Variety (December 1952)

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V ItBEVILLe Wednesday, December 10, 1952 PyQziEff n Union, Talent Demands Cue Natl Cafe Owners Org; Lou Walters Prexy Miami Cops Accept AGVA Plan on Stripper Limits; Done With Photo ‘Model’ Miami, Dec. ‘9, Early morning raids last Thurs- day (4) by Miami police on two spots here, the Jungle Club and the Red Barn, with seven strippers taken for a ride in the paddy- wagon to be charged with “in- decent exposure,” led to agreement by authorities with local branch of American Guild of Variety Artists on what the undulating uncladders may expose. Last week, AGVA's Jerry Baker had arranged for the organizations’ policing of all stripperies so as to eliminate any prejudging on the amount of flesh to be exposed. Deal with the police department came after a photo showing a ver- sion of what the gals can get down to was okayed by Chief Walter Headley, Jr. Staff meeting of the law-enforcers was shown a snap of model in what is to be consider- ed sufficient costume to keep within the ordinance rulings, passed recently. Outfit is made up of non-transpar- ent material, and bans any use of flesh-colored panties or other de- luding materials. Basically, it looked like the typical bikini bath- ing suits that are seen along the 6wank beach-hotel sector on any sunny afternoon. AGVA will distribute posters dsiplaying the approved “model” to be posted in dressing rooms of all cafes. Baker also promised aid in prosecuting any showgirls who dis- played more, and to take action to feyoke their Guild cards for any infraction. Beach spots featuring strips have not been bothered by that city’s entorcement agencies, with opera- tors exercising care on what their acts may display. Friars Setting Bob Hope Dinner; $5,090 to Palsy Fears’ dinner to Bob Hope Woi i w , York on Feb- 27 at the ® “orf-Astoria will see the Cere- driv ^ Setting at least a ^ sllce of any profits from the ma!l er ’ George Jessel wUlt6a£t- nvTr 1 and Personalities likji Dan- aHi n e ’, wko wilV Be concurrent whr! le an d Jimmy Durante, ih tK VV1 ^ k® doing his'TV shows amnno 5i? st at *kat timej will be am B 0 "e„ those ia N..Y, . ng Crosby will tape a salute; Pittsburgh, Dec. 9. + Cafe owners from all over the east met here last week to organ- ize Theatre-Restaurant Owners of America and elected Lou Walters, of New York and Miami Latin Quarters, as prexy. It’s the first time in history of nitery business that a group such as this has been formed on a national basis and was prompted by increasing talent and union demands, specifically the new welfare contribution plan set up by American Guild of Variety Artists. TROA voted to pay the welfare tariff under protest, pending a meeting with AGVA board of di- rectors in Feburary,. and agreed to follow the line of action taken recently by the Philadelphia Cafe Owners, who have taken the case to the National Labor Relations Board. Len Litman, operator of the Copa here, was elected v.p. and Herman Pirchener, of the Alpine Village in Cleveland, chaiman of the board. He and Litman and Harry Altman, of the Town Casino in Buffalo, were the chief movers in the Pittsburgh meeting. TROA will be incorporated under a Pitts- burgh charter and plans to main- tain offices here. Nate Mattes, of Ankara, was appointed board chair- man of the Pittsburgh nitery own- ers’ group and Jackie Heller, of the Carousel, liaison between the group and AGVA. At the same time, TROA dis- cussed rising cost of talent for cafes and felt something had to be done to stop the inflation. Litman left for New York over the weekend to meet with Walters and get New York operators together. He then goes to Philadelphia on same busi- ness. Prep O'Seas Performers . For Korea Xmas Week Washington, Dec. 9. Col. Joseph E. Goetz and his staff arrived in Hollywood tonight (Tues.) to begin briefing entertain- ers who go overseas to appear for the troops during Christmas Week. Schedule calls for 97 men and women, including 20 name stars, to head into four areas. Three units will go to Korea and one apiece to Alaska, the Northeast Air Com- “and, and the Caribbean,.. There will be no Hollywood trip to’ the Europe-North African sector. In- stead, that tour will be made by a 30-person cowboy band from Hardin-Simmons College in Texas. AGVA Bd. Blames Union in Quickie N.Y. Cafe Pullouts American Guild of Variety Art- ists has met violent opposition to its welfare collections from nitery owners throughput the country. Work stoppages took place in New York and Chicago. The Manhattan walkouts were .settled within a day, but those In Chi are still on. Union exec board committee Monday (8) voted funds to pay pickets at the besieged niteries and to provide money for performers who are hit by the strike. No ceiling was placed on the amount of money tQ be ap- propriated for these purposes. Jack Irving, national administrator, left for Chicago yesterday (Tues.). New York opposition was com- paratively light, but action was violent while it lasted. The Wivel and Zimmerman’s permitted their shows to be pulled, but relented the followmg“day and promised to make welfare payments. The Blue Angel’s show was held up for 20 minutes. Operator Herbert Jacoby said he would pay “under protest.” There was opposition at the Ruban Bleu and in Harlem at the Baby Grand. Eastern regional director Jimmy Lyons is set to confer with the 52d St. and Greenwich Village ops as a body. Monday’s AGVA exec board meeting had some violent moments. Several board members decried the fact that the opposition was a result of union’s failure to keep the mem- bership fully informed as to the progress and steps to be taken. It was also accused of failing to seek (Continued on page 52) ‘O&J-Skating Vanities’ Nifty 65G, Its Best in 7 K.C. Yrs. Kansas City, Dec. 9. The five-day stand of Olsen & Johnson and “Skating Vanities” in the Municipal Auditorium Dec. 5-9 was best date of the roller show in its seven years here. Playing in cooperation with the city firemen’s benefit fund, blader opened in the huge arena to near-capacity 8,000, and had pleasant biz for all of its seven performances (matinees Saturday and Sunday). Show played at $3 top and grossed $65,000, a nifty take.. Fol- lowing stand here show moved it to Wichita for a week in the Forum. Low Attendance Delays Chi EMA Decision On Withdrawal From ARA Chicago, Dec. 9. Chicago Entertainment Managers Assn, met last night (Mon.) but failure to obtain quorum of 160 members in midwest caused post- ponement on decision whether or not to withdraw from Artists Rep- resentatives Assn. if. governing body insists on paying the AGVA welfare levy. While delegates stressed they would like to stay within frame- work of the bookers’ group, they would not pay into the fund. In secret ballot, 40 to 3, they voted for withdrawal if ARA insists on honoring welfare pact. Cards were sent to all members notifying them of Monday (15) huddle. If quorum isn’t met then, under EMA bylaws, majority of those present can take action. Thus, unless ARA can counteract the tre- mendous influence of club-date bookers within EMA, threat of withdrawal from ARA grows more imminent. TA Limits Cuffo Names To 2, Curbs Solicitation Hollywood, Dec. 9. Theatre Authority launched a crackdown on excessive use of names for benefits by limiting each future benefit to two top toppers. Further, committee consisting of Stan Richardson, repping Holly- wood Co-ordinating Committee; Eddie Rio, American Guild of Va- riety Artists, and Duke Wales, Mo- tion Picture Producers Assn., will pass on all requests for cuffo ap- pearances by stars. Rio said pitches directly to per- formers are now forbidden and added, “There will be no more of these big all-star shows. They’re too much of strain on the perform- er. We feel two names are ample and a group putting on a benefit can fill in with paid acts.” Kyle MacDonnell opened yester- day (Tues.) at Crystal Lounge, Troy, N. Y., with Carol Blaine held over for a second week. AGVA Welfare Rap Brings Chi Storm; Cafes Balk, Acts Walk, So Other (60) Spots Nix Talent, Start Rump Union ‘Join New Union or Else’ Chicago, Dec. 9. Several cafe owners here have declared that they will hire no performer unless he belongs to the new union. They stated they may per- mit an AGVA member to work their spots, but they’ll have to join the new organization as a condition of employment. Philly Cafemen Pay Union Tax, ‘Under Protest’ Philadelphia, Dec. 9. Although there is plenty of grumbling about “taxation without representation” and many niteries are paying under protest, the $2.50 weekly welfare fund assessment of the American Guild of Variety Artists is being paid here. Dick Jones, AGVA rep here, put the welfare fund tap into effect Nov. 22. Jones said only one spot, Murray’s in South Jersey, balked at the payments. AGVA yanked the show and the cafe got in line. Meeting of the Philadelphia Cafe Men’s Assn, at the Latin Casino drew group’s largest at- tendance. Concensus of members was to pay “under protest,” while Association’s legal staff waited for decision as tp the legality of AGVA assessment. Cafemen expect to be reimbursed if t the courts, or the National Labor Relations Board, declare the plan illegal. Herman Comroe, prexy of the cafe group, said his members didn’t object so much to welfare plan for the actors, but they had strong objections to the manner in which it was being collected. Nitery owners here believe, since they are paying the major part of the assesstment, there should be a joint board, with cafe repre- sentation, to administer the wel- fare fund. Monica’s Persian Date Filmster Monica Lewis has been pacted for her first date at the Persian Room, N. Y., starting Jan. 8. Deal was made by the William Morris Agency. OUT SOON! The 47th Anniversary Number Of Forms dosing shortly Usual Advertising rates prevail Special exploitation advantages Copy and spate reservations may tte sent to any Variety office NEW YORK 14 154 W. 44A St. HOLLYWOOD 28 4311 Yufca St. CHICAGO 11 412 N. Michigan Av*. LONDON, W. C. 2 8 St. Martin's Plac* Trafalgar Square Chicago, Dec. 9. Repercussions flared in full force here last week when Ameri- can Guild of Variety Artists’ reps went out lo collect the first weekly welfare fund payments. Tab of $2.50 per act went into effect Nov. 21 and the agents were mak- ing their first pickups late Tues- day night <2) and early Wednes- day morning. When managements of the Silver Frolics and Melody Casino, Chi, and the Little Club and Playhouse, in nearby Calumet City, refused’t(J P"dY the levy, all the acts walked out. Retaliation was quick with the other niteries, most of them strip spots and members of the Chicago Cafe Owners Assn., dropping acts Thursday night (4) and using" only musical combinations. When AGVA heard of the proposed move it offered to confer, but Milt Raynor, attorney for CCOA, re- fused to huddle until the four spots shuttered by “walkout” were re- opened. This AGVA refused un- less they first paid the welfare tab. At that point Raynor or- dered the entertainment out, af- fecting about 60 cafes and 300 performers, mostly in the femme- appeal class. Raynor said the acts were independent contractors and responsible for their own welfare. Oddly enough, many of the strip spots had been set to close from Dec. 14 through the 29th, the dullest period for them due to lack of conventioneers during this., span. Silver Frolics was closing a week earlier. Rump movement was started Friday night (5) when most of the comedians and exotics agreed to divest themselves from AGVA and start a new outfit called Chicago Entertainers Union, Local 1. Dissident group signed a pact with the CCOA going back to work Saturday (6). Raynor (Continued on page 56) Ky. Liquor Bd. Revokes 2 Covington Licenses, Cites Beverly on Gaming Cincinnati, Dec, 9. Revocation of the license of the Avenue Club and the Yorkshire Bar, both in Covington, by the Kentucky State Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, has set a pattern which endangers majority of the niteries in this area. Licenses were taken away because the cafes per- mitted gambling on the premises. Evidence had been gathered by un- dercover agents who made periodic checks. Beverly Hills Country Club, largest talent buyer in the New- port area, has been cited for a hearing on gambling charges be- fore the liquor board next Wednes- day (17). Merchants Club gets a hearing on the same charge the previous day. License of the Look- out House in, Cqvington, was re- voked last summer and cafe is now closed. v Board members also indicated that charges- will also be filed against Glenii Schmidt. Charges against him are now pending in Newport courts. A recent raid on that cafe is said to have revealed evidence of gambling. French Casino, N.Y., Pacts Laine, Rooney in Name Kick The French Casino, N. Y., is con- tinuing to bid for the top draws in the nitery field. Spot has set Frankie Laine for a Feb. 20 open- ing and is currently dickering for Mickey Rooney for a two-weeker starting Feb. 6. Meanwhile, the cafe has set John Arcesi, who startg ■ tomorrow (Thurs.) as successor to Frank Sinatra. The French Casino name parade was initiated by mid- dleweight champ Sugar Ray Robin- son. Cafe is shelling out top coin for these headliners. Laine is getting $12,500, and it’s likely that Rooney, will chalk up around $7,500 for hf*. stand there. Latter has been mak-‘ ing appearances with a small unit- surrounding him. Carl Ravazza into La Vie en RoS«, N. Y. f starting Dec. 19.