Variety (March 1956)

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Wednesday, March 7, 1956 PUGSIBff l* STARRING WALTER PIDGEON-ANNE FRANCIS * LESLIE NIELSEN wmsiras .A. ROBOT, THE ROBOT' cWlhume IASED ON A STORY IT IRVINS BLOCK AND ALIEN AOLEI PH0In _„ DIRECTED BK PRODUCED BY Bwi ■ FRED McLEOD WILCOX ■ NICHOLAS NAYFACK • ...‘I,™ in CinemaScope AND COLOR SHOWMANSHIP TO MATCH SENSATIONAL “FORBIDDEN PLANET”! THE ROBOT: The amazing mechanical Robot has made personal appearances with Anne Francis on the Perry Como ^Show, NBC-TV network. It appeared also on "Today” the Garroway Show, NBC network and has made personal appear¬ ances in Chicago and Cleveland. GIANT TIE-UP: In 80 million Quaker Oats cereal boxes, a free ticket for a child under 12 when accompanied by paying adult. Vast campaign by Quaker. Oats Company in magazines, radio, TV, Sun¬ day comics, supplements, etc*. • NATIONAL ADVERTISING: "Picture of the Month” column in leading national magazines. Full page ads in all leading fan magazines. 8-FOOT LOBBY STANDEE: Eye-stop¬ ping figure similar to the one at the left of Robby, the Robot, a great ticket-seller for lobbies. TRAILER: There's showmanship in every foot of the mass-appeal trailer. Unique! Different! PRESS BOOK: Here’s a real opportunity to pack your house, using the high-powered press book filled with ticket-selling appeal. (Available In Magnetic Stereophonic, Perspecta Stereophonic or 1-Channel Sound)