Variety (April 1912)

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YARIBTY THE ONE BIG SONG "HIT" FOR "THE MAN FROM COOK'S"-WHAT ? " THE GREAT AND ONLY OF "LOVELANP" FAME NOW PUTTING OVER ANOTHER WILL ROSSITER HIT »» "YOU'LL NEVER KNOW THE G • It D FELLOW I'VE BEEN"" A " nd ~ ,u " BI when you understand It. A tong worth while. BESSIE WYN N IN VAUDEVILLE , « MLLE DAZIE JINU JaVOOl WARNING Anyone performing or contracting for the one-act play "The Poolroom" without negotiating with me, will be prosecuted by the author William Anthony McGuire Billy Ritchie, as the comical drunkard, an artist. Good cast supports him. EMPRESS (George F. Pish, mp.; B-C; re- hearsal Sunday 10).—The Mayos, pleased; Harry Cutler, very good; Knight A Volkman, clever; Ollvottl Troubadours, hit; Eight Sax- ones, very good; Carl Bohelban,.scored. AMERICAN (Harry Hart, mgr.; agent, Gus Sun; rehearsal Monday 0).—Sandor Brothers, wonderful; Ethyl Young, good; Roach A Hart, laughable; The Sombreros, ordinary; Gordon A Norton, fine; Johnson, Smith A Johnson, hit. STANDARD (Frank. J. Clements, house agent).—Chorus Is pretty, music tuneful and scenery elaborate. PEOPLE'S (J. E. Fennessy, mgr.).—"The Kentucky Belles," entertaining. George Stone, Indicted for manslaughter for killing Max Abb6tt appeared In court Tues- day and was released on $8,000 ball. ALTOONA, PA. ORPHEUM (Wllmer A Vincent, mgrs.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday 10).—War- ren A Faust, laughs; Merrill A Hilton, excel- lent; H. T. MacConnell, scream; Dr. MacDon- ald. big hit. MISHCKR (I. C. Mlshler, mgr.).—2, "Elger MUles." E. G. B. ANN ABBOB, MICH. MAJESTIC Arthur Lane, mgr.; agent. W. V. M. A.; roheaisal Monday 2).—1-1, Grojean A Mauer, good; Paris Green, applause; Guy Rawson A Frances Clare, fine; Clinton A Rus- sell, scored; Mir fctrel Four, big hit; 4-6, The Rosiares, Hobson A Maybelle, Joe Demlng A Co., Mons. Valle. Moore's "Stage Door John- nies," with Trlx Oliver. MELTON. BANGOR. ME. NICKEL (H. F. Atkinson, mgr.).—Lillian Bale, Jim Bale, C. F. Taylor. OPERA HOUSE (F. A. Owen, mgr.).—1, "Get-Rich-Quick Walllngford"; 2-6, "Purple Widow." GRAPHIC (Burns A Grant, mgrs.).—Pic- tures and Songs. PALACE (W. D Andrews, mgr.).—Pictures 6nd Songs. The new Bijou theatre, with Keith Vaude- ville, opens April 18. "HOWARD." BIRMINGHAM, ALA. MAJESTIC (Carl F. Rettlck. mgr.; agent, Interstate; rehearsals Monday).—Week March 25, Belmont A Hart, very good; Ben Bryer A COMING "THE NEW CHEF' HARRY TAIL'S C° FISHING »« - NEW YORK ENGLAND AUSTRALIA AFRICA Bro., pleasing; Sadie Sherman, good; Four Sullivan Bros., excellent; Jupiter Bros., hit ORPHEUM (M. L. Semon, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday 10).—Pletro, hit (held ever); Cycling Brunettes, very good; Eugene Trio, very good; Dick Miller, applause; Usher A Whiteclln*. went well. BIJOU (M. L. Semon, mgr.; agent, Jake Wells).—Week March 25, "The Third Degree," business good. NAT W. WILLIAMS. BRIDGEPORT, CONN. POLI'S (T. A. Kir by, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Ioleen Sisters, pleased; Neary A Miller, big; Fleurette, artistic; Miller A Lyle, very funny; "Night In a Turkish Bath," fair; Tuneful Trio, good; Aeroplane Ladles, pleased. H. REICH. BUFFALO. SHEA'S (Henry Carr, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearaal Monday 10).—Bob A Tip Trio, amused; Walter S. Dickenson, encored; Three Lyres, scored; Joe Keno A Rosle Green, well received; Adelaide Norwood, fine; Edmond Hayes A Co., scream; Cross A Josephine, hit; Zeno, Jordan A Zeno, sensational. ACADEMT (Henry M. Marcus, mgr.; agent, Loew; rehearsal Monday 10).—Gloria Mayne, fine; Ralph Clark, creditable; Ward A Mack, hit; Princeton A Yale, humorous; Geo. N. Brown, passed; Bobble Bobbins, fair; Cook A Stevens, feature; Paul, Porter A Co., scored; Wales A Meredith, encored; DeFrates. pleased. FAMILY (A. R. Sherry, mgr.; agent, Loew; rehearsal Monday 10).—Allena. fair; Mile. Busse's Terriers, good; Dora Ronca, scored; Ells Kennedy A Co., passed; Grace DeMar, ordinary; Lena Pantser, startling. GARDEN (M. T. Mlddleton, mgr.; rehear- sal Monday 10; Columbia Circuit).—"Big Gaiety Show." with Lillian Graham and Ethel Conrad, the "Shooting Stars." LAFAYETTE (C. M. Bagg, mgr.; Empire Circuit).—Williams' "Ideals." STAR (Peter C. Cornell, mgr.; K. A E.).— 1-8, "The Fortune Hunter"; 4-6, Mme. Frlda Zuzel. TECK (John R. Olshel, mgr.; Bhuberts).— 6, "Princeton University In Main Street." LYRIC (John Laughlln, mgr.\ agent, 8. A H.).—Closed by Mayor of city, account of condition of building; will not open again this season. THAYER. CAMDEN, N. J. BROADWAY (W. B. McCallum. mgr.).—28- 80, Goyt Trio, fair; Glgeslow & Campbell, pleased; Cora Younrrblood Seztett, headllner; Kelley A Pollock, fair; John Kuckcr, laugh; 1-3, Harrle Twins, clever; Rogers A Dorman, pleased; Garde & Burnett, fair; John Gelger, fine; Ilf^ruT. Burke & Davenport, entertain- ing; 4-6, Marie Lee & (Jlrls; Lola, Lee A Earl; Marie Siiarrow ; Lannette Sisters. john; E. GRACE HENSHAW AVERY ff t^resentlNg "Strangers In a Strange Flat ORPHEUM CIRCUIT Direction, PAT CA8EY w <-/ WMs miwnring rfeerfiMmgntt kindly mention VARIBTY.