Variety (April 1912)

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30 VARIETY ■ i ■» - BEST PLACES TO 8TOP AT Phone 7167 Bryant Acknowledged as the bed place to atop at la New York City. One block from the Book Ins Officee. VABIETY and the Pat Casey ft THE ST. HILDA 99 Now at 67 W. 44th Street PAULINE COOKE and JENIE JACOBS, Proprietors EVERYBODY ENTERTAINED THE SARATOGA HOTEL AND CAFE Every one is there after Show Time. WHY NOT YOU ? Mr. MARTIN BECK'S Palace Entertainers enter- tained Chicago all week, during the Grand Opening. Entertained the entertainers who entertained Chicago all week. TEMPLE (Fred. W. Falkner, mgr.).—28- 10, Martin Alsop in "St. Elmo"; good busi- ness; 1-2, "Cripple Creek"; 8, "Mutt and Jeff." daniel p. McDonnell. CLEVELAND, O. HIPPODROME (H. A. Daniels, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday 10).—Maclyn Arbuckle. B. A. Rofe's "Ye Colonial Septette" and Charlie Ahearn's Cyclers share honors; Mile. Lorette, good; Hugh Blaney, fair; Wll- lard Slmnu, scored; Merrill A Otto, well liked; Edwards. Ryan A TIerney, hit. GRAND (J. H. Mlchels, mgr.; agent, Loew; rehearsal Monday 10).—Fourcher, sensational; Gladys Wllber, good; Dynes A Dynes, clever; C. W. Bradley, well liked; Tom Mahoney, good; Gramlick & Hall, feature; Sampson A Douglas, hit; Wilson ft Aubrey, good. PROSPECT (H. A. Daniels, mgr.; agent, U. B. O ; rehearsal Monday 10).—Dixon ft Han- son, fair; Somers ft Storke, well liked; Mr. A Mrs. Elliott, won favor; Mann ft Franks, pleased; Maurice Freeman, headllner; Arthur Deming, good; Australian Wheelera PRISCILLA (Proctor E. Seas, mgr.; agent. Gus Sun; rehearsal Monday 10).—Nellie B. Chandler ft Empress. Ladles Orchestra, Daisy Mayer, Adams, Hartleigh ft Remy, Brown ft Fester, Billy Mann, Nannie Flneberg Co., The Rudolphy Darea Co. STAR (Drew ft Campbell, mgrs.).—Sam Devere Show. EMPIRE (E. A. McArdel, mgr.).—Rose Sy- dell's "London Belles Co." COLONIAL (R. H. McLaughlin, mgr.; Shu- bert).—"The Blue Bird." OPERA HOUSE (Geo. Qardner, mgr.; K. ft E.).—William H. Crane. LYCEUM (Geo. Todd, mgr.; Stair).—"Mrs. Wlggs of the Cabbage Patch." CLEVELAND (Harry Zirker, mgr.).— Vaughan Glaser Stock Co. WALTER D. HOLCOMB. DETROIT. TEMPLE (C. G. Williams, mgr.; agent; U. B. O; rehearsal Monday 10).—"Everybody," very Interesting; Paul Conchas, great; Minnie Allen, delightful; Lyons ft Yosco, hit; El Cota, good; Lancton ft Lucier, excellent; Rose Royal, fine; Berube ft Chapman, good. MILES (C. W. Porter, mgr.; agent, T. B. C.; rehearsal Monday 10).—Five Columbians, refined; William Schilling ft Co., very good; Orpheum Comedy Four, hit; May Ellnore, scream; Toona Indian Quintet, pleased. FAMILY (C. H. Preston, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—Mile. Bartholdi's Birds, good; Bra- nams Phanagraphs. very good; Ross ft Shaw, good Russell ft Hartman, pleased; Hunter ft A\ ilson. good. NATIONAL (C. R. Hagedorn. mgr.; agent. Doyle).—Nell McKlnley, hit; Daltaa Frees SDULE CREAM Screw Cover Tin Cans* 25c. ** n ** i* Y* Cfllll C BLENDING dUULL POWDERS 1 -i lb. Screw Cover Tin Cans, 25c. Manufactured by The HESS CO. High Grade MAKE-UP C.I.U.M I ROCHESTER, N. Y. LEONARD HICKS A Real Proprietor of a Real Place to Live GEO. F. ROBERTS. Aaat. Manager Car. Madistn an. Dearbtra CHICAGO = HOTEL GRANT VICTOR HOUSE ITALIAN TABLE D'HOTE 7-» EAST I WD I ANA STREET, f\%A\ 0k AA/\ SPECIAL RATE TO THE PROFESSION Corner Nertw State Street UnlVyAUU COOKE'S HOTEL A TNUTKAl ICTTUCUtS Every Room Thoroughly Heated. Idward J. Cooke, Prop. "Tai lafsytttt" ■ uropean Plan. Oafe Attached. Walnut St., Above Eighth, PHILADELPHIA ltl W. Madison St Chicago's Most Reasonable Professional Hotel. fc*W DENVER ORIENT HOTEL 17SS WFXTOV ST. DeUghtfal Hotel IcbmiIiHhi, a Co., good; The Braces, hit; Zella's Canines, clever. COLUMBIA (M. W. Schoenherr, mgr.; agent. Bun).—Edward Begley, very good; Lil- lian Ray, fair; Carbone A Williams, good; Frank Tralnor A Co., good. CADILLAC (Sam Marks, mgr.; agent, Mat- thews).—"A Night in the Slums of Paris." headllucd; Grace Wassen, splendid; Samols Arabs, very good; Royal Italian Four, scored; Allen A Allle, very good; Redpath's Napanees, hit' Campus Four, fair; The Dohertys, fine. 1 ETROIT (Harry Parent, mgr.; K. A E.).— "The Fortune Hunter "(Fred Nlblo). QARRICK (Richard H. Lawrence, mgr.; Shubert).—New Orleans Orand Opera Co. LYCEUM (A. R. Warner, mgr.; 8. A H.). —"Alias Jimmy Valentine." AVENUE (Frank Drew, mgr.).—"Im- perials." GATETY (J. M. Ward, mgr.).—"Honey- moon Girls." JACOB SMITH. Dad's Theatrical Hotel PHILADELPHIA [ ZEISSE'S HOTEL Opposite the Walnut and Casino Theaters. Philadelphia, Pa. w——— ■- KRIR, FA. COLONIAL (A. P. Weschler, mgr.; agents, Gus Sun and U. B. O.: rehearsal Monday 10). —Ranf, good; Four Regals, clever; Joe Bren- nan, good hand; Wilbur Sweatman, big; Samp* sel A Rellly, clever; Dorothy Lamb A Co., funny. PARK (F. P. Home, mgr.).—Dark, Holy Week COLUMBIA (A. P. Weschler, mgr.).— "Moths." MAJESTIC (J. L. Gllson, mgr.).—I, "Choc- olate Soldier"; 4, "The Fortune Hunter." HAPPY HOUR.—Musical stock. M. H. MIZENER. Crosby Cook A Co., went big; Joe Welch, en- cored; Adair A Gahn, opened strong; Stuart A Marshall, laughs; White A DeMar, pleased; Trovato, stopped show; Gordon Bros., nov- elty. HARTFORD (F. P. Dean, mgr.; agent, James Clancy; rehearsals Monday and Thurs- day at 11).—1-8, Tucker, big; Shaw's animals, pleased; Curry A Rellly, clever; Kelly A Adams, laughts; 4-6, Prosit Bros.; Cole A Coleman; Henderson A Thomas, Earl Gerome. PARSONS' (H. C. Parsons, mgr.).—1-1, Durbar (Kinemacolor), big business. Florence Crosby Cook, at Poll's, and Tucker at the Hartford this week, are both local people. Too Theatrical Mechanical Association holds Its fourth annual ball and entertainment at Foot Guard Hall 10. R. W. OLMSTED. HOOPESTON, ILL. VIRGINIAN (Max M. Nathan, mgr.; agent. W. V. M. A.).—28-80, Dave Slack, very good; Wright A Da via, pleased; 1-1, Johnson A Johnson, Pearl Looter. The McFerren Opera House will run pic- tures and vaudeville the last half of each week, beginning April 4. RIGGS. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. ORPHEUM (Charles A. Leach, mgr.).—An- niversary celebration this week. Unusually strong bill, comprising Four Casting Dun- bars, Four Southern Singing Girls, George De- voy and Dayton Sisters. Joe Marks and Gladys. James B. Delcher, lessee and manager of the Duval, seriously HI for several weeks, will very likely lease this house as his health will not permit him to return to the active management for some time to come. The Savoy, Imperial and Grand theatres, offering regular bills In season, are now pre- I sentlng pictures only. JAMESTOWN, N. V. LYRIC (H. A. Deardourff, mgr.; agent, Gus Sun).—Lottie Mayer, sensational; Clayson Trio, musical treat; Hlgglns Broa A Co., laughable; Rudolph A Lena, pleased; Laur- ence Johnston, satisfactory. SAMUELS (James J. Waters, mgr.; Rels). —Home Stock In "Rafflea" LAWRENCE T. BERLINER. KVANSVILLE, IND. NEW GRAND (We McGowan, mgr.).—27- 10, World A Kingston, good, especially Miss Kingston; Millard Broa, fair; Lynch a Zeller, very good; Leroy a Cahlll, pleased; Alberto, good; 1-t, Max Bloom In "Sunnyslde of Broad- way," opened to capacity; 4-8-8, Wood's Dogs A Monkeys, Lew Cooper, Aviation Girls, Leon- ard A Drake, The Hasslams; 7-10, "The Win- ning Miss." WELLS' BIJOU (Chas. Sweeton, mgr.).— 26, John Drew, good business; II, '-Casey Jones" (mat. and night), good houses, poor show; 7, De Vere Stock Co. (Indefinite). MAJESTIC—7, Musical stock. EDW. SCHUELER. LEAVENWORTH, KAN. ORPHEUM (M. B. Shan berg, mgr.; agent. W. V. A.; rehearsal Sunday 1).—Week 25, Dunn A Hughes, strong; Evlyn Fields, fine; Norton.A Russell, hit; Leonard A Drake, ex- cellent; The Three Astellas. hit; 2d half: El- mer A Terry, fair; Mr. A Mrs. Bragg, strong; Miller A Atwood, scored; Maglin, Eddy A Roy. hit; Walman. hit. PEOPLE'S (Eddie DeNoyer, mgr.).—Hick- man-Bessey Co. ARTHUR L. FULLER. The Michigan Amusement Co. will build a ten cent theatre at 801 Woodward avenue, seating 700, costing 150,000, to open early in August. J. M. Ward, manager of the Gayety theatre (Eastern Wheel), will bulldv a ten cent thea- tre In Windsor, Just across the river, open- ing late in summer. J. C. Matthews was here Monday to attend the Cadillac opening. JACOB SMITH. FALL RIVER, MASS. BIJOU (Chaa L. Benson, mgr.; agent, Loew; rehearsal Monday 10).—1-8, Ryan a Lee, good; J. K. Emmett a Co., hit; Savo, good; 4-6. Maud Kramer, Russell a Church. PREMIER (Chaa L. Benson, mgr.; agent Loew; rehearsal Monday 10).—1-8, Prevltt a Merrill, good; Victor, hit; Juggling Hilton, fair. The Savoy and Academy are both dark. EDW. F. RAFFBRTY. HARTFORD, CONN. POLI'S (O. C. Edwards, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday at 10).—Florence LOS ANGELES. ORPHEUM (Martin Beck, gen. mgr.; agent direct; Monday rehearsal 10).—Week 26, ex- cellent program, "La Soranabule." big hit; Louise Dresser, well received; Donovan A Mc- Donald, clever; Claude Roode, daring. Hold- overs: Jules Tannen, Ida O'Day A Co., Harry Beresford A Co., Pouchot's Flying Ballet. EMPRESS (D. B. Worley, mgr.; agent, S-C; Monday rehearsal 11).—Ruth Francis A Co., excellent; Brady A Mahoney, funny; Cadleux, good; Holmes a Buchanan, took well; Sydney Grant, hit; Gladys Kelton, artistic. PANTAGES (Carl Walker, mgr.; agent, di- rect; Monday rehearsal 11).—Sully A Hussey, hit; Rapoll, dexterous; "The Girl and the Coach," pleasing; Moore A St. Clair, good; Harry C. Lyons, entertaining; McGee A Rice, fair. ADOLPHUS (C. G. Rlggs, mgr.; agent. Bert Levy; Monday rehearsal 10).—Graham's Cir- cus, took well; Tower Broa A Darrell, caught on; Truxtell A Wlnchell, fair; Ralton A La Tour, catchy; Hall A Hall, entertaining; Cor- nell a Vorbonette, snappy; Leonard a Cooper, good. 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