Variety (April 1912)

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VARIETY MR. MARTIN BECK must acknowledge that the first money to pass through the box office window at his New Palace Theatre, Chicago, was paid by EDWARD WINIFRED AND CO. Who were just a little in advance of the rest Witness, Mr. Harry Kauffman 1 The Sweater Boy" of the Manhattan Knitting Co., New York City Ticket sold by Mr. Emery L. Ilifffe Treasurer, Palace Theatre, Chicago P. S.—To Mr. Martin Beck: A magnificent theatre and a great show— even though we were not on the opening bill. date and wired his partner, who appeared Sun- day in time for them to play in the benefit held at the Savoy for the actor, and pier employee, who were affected by the blase. The Islesworth Cafe is using four girls as entertainers. They are Lena Quinn, who has been a fixture there for the past two years; Blanche and Leah English, two clever girls who sing together, and Freda Clem. The girls are popular and are good drawing cards. Reed Albee and his wife are here for the week. Melville Vannlman, the engineer at the head of the dirigible airship "Akron" project, aft- er being out of the limelight all winter de- clares that everything is In readiness for a trial flight of the big balloon Easter Sunday. NEW ORLEANS By O. M. SAMUEL. ORPHEUM (Martin Beck, gen. mgr.; agent, direct; rehearsal Monday 11).—Pedersen Bros, opening, landed solidly; Cal Stewart, pleased; Moshcr, Hayes ft Mosher, hit; Boynton ft Myers, splendidly received; Mme. Besson in "The Woman Who Knew," failed utterly; Cennaro A Bailey, struggled hard without avail; Six Bracks, liked immensely, clean, clever, well groomed acrobats. TULANE (T. C. Campbell, mgr.; K. ft E.). •—Bernhardt pictures, light houses. DAUPHINE (Henry Greenwall. mgr.)—Viola Alien in "The Herfords," season's most orig- inal play; big In theme and excellently inter- preted; ought to be taken into New York. CRESCENT (T. C. Campbell, mgr.; K. ft E.).—"The Third Degree." LYRIC (Bert Gagnon, mgr.).—Gagnon-Pol- lock Players in "St. Elmo." GREENWALL (Arthur B. Leopold, mgr.). —Homer's "Odyssey." MAJESTIC (Lew Rose, mgr.).—Tyson Ex- travaganza Co. HESS HIGH GRADE MAKEUP "Hot How Cheop bit How Good" Sold by leading Druggists Cost u mors. Hair Stores and PRIED PRESENTS THE "CHIGNON PLAIT" the prevailing style Of headdress for this Mad* In oap form OB a flexible framo that conforms to the head, ready for Im- mediate adjustment. First quality hair specially dfr 4 #■> priced at *9 I *B? Mme. Fried ca- ters especially to the profession and not alone offers the best possible In hair goods—but makes a spe- cial price. Orders promptly sxsouted— special pieces made to order. BEST EQUIPPED PARLORS FOR HAJRDRE88INO. MANICURING, FAC- IAL MA8SAQE, CHIROPODY IN NEW YORK. Importer iiajr rDICfl Parlor Floor frutnr ■■-. I RILU T*k« *l«v»to Creator Take elevator. 20-27 W. 34th STREET Bet. B'way and 6th ave., N. Y. It Will Soon Be Here Better prepare now for your "Happiest Next Summer" at Long Island's Most Popular Spot, Beautiful The Commuter's Paradise An Example of Ackerson " 1912 " Bungalow. A complete home at $2,650. Here's a gem of a little "ACKERSON" home, with which you will fall in love the minute you see it. It is built on concrete foundation—has a light, high and dry cellar—big brick fireplace—kitchen range—hot and cold water—laundry tubs—tasteful electric fixtures—harmonious decorations—shades—screens. Yes—it has a fine, modern bathroom, also a big, broad veranda. Walks to and around house— In fact, everything spick and span and in perfect order. Plot 50x160 feet. Plenty room for stable or garage; poultry yard, garden and flowers. Lawn graded and seeded. You can own this comfortable homo by snaking a small cash payment, with the balance In amounts about the same as rent. These cosy little Bungalows are located on large plots, within convenient dis- tance of station, stores, church; Bathing Beach. Venetian Yacht Harbor, Casino. Lakes and other recreative features of "B rightwaters." Choice plots In all sections at moderate prices. Terms arranged to suit. Album of Snapshots "Y" Mailed Free upon request. T. B. ACKERSON CO. "Developers of Choice Properties and Builders of Houses of Merit" New York Oflleee: 1 West Mth St. next week. U will be followed by the "Dur- bar" pictures. Playing United Time. BIG HIT THIS WEEK (April 1), TRENT, TRENTON, N. J BILLY "Swede" HALL AND CO. In his charming protean comedy playlet "MADE QOOD" bardl. Impresario of the organization, has ne- gotiated a mortgage for $12,685 on the scen- ery and baggage, in order to satisfy the claims of artists who are suing him for back salaries, two of whom have secured attach- mei ts. "Pinafore" Is underlined for the Dauphlne LAFAYETTE (Abe Sellgman, mgr.).—Vau- deville. ALAMO (Wm. Ouerlnger, mgr.).—Vaude- ville. The Lambardl Opera Company will prob- ably discontinue for all time. Mario Lam- The management of Spanish Fort has de- cided on no definite amusement policy for the coming summer. A score of managers are dickering for the resort, with Jules Blstes, representing the Orpheum Circuit Co., leading by several lengtha Luna Park opens Blaster Sunday. It was formerly called Dixie Park, and catered to negroes. The policy has been bleached. Arthur Frledhelm appears In concert here April II. Mcduja la "breaking In" a new dancing act. with an "unexpurgated" (fangs remaining in the snakes) version of the "Death Dance" as its moot salient feature. B. J. Williams, of Mobile, Is booking or- ders for labor-saving devices. He formerly booked acta This latter employment, which necessitates competence In pyrotechnlcal and subdued verbiage, suavity and diplomatic financiering, has been delegated to a brother, C. K. Williams. Victor Herbert will give two concerts at the Tulane April tl. ST. LOUIS By J. S. ERNEST. COLUMBIA (H. D. Buckley, mgr.).—Mabel Taliaferro A Co. in "Taken on Credit" head- lined and scored heavily; Mr. and Mrs. Jack McOreevy, second honors, excellent; Kenney. Nobody A Piatt, fine; Vera Berliner, very good; J. C. Nugent A Co., exceptionally fine Herbert's Dogs A Dare Bros., good; fine pro- gram, evenly balanced, business good. CENTURY (W. D. Cave, mgr.).—Dark this week. OARRICK.—"Panama" picturea HIPPODROME (Frank L. Talbot, mgr.).— Melbourne McDowell A Jessallne Rogers, best headllner of season; Eberllng Troupe, above average; Craig A Williams, very good; Seven Russells, excellent; Madame Bedlni, beautiful; Five Juggling Jewels, good; The Flushings, fine; Rose City Quartet, Nixon, Smith A Hayes and Mitchell A Grant conclude a very long and meritorious performance to stand- ing room only PRINCESS (Dan Flshell. mgr.).—Princess Minstrel Maids (28th week), big; Flshell'■ Funmakers (10th and last week), scored; three other acts; business good. KINO'S (F. C. Melnhardt. mgr.).—Royal Ex- tra vagansa Co., featured, very entertaining; Morretta Sisters and Princess Indlta divided second honors. SHUBERT (Melville 8 tola, mgr.).—"Little Women" moved over here to Increased busi- ness. AMERICAN (D. E. Russell, mgr.).—Rose Melville In "Sis Hopkins," large business. OAYETY (Charles Walters, mgr.).—Dave Marlon's "Dreamland Burlesquers," hit of the season, overflowing business. STANDARD (Leo Relchenbach, mgr.).->- "The Whirl of Mirth." large audience. OLYMPIC (Walter Sanford. mgr.).—Jewish Orand Opera Co. opened to standing room only. CINCINNATI By HARRY HESS. GRAND O. H. (John H. Havlln, mgr.; K. A B. —"The Servant in the House," excites great interest. LYRIC (J. E. Fennesay, mgr.; Shubert).— "The Chocolate Soldier," second visit here this season. WALNUT (W. F. Jackson, mgr.; 8. A H.). —"Around the Clock," plenty of comedy. The Biggest and Best Stick of Paint DEMAND EYER'S Whtn atmoerlng adwe rtUe mmu kindly mention VARIETY