Variety (April 1912)

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26 VARIETY ,,». The First Riot of the New "tear. Thai Sensational Ro£ Hit MiYiniiiiiu A 5izzler from Start to Finish-for 5mgles Doubles Trios or Quartettes :aFEISTfsSSM;rNEWYORIC$iteartCHICACOW«. can hold up her end of the act with her violin playing, and her appearance. They hare a: good act at their command when It la shaped up right. Dixie Chryatie did very nicely with harp and violin, playing the latter with dif- ferent articles. It li not right to bring these articles from her pocket. It doee not go well with the pretty, quaint dreaalng effect Mies Dixie makea a pleaalng alngle. Wagner and Kent preaented a sketch along familiar llnea and of light texture. The man overdoea a drunk at the opening which makea hie aober return look out of order. Mlaa Wagner wae formerly in atock In thla city and can do good work. . Sha will And It to her advantage to seek a better vehicle In ease aha lntenda to atlck to vaudeville. The musical act of the, Ballo Brothers got Ita usual reward. The boys have selected popular muslo and play It all well. Griffla and Doris, two girls, do "kid" atuff. Some of It Is good. One apolla the "Maybe It'a a Bear" song by too much of the "kid" thing. Callouette did some trlcka on a wire. Without any atartllng feata he gats through nicely. WILLIAM PENN (W. W. Miller, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Milton and De Long Slaters; Claudlua and Scarlet; Phlna and Co.; Clara Ballerlnl; Virginia Hennlngs and Co.; Jerge 'and Hamilton. BIJOU (Joaeph Dougherty, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—N'oodles Fagan; Jamea Kennedy and Co.; Qeorge Fredo; Dorothy Richmond and Co.; Manhattan Comedy Four; Anita Prlm- roae; Duffy Lorense. KEYSTONE (M. W. Taylor, mgr.; agent, M. W. Taylor Agency).—Pattee'a Diving Olrla; The Leap Year Girli; Jim Tenbrooke Trio; Harry Fields; Elliott and Naff; Hugh Lloyd and Co. LIBERTY (M. W. Taylor, mgr.; agent, M. W. Taylor Agency).—Cora Youngblood and Coraon Sextette; Oarnella, Thomas, Daven- port and Oarnella; Wallace's Cockatoos; Lau- rie Ordway; Fentelle and Valorle; Great Kuma Troupe. NIXON (F. G. Nixon-NIrdllnger, mgr.; agent, Nixon-NIrdllnger Agency).—Hassen and Roedel; Bijou Gertrude; All Rajah and Co.; Whlttler, Ince and Co,; Italian Troubadours; Kid Hamlet and Co. PEOPLE'S (F. G. Nixon-NIrdllnger, mgr.; agent, Nixon-NIrdllnger Agency).—4-6, Hotel Laughland; Vassar and Arken; Western Girl; Nebraska BUI; Watson and Little. POINT BREEZE (F. G. NIxon-Nlrdllnger. mgr.; agent, Nlxon-Nirdllnger Agency).— 4-6, Rialtos; DeShlelds and Morrow; Kennedy and Co.; Evelyn Bennett. GRAND (Chas. Rappoport, mgr.; agent, Kixon-Nlrdllnger Agency).—4-6, John Cooper and Co.; Driscoll, Hall and Co.; Zimmerman and Slmone; Alfredo and Pearl: Ned Dandy. FOREPAUGH'S (Kaufman A Miller, mgrs.; agent, I. Kaufman).—Bristol's Ponies; Flor- ence Turner; Toman and Emmett: Tanean and Claxton; Truvers and Lorenz; Guess, Try and Gueu. GIRARD (Miller A Kaufman, mgrs.; agent, I. Kaufman).—4-6 Lcdgear and Charlotta; Barney First; Pete Mack and Clancy Twins; Bostock and Walters; Falls and Falls. EMPIRE (Stanford A Western, mgrs.; ogent. I. Kaufman).—4-6, Van and Carrie Avery; Potomac Four; Anita; Fields and Coco. ALHAMBRA (Frank Mlgone, mgr.; agent, M. W. Taylor Agency).—Four Castors: W. Brown and Co. In "His Father's Son"; Sharp and Tni'*k: Threo Collegians; Adair and Hcnney; Bob Pandeur and Bros. Willa Holt Wakefield IN VAU i ram jaooi Wilfred Clarke *T, The Seashore Home off Reasonable Price A PLBASTJBE INVESTMENT. ALWAYS COOL ON A PROFIT INYESTMENT. ISLAND BEACH r*r \+--' -*#**!m<MP PRICE, INCLUDING I ARGE PLOT, "ON EASY TERMS, fl.SOO. Has bright, attractive combination living and dining room, with cosy open fireplace, roomy kitchen, two large bedrooms, bath and storage space. Fine veranda. Conveniences WHY PAYfMNYif RENTAL MONKY WILL BUY A NOME WITH US 8ALTAIRB la located on Fire Island Beach, adjoining the State Park and the famoua Light Houae, directly opposite Bay Shore, and within commuting distance of New York. All aalt water sports, Boating, Bathing, Fishing. Duck and Snipe Shoot- ing. The Atlantic Ocean Its Front Yard—The Great Booth Bay Its Back Yard. 8ALTAIRE Is a Bungalow Colony with large plots and artistic homes, water gas and sewers, street lamps, miles of board walks, general store, and Casino for property owners. Miles of clean sand beach. Be our guest for a day at SALT AIRE. Our trains leave Pennsylvania Sta- tion and Flatbush Ave. at 10.30 A. M. week days and Sundays. WRITE OR CALL FOR TICKETS. PARTICULARS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. Fire Island Beach'DevelopmentXo. Marbridge Building, B'way A 34th St., New York. Tel. Greeley 1697. CAR LOAD ROSES! DIXIE (D. Labell, mgr.; agent, M. W. Taylor Agency).—4-6, O'Brien, White and Ferns; Robins, Lee and Heine; Presto: Marie i Laurent. FRANKLIN (D. Labell. mgr.; agent. M. W. Taylor Agency).—4-«, Wlllard's Temple of Music; James H. Llchter; Cycling Zanoras: Corbett and Forrester; Sarah Goody. HARTS (John Hart, mgr.; agent. M. W. Taylor Agency).—Closed during Holy Week. AUDITORIUM (W. Herkenrelder, mgr.: agent, Jules E. Aronaon).—4-6, The Chlea- dees; Leo St. Elmo; John and Llla Fox. PLAZA (Chaa. Oelachlager. mgr.; agent. H. Bart McHugh).—Tom Sldeleo and Co.; Great Marin; Madelon Lear; Sam Phillips and Co.; Reeves and Werner; Tinkham and Co. GLOBE (B. Isreal. mgr.; agent. H. Bart McHugh).—4-6. Ed and Rollo White: Good- win: Catherine Geegan; Hughes and Casper. LOEWS NATIONAL (M. M. Block, mgr.; agent. Loew'a Agency).—4-6, Jones and Parks In "A Spotless Reputation"; Cloua and Hoff- man; Deeley and Barlows; Lohse and Ster- ling; Engle and Armstrong; Cross and Way- land. MODEL (H. A. Lord, mgr.; agent. Charles J. Kraus).—4-6, Mets A Mets; The Klnsners; Claude A Marlon Cleveland; Stella Lusso; Eatln A Lorraine. IRIS (M. J. Walsh mgr.; agent. Charles J. Kraus).—4-6, Specter Bros.; Marlowe A Lewis; Irwin O'Neal: Ed Glngraaa A Co. ALEXANDER (Geo. Alexander, mgr.; agents, 8teln A Leonard, Inc.).—4-6, Bdw. H. Ford; Nicholas A Logan; Richard Gilbert A Co.: Billy Car Co. CRT8TAL PALACE (D. Bayllnson, mgr.; agents, Stein A Leonard, Inc.).—4-6, Keely A Parks; Celestos; Thatcher A Reglna; Loretta, HIPPODROME (Chaa Segal, mgr.; agents, Stein A Leonard, Inc.).—4-6. Downing Bros.; Mable Rhodes; Russian Dancers. MAJESTIC (Edw. Stein A Jack Supple, mgrs.; agents. Stein A Leonard. Inc.).—4-6, Avalon Trio; McDonald Bros.; Pace A Cros- by; Five Novelty Kids; Will Adams; Bertlno's Ponies; Burdette DeLong; Andy Harris CASINO (Ellas A Koenlg. mgrs).—"Pass- ing Parade." TROCADERO (Sam M. Dawson, mgr.).— "Watson's Beef Trust* EMPIRE (B. J. Bnlklsy, mgr.).—"The Ducklings*' OATETT (John P. Eckhardt. mgr.).— Clark's "Runaway Glrla* BOSTON By J. GOOLTZ. 80 Summer St. PARK (W. D. Andreas, mgr.; K. A E.).— "The Country Boy." Two more weeks to run. The three months' engagement here haa been very satisfactory. It Is doing the best Lenten business In town. Why It Is leaving now la a puaslc. "The Girl from Montmartre" with Hattle Williams as the star follows. BOSTON (Al. Loverlng. mgr.; K. A E.).— "The Littlest Rebel." Going out In two more weeks. Doing well. SHUBERT (E. D. Smith, mgr.; Shubert).— "Two Little Brides" (James T. Powers) will end this week. Did nicely. "Sumurun" fol- lows. PLYMOUTH (Fred. Wright, mgr.; Lleblers) —"Preserving Mr. Panmure" (Gertrude El- liott) closes a two weeka' atay Saturday. This Is not the title of m now bsHsd, but H took m till grown oar to hold the roses thrt were sent to the "oless" got ot the bill. lest week st KKITH'S. BOSTON WILL HOSStTER SAYS: PUTTING OVKft TMK "POOP LUCK" SOMO "YOU CANT EXPECT KISSES FROM ME" MARY ELIZABETH W&ew aneioerfnp advertUfment* kindly mention VARLMTi.