Variety (March 1953)

Record Details:

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8 Wetlttcgdayv March 25, 1953 P^mfEfr S7 TO AMERICA'S No. 1 DANCE BAND ■ (1953 Billboard Foil) ralph flanagan WITH A NEW TRAIN-TUNE HIT! hacked with MOON RCA Victor Record No. 20/47-5237 This Week's BEST SELLING RCA Victor Records POPULAR Ralph Flanagan l HORSES/I CONI Perry Co mo DO YOU SPEAK Eddio Fisher T LET THE STARS Perry Como N, TRAIN, TRAIN, Buddy Morrow MAGIC TOUCH/V Hugo Winterhalter L IN PORTUGAL/ Freddy Martin STOP/I'M WITH Dorothy Loudon L LIKE I'M GONN Sunny Gain ACY TANGO/W; The Three Suns IMEE/LET ME KN Dinah Shore N'T KNOW/HEY Buddy Morrow VIOLINS/FAND/ Hugo Winterhalter IEN NASAI (Forgi Harry Belafonte ELY EYES/SMALL Vaughn Monroe COUNTRY-WESTERN Eddy Arnold INLIGHT & ROSE Eddy Arnold 'T LET THE STARS Homer and Jethro RHYTHM & BLUES number ooo/fool that I be Otis Blackwell I WANNA KNOW/LAUGHING BLUES » The Pu Droppers BREAKFAST BALL/BLUE FAIRY BOOGIE Boats Brawn RCA Vi CTOR FIRST ! N ECOPCED MUSiC ""HIS MASTER'SVOlCt'j TIPS TO DEEJAYS: THESE ARE THE HITS THAT MAKE A GOOD PROGRAM GREAT! t