Variety (March 1953)

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„-.,w sd«y, March 25. 195 j__; WfiiRiEfr 63 THE VERSATILE Just Concluded 4 Weeks LA VIE EN ROSE, New York i * Opening April 2nd LATIN CASINO, Philadelphia followed byi LAST FRONTIER, Las Vegas \ * * " 1 s '< A" . 'vV sV \«.y, s\ N s n s \\> v . N ‘*9'* A/v ,< * ' '-**«*C' ' ifi v.v.vvs PICTURES: Soon to be Released MGM r s — “BRIGHT ROAD” (Starring Role) “REMAINS TO BE SEEN” (featured role) Beginning in June SOUTH AMERICAN TOUR Public Re/afions: MURIEL FRANCIS Direction: Personal Manager: EARL MILLS