Variety (April 1912)

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VARIETY 27 "Alias Jimmy Valentine" preparing to clean out the town. TREMONT (John Schoffleld, m*r.; K. A E.) —"Gypsy Love" (Marguerlta Sylva). Hold- ing up well. Receipts Increasing. HOLLI8 (Charles B. Rich, mgr.; K. ft E.). —"The Indiscretion of Truth" (Robert Ede- 8on). Closing two weeks' stay. "The Runa- way" (Billie Burke) to follow. COLONIAL. (Thomas Lothian, mgr.; K. * E.).—"The Siren" (Donald Brian). Good business. MAJESTIC (E. D. Smith, mgr.; Shubert).— Dark this week. Dockstader*s Minstrels next w aaW CASTLE SQUARE (John Craig, mgr.).— Stock. KEITH'S (Harry E. Oustln, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—No complaint here regarding busi- ness despite Holy Week. A well filled house appreciated a well balanced bill. In "19t»" got great reception. Mary Elisabeth, big laughs. Arthur Deagon, * worked hard to please. Wille Brothers, great act to close. Middleton and Spellmyer, Interesting. Charles Law lor and Daughters, scored. Three Weston Sisters, dainty musicians. Billy K. Wells, pleased. Polzin Brothers, new stuff. Pic- tures. NATIONAL (Agent. U. B. O).—"Vacation Jubilee"; Mme. Da La Guerre; Franklyn Ar- dell A Co.; Evans A Vldoq; Ellis 6 McKenna; Joyce & Donnelly; King Bros.; one to fill; plo- tures. ORPHEUM (V. J. Morris, mgr.; agent, Loew).—Kenney ft Hollls; Leroy ft Romm; Kendall's Auto Girl; Dan Maley; Lock ft Lin- der; "Swat" Milllgan ft Co.; Hanlon ft Clif- ton; Gravette ft Lavondre; Folly Bergere Trio; Adubato A Kinsman; pictures. SOUTH END (L. M. Boas, mgr.; agent. Loew).—Adubato ft Kinsman; Folly Bergere Trio: Gravette ft Lavondre; Barry O'Day; Jacobs Dogs; Dan Maley; Leroy ft Romm; Kendall's Auto Girl; Locke ft Under; Hanlon ft Clifton; pictures. The Aborn Opera Company opens an eight weeks' engagement at the Boston Opera House, to sing In English. The first per- formance will be next Monday. A slight break will be made In the engagement on the fol- lowing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to allow the Metropolitan Opera Company to fill In the booking. George M. Cohan is advertising his "45 Min- utes from Broadway" In the Boston papers. $100 CASH THIS COn COTTME DOWN GHE-NM.F ACRE UNO $1375 Bisters: Kauffman Brothers; Seldom's Venus; Mllo Belden ft Co.; Hoey ft Lee: Lane A O'Donnell: George E. Gardner. MILLION DOLLAR PIER (J. L. Young A Kennedy Crossman, mgrs.; Wlstar Qroockett, bus. mgr.).—M. P. STEEPLECHASE PIER (R. Morgan ft W. H. Fenan, mgrs.).—Pavilion of Fun; M. P. CRITERION (I. Lotes, mgr.).—M. P. CITT SQUARE (Otto Bond, mgr.).—M. T. ROTAL (W. R. Brown, mgr.).—M. P. CENTRAL (Karrer ft Short, mgrs.).—M. P. APOLLO (Fred E. Moore, mgr.; agent, K. ft E.).—"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (1-5); Mask ft Wig Club of U. of P. In "Miss Helen of Troy" («). Next w«ek at the Apollo, Hattie Williams appears In the new musical show, "The Girl from Montmartre." It Is said to be "The Girl from Maxim's" set to music. April 15 Lelbler A Co. produce "The Unwritten Law" for the first three days. James K. Hackett will finish the week with "The Grain of Dust." South Shore ISLIP Long Island FOUB la ABOUT ONB HOUB OUT, BOOM OOTTAGBs Kltohaa. UtIm* kttabowi eellsir aader eettece; • frost aad MANT I m pvsap e* spring porehi fnrit BAUaKOB B Little l ■ —U fml privet hedge — r rsj — 4a the whole property i everything complete. • do ye o wmot t Jest whs* yoo hove heea looking for. Only tlOt DOWN. ~~~ ~~~" '~ DO YOU WONDBB AT IT? HOW CAN IT BB DONET for Ut hograph tops end free ticket* to see Long Island 910 MONTHLY, or apply nt WILLIAM H. MOFFITT REALTY COMPANY Tel. 7170 Madison Square. Madison Ave. and Mth St., New York City. Saturday last the Steelplechase Pier opened Its "Pavilion of Fun," which Includes the various slides and laugh getting devices. The charred remainder of what was. Young's Ocean Pier was viewed with Interest by the Palm Sunday throng. Especially was the sight Interesting at night, for thousands of piles displayed their burning ends Just like a myriad of fireflies. The piling burned can- dle-like toward the water surface for three days and nights. The report that the Rits-Carlton would not be built here was contradicted and Tuesday preliminary piling was ordered for testa If these prove satisfactory they will be used for the foundation support. It was said that the building of the hotel would go right along regardless of how the Sunday Belling ques- tion was settled. Loew's South End theatre will house "The Dramatic Stock Company," which will open with "Oliver Twist" Monday. This Is to be followed with "The Lottery Man," "Annie Laurie" and "The Blue Mouse." ATLANTIC CITY By I. B. PULASKI. SAVOY (Harry Brown, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—Irne Franklin; Harry Fox A Mlllershlp Armstrong and Clarke, who were to have played Young's Pier this week, are working In the Hotel Dunlop Cafe for the week. Billy Clarke was In town several days ahead of time. After th» fire he arranged the Dunlop COMING 'THE NEW CHEF Playing the Percy Williams Circuit, beginning April 1st, at the Alhambra, GUS EDWARDS will introduce his latest and greatest Song Success "On A Beautiful Night With A Beautiful Girl" Beautiful Lyric by WILL D. COBB. Copies ready at the offices of THE SONG REVIEW CO., GUS EDWARDS, Oen'l Mgr. ASTOR THEATRE BLDQ. (Same Old Stand) 1531 BROADWAY, Cor. 45th, NEW YORK Address all communications to GUS EDWARDS, Personal RETURNING TO VOD'VIL-Late of "LOUISIANA LOU" Co. The Jolly Comedienne with "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW THE GOOD FELLOW I'VE BEEN " Will Rossiter's "Good Luck" Songs ."I'D LOVE TO LIVE IN LOVELAND" When an+wering advertisements kindly mention VARIETY.