Variety (April 1911)

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it VARIETY IHERE'S BILLY GOULD By WILLIAM GOULD. En route to Spokane, April 11. Winnipeg, the home of the great "unwashed." Where the most scarce and valuable thing is—a sponge' ; where they rate a man's financial standing thus—Is he rich? I should say he is, why he even has a bath tub in his room. Farmers are flocking in here at the rate of 1,000 a day from the States. This Is the most pros- perous year Canada has ever had. It is a great country for musical shows. There hasn't been a «ninstrel show there for five yean. The first one that arrives will clean up at two dol- lars a seat. Some theatrical friends of mine at- tended the funeral of several good jokes that died a violent dearth at the Orpheum Cemetery in "Die" Moines. "Die" Moines is in an awful state, territorially and financially. There Is a cute little restaurant in Winnipeg called "Delmonico's." The proprietor wishes it emphatically un- derstood that he has no branch in New York City. I promised him that I would mention same in "The Daily Variety." They seem to hate actors out this way. I attribute the fact to jealousy. They know we will only spend a week in their towns and they have to stay there until the end. "The Queen of the Moulin Rouge' packed them in for three nights. "The Midnight Sons" featuring Geo. Monroe at Winnipeg for a week, this week. Tom Waters, Robledillo, Parrel- Taylor Trio, Hilda Hawthorne, The Potts, Mr. and Mrs. Fredk. Allen were with me on the Orpheum bill last week. This week Riggolette Btos., Melville and Higgins and one more of the Orpheum Road Show at the Or- pheum. There was a death in the Farrell- Taylor Trio. They lost their dog. Tom Waters suggests that I send my photo to Varibtt, and place a cap- tion on it "The Ideal Bill." Hilda Hawthorne's assistant John- nie met with a serious accident at the Monday matinee, nearly losing his head. Doctor Carpenter was called in and fixed Johnnie up for the night performance. I forgot to mention, "Johnnie" is a wooden dummy and Dr. Carpenter's first name is "Stage. Robledillo, the Cuban wire walker, carries an assistant, just to pull on a guy line. He is never seen by the audience, but that little fact doesn't stop him from making up his face every night. Just like a regular actor. Spokane, next week (April 16), GETTING A START IN VAUDEVILLE By J. A. MURPHY. Applestock, Ore., April 10. Dear Ed.— We reported at the Tarpaulin the- atre and found Oitney and his com- pany assembled. There were twenty- two girls, but no men. After intro- ducing us as the new principals he explained that he did not call any of the male members of the company for rehearsal as they were thoroughly up in their parts and had been with him four seasons. We had no scenes with them any how and. he did not believe in bothering his company with unnecessary rehearsals. As for the parts, he would not bother us with them either, but would just tell us the story and we could "ad lib" the parts as we thought best. He went on to explain that the first scene was a harvest field—all the girls raking hay. After the opening chorus, McPhat- ter and I, as tramps, make our en- trance by crawling out from under a large pile of hay in center of stage. We could sing a few parodies while the girls changed to summer boarders —when summer boarders enter we hide in the barn—when ' summer boarders sit on suit cases and sing song we come on with two nets and chase butterflies—summer boarders exit and leave suit cases on the stage —we go through suit cases and try to steal all the contents—keep this up until six of the girls have time to change costume and sing a song about the moon—at finish of song McPhat- ter steals the moon—during song I make a change and do banjo solo, then change back to tramp while the girls do a cocoanut dance. After cocoanut dance, McPhatter and I do our double specialty while the girls change to policemen. Two of the sum- mer boarders tell the police a couple of tramps are in the neighborhood— general chase after tramps—we make our escape on two basket horses— finale of first act. The second act was another case of on and off for McPhatter and I with places provided for us to do four or five more specialties, and the show to finish with an Amazon march, the girls marching off the stage, through the audience, and back on to the stage again. McPhatter and I to follow with two weiner wurst cans. That was about all we would have to do until I got a chance to put on a danc- ing number with six of the girls which he would like to have me start re- hearsing to-morrow. He also had a trick steamboat that McPhatter might find some use for. That would be about all for the present. Come at tv».i to-morrow and start on the danc- ing number—bring some of our photo- graphs to have lithographs made from. He gave us contracts to sign. They were covered on both sides with fine print. It would have taken half an hour to read them so we signed with- out reading and hurried over to our matinee. Newcom Pyker. Percy Has well has been engaged to play the leading female role in "The Littlest Rebel," in which the Farnums will star next season. The Sunday vaudeville concerts at the Murray Hill will discontinue after this Sunday. Joe Weber will again conduct the special Sunday shows next season. "THE SKIRT " SAYS (SPEAKING OF WOMAN, MOSTLY.) The Comedy Club ball of last week has not been forgotten by Emma Ca- rus. Neither will Miss Carus dismiss the affair from her mind until the diamond and pearl breastpin lost by her has been recovered. It is valued at $1,000. Emma lost the bauble dur- ing the grand march. Discovering its absence immediately after, the floor was so heavily laden with confetti a search made was fruitless. A reward of $500 did not bring back the orna- ment, highly prized by Miss Carus through having been a gift from her husband (Henry J. Everall). During the remainder of the evening Emma was jovial, taking especial pains that her misfortune should not dampen the spirits of the party. It was as good acting as she ever did, says she, for The loss of the pin took all the joy out of her life. Grace Tyson is showing some dresses worth while this week (Hammer- stein's). First a pale blue chiffon over pink with toque of pink straw and wil- low plume is worn. A sage green messaline embroidered in maiden hair fern over which is thrown a darker green chiffon edged in emeralds was lovely. Miss Tyson was regal in a pur- ple velvet princess fitting to perfec- tion. The skirt was decorated at the bottom in grapes and leaves. The closing number Miss Tyson dressed in black trimmed heavily in jet fringe and passementerie. With each cos- tume a hat heavily plumed was worn. That Mrs. Jackson Qouraud, who is announced to appear at the Folies Bergere, was seen driving up Fifth avenue with a well-known arbiter of stage fashions one day last week, once more started the rumor of her engage- ment to him. Mrs. Qouraud, however, denies absolutely that she is to wed anyone. Rose Coghlan (Hammerstein's) is wearing a very handsome evening gown of deep rose colored crepe de chine. A tunic in the same shade is heavily embroidered and the train is chiffon. Annie Yeamans is still young enough to choose a becoming gown. A white foundation over which is a black net robe spangled In jet and white roses has for a touch of color a pink sash and rosette. Kitty Gordon (Winter Garden) is wearing a grey messaline gown made in the Jupe-Culotte fashion. The bodice has numerous silver tassels hanging from the shoulders. The gold hat with stockings and slippers to match add just enough color. Dazle (in the same show) is wearing a handsome Russian costume of purple and gold with turban to match. For the final ballet Dazle has chosen a handsome pink and white costume. The girl of the Conlln, Steele and Carr trio (Colonial) might remove the feather from the large white chip hat. A long willow plume should never be worn with a tailor made suit. It has a 14th street appearance. In pink, banded in silk embroidered trimming the young woman looked very much better. Linden Beckwith (Colonial) is a pretty girl, who dresses her act charm- ingly. The amber light used caused the costumes to look yellow. Her entrance is made in a motor coat and straw bonnet. Underneath is a pretty chiffon frock of purple over yellow. Miss Beckwith as a boy, In brown, looked her best. COIFFURES D'AUGUSTi: Another of the latest fashions In hair Jrcrs- 1ns; at the Parisian capital. Bessie Wynn is making four changes of costume, each one prettier than the other. A white and crystal made empire and very narrow was a dream. A pale blue and silver banded in er- mine was worn for the "Slipping" number. By the way, what a cute song that is. The French blue chiffon cloak and hood worn for "Rosle Rigo- letta" drew forth a round of applause for Itself. The last frock Miss Wynn wore was beautiful. The foundation is salmon pink messaline over which a goblin blue marquisette splashed in gold robe was draped. There is no better dressed woman in vaudeville than Miss Wynn. (Fifth Avenue; last week). JACK IRWIN MARRIED. Portland, Ore., April 12. Jack Irwin, the wireless operator of the Wellman Airship, America, was married last Tuesday to Helen Mae Page (of Summers and Page). B'oth acts were playing the Sullivan-Consl- dine house. After this season Mr. and Mrs. Ir- win will appear in a sketch along the "Via Wireless" lines. JOK WOOD "GLAD." Joe Wood was glad Monday and there's a reason. He has just re- covered from an attack of the grip, furthermore, his agency has acquired four more houses, one at Elmlra and the others at Horning, Hoosac Falls and Little Falls. Joe had the Elmira house once before but it slipped out a pale blue marquisette over Helen of his hands.