Variety (April 1912)

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32 VARIETY = JOSEPH E. HOWARD'S . TREMENDOUS SONG SUCCESS JUST A LITTLE SMILE Introduced in their act by Miss MABELLE McCANE and JOSEPH E. HOWARD At HAMMERSTEIN'S VICTORIA NEXT WEEK (April 8) Copies of this £reat song sent on application, or by calling on VllAdi W\u llAKIlldy exclusive publisher of all Mr. Howard's songs. Chicago, Grand Opera House Bldg. Columbia Theatre Bldg., 47th St. and Broadway, New York City AL. QOLDFINGER, Mgr. MEYER 0#HEM, Mgr. Leon, clever; Richard Malloy ft Co.. excellent; Premiere Duo (2d week), hit; Four Beldons, appreciated. JEFFERSON.—Dark. PROVIDENCE, B. L BULLOCK'S (P. L. Burke, mir.; event. U. B. O.).—John P. Wild, food; Bonny * Free- man, pleased; Addle St- Alva, encores; Du Mara ft Gualtlerl, excellent; Enoch, food. SCENIC (F. W. Homan, mgr.).—Five Al- arcona. hit; Wright * Clayton, clever; Robin- eon 4k La Favor, good; May Manohan ft Mas- ter AueUn, encorea UNION (Chas. Allen, mgr.).—Reckless Recklau Troupe, line; Roberts* Animals, amused; Alice Decarno. hit; Steel ft McMa*- ters, good; Hoist ft Hoist, pleased. EMPIRE (Sol Bsanlng, mgr.).—"Out of the Fold," capacity. WESTMINSTER (Geo. Collier, mgr.; East- ern Wheel).—Sam Howe's Lovemakers, good business. CASINO (Fred Lovett. mgr.).—Rogers ft Mcintosh, good; Cody, good; Terry LUlle, hit. C. E. HALE. BEADING, PA. ORPHEUM (Wllmer ft Vincent, mgrs.; agent U. R O.; rehearsal Monday ft Thurs- day 10.S0).—Clarence Slatere ft Brother, fair; Most ft MaxHeld, nicely; Klaes ft Bernle, big; Smith ft Champion, fair; Skipper, Kennedy ft Reeves, big. HIPPODROME (C. G. Hexter, mfcr.; agent, Prudential; rehearsal Monday ft Thursday 10.10).—Bartello ft Co., good; Fred Hflle- brand. liked; Mysterious Maids, fair; Turner ft Robinson, nicely; Juliet Wood, pleased; Onalp, clever Illusion. G. R. H. RENOVO PA. FAMILY (Albright and McCarthy, mgrs.; agent, Prudential).—1-4, The Thayers Trio, clever; Mettle Qulnn, good. W. M. E. ALBRIGHT. SALT LAKE CITY. ORPHEUM.—Week March 26. Bernavlci Broa, good; Leek's Pictures, pleased; Dolan ft Lenharr. liked; Clemons ft Dean, hit; Ro- many Opera Co., headllners; Mullen & Coo- gan, scream; Carson Bros., clever. EMPRESS.—27-2. Dogtown Pantomime Co., clever; Calne ft Odom. pleased; Harry Von Fossen. liked; Ollle Young ft "April," good; "Snowie" Maybelle, passed; Mr. ft Mra J. J. Downing, liked. SALT LAKE.—1. Garrlck Stock Company (one week), "Alias Jimmy Valentine." COLONIAL.—Week 26, "Paid in Full," big business. GARRICK.—Week 26, Garrlck Stock Co., "A Woman's Way," standing room. OWEN. MBS. OTTO FIECHTL'8 ORIGINAL TYROLEAN SINGERS AND DANCERS IN VAUDEVILLE ALWAYS WORKING. C. L. GBOBECKER, MGR., 8TEINWAY HALL, CHICAGO. Moore - Moore That singing couple BEEN CLEANTNG-UP IN NEW YORK, HAVE YOU SEEN UBt Permanent addreee, 1410 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn. 4€ Jl good notice in the morning paper — that pleases the comedian — and Fatima Cigarettes, they help a man's enjoyment. Fatima Turkish blend Ggarettes — a dl»- ttndtoely individual flavor—the greatest smoke actor el the day. You get 10 additional cigarettes because the package is not costly. 20 for 15 cents With tach packaf afFattma uoa jef a pamart coupon. 25 of tohkh nm mot(12*32) m kt tt o n o/100. GALLAGHER AND SHEAN Principal Comedians with "THE ROSE MAID" Management, Messrs. Werba ft Lueecher. REGINA LESLIE April 1, Poll's. Merlden, Conn. B-A-H-J-O-P-H-I-E-N-D-S Biggest act of Its kind In Vaudeville. The English Guy GRIFF Calgary "Dally Herald."—GrlfTs Jugglery, with Griff's talk is very much more entertain- ing than the most delicate feats of Juggling can ever be. His "patter" Is personal and therefore Invaluable. It is the part of the performance that remains with the audience. Toplining on The Pantages Tour. SARANAC LAKE, N. Y. Thl* village Is getting pretty quiet Just now as this Is the time of year the Winter visitors vacate. In a month or so crop of people arrive. a new Toure truly hopes to stay here until early fell, and will then get Into harness again. Local election last week and considerable rivalry. The Republicans have been In power some years, but Max Weber (brother of Joe Weber) handled the campaign for the Dem- ocrats and put over some good Tammany Ideas with the result, a Democratic victory of quite large proportions. MAbel Barrlson Is certainly a plucky girl. She expects to get about a bit In a week or two. Her husband (Joe Howard) is here this week. Blanche Ring, who ie a good pal of Mabel's, writes she will pay her a visit In a few daya E. De Graff, known to the profession as "the Syracuse Kid" and leader of the or- chestra at the Opera House, played a match polo game with a so-called champion of Syra- cuse named J. Lane and beat him by a score of 200 to 166. All of the show boys had money on De Graff. The new Colonial opens April 10 with A. H. Woods' "Common Law." It Is a very pretty house. 8lnce Vic Williams left, our poker games are a bit slow. JOS. WEBER. SIOUX CITY, IA. ORPHEUM (C E. Wller. res. mgr.; re- hearsal 8unday 10.30).—Week 26. Mareena & Dalton Bros., good; Al ft Fannie Steadman, good; Van Hoven, scored; Wilfred Clarke A Co.. very good; Four Vanis. good; Five Sully8 and Brown ft Newman failed to arrive ac- count washouts. DEAN. SOUTH BEND, IND. ORPHEUM (W. J. Allardt, mgr.; agent, W. V. M. A.; rehearsal Monday and Thursday 12.30).—1-3, Loa Durbyelle. fair; Qirard & Gardner, good; Nelson Waring, fair; McMa- hen's "Watermelon Girls." hit; 4-7. Fred Sanford, Iza Hampton. James J. Corbett; business good. AUDITORIUM (W. Pickering, mgr.; agent. S. ft H.).—6, "Mutt and Jeff'; 7. "The Price." OLIVER (W. Pickering, mgr.; agent. K. ft E.).— 6. W. J. Bryan. WM. H. STEIN. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. POLI'S (8. J. Breen, res. mgr.; agent. U. B. O.; rehearsal, Monday 10).—Van Lear A Rome, fair; Pendleton Sisters, went well; Merklo, big hit; Lewis ft Dody, good; Charles Mack ft Co.. well received; "Yvette," went big; "The Hold Up," very big scenlcally. GILMORE (Jas. Bingham, mgr.).—"Rob- inson Crusoe Girls." better than average. COURT SQUARE (D. O. Qilmore, mgr.; Ind.).—1, Springfield Symphony Orchestra. The "Everywoman" management offered the Springfield Symphony a good sized guar antee If it would cancel their date here so the show could play a further engagement here. Last week "Everywoman" did ca- pacity at each show. GEO. PRESSL. ST. JOHN, N. B. OPERA HOUSE (D. H. McDonald, mgr.).-- 26-26, Joseph Selman; 27-30. Bernhardt Pic- tures; 6-6, Helen Grayce Stock Company. NICKEL (W. H. Goldlng, mgr.; U. B. O., agents).—Mademoiselle Olivette, Bert Morey, pictures. COMING "THE NEW CHEF" MARSHAL ALWAYS A HIT WITH "OH 1 YOU LITTLE RASCAL" 810. W. METER MUSIC Cf.. 13671'wty. W. T. 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