Variety (September 1957)

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12° ~ VG@rRrETY | | Wednesday, September 4, 1957 7 Twentieth | OFFICE OP BUDDY ADLER EXECUTIVE UN CHARGE OF PRODUCTION STUDIOS BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA August 20, 1957: Dear Spyros: Your leadership and dedication to the needs of exhibition and the desires of the public have been our proudest incentives. It is now ny pleasure to report to you toast we have lived up to your promise to the exhibitors of the. world by completing our schedule of thirty top-quality pictures for 1957. Attached is a line-up of the subjects which are now either on the stages or in script preparation for 1958. Here is our stockpile of best-sellers, big stars, hit plays, new personalities who will become the stars of tomorrow, great creative. talent, and fresh and vital story material with the bullt-in values that meet’ the demands of today's world and today's market. My very best, Mr. Spyros P. Skouras New York Office From the desk ofSPYROS P. SKOURAS August 23, 1957 ‘ Dear Buddy: ] I am-delighted with the news of your progress in creating more and better product of high box-office quality. This is the only. way we can help the exhibitor today in his urgent ‘need for good pictures. Your outline of our future product, already. s0 well advanced in production » represents a wonderful accomplishment by. yourself and your 7 siaff and the artistic, creetive and technical’ people of the studio. ‘This warrants the high’ commendation and thanks of your co-workers here ‘which I know the exhibitors of the world will . Share. I consider this the most important statement from ‘our company this year and I am requesting that your letter be reproduced as an announcement to the industry. Gratefully,