Variety (April 1912)

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VARIETY RENTING LONDON MUSIC HALL MORRI S' SUMM ER SCHEME Has a Couple to Select Prom. Will Place Annette Kellermann as Star Attraction. Secures American Rights to Legitimate Play for Production Next Season The Adriatic yesterday (Thursday) should have carried away Annette Kellermann, according to plans made by the William Morris office. Before Mr. Morris left for England a few weeks ago, he had been in communi- cation with the management of a London music hall, looking toward the rental of it by Morris for an im- mediate period, during which he in- tended presenting Miss Kellermann as a star attraction for a run. Since reaching London, it is said Morris has had another hall offered him for the purpose, and will make a choice before Miss Kellermann arrives He believes the diving girl is good for a sensation In London, although she will have to follow in "Nord," a diver who appeared over there a year or so ago, with a "tank act." Morris wishes to make the experiment, how- ever, and offered to rent a theatre in order that he might have full sway with his plans. (Special Cable to Variety,.) London, April 3. "Busy" 1b the word for William Morris' activities since arriving over here. Yesterday he closed for the American rights to "The Blindness of Virtue,*' a three-act play written by Cosmo Hamilton. Morris will pro- duce it on the other Bide next season. He has also signed Harry Lauder for another season in the States, ex- tending his present contract with the Scotchman for next season to include '13-'14. Mr. Morris- has placed York and Adams to open in London June 24, but Is withholding the name of the hall where they are to play. GABY'S BIG TIME IDEAS. (Special Cable to Variety) Paris, April 3. The negotiations between Oaby Deslys and the Shuberts for a return engagement in America are not quite settled. Gaby Is demanding a private car for her personal use on all road tours. "MIDDLEMAN** WITHDRAWN. (Special Cable to Variety) London, April 3. "The Middleman" has been with- drawn from the Coliseum by Seymour Hicks and "After the Honeymoon" substituted. VULGAR PARISIAN PIECE. (Special Cable to Variety;) Paris, April 3. "Agnes, Dame Galante," the new piece at the Bouffes, was produced by Mme. Cora Laparcerie March 28 and met with an indifferent reception. It is extremely vulgar. Colas replaced Febvre in the role of tho King. It is noteworthy that some former music hall artists hold the leading roles: Gaston Sylvestre as a court jester, and Hasti in an amusing role. Cora Laparcerie-Richepin her- self plays the part of Agnes. BERNHARDT IN DECEMBER. (Special Cable to Variety,) Paris, April 3. Bernhardt sails for New York in December after her music hall en- gagements at the London Coliseum, Manchester and Glasgow, unless un- forseen circumstances prevent. Her American vaudeville engage- ments will date from that time. AMBASSADEURS DATE SET. (Special Cable to Variety].) Paris, April 3. "The Ambassadeurs," an open air resort, is scheduled for opening April 27. OPERA BOUFFE FIXED. (Special Cable to Variety,.) London, April 3. "La xVie Parisienne," the opera bouffe by Offenbach, has been definitely fixed to open at the Alhambra in May with Alice O'Brien, Arthur Playfair and Kenneth Douglas as the probable principals. EDWARD TERRY DEAD. • (Special Cable to Variety,) London, April 3. Edward Terry, the well known ac- tor, died yesterday at his home in Surrey, aged 68. He first played in 1863 and owned Terry's theatre, now a picture house. Terry was contem- porary with Nellie Farren and Kate Vaughan. Funeral services will be held Sat- urday at Brompton. CLASSY OPERA LIST. (Special Cable to Variety,) London, April 3. The King and Queen and the Ameri- can Ambassador are among the sub- scribers to the Covent Garden opera next season. UNION AGAINST TREE. (Special Cable to Variety.) London, April 3. Sir Herbert Tree has had trouble with his union stage hands, the union conducting a campaign against the actor-producer. Tree claims the right to employ non-union men whenever he feels so disposed. SPOKEN SONGS APPROVED. (Special Cable to Variety,) London, April 3 Jean Sterling Macklnlay opened^ at the Palace, Monday night, in spoken Bongs. It Is a high class effort and highly approved. KING PREVENTS BILLING. (Special Cable to Variety*) London, April 3. The Marquis of Hertford, late Earl of Yarmouth, has written the words and music of an operetta entitled "MU- licent," requiring ten people for' its interpretation. It has been booked by Oswald Stoll for the Manchester Hack- ney, opening April 29. The King forbids the use of tho author's title on the bills and pro- grams, so the old nom de plume by which the marquis was known in Amlerlca a few years ago, Eric Hope, has been revived. Hertford's hereditary position is now very high, but he is. quite uncon- cerned about it. THREE-ACT SPLITTING. (Special Cable to Variety,. ) London, April 3. Hedges Bros, and Jacobson state that they will shortly split. Elvln Hedges has had a serious disagree- ment with the others. It is said their women folk are back of the quarrel. They have a lot of time booked here at salaries running up to $400 weekly. FRENCH GIRL IN FIRST BILL. (Special Cable to Variety,) Paris, April 3. Anne Dancry has been engaged to appear on the first program at Beck's Palace, New York, next November. W. C. FIELDS' "COPY" "FLOPS." (Special Cable to Variety.) London, April 3. Raglus, juggler, the "copy" of W. C. Fields, opened at the Alhambra, Mon- day, and did a complete "flop." MAUDE PLAYS NEW ACT. (Special Cable to Variety.) London, April 3. Cyril Maude, who replaced "Sairey Gamp" with "French as He is Spoke" at the Palace, Monday, did very well with the new act. KEN YON COMING LATER OX. (Special Cable to Variety,) London, April 3. Neii Kenyon may visit America at the end of the year. He has four weeks of postponed time with Percy G. Williams. Kenyon is now doing "big" at the Pavilion. "CANTHARIDE" OFF. (Special Cable to Variety,.) Paris, April 3. The Cigale is not producing the operetta "Cantharide." WOULDN'T OPEN LONDON SHOW. (Special Cable to Variety*.) London, April 3. Daly and O'Brien, scheduled to open at the Palladium Monday, quit at the rehearsal, refusing to appear first turn. The team are Americans, just return- ed from Australia. WARNING FOR AMERICANS. (Special Cable to Variety,.) London, April 3. While the big coal strike has been practically settled, the aftermath will be had this summer in vaudeville here. American acts should be warned of the situation. GORGEOUS BERGERE REVUE. (Special Cable to Varibts.) Paris, April 3. The new revue signed G. Arnould was* produced at the Folies Bergere last night and splendidly received. With thirty-five scenes, it is a gorgeous show, outstripping even its prede- cessor. A feature tableaux closing the first part is Bond street, London, in the time of Beau Brummel, with the dan- dies, the early steam motor-car and the first gas lamp posts, reconstituted from old prints. Elsie Craven did splendidly, as also did Barry Luplno and Marise Fairy. The monkeys, Max and Moritz, scored a tremendous hit. Morton, Tramel, Brouett, Vlolette Howe, Annie Perret, Alice Millet, Yane are among the numerous French artistes playing in the production, which will hold the Folies Bergere un- til the Grand Prix. LORRAINE PUTTING ON SHOW. (Special Cable to Variety) London, April 3. "Ninety-eight-point-nine" will be withdrawn from the Criterion Satur- day. Robert Lorraine substitutes a re- vival of "Man and Superman" for two weeks. IN ENGLAND, PENNILESS. (Special Cable to Variety*) London, April 3. Twenty-five girls arrived on the Lap- lander from America Monday, claim- ing they were stranded by Max Rabin- off at New Orleans. They arrived here penniless and were assisted at the sta- tion to get to their homes. Other girls, members of the troupe and mostly Russians, were left at New Or- leans, the arrivals stated. ENGAGES FRENCH CHAMPION. (Special Cable to Variety,) London, April 3. Carpentier, French boxing champ- ion, opens at the Oxford in a fort- night. $1 WEEKLY CHARITY. (Special Cable to Variety,) London, April 3. An ex-attendant at the Drury Lane, who saved $2,500 out of his tips and lost it all in a little store, applied for "poor relief" and has been grant- ed a dollar a week. WALTZ IN TWO COUNTRIES. (Special Cable to Variety*) London, April 3. "The Final Waltz," Leslie Stuart's new two-act work, will be produced simultaneously in London and New York. The American rights have been given to the Shuberts. MASTERS JOINS SOMERS. (Special Cable to Variety,.) London, April 3. Harry Masters, booking representa- tive for Walter Gibbons, will Join Jack Somers at the end of the current month, replacing "Manny" Warner in the dissolving Somers & Warner agen- cy. He parts with Gibbons on good terns. v eW