Variety (December 1952)

Record Details:

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Wednesday? December 17? 1952 * ' •*» » Pw&itirf 95 & # •& # i& ft % ft ft 8 # ft ft ft ft ft ty ft ft ft & ft ft ft ft ft ft <s ft ft •ft ft 8 ft $ ft ® $ ft ft 8 ft # ft ft '.;. -. : - W - •:* ■■}} tf ■* ft ft ft ft: -ft ft- ;?:•«■■§ f s ^ ® '< ft ft : ft as $ & & 'ft & •& a* ft ft ft ft $ ft ft ft ft a? ft * ft- ft ft ft # ft 8 8 * ft ft ft ft ft >: ft ft 8 •$• ft &• ft ft tSf $ 8 tv ft $ S’ & ft ft ft ® & ft ft 'a 1 ft ft ft ft ft ft ft & 8 ft * ft $ <& a puppet? on radio? . This, friend, is no run-of-the-sawmill puppet. This is Howdy Doody, second most popular mythical character in the kids’ world. 1 And he happens to have fifteen min- utesof network radio time every Saturday, 9:15 to 9:30 a.m., in which to sell your product to tiny and moderately large urchins. 2 You see, Howdy’s show starts at 8:30 and lasts an hour, hut the first half is avail- able for co-op sale, and the 9:00 to 9:15 spot is very happily occupied by International Shoe Corporation. 3 As a result, you can buy a network in the last or highly desirable segment. *> With International Shoe and the co-op sponsors contributing, your talent cost is pared down to a slender bone. As for your time cost—the choice of markets will be left up to you and your budget. There is one restriction though; you can’t have Canada. Sorry, it’s all sold out. 4 •With the full network you can expect to reach 1% million homes containing over 2i£ million moppets. 5 And surely we don’t have to point out the merchandising opportunities inherent in Howdy’s lovable white pine frame. If you want to talk turkey to tots, Howdy Doody is your mannikin. Ask any 7-year-old. 4 ft ft •<? ft ft .* ft ft ft # V' •:?< ft ft $ ? ft ft ft $ * *" ft & 1. The first, we’re afraid, is Santa Claus. 2. 9:15 a.m. Saturday may seem like the middle of the night to you, hut the kids have been up for hours. 3 . They're probably selling shoes like crazy, but they won’t tell us. 4 . Ogilvie Flour Mills; Kraft Foods, Ltd., St. Lawrence Starch Co., Ltd. 5. Estimated Nielsen National Ratings (January-June, 1953). . 6 . If he can’t give you complete details, call us. National Broadcasting Company a service of Radio Corporation of America # 8 8 & 8 ft 8 8 % ft ft tit. % % # ♦ ti ♦