Variety (March 1956)

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pssemfr Wednesday, March 7, 1956 The MAN WHO never was CinemaScopE COLOR by Df LUXE Clifton Webb Gloria Grahame - Produced by Directed by Screenplay by ANDRE HAKIM • RONALD NEAME • NIGEL BALCHIN From the Novel by'Ewen Montagu SHIRtEY JONES with Cameron Mitchell Barbara" Ruiek * Claramae Turner Robert Rounsevilfe Bene Lockhart Produced^ HENRY EPHRON Directed by HENRYKING Screenplay by PHOEBE: aed HENRY EPHRON Music byRICHAf® RQQQE Book and lyries by - V OSCAR HAMMERSTQN it ON THE THRESHOLD** \ DARRYL F. ZANUCK present* GREGORY JENNIFER FREDRIC PECK-JONES-MARCH COLOR by DELUXE CINemaScoP^ Ttvt Mahv i *+»ul OnemaScoPE COlOR by DE LUXE Starring Boy Madison - Virginia Leith - John Hodiak-Dean lagger Produced by William Bloom • Associate Producer Barbara McLean Directed by Robert D. Webb ♦ Written by Simon Wincelberg and Francis Cockrell s«ir Produced by DARRYL F. ZANUCK Written for the Screen and Directed by I k L11 k! L f. ’ 1II. 11 1 ! t VI h From the Novel by SlQin Wilton **IT’S A PLEASURE TO DO