Variety (March 1954)

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* i Wednesday'.March 10, 1954 BUYING ONE OF THESE IS LIKE STEPPING ON AN Tha Brtakffaii Club TV adds a whole new dimension to the fabulous McNeill appeal. Same fun-loving gang, sajne fea- tures as the radio version. Need we say more? Sold in 15-minute segments. Tender, delightful misadventures of an oiphan boy, played by Brandon DeWilde of Shane fame . . . an acting veteran at age 12. Alternate sponsorship available. Irsaivry Man in Action Authenticated dope, smuggling, foreign-intrigue cases cracked by If you are even considering a new TV show, you’ll find it smart business to take a long look at the list above. Obviously, no network can guarantee another Lucy, but more than one show in this unusually strong ABC line-up has smash- hit potential. Over and above their individual merits, they «. . . each have one “plus” which doesn’t appear in the descriptions ... that is, the sustained rating progress which the ABC Tele- vision Network is making all across the board. Not two, or ten, but almost every one of today’s ABC-TV programs is showing sizable and consistent rating growth. For a majority, recent Nielsens mark continuing and consecutive audience gains. Week after week, ABC advertisers are reaching more and more homes. And you don’t have to be a Frank Silver- nail to know that as your audience goes up, your cost per thou- sand goes down. It’s a sort of built-in “escalator clause” that gives these advertisers a constantly increasing return on their investment. Get on this “up” escalator! You have many • properties to choose from x . . drama, comedy, variety, shows of every type ... at a wide range of very realistic prices. More important, you’ll own a valuable franchise on the “growth” network that’s on the move. And riding up is a such a pleasant feeling.