Variety (April 1912)

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VARIETY 25 Two Wonderlul Hits HARRY VON TILZER Two Wonderful Hit:. By **»• V. HMACO 01! DREAM MM HARRY Mil SFKC1AL NOTICE '»►> IU)l(><>i>.i> i> in <h>< \<... \mi \mi,i, UK. <-l.\l> to WKI.CO.MK III* KUIFMis at TIIK GKANI) oi'KIU lioivi- in ;>«.., t lllf'AUO HARRYV0NTILZERMUSICPUBLISHINGC0.i25w.43ds l ., A<lilr*>-* nil runil to New York Illusionist Supreme KAR-MI PRINCE OF INDIA AND HIS Royal Hindu Troupe APRIL 8 PROCTORS, PUINFIELD, N. J. Managers Invited See PAT CASEY Now appearing under personal Direction of FENNESSY A SILVER 62 West Madison Street Chicago GENESTE WORLD'S GREATEST HYPNOTIST Now breaking box office records as added attraction with Western Wheel Burlesque Shows FRED ASTAIRES Presenting "A RAINY SATURDAY." By NED WAYBURN. ADELE In*, for Emmett la * Aran? fellow and la set- ting a mark among tho **pop" vaudeville brig- ade. Welch la heading a big singing set called Emmett Welch and his "Fifteen Afri- can Warblera" Only nine were counted and one of these, a dancer. But there was some good singing by four men and four women, all colored. Welch sang a couple of single numbers, the chorus Joining In on the second in which a pretty stage setting was used. Back of Emmett's white suit and his final number was a song-sheet, with the singers heads sticking through the canvas. It was tried years ago in vaudeville and the only wonder is that It went so long without being revived for it is a sure-fire hit for the "pop" time. Welch has a dandy voice of quality as well aa strength and he knows how to sing good songs. The act brought warm recognition, from a none too wall filled house and It ought to make good any place, par- ticularly as a feature number on the small time Another new act Is that of La France and McNabb, a team of blackface comedians who have a talking act called "Barred From Society." They work In "one" wth one of the two men behind a drop representing a Jail. There la some talk well put over while the one remains "In Jail." What they seem to need moat la some speedy stuff to follow up to the finish where they do a burlesque box- ing bit which got a lot of laughs. The men have a good Idea for a comedy talking act and with Juat a little speed in the middle of It will have a talking act from the usual run which should be well liked on the "pop" time. The Groves, in a magical act of the ordinary class and Prince and Virginia offer- ing their "kid" act made up the remainder of the bill, four acts completing the show with clotures at each end. PALACB (Jay Mastbaum, mgr.; agent, J. B. THEATRICAL TRUNKS Guaranteed for Five Years LIGHTWEIGHT AND STRONGLY MADE LONG & CO. a men, sit 75 98 INCH. $11.51 18 INCH. $14 00 32 iicii, 12.25 st man, 15 00 34 INCH. 13 00 45 INCH. 11.51 Sal 1416 BROADWAY m, Softs 514 (Factory, Newark, N. J.) NEW YORK CITY Aronson).—The show waa not In good running order on Monday and more than one change waa made in the bill. The failure of "Vaca- tion Days On The Farm," which was the feature act to go through hit the show a rap. There wasn't any chance for this act, even though the farmyard setting got a hand on the opening. After this It was all through. One girl, who appeared to be 111 or suffering from stage-fright made a mess of a number and every body appeared to be at sea. Prob- ably the act Is new. It looked as If It had been thrown together, the man doing the "farmer" bit feeling for his lines along with the others. The Idea is all right for "pop" time, but the material must be there along with someone able to handle It. Dow and Dow landed the big end of the applause with their talk and parodies, the latter bringing the reward. The original boys of this act are together again after each had tried It with another partner. They have two corking medleys. The tnlk can stand Improvement. Wood and Henry replaced Zoda and Hoot, the latter act being absent through an accident to Zeda. Henry and Wood have changed their act somewhat and have It In better working order, but it is not right yet. The dress-suit does not belong In the act and there Is a lot of trimming up needed for the exits on each number. The man has a dandy voice and the girl has learned to Binlle and W%0» OMtteYt*? adpertttemenu kindly mention VARIETY.