Variety (April 1912)

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VARIETY Kremka Bros JetUr 4k Roger* Empress (so) (Open Son. Mat) Harry Thriller Luce 4k Luce Herron 4k Douglas Nat Qarr "Parla by Night" Maj.rtle (tbo) Celll Opera Trio Lewie 4k Green Chaa. Howe 4k Co Olive Morgan IS English Belle* SPRINGFIELD, MASS Nslsssi (olan) Bsala DeBuaee Brandon A Taylor Coyne 4k Lee 2d Half Polly Caplro Henry Alexander 4k Co Bolger Broa SUPERIOR, WIS. Broadway (wvr) Belaeen Hellatrom 4k Myhre Emmett Broa. Loralne-Dudley 4k Co Carlta Day Dr. Herman SYRACUSE, N. Y. Qiaad (ubo) Maok 4k William* Hugh Blaney Hilda Thomaa 4k Lew Hall Mr. 4k Mr* Peraln* Flaher Norton 4k Lee Chaa. Ahearn Troupe Joe Welch Hugh Lloyd Sweeney 4k Rooney Harry Bloom Manley 4k Sterling Golden 4k Colllna Randow Broa, TACOMA Empress (ao) Three Gammona Lewla 4k Pearaon El Cleve Royal Zanettoa Mattle Lockette Bonhalr Troupe Pantngss "Soul KIm" Co Brooke 4k Harrle Figaro Carpoe Broa. Murray Bennett TERBE HAUTE. Varieties (wva) Joe Maxwell Allen Fowlda A Daughter* Farrell Broa DeVlne A Williams Eldora A Co Caltea Broa Will Roger* William*, Thomp- son A Copeland Claxton Trio TEXARKANA, TEX. Majestic (hod) Lynne 4k Bonnie Hasaard Three A mere* 2d Half Etta Wood Juggling Jordane TOLEDO Keith* (ubo) The Stanley* Ruby Raymond A Co ." Keatona onlln, Steele 4k Carr Merrill A Otto Colonial Spetet Ellis A McKenna Four London* VANCOUVER Orpheum (*c) Toku Kl**he Josle A Willie Bar- row* Eldon A Clifton Billy Chase Guy Broa Karno'i Comedians Pantage* Dettmar Troupe Family Balagnar Bennett, Klute A King Griff Joe Barnard A Co VICTORIA, B. 0. Empreaa (*c) Guy Bartlett Trio Mr. A Mrs. Rey- nold* Walters A Frank Rae Eleanor Ball Wilson A Pear son WACO, TEX. Imperial (hod) Tetsuwarl Japs Davl* A Cooper CllfT* Dogs Erminie Earle Gordon A Perry 2d Half Eisie Sllfk A.Co Russell A Bergen (Two to fill) WATEBBUBY, CONN Jacques (olan) "The Hold-Up" « White KuhnaM enntnga A Nelaon LaDella Continue* Geo. Spink Burg<o* A Clara (One to All) WATERLOO, IA, Majestic (tbc) Fred V. Bower A Co Vlolinski 12 Navajo Girls Edward De Corala A Co American Newaboya 4 Flaher A Gilbert WESTERLY, R. I. Opera House (nat) DoBlakea Clrcu* Bob Ott Alice Dudley Lombardlan Stroll- er* Star (mdo) Cooper A Ttecardo Vauldlng A Davl* 2d Half Ruth A Bob Albert Wlllard A Hutchin- son WHITEHALL, N. Y. World (chch) Lester A Laurie 2d Half Sachs A Vallln WHITE PLAINS, N. Y. Court Sq. (fox) Haight A Deane Mrs. Van Cook* Temp A Trio The Expositors Fouum Hollow University Jas Green 2d Half (FIHed by first half from G. O. H., Brooklyn) WILKES-BABBE, PA Poll'* (ubo) Seldom'* Venu* Maud Tiffany Le Roy ft Harvey Klass A Bernle Josephine Islleb A Co Le Rlx A ).e Rlz (One to fill) WINNIPEG Empress (so) Bllvano Lareena Edwin Barry A Co Ted Fox B. Valdare Troupe WORCESTER, MASS. Poll'* (ubo> "Vassar Girls" Benham A Bray HJcksy Circus Phina A Oo Gordon Bros. Kangaroo Joe Jackson Carbrey Bros. PARIS (To April 16) Wolf A Waldroff Blanche de Paunac 4 AaooU 4 Franklin* Heidenrelch's Fly- ing Girl* Cornell!* A Eddie Nltto Jo Juliette 'y Seals Leslie Brothers Nlbblett Duo Drawee Nlmbo A Frlaco F. Kornau Howard* A Colllson Folle* Bergsrs (To April 15) Revue Max A MorlU El ale Craven Marias Fairy Barry Luplno Vlolctte Hows Miles. Ysne Manor Perret Millet Mm. Morton Duval Tramel Brouett V CORRESPONDENCE UJgsttfctrwbe mste*> tfct fsfltwag art ftr the U sfW it w—L JIM J. •' . fWYNN) CHICAGO VARIETY'S CHICAGO OFFICE! MAJESTIC THEATRE BUILDING MAJESTIC—Good, all around, evenly bal- anced bill with Sidney Drew topping, sup- ported by several Ranklns and Barrymores in a sketch, "The Still Voice." It scored an easy nit. The Chaa. Fbrreater aketch, "Billy Boy," held an early spot. Buffering a trifle through poaltlon but, nevertheless, pulling through nicely. Ruby Raymond and Co. opened with good dancing. Patsy Doyle, on second, I* undoubtedly one of best "singles" hers this season and waa a big laugh winner. Alexander and Scott earned the encore after divulging the sex. The pair went big. Chip and Marble In musical skit pulled down a hit. Maude Lillian Berrl In repertoire of exclusive song* and exclusive costumes held position nicely. Miss Berrl's voice Is par excellence, but her costumes were the hit of act. Empire Comedy Four show wonderful Improvement through elimination of "rough stuff." Sing- ing Is sufficiently strong. Regal'* Animals, excellent closer. Among other things, the Hodkin'a Lyric Circuit announced the acquisition of houses in Fort Worth and Waco, Tex., and In Oklahoma City. The new houses formerly booked through the Hodkln's office, but a change In policy from vaudeville to musical comedy stock made It necessary to make other con- nection*. Incidentally the Imperial. Waco, ha* changed hand* and la now controlled by P. S. Col ley, who formerly managed a Hod- kin'a houae at Palestine, same state. Between the Rock Island riots, the many floods throughout the middle-west that have temporarily tied up show business and the fact that the present week Is the fag-end of the Lenten period, the vaudevllllana here- about* have plenty to worry about besides the impending "blacklist" Reports from the water-worried section* sound as though the several river* out that way were liable to crawl over the dock* and levee* at any min- ute. In that event there will be many can- cellation* In vaudeville bookings Inasmuch a* the majority of the threatened town* have one or more house* In operation at the pres- ent time. Now that William Fennessy hag secured Joe Watson's name to a contract for next season, the Cincinnati burlesque man la try- ing to locate Willie Cohen and endeavor, If possible, to have Willis team up with Watson. The pair worked together eeveral aeasons ago with Mortimer Thlea' "Rolllcker*" but later developments sent the comedlana In different direction*. Harry Scott has filed auit agalnat Jamas Wingneld asking for $7,(00 for violation of a contract that called for Scott's produc- tion of "The Glrr of the U. 8. A" Wlngfleld 1* a dramatic agent, but realising the possi- bilities In vaudeville for tabloid versions of •helved play*, made a proposition to Scott who accepted and waa ahortly afterward routed In the "Aasoclatlon" office by Messrs. Thlelen and Dick Allardt The plec* waa offered to varloua W. V. M. A. managera for $700 and $760, although Scott claims his ar- rangement waa to net,him $iS0 for the pro- duction. After playing a few weeka the act waa canceled. Now Scott 1* looking for aatla- factlon. I. M. Welngarten, formerly Interested In the Trocadero theatre on State street In the good old daya of burly-que, has recovered a Judgment of $95 against Messrs. Marvin A Roche for costumes said to be furnished to those gentlemen while they were presenting stock at the Alhambra theatre. The Alham- bra Is now playing "small time" vaudeville. Mr. Marvin has something to do with the company now at the Marlowe while Col. Roche Is said to be In the south somewhere. The Shrlner** Circus scheduled for April 12-13 will carry on Its entertainment com- mittee the majority of Cftlcago's vaudeville agents, as well as several prominent local managera J. C. Matthews Is to be chair- man of the Entertainment Committee. "Spirit" Herrman, manager of the Cort, is to have charge of the atage, with Harry Bailey of the Haymarket a* hi* assistant Among the stage hands are listed Nobles Paul Goudron, Roy Sebree, George Hatch. Earl Cox. Sam Du Vrlea, Jim Matthew*. Harry Newman, Fred Schaeffer, Ed Clifford, Ed Rowland, Gaston Goudron, C. H. Tolls and Col. Charles Hatch. The local attaches of the Jerome H. Remlck office are proudly displaying a silver loving cup captured at the recent song publisher's contest at the Jefferson theatre here. The cup waa captured by the Remlck Quartot, consisting of Messrs. Loo*, Lachman, Hay and Loos Thl* week the prise Is being exhibited In a local department store. Bertha G. Ament was awarded a decree of divorce In a local circuit court from her hus- band, Herbert L. Amend, last week. The decree was granted on a charge of desertion and non-support. Both principals are ac- quainted in musical comedy circles Mae Taylor has tired of one-night stands and last week surrendered her part In the road company of "Louisiana Lou" to Bailie Stembler. Miss Taylor will return to vaude- ville from where she was taken by Harry Askln. Incidentally Manager Askln has been having his troubles with the successful musi- cal comedy this season, especially with lead- ing men. Up to date he ha* engaged three ex-vaudevlllian* to handle the part of Lldoff- sky—Alex. Carr, Sam Llebert and Harry First. First,' Carr lost hi* head, then Llebert lost hi* ability to Imitate Carr, and finally First lost hi* voice. However, despite these setbacks Askln Is keeping both shows going to a profit. (Yes, Llebert Is still with the road show.) At the conclusion of the Princess engage- ment of "Bunty Pulls the Strings" last week the company disbanded. It waa formerly an- nounced the ahow would take to the road, but the producers probably took warning at present road conditions. From present Indications the Shuberts have given up the idea of transferring A. Worm to Philadelphia. Worm Is still here battling against heavy odda The Chicago engagement of "The Garden of Allah" will commence Labor Day at the Auditorium. PHILADELPHIA By GEORGE ML YOUNG. KEITH'S (H. T. Jordan, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Vaudeville, which has atood the teat of a aeaaon which has bean nothing to boaat about In the other branches of the bualnea* got It* bump along with ths others during ths final week of the Lenten season. The Keith audiences have never been known to be oves enthualastlo In the early half of the week, even when the houae has been filled, and Tuesday night, with about a half house full, everything passed slong very quietly. What honors there were, were very nicely dis- tributed so there was not much chance for complaint. Je*ie Leaky** latest, "The An- tique Girl," whloh Is styled a mualoal com- edy, had the principal billing. It la musical, but not more ao than several other* of the Laaky aeries, and the comedy la almoat aa weak aa the worst. Thla la more the fault of the handling than the making of the aketch for there are plenty of chance* for comedy and with the toola right at one's hand. Charfea Puaey la the principal com- edian. Maaty* yeara ago there was a Puaey who did a tramp act. It may be the aame Pussy, for ths comsdy savors of ths long ago. There are a few bright spots In ths piece and they are contributed by Mauds Earl and Fletcher Norton. Both have done better and will probably do so again when they have the opportunity. In ths Laaky aketch they do a whole lot to keep It going, but when they are not In view, It'a dull entertainment. Miss Earl make* a aprlghtly dancer and alng* pleasingly. Her two number* stand out strongly as ths feature, and there are reasons for ths recognition she received for the dance in a .Aress of clinging silk. Good reasons, too, ! Mauds helped to make the "Antique Girl" a Uttle pleasing anyway. "Sweetheart*" a prettff littls aklt In two acenea was pre • sented by Mr. and Mrs. Erwln Connelly. It ie by Sir W. 8. Gilbert, author of "Pinafore" and the "Mikado," and It la an odd bit of entertainment which appeala to one'* real nature because of lta simplicity and It* atmos- phere of heart Interest which takes hold and clings. The sketch Is splendidly handled by the principals, their best work being equally divided. Mr. Connelly shows to better ad- vantage In the second scene, while Mra Con- nelly has the honors In the first It strikes an even balance and goes along with the suc- cess of a pretty offering which Is sure to. please. The bill had splendid support at the finish where Max Gruber's animals scored sol- idly. For show and general routine thla act atanda far in advance of nearly all of it* class. The horse Is one of the best ever seen and the elephant is admirably trained. Just ahead of this act were Barry and Wolford with their singing and talking skit which brought them liberal reward. The medley of "plays" Is nlcsly handled and the "old-timer*" number hit the mark fairly. The early half of the show moved along at an even pace after Rosalre and Doreto had started things lightly' with their acrobatics. Froslnl boosted things with his accordeon, finishing strongly with his "rag" medley. There must have been a fair percentage of billiard lovers among the small crowd In front and Bert Cutler found them willing to enthuse over some of his trick shots. Cutler adds to his act with his bit of talk and makes a very nice act of It Melville and Hlgglns carried off a liberal share of the laurels with their bits of talk and song. This team can get as much harmony out of numbers which suit them as many others can get out of the biggest song hits on the market They have made a harmony classic out of that "Ham and Egg*" •ong and It never fall* to land. They have a new drop and some new talk which get the laughs. Miss Melville putting the comedy over In fine shape. Brown and Ayer were given their usual reward for their piano act. COLONIAL (Al White, mgr.; agent, direct). —Things were running to the red Monday night at the only up-stalra houae thl* city can boaat of. Manager Al White got tired waiting for the crowd to come and went to see "The Red Widow." "Yock" Hen unbluah- Ingly sported a big red flower In his button- hole and a girl with a big hat with a red band hid so much of the stage that four others had to move to get full view of Emmett Welch's white flannel suit To miss Emmett's white suit would have spoiled the whole even- Wh4n c M Mtsaysjiy od/mtnwmmiu JMn«Ur mention VARIETY.