederseh'n Maurice I Went Wedding Victoria I’m Yours Mellin Meet Mr. Callaghan Toff Faith Hit Songs My Love and Devotion.. Fields High Noon Robbins Kiss of Fire Duchess Because You’re Mine. .Robbins I’U Never Forget You.Lennox Dale Jumpers ■-I Continued from page 43 =■ - ing promises to other diskers who are respecting the original release date. Decca execs have explained to Gale that they jump dates because other companies have repeatedly done it to them. The situation, in fact, was so bad early last year that Columbia Records openly an- nounced to the trade that it would no longer respect release dates at all, except for show and film tunes. Gale called this type of opera- tion “cannibalism” and said he wants to set a precedent that can’t be broken. • Sue* Over ‘Sam’* Song’ Los Angeles, Dec. 9. Elmer Albrecht, song writer, filed suit in L.A. Federal Court against Sam Weiss Music Co., Inc., and Lew Quadling, charging' in- fringement of copyright, involving the tune, “Sam’s Song.” Plaintiff declares it infringes on his own song, “How Was I To Know.” Albrecht asks an injunction re- •straining further promotion of “Sam’s Song’! and unspecified damages. Hub Tooters Return Local 9 Incumbents Boston, Dec. 9. In one of the most bitterly fought elections in recent years members of Hub’s* Local 9, AFM, last week reelected for a two-year term the incumbent officers, Bert Nickerson, prez; Pat Sands, veepee, and Gus Fischer, secretary-treas- urer. Only newcomers elected to gov- erning body were George Harris and Nick Conti,, successfully win- ning seats on five-man board of directors and Bill Dolan, chosen as one of the three trustees. S1If.Lk> tf MNTEM/UTERS IXC1TIHO MHOtTlOMOj . VICTOR ao-*** 7 America's Fastest Selling Records! V