Variety (March 1956)

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xo PICTURE GROSSES PjfcRlti*TY Wednesday, March 7, 1956 L.A. Bright; ‘Ladykillers’ Fast 12G, ‘Helen Trim 21G,‘Skirts’Slow 2#G, ‘Picnic’ Brisk 21G, ‘Conqueror 33G Los Angeles, March 6. +* Total firstrun trade here con¬ tinues bouncy, topping takes for same frame a year ago, without any outstanding new bills this round. Nice $12,000 is seen for initial stanza of “The Ladykillers” at Fox Wils'hire. “Helen of Troy”, shapes pleasing $21,000 in two theatres. “Lieut. Wore Skirts” looks slow $20,000 in four sites and “Invasion of Body Snatchers” is light $18,500 in three houses. . Sharp $21,000 is forecast for “Picnic” in second round for War¬ ner Beverly. “The Conqueror” looms good $33,000 in second stan¬ za three spots. “Carousel” is rated bright $24,000 in third week at Chinese. Long extended-runs arc still in money. Estimates for This Week Fox Wilshire (FWC) (2,296; $1- $1.80)—“Ladykillers” (Cont). Fine $12,000. Last week, “Helen Troy” (WB) (5th wk-5 days), $7,000. Los Angeles, New Fox, Ritz, Loyoya (FWC) (2,097; 965; 1,363; 1,248; 90-$1.50) — “Lieut. Wore Skirts” ( and “Please Murder Me” (DCA). Slow $20,000. Last week, with Uptown, excluding Ritz, “Man Never Was” (20th) and “Dig That Uranium” (AA) (2d wk), $ 12 , 000 . Downtown Paramount, > Iris (ABPT-FWC) (3,300; 816; 90-$1.50) —“Helen Troy” (WB) and “Steel Jungle” (WB). Pleasing $21,000. Last week, “Wetbacks” (Indie) and “Skabenga” (AA), $8,700. Warner Downtown, Uptown, Hollywood (SW-FWC) (1,757; 1,- 715; 756; 80-$1.25)—“Invasion of Body Snatchers” (AA) and “Atom¬ ic Man” (AA). Light $18,500. Last week, with Ritz, excluding Up¬ town, “Goodman Story” (U) and “Night Number Came Up” (Indie) (2d wk), $15,800. Warner Beverly (SW) (1,612; $l-< $1.75)—“Picnic” (Col) (2d wkl. Sharp $21,000. Last week, $26,000. Hillstreet, Pantages, Wiltern (RKO-SW) (2,752; 2,812; 2,344; $1- $1.50) — “Conqueror” (RKO) (2d wk). Good $33,000. Last week, $6p,000. <Orpheum, Vogue (Metropolitan- FWC) (2,213; 885; 90-$1.50)—“Rose Tattoo” (Par) (2d wk). Okay $13,- 000. Last week, $19,300, plus $52,- 400 in two nabes, six drive-ins. State, Hawaii (UATC-G&S) (2,404; 1,106; 90-$1.50) — “Last Hunt” (M-G) and “Postmark For Danger” (RKO) (2d wk). Small $7,800. Last week, $14,400, plus $38,800 in two nabes, seven drive- ins. Chinese (FWC) (1,908; $1.40-$2) —“Carousel” (20th) (3d wk). Bright $24,000. Last week, $26,000. Fine Arts (FWC) (631; $1-$1.50) —“Trouble With Harry” (Par) (4th wk). Nice $4,500. Last week, $5,400. Fox Beverly (FWC) (1.334; $1.50- $1.75)—“Golden Arm” (UA) (^lOth wk). Okay $6,200. Last week, 6,900. Four Star (UTAC) (868; $1.25- $1.80) — “Cry Tomorrow” (M-G) (11th wk). Fine $8,300. Last week, $8,800. Hollywood Paramount (F&M) 1,430; $1.25-$1.80) — “Guys and Dolls” (M-G) (15th wk). Good $10,- 500. Last week, $11,400. Egyptian, United Artists (UTAC) (1,411; 1,242; $1.10-$2.75)—“Okla¬ homa” (Magna) (16th wk Egyptian, 10 11th wk UA). Snappy $49,500. Last week, $53,600. Above hopes. Warner Hollywood (SW) (1.364; $1.20-$2.65)—“Cinerama Holiday” (Indie) (17th wk). Started current week Sunday (4) alter smart $34,- 300 last week. ‘JESTER’ SLICK 25G, HUB;‘PICNIC’ 41G, 2D Boston, March 6. Some mighty grosses loom for holdovers this week with only one new bill. "Court Jester” and “River Changes” at Paramount and Fen¬ way looms smooth. “Carousel” in second stanza at Memorial is rated hefty. “Picnic” is hot in second round at State and Orpheum. Amazingly, “Cinerama Holiday,” in its 28th frame, is almost up to the week’s leaders in their second and third frames. “Rose Tattoo” shapes sturdy in third week at the Metropolitan. Estimates for This Week Astor (B&Q) (1,500; $1-$1.80) —- Guys And Dolls” (M-G) (17th wk). Final week of run which broke house record here was sluggish $6,000. Last week, $7,500. Beacon Hill (Beacon Hill) (678; (Continued on page 18) Broadway Grosses Estimated Total Gross This Week.$544,800 (Based on 23 theatres.) Last Year.$447,600 (Based on 21 theatres.) ‘Tattoo’ Hot 28G, Frisco; Wayne 22G San Francisco, March 6. Only one new entry here this session aside from new pix in arty houses but biz is very big. This newcomer in the larger houses is ‘Rose Tattoo,” which looks smash at Paramount. "Conqueror” at Golden Gate, “Court Jester” at St. Francis and “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” at Warfi,eld all are torrid in second stanzas. “Carousel” is rated good in initial holdover frame at the Fox. “Oklahoma” still is smash in sec¬ ond week at Coronet. “Estimates for This Week Golden Gate (RKO) (2,859; 80- $1)—“The Conqueror” (RKO) (2d wk). Great $22,000 for Wayne starrer. Last week, $44,000. Fox (FWC) (4,651; $1.25-$1.50)— “Carousel” (20th) (2d wk). Good $21,000. Last week, $30,000. Warfield (Loew) (2,656; 65-90)— “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” (M-G) (2d wk). Big $20,000.. Last week, $39,000. Paramount (Par) (2,646; 90-$l)— “Rose Tattoo” (Par). Smash $28,000. Last week, “Lone Ranger”. (WB) and “Inside. Detroit” (Col), $i3,000. St. Francis (Par) (1,400; $1-$1.25) — “Court Jester” (Par) (2d wk). Sock $12,000. Last week, $20,000. Orpheum (Cinerama Theatre Calif.) (1 458; $1.75-$2.65)-T-“Cine- rama Holiday” (Indie) (31st wk). Big $18,200. Last week, $26,700, including 2 extra shows. United Artists (No. Coast) .(1,207; 70-$l)—“Golden Arm” (UA) (6th wk). Good $6,500 in 5 days.. Last wppIt to non Stagedoor ’ (A-R) (440; $l-$2.20) — "Guys and Dolls” (M-G) (16th wk). Big $7,000. Last week, $8,500. Larkin (Rosener) (400; $1) — “Diabolique” (UMPO) (10th wk). Tall. $5,100. Last week, $5,400. Clay (Rosener) (400-$l)—“Lease of Life” (IFE) (3d wk). Fine $1,900. Last week, $2,400. Vogue (S. F. Theatres) (377-$i) —“Prisoner” (Col). Fancy $3,000. Last week, “Divided Heart” (Indie) (3d wk), $1,500. Bridge (Reade-Schwarz) (396; $1- $1.25)—“Lover Boy” (Indie). Fair $1,600. Last week, “Littlest Out¬ law” (BV) (5th wk), $1,400. Rio (Schwarz) (397; $1) — "Othello” (UA). Fair $1,700. Last week, “Spice of Life” (Indie) and “Moment of Truth” (Indie), $2,000. Coronet (United California) (1,250; $1.10-$2.75) — “Oklahoma” (Magna) (2d wk). Smash $27,400.° Last week, $29,000. ‘PICNIC’ BIG $24,000, ST. L.; ‘HUNT’ FAT 1'6G St. Louis, March 6 . After a terrific session last week, biz is tapering off currently mainly because there are so many hold¬ overs. One of few newcomers, “Last Hunt,” shapes' sturdy at Loew’s. “Picnic,” which was smash opening stanza at the Fox, is hold¬ ing over a second. “I’ll Cry To¬ morrow” is sock in second frame at Orpheum while “Conqueror” looms big in its first holdover week at the St. Louis. Estimates for This Week Ambassador (Indie) (1,400; $1.20- $2.40)—"Cinerama Holiday” (In¬ die) (55th wk). Fine $11,000. Last week, $12,600. Fox (F&M) (5,000; 51-75)—“Pic¬ nic” (Col) (2d wk). First week was sockeroo $24,000 or near. ' Loew’s (Loew) (3,172; 50-85)— “Last Hunt” (M-G) and “Inside Detroit” (Col). Sturdy $16,000 or close. Last week, “Forever Darling” (M-G) and “It’s Dog’s Life” (M-G) (2d wk), $7,500. Missouri (F&M) (3,500; 51-75)— “Grapes of Wrath” (20th) and “Tobacco Road” (20th) (reissues). Oke $5,000. Last week, “Last Fron¬ tier” (Col) and “Joe Macbeth” (Col), $5,500. Orpheum (Loew) (1,400; 65-$l)— ’‘I’ll . Cry Tomorrow” (M-G) (2d wk). Sock $14,000. Last week, $24,000. Pageant (St. L. Amus.) (1,000; 75-90)—“Hill 21 Doesn’t Answer” ilndie).' Hot $3,500. Last week, “Trouble With Harry” (Par) (7th wk), $2,500. Richmond (St. L. Amus.) (400; $1.10) — “Prisoner” (Col). Good $2,500. Last week, “Diabolique” (UMPO) (3d wk), $1,500. St. Louis (St. L. AmusJ (4,000; 75-80)—“Conqueror” (RKO) (2d. wk). Big $11,000. Initial frame was $22,500. Shady Oak (St. L. Amus.) (800; $1.10)—-“Devil In Flesh” (Indie). Great $3,500. Last week, “Pris¬ oner” (Col) (2d wk), $3,000. ‘Jester’ Trim 11G, Omaha; Wayne 8G Omaha, March 6. Downtown houses are .saturated with holdovers this week but good weather over the weekend helped. “Court Jester,” only new entry, is good at the Orpheum. Top hold¬ over is “Conqueror,” still sock at the Brandeis. “Picnic,” switched from Orpheum to Omaha to make room for “Court Jester,” - is fat considering its a third downtown stanza in a fairly large house. “Bpnny Goodman Story” is okay at the State in third week. Estimates for This Week Brandeis (RKO) (1,000; $1-$1.25) —“Conqueror” (RKO) (2d wk). Socko $8,000 for Wayne pic after $13,000 debut. Omaha (Tristates) ’ (2,000; 75-$l) —“Picnic” (Col) (m.o.). Solid $6,000. foV third downtown week. Last week, “Bottom of Bottle” (20th), $6,000 in 8 days at 90c top. Orpheum (Tristates) (2,890; 70- 90)^-“Court Jester” (Par). Good $16,000 or near. Last week, “Pic¬ nic” (Col) (2d Wk), $10,000 at 75- $1 admish. State (Goldberg) (860; 80-$l)— “Benny Goodman Story” (U) (3d wk). Okay $3,500 after $5,500 sec¬ ond inning. ‘Cry Boffo $22,000, Mpk; Tattoo’ Huge 8G; “Picnic’ 14G, Wayne. 9G, 2d Minneapolis, March 6. Biz is socko here this week, two newcomers, “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” and “Rose Tattoo,” shaping up as smashes, former being especially big. Also in the money are a batch of holdovers. Tops of these are “Cinerama Holiday” in its 35th week and the high-stepping “Pic¬ nic” and “The Conqueror” in their second stanzas. Estimates for This Week Century (S-W) (1,150; $1.75- $2.65)—“Cinerama Holiday” (In¬ die) (35th wk). Boxoffice virility continues undiminished. Big $13,- 000. Last week, $12,000. Gopher (S-W) (1,000; 85-$l)— “Billy the Kid” (M-G) and “Honky Tonk” (M-G) (reissues). At these prices oldies aren’t so good. Slim $3,000. Last week, “Forever Dar¬ ling” (M-G) (2d wk), $4,000. Lyric (Par) (1,000; 65-85)— “Day World Ended” (Indie) and ‘Phantom From 10,000 Leagues” (Indie). Looks to land giant $6,- 500. Last week, “Lone Ranger” (WB). $3,000. Radio City (Par) (4,100; 85-$l)— I Picnic” (Col)' (2d wk). ‘Still going strong after its terrific initial stan¬ za. Will undoubtedly take its place among the year’s best grossers here. Great $14,000. Last week, $19,500. RKO Orpheum (RKO) (2,800; 85-$l)—“The Conqueror” (RKO) (2d wk). A champ at wickets. Healthy $9,000 for John Wayne pic. Last week, $15,000. RKO Pan (RKO) (1,600; 65-85)— ‘Red Sundown”. (U) and “Brain Machine” (RKO). Action fans’ de¬ light. Light $3,000. Last week, ‘ Benny Goodman Story” (U) (3d wk), $4,800 at £5-$l. State (Par) (2,300; $1-$1.25)— “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” (M-G). It re¬ mains to see what effect upping of scale from regular 85-$l do to this. It looks like $22,000, plenty boff. Last week, “Last Hunt” (M-G) (2d wk), $5,500. World (Mann) (400; 75-$1.20)— “Rose Tattoo” (Par). Academy Award nominations as well as praises heaped on this here by critics and patrons spells gigantic $8,000. Last week, “Golden Arm” (UA) (4th wk), $4,700. ‘Oklahoma’ Wow $23,000, Balto; ‘Cry’ * Huge 20G, ‘Picnic’ Sockeroo 15G, 2d - : - + Key City Grosses Estimated Total Gross This Week.$2,986,600 (Based on 24 cities and 234- theatres, chiefly first runs, in¬ cluding N. Y.) Total Gross Same Week Last Year .$2,612,800 (Based on 24 cities and 226 theatres.) Wayne Giant 30G, D.G.; ‘Cry 22G, 2d Washington, March 6. Of two newcomers this session, one, like March, entered like a lion. “The Conqueror” at Keith’s is pacing town. ^“Come Next Spring” is mild in two spots. Hold¬ overs are unusually lively. “Carou¬ sel” at Capitol shapes sock in sec¬ ond. “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” in second stanza at Palace looms even big¬ ger with smash total in a smaller house. “Picnic” continues big in third session at Trans-Lux. Estimates for This Week Ambassador (SW) (1,490; 75-$l) —“Come Next Spring” (Rep). Looks like fair $3,000 or less. Last week, “Never Say Goodbye” (U), $4,100. Capitol (Loew) (3,434; 85-$1.25) —“Carousel” (20th) (2d wk). Sock $22,000 after $38,000 opener, over hopes. Stays. Columbia (Loew) (1,174; 70-95)— “Last Hunt” (M-G) (2d wk). Firm $6,000* after $12,000 last week. Dupont (Lopert) (372; 75-$1.10) —“Diabolique” (UMPO) (9th-finai wk).-Oke $3,000. Last week, $3,500. KelTh’s (RKO) (1,939; 75*$1.25)— “The Conqueror” (RKO). Mighty $30,000 for John Wayne . starrer looms. Last week, “Benny Good¬ man Story” (U) (2d wk), better than expected at $12,000 in 10 days. Metropolitan (SW) (1,200; 75-$l) —“Come Next Spring” (Rep)/ Fair $5,000. Last week, “Never Say Goodbye” (U), $6,000. . Palace (Loew) (2,360; 85-$1.25)— “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” (M-G) (2d wk). Socko $22,000 or better. Last week, $35,000. Stays. Playhouse (Lopert) (485; 75- $1.10)—“All Heaven Allows” (U) (5th wk). Oke $3,000 after $3,500 last week. Plaza (T-L) (276; 70-$1.25)— “Littlest Outlaw” (BV) (6th' wk). Down to fair $2,000 after $3,000 last week. Stays. Warner (SW) (1,300; $1.20-$2.40) —“Cinerama Holiday” (Indie) (2.1st wk). Good $13,000 after $12,000, lowest yet, last week. Should climb with advent of tourist season. Holds on. Trans-Lux— (T-L) (600; 90-$1.25) —“Picnic” (Col) (3d wk). Big $18,- 000. Last week, $19,000. Stays. ‘Jester’Good $13,000 In Cincy; ‘Picnic’ Sock 14G, Wayne Big 12G in 2d Cincinnati, March 6. All major houses are racking up winners this round. Three of them are solid with holdovers as “Court Jester,” only neV*» bill, shapes as a good grosser for the big Albee. “Picnic” at Keith’s and “Conqueror” at the Palace con¬ tinue strong in second weeks. “Man With Golden Arm” is still in clover in third stanza for the smaller Grand. “Cinerama Holi¬ day” clings to a high margin in 37th week. Estimates for This Week Albee (RKO) (3,100; 75-$1.25) —“Court Jester” (Par). Good $13,- 000 or near Last week, “Benny Goodman Story” (U) (2d wk), $8,500. Capitol (Ohio Cinema Corp.) (1,376; $1.20-$2.65—“Cinerama Hol¬ iday” (Indie) (37th wk). Solid $17,- 000. Last week, $17,500, with slightly better out-of-town trade. Grand (RKO) (1.400; 84-$1.25) —“Golden A-m” (UA) (3d wk). Holding up 6t sharp $7,500 on heels of second frame’s $8,000. Keith’s (Shor) (1,500; 75-$1.25)— “Picnic” (Col) (2d wk). Heading for town’s outstanding showing, wow $14,000, after $19,800 kickoff. Holds indef. Palace (RKO) (2,600; 85-$1.24)— “Conqueror” (RKO) (2d wk). Big $12,00.0 for John Wayne opus. Firrt was $22,500. Baltimore, March 6. “Oklahoma” is the boff new en¬ try here at the 890-seat Film Cen¬ tre this week. This musical is packing the intimate house with a $2.50 top. “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” looks big at the Town. Second week of “Picnic” is smash at the Hipp. “Man Who Never Was” shapes drab at the Century. Estimates for This Week Century (Frucbtman) (3,000; 35- $1)—“Man Who Never Was” (20th). Drab $5,000. Last week, “Benny Goodman Story” (U) (3d wk) $4,500. Cinema (Schwaber) (460; 50-$l) —“Night Holds Terror” (Indie) (2d wk). Sparse $2,500 following $3,300 opener. Film Centre (Rappaport) (890; $1.25-$2.50)—“Oklahoma” (Magna). Overcoming odds of transit strike with a terrific $23,000. Hippodrome (Rappaport) (2,100; 50-$ 1-25)—“Picnic” (Col) (2d wk). Holding socko at $15,000 after $17,- 000 opener. Little (Rappaport) (300; 50-$l)— “Littlest Outlaw” (BV) (2d wk). Fairish $3,000 after $3,500 opener. Mayfair (Hicks) (980; 20-70)— “Slightly Scarlet”. (RKO). Okay $4,000. Last week, “Come Next Spring” (Rep), $4,200 in 11 days. New (Fruchtman) (1,600; 50- $1.25)—“Rose Tattoo” (Par) (4th wk). Fair $6,500 following $9,000 in third. Playhouse (Schwaber) (320; 50- $1)—“Trouble With Harry” (Par) (lOth-final wk), Oke $2,500, same as last week. Stanley (WB) (3,200; 30-$1.25)— “Court Jester” (Par) (2d wk). Slow $5,000 following $8,Q00i opener. Town (Rappaport) (1,400; 50- $1.25)—“I’ll Cry Tomorrow” (M-G). Terrif $20,000. Last week, “Last Hunt” (M-G), $7,000. ‘Carousel’ Fast $45,000, Del;‘Jester’ OK 17G, ‘Okla.’Smash 36G, 3d Detroit, March 6 . Lenten doldrums are setting in and biz is slightly off this week among the deluxers. “Carousel” looks good but not sensational at the Fox. “Court ’Jester” is only average at the Michigan. “Okla¬ homa” stays healthy in third round at the United Artists. “Man With Golden Arm” shapes strong iji third vfeek at the Palms. “Cine-? rama Holiday” snaps back after a weak 55th stanza at Music Hall. Estimates for This Week Fox (Fox-Detroit) (5,000; $1- $1.25) — “Carousel” (20th). Stout $45,000. Last week, “Man Who Never Was” (20th) and “Naked Sea” (RKO), $16,000. Michigan (United Detroit) (4,000; $1-$1.25)—“Court Jester” (Par). Average $17,000 or close. Last week, “Forever Darling” (M-G) and “Flame of Islands” (Rep), same. Palms (UD) (2,961; $1-$1.25)— "Golden Arm” (UA) (3d wk). Big $17,000. Last week, $20,000. Madison (UD) (1,900; $1-$1.25)— “Goodman Story” (U) («5th wk). ^ Good $7,000. Last week, $8,000. Broadway-Capitol (UD) (3,500; $1-$1.25) — Body Snatchers” (AA) and “Shack Out on 101” (AA) (2d wk). Oke $15,000. Last week, $23,000. United Artists (UA) (1.667; $1.25- $2.75)—"Oklahoma” (Magna) (3d wk). Smash $36,000. Last week, $32,000. Adams (Balaban) (1,700; $1-$1.25) —“Guys and Dolls” (M-G) (15th wk). i Steady $8,500. Last week, ditto. Music Hall (Cinerama Proruc¬ tions) (1,194; $1.40-$2.65) — “Cine¬ rama Holiday” (Indie) (56th wk). Snapped back to great $i9,300. Last week, $16,600. Krim (Krim) (1,000; $1.25)— “I Am Camera” (DCA) (9th-final wk). Okay $4,000. Theatre now on arty policy. ‘Picnic’ Great $16,000, Port.; ‘Tattoo’ Oke 10G Portland, Ore., March 6. Two Academy - loaded pics opened big at the Paramount and Orpheum this round. “Rose Tat¬ too” and “Picnic,” the pair,’ shape very solid, especially the latter. “The Conqueror” continues in high gear in second Broadway round. “Littlest Outlaw” stays hot in fifth week. Estimates for This Week Broadway (Parker) (1.875; 90- $1.25)—“Conqueror” (RKO) (2d wk). Tall $9,000 or near. Last week, $14,000. Fox (Evergreen) (1,536; $1-1.25) —“Man Who Never Was” (20th (Continued on page 18)