Variety (September 1957)

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Wednesday, September 4, 1957 VARIETY | | 433 THE SCHEDULE FOR 1958 THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, from the Pulitzer Prize stage play. and screenplay by Aibert Hackett and Frances — Goodrich. Produced and directed by George Stevens. ROGERS AND. HAMMERSTEIN’S S$ “SOUTH PACIFIC,” Roadshaw in Todd-AO) starring ROSSMANO BRAZZI, MITZI GAYNOR, JOHN KERR. Produced by-Buddy Adler, directed by Joshua Logan. MUD ON THE STARS, from the navel by ‘William Brddford Huie. Produced and directed by Elia Kazan. y . * : . THE YOUNG LIONS, from Irwin Shaw’s novel, starring MARLON BRANDO, MONTGOMERY CLIFT, DEAN MARTIN and co-starring BARBARA RUSH and MAY BRITT. Produced by Al Lichtman, directed by Edward Dmytryk, seteenplay by Edward Anhalt. TOWNSEND HARRIS, starring JOHN WAYNE, directed by John Huston, produced by Eugene Frenke. THE BRAVADOS Starring GREGORY PECK, screenplay by novelist John. O'Hara. Produced by Herbert Bayard Swope. TEN NORTH FREDERICK, -starring SPENCER TRACY in John O'Hara's best-seller, Produced by Charles Brackett; written: for the screen and’ directed by Philip Dunne. THE.HELL-BENT KID, @ novel by Charles O. Locke, produced by. Robert Buckner, starring DON MURRAY and directed by Henry Hathaway. — A CERTAIN SMILE, from the best-seller by Francoise Sagan, author of “Bonjour Tristesse.” Produced by Henry Ephron, directed by Jean. Negulesco, screenplay by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett. Starring CHRISTINE CARERE, BLOOD AND SAND, from. the. Vincente Blasco ‘Ibanez classic, produced by Henry Ephron from a screenplay by Phoebe Ephron: Statring SOPHIA. ‘LOREN. CAN-CAN, from Cole Porter’s musical stage hit, produced -by Henry Ephron. THE SMALL WOMAN, from the story by Alan Burgess, _ Produfed and directed by Mark Robson, — OUR LOVE, sta starring LAUREN BACALL sind ROBERT “STACK, Produced by Charles Brackett, directed by . Jean Negulescd, screenplay by Luther Davis. FRAULEIN from the novel by James McGovern, starring DANA WYNTER and MEL FERRER, produced by Walter: Reisch from a screenplay by. Leo Townsend and Norman. Corwin and directed by Henry Koster. * BACHELOR'S BABY, from the novel by Gwenn (‘“Mr. Belvedere”) Davenport. Produced by Henry Ginsberg. THE WANDERING JEW, written for the screen, produced and dirécted by Nunnally Johnson, from .. Temple Thurston's stage classic, THESE THOUSAND HILLS, from the novel by Pulitzer Prize winner A, B, Guthrie, produced by David Weisbart. THE DAY OF THE OUTLAW, from the novel by Lee Wells, produced by Eugene Frenke, screenplay by Philip Yordan. THE HUNTERS, directed and produced by Dick Powell, from the novel and Collier’s serial by James Salter. Screenplay by Philip Dunne and Richard Murphy. RALLY ROUND THE FLAG, BOYSI, from Max Shulman’s riotously funny new. book. A Buddy Adler Production. HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS, from the Broadway stage play by Ronald Alexander, produced by David Weisbart. ‘CH, PROMISED LAND, from the great book by James Street. THE REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER, from the Broadway stage play by Liam O’Brien, produced by Charles Brackett, COLORS OF THE DAY, from the novel by Romain Gary, to’be written for the screen, produced and directed by Nunnally Johnson. * *kk hk Darryl F. Zanuck Productions DE LUXE TOUR, produced by Robert L. Jacks,. from the novel by Frederi¢ Wakeman. COMPULSION, from Meyer Levin's sensational best-seller, THE ROOTS OF HEAVEN, from the French stage hit by Romain Gary. ‘Jerry Wald Productions . THE LONG HOT SUMMER, from the novel by Nobel and -Pulitzer Prize winner William Faulkner, starring PAUL NEWMAN, ANTHONY FRANCIOSA, JOANNE WOODWARD, ORSON WELLES, Directed by Martin Ritt, screenplay by Irving Ravetch and Harriet Frank, JEAN HARLOW, from the story-by Adela Rogets St. John, screenplay by Arthur Ross, THE BIG WAR, from the novel bye ‘Anton Myrer, screenplay by Edward Anhalt, : THE SOUND AND THE FURY, another of Faulkner’ S great ‘classi¢s, Directed by Martin Ritt, scteenplay by Irving’ Ravetch and Harriet Fook” David 6. ‘Selenick Prcidiceenie . TENDER is THE NIGHT, statring JENNIF! ER JONES in the E. Stott: ‘Fitegetald classic, MARY MAGDALENE Samuel G. Engel Productions THE CAPTIVE, from the novel by ‘The Gordons, . THE FREEBOOTER, from an original story: by Samuel G. Engel, GLORY PASS, from the diary of Sister Blandina, screenplay by Harold Jack Bloom. GEMMA TWO. FIVE, from the novel by Victor Canning.