Variety (April 1912)

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YARIgTY 31 CHARLES HORWITZ Author of the beat In Vaudeville. Constantly adding- to his big list of successes. Order that ■Ketch or playlet, special aonjr. patter, mono- logue, Ac, from CHARLES HORWITZ, 1402 Broadway (Room 815), New York. Phone 26 41 Murray Hill. Telephone I6fl Bryant. W. H. BUMPUS Baggage Called for and Cheeked to all Railroads and Steamboata Stand. S. B. Cor. ltd Bt. A Ith Ave. Storage—Tf4 lith Ava, bat. ltd A Mtb Sta Offloe—tTI W. ltd St NEW YORK. TIGHTS AND SHIRTS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, PAD- DING, FROG, SNAKE AND MONKEY SUITS, ELASTIC AND CLOTH SUPPORTERS. GYMNASTIC PUMPS AND GAITERS, SPANGLES AND BULLION FRINGE. Send for catalogue and sam- ple of tlghta free. JOHN 8PICER Successor to Spieer Bros., I. MILLER, Tel MB-? 1SS4 Broadway, •m*- ^V BR> 47 Its M a nufacturer of Theatrical i o o t s and Shoes. CLOG. Ballet and Acrobatic Shoes a spe- cialty. All work made at short notice. 4, BST TOU FOBGBT O D sf\ O O WBBATITYET V If V Q 8 LETTER HEADS Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes, Free Samples etc. STAGE MONEY, 16c. Book of Herald Cuts, tic. f l Mt PRINTING COMPANY PUIPAaUl ShWswE* 601 a DEARBORN ST. UWlUslOO WIGS We handle a full line of theatrical wigs In qualities of from $6 to |100 each. THE WIOGKRY J. mORKSOOU 14 EAST MADISON STREET, CHICAGO. •gOOND-HAND COWNI« ■WHS SHEET DIEMEs IIETTE DIEMES RMS. M St. State Strati ANDREW CELLER SHORT VAMP SHOES (Exclusively far Women.) 607 Sixth Ave., New York Bat. 30th a»d 31st su. Send for Illustrated Catalogue. One Flight up. Tel. IBM Madison Sq. HF.SSi H I GH GRADE GREASE PAINTS ■ g* llAJUU Berlin Shape. 22 Color. jT% THE HESS CO!. Established 1884 Rochester. N. Y. ■■■ *-*^ c H MAJESTIC (Oliver 1 Morosco, mgr.; Shuhert) —Dark. MASON (W. T. Wyatt. mgr.; K. 4k E.).— "The Pink Lady," two weeka. pCDW IN F. O'MALLKT. LOWELL, MASS. KEITH'S (Wru. itevens, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.; rehearaai Mbnday 10).—E. F. Haw- ley A Co.. very good; Bert Fitxglbbons, good; The Barrons, well received; Chuck A Chick- ens, good; Rem Brant, good; Gertrude Flsk, good; Russell A Gray, funny; The Loretta Twins, good. MERRIMACK SQUARE (Jos. 8. Carroll, mgr.; rehearaai Monday 10).—Fennell 4k Ty- son, Alice Duncan, Annlma, Kendall Weston, Miss Jackson. OPERA HOUSE (Jules Cahn, prop, and mgr.).—Plcturea MATHAWAYS (Gartland 4k Shapiro, lea- gApsj T)a rlc ACADEMY OF MUSIC (W T. Howley. mgr.) —Rose McDonough, Katherlne Jennings, El- mer Clifton, Barrlngton 4k Howard, Coates 4k J e Sere. JOHN J. DAWSON. MACON, GA. PALACE (J. B. Melton, mgr.).—Trslana 4k Carpenter SAVOT (Dan Holt, mgr.).—Duncan 4k Holt. ALAMO (Joe Wilson, mgr.).—Royal Quar- tette and . Paull 4k Rynolda. VICTORIA. (Ford Guttenberger, mgr.).— Crelghton Bros. Sun Brothers' Circus April I. ANDREW ORR. MANCHESTER. AUDITORIUM (M. Lorensen, mgr. agent, U. B. O.).—28-10, La Diva Venus, good; J K. Emmet A Co., big hit; Claire Dorva A ■ 'DeLeon, pleased; 1-3, Baker, McShan A K Baker, good; Gordon A Warren, amused; I Schrenk A Perclval, good; 4-8, Gus Edwards' iKountry Kids, Sawyer A Tanner, Dickens A l*Floyd, NEW PARK (F. P. Belmont, mgr.).—28-10, hrhe Vandersons, Clark A Lewis, Oteretta. "STEVE" BARRY. Tin Ball Stmirahiri Ttatrkil Wtrfc Manuscripts, Parts, Prsaawork, Mimeographing Grand Opera-Houae Bldg., CHICAGO. CHAS. H. FRANCIS X. SMITH and OONLAN Vaudeville authora.. dlapoeed of. Hundreda on hand. SOS Gaiety Theatre Bldg., New York. SOINKRY wauasis KEENEY'S THEATRE, 3d Ave., New Vork. Productions. Vaudeville Acts and Aniline Dye Scenery. MERJDEN, CONN. POLI'S (R B. Royoe, mgr.; agent, Jas. F. Clancy).—28-80, Jaek McCourt, O. U. Law- ler, Agnes Ahern A Co.; 1-8, Genie Leslie, Norwood A Norwood, White Bros A Cook. MONTREAL. ORPHEUM (G. F. Drlscoll. mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—Good bill by Flying Martins. Chas. Bowser A Co., Bonlta A Lew Hearn, R. A. G. Trio, Dave Ferguson, Montague's Birds, "The Rose of Mexico." HIS MAJESTY'S (H. O. Brooks, mgr.; K. A E.).—"Madame Sherry." PRINCE8S (H. C. Judge, mgr.; Shuberts). —Dockstader's Minstrels. ROYAL (O. McBrien, mgr.; Western Wheel) —"The Bohemians." 8HANNON. MUNCIE. IND. STAR (Ray Andrewa mgr.; agent, Gus Sun; rehearsal Monday 10.80).—The Gllssandos, pleased; Bertram-May Co., went well; Hamil- ton Trio, scored; Three Melvln Bros., big. GEO. FIFER. FOB STAG E, STREET AND EVENING WEAR •UPPERS Satin aad Kid All Colors Bend for our new catalog M of Shoes and Hosiery. SHORT f AplaVQ SHOE VAMP • O 3HOP ltd SIXTH AVENUE. Near 10th Bt Tel. 7018 Mad. Sq STAOE^PICTORIAL—Handsonieinagasliie, 112 photos required for April No. Stars, beau- ties, matinee heroes. 10c. copy. $1.00 year. S mos. trial. 26c. STAGE PICTORIAL, 1498 Rroadway^J^r^T^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ STALLIMN'S SMASH-PROOF DRESSER TRUNK Easy to get at everything with- out disturbing anything. Holds ss much and costs no more than a good boi trunk. Hand riveted, strongest trunk made. In small room serves aa chiffonier. OATALOO FREE P. A. 8TALLMAN 147 EAST tPIMt ST.. CfUNMBS. • NASHVILLE. BIJOU (O. A. Neal. mgr.; agents, 8. A H.). —Billy (Single) Clifford In "The Girl, The Man and The Game," big houses. ORPHEUM (George Hickman, mgr.; agent, Keith; rehearsal Monday 10).—Harry Holman A Company, appreciated; Eugene Trio, liked; Francis Wood, splendid; Crelghton Bros., very amusing; Nevlns A Erwood, big hit; big houses. FIFTH AVENUE (F. P. Furlong, mgr.; agent, Hodklns; rehearsal Monday 10).— Trolley Car Trio, scored; Marmeen Four, well liked; George Crotty, fine; Griffin A Lewis, comedy sketch; "The Prima Donna and the Tad," very funny; Slnclalre A Dayton, good; business good. PRINCESS (W. P. Ready, mgr.; agent, W. V. M. A.; rehearsal Monday 10).—Jupiter Brothers, hit; Mabel Sherman, scored; Aztell & Hopkins, pleased; Haney's Electrical Nov- elty, ftne; Three Dreamers, big hit. AUDITORIUM (De Long Rice, mgr.)—Lil- lian Nordica, April 12. W. R. ARNOLD. NEWARK, N. J. PROCTOR'S (R. C. Stewart, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday 9).—Wlila Holt Wakefield, entertained; Walter Kelly, scored; The Primrose Four, hit; Brlce A Gonne, clev- er; Gerald Griffin A Co., good; Wilson A Wilson, pleased; Eva Fay, applauded; Belle Onra, neat. . -. WASHINGTON (O. R. New, mgr.; agent, Fox).—Maude Alexander, great; Poalo Cremo- nesi, scream; Dresner A Prince, good; Ham- ilton Broa, entertained; Anthpny Broa, clev- er; Jim Leslie, good. COURT (Wm. E. Smith, mgr.; agent, W. —Charles Deland A Co., applauded; Grace Benedict, hit; Morris A Kramer, good; Murry Simmons, clever; Jackson A Williams, great; Levin A Mar tell, good. ODEON (Chaa Burt is, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—1-8, Astor Quartet, great; Nellie Moran; good; Garvin A Pratt, hit; Kennedy A Mack, good; 4-6, "The Two Orphans." 8HUBERT (Lee Ottelengui, mgr.).—Dark. NEWARK (George Bobbins, mgr.).—Dark. GAYETY (Leon Evans, mgr.).—Harry Hast- ings Big Show. MINER'S (Frank Abbott, mgr.).—"The Americana" ORPHEUM (M. & Bchlehlnger, mgr.).— "The Commuters." COLUMBIA (George Jacobs, mgr.).—Dark. ARCADE (Leon Mumford. mgr.).—1-8, George Adams in "Humpty Dumpty"; 4-8, "A Victim of the Mormons." JOB O'BRYAN. FRANK HAYDEN THEATRICAL COSTUMER 148W.36f.ST.. NEW TOM Tel. 1581 Greeley. Stage and Evening Gowns an hand. T* 4 * NEW HAVEN, CONN. POLI'S (8. Z. Poll, prop.; L. P. Garvle, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday 10). —Ten Vassar Girls and Laddie Cliff, feature acts, both enthusiastically received; Hlckey's Circus, laughable; Katherlne Nelson A O'Malley Jennings, good; M'Connell A Simp- eon, very good; Carbrey Broa, entertaining; Kit Karson, opened. About 800 newsboys witnessed the perform- ance Tuesday night. E. J. TODD. ONEONTA, N. T. ONEONTA (George A. Roberts, mgr.; agent. Prudential; rehearsals Monday and Thursday 1).—25-27, Wood's Musical Trio, good; Sickles A Allen, ordinary; 28-80, Lucky Bob A Co., ordinary; Vincent Sisters, fair; 1-8, The Dailey's, good; Young Sisters, well liked; Miss Fronie Karuse, ill. songs; excellent busi- ness; 11, "The Rosary"; 13. Frances Starr In "The Cass of Becky." DE LONG. PATERSON, N. J. MAJESTIC (W. H. Walsh, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsals Monday and Thursday 11). —1-3, Two Lowes, good; Mllano Duo, scored; Bobbie A Dale, scream; Three Bohemians, great; 4-6, The^Astalres, Martin Howard, Mack A Waldron, The Gellslnoe; capacity houses during Lent. OPERA HOUSE (John J. Goetschius, mgr.). —Stock. EMPIRE (A. M. Bruggeman, mgr.).—Stock. LYCEUM (John Gilbert, mgr.).—Italian Opera DAVID W. LEWIS. PITTSBURGH. GRAND (Harry Da via mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearsal Monday 10).—Dorothy Russel A Co.. liked; Will Rogers, clever; Chick Sales, laughter; Hassan Ben All's Acrobats, amaz- ing; Chas. E. Evans A Co., enjoyed; Crouch A Welch, amused; Bison City Four, applause; Three Yoscary's, well received; Melody Lane Girls, entertained. FAMILY (John Harris, mgr.).—Pictures; good business. GAYETY (Henry Kurtzman, Mgr.). — "Painting the Town," good audiences. ACADEMY (Harry Williams, mgr).—"Mlse New York, Jr.," large opening audience. LYCEUM (C. R. Wilson, mgr.; agent, 8. & H.).—Thurston, entertaining. ALVIN (John B. Reynolds, mgr.; agent, Shuberts).—"Hanky-Panky." DUGUESNE (John P. Harris A Harry Davis, mgrs.).—Stock. HARRIS (John P. Harris, mgr.).—Mile. Zenda. mystifies; Lieut. Randall, entertained; Bebord, Blondell A Tucker, continual luugh- ter; Zetland Hunt. Interesting; Berrlck & Hart, well done; Zendell A Re4ew, enjoyed; The Roys, well received. M. S. KAUL. 3ISW-4I8TNY STAQI UOHTINO APPARATUS tUCTRlC SIGNS PORTLAND, ME. B. F. KEITH'S (James W. Moon\ mgr.).— Four Onetti Sisters, excellent; Gardner & MooreT laughing hit; Stewart & Alexandria. fine; Leipzig, very clever; Hunlon Bros. & Co., scored; Clark A Bergman, hit; Klutlnn'ti Entertainers, excellent. PORTLAND (James W. Gr.rhy. mgr; agent. Sheedy; rehearsal Monday 10 30). - Woodford's Statue Dogs, featured; W«-ston A SHORT VAMP SHOES J. CLAMBERG M THBSD AVE., NEAR 10T1I ST.. N. Y. BRANCH, tM WEST ISD ST., W. OF BROADWAY. Full Theatrical Line In nil Leathers; Also In Satin Gal my NEW Catalogue of Original Styles SIZES 1-S, A-EE me. MENZELI Former Premiere Dansenss and Maltresse de Ballet HIGH SCHOOL of Dancing and Pantomime, II Bast llth Street, bet B'way and Ith Ave. Classic. Ballet and All Styles of Dancing Acts created and staged. Normal School of Dancing. Pupils: Mile. Dasie. Hoffman. Froellch, Mar- low and other prominent stare Bend for Booklet. 6341 "in Av vvt. have: s OCK cf METRICAL STAGE HARDWARE iND TOOLS IN Trii5> CITY COSTUMER THEATRIOAL Tel. till Murray Hill. M. 8IMOWITCH Burlesque and Vaudeville Costumes it Was! Wth St., Wow York City. THEATRICAL LAWYER Victor B. Scott Soils SS Hobbs Bldg., 68 W. Washington Street, CHICAGO. Phones: Randolph 5524; Automatic 12-431. ADVICE TO Tni PROFESSION. WANTED SEVERAL LITE THEATRICAL PERFOR- MERS have spare time to sell an advertis- ing proposition of merit. AN OPPORTUN- ITY TO MAKE BIG MONEY FOR THE RIGHT PARTY. Apply NEW YORK POSTAL SERVICE CO. (between 3 and 5), Columbia Theatre Building, New York. Photograph to the Profession RKMBRANDT 23 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, III., between State nnd Wabash. Before coming to Chicago drop us a line when yon wish to arrange for a sitting. Have Your Card in VARIETY FRENCH GIRL GOOD CHARACTER, TOE AND ACROBATIC DANCER. Would Join Circus or Troupe. Call on or address PAULA. 204 W. 39th St.. New York City. (Phono Oreeley 1421.) TIGHTS Always on hand. Orders filled promptly. Cotton tights, very good quality; a pair, 76 cents. Worsted tlghta, medium weight; a pair, 12.00. Worsted tlghta. heavy weight; a pair. $2 71 ailk-plalted tights (Im- ported) ; a pair. $2 50 Silk tights. h. .ivy weight; a pair. 14.00 Pure silk tlghta; a pair. |8.60 Variety catalog free on application. BERNARD MANDL 211 W. MaAsss Street. •JUL WtfSTtV sal esTTM THUTUCIL When answering advertisement* kindly mention VARIETY.