Variety (March 1956)

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Wednesday, March 7, 1956 Of course it takes a great story and a great star. Color and CinemaScope help, too. But today it takes more ... a lot more. You must saturate with advertising as never before to get people out of their homes and into the theaters. As a case in point, take Howard Hughes’ “The Conqueror”. Usual drumbeating methods were used—with a single impor¬ tant exception. For the first time, the full leverage of the Mutual Broadcasting System and its 550 stations, coast- to-coast, was applied to a motion picture. The largest network in the world told and sold America on “The Conqueror” with mass announcements coast-to-coast, for an entire month... morning, afternoon and evening... weekdays and weekends. Only part of the exciting story is “in”. It’ll be an even better story, we think, once the box-office results from Main Street U. S. A. are tallied. For in “Hometown America”, . ^ alone, the Mutual Network has over 300 stations in markets few other media reach, and where no other network is located. In short, what happens when you get all-out penetration and 0 saturation like this? Box-office opening records topple. Already all indications are "The Conqueror" will top any picture RKO has ever released. And that includes a roster of hits 1 This proof of the pulling is proof enough for RKO. Why not investigate it for yourself? This unprecedented radio saturation is open to all motion picture companies. It costs nothing to ask us for our ideas and we have a few. Write, wire, call ... TERRY TURNER GENERAL TELERADIO 1440 BROADWAY, N.Y. LONGACRE 4-8000