Variety (April 1912)

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VARIITY 35 3E Garfield Frank Passing Parade B R Oaaa Lloyd Broadway Gaiety Girls B B Oaylor Chas 7CI IT Detroit Qaylor A Wally 1S21 Halaey Brooklyn Qehrue Emma Girls from Happyland B R George Stella Girls from Hapctyland B R Giles Alphia Star Show Girls B R Glrard Marie 41 Howard Boston Gladstone A Talmage 145 W 46 N T C Godfrey A Henderson 171 W 45 N T C Golden Clsude Gay Knoxvllle Golden Max 5 Aldsn Boston Found Guilty for Laugh*. COLDCN and OOLLINS Direction, Jack Shea. Next Week (April 8), Watertown and Oswego, N. Y. Goodman Joe 1411 N S Philadelphia Goodwin Shirley Girls from Happyland B R Gordon Geo F Girls from Happyland B R Gordo El 1111 Bway N T Gordon Ed M 6115 Drexel av Chicago Gordon Dan 1777 Atlantic av Bklyn Gordon ft Barber 16 So Locust Hagerstown lfd Gordon Frank ft Rose Kinley Temple Hamilton Miss Robbie Gordone in Classic Reproductions of Famous Statue*. Gossans Bobby 400 So 6 Columbus O Gottlob Amy 571 Lenox NYC Goyt Trio 166 Willow Akron O Granat Louis If 126 Fifth Union Hill Gray ft Graham Vaudeville Club London Gray ft Gray 1111 Birch Joplln Mo Gray Trio Lyric Dayton Green Winifred Ginger Girls Co B R Grlndell ft Henry Crescent Syracuse Grimm ft Satchell Harris Pittsburgh Gullfoyle ft Charlton 101 Harrison Detroit R. Hall Alfred Queens Jardin da Parts B B Halls Dogs 111 Walnut Revere Haas Halson Boys 11 R 98 N Y C Halton Powell Co Colonla Indianapolis lndsf Hamilton Harry 157 Jelllflf av Newark Hammond ft Forrester Box 11 Scarsdale N Y Hampton ft Bassett Grand Hamilton Hannon Billy Orpheum Sioux City Harklns Geo Taxi Girls B R Harper Annette Girls from Happyland B R Harrlgan Harry Star Show Girls B R Harrington Bobby Girls from Missouri B R Harris Murray Belles of Boulevard B R Harris ft Randall Hippodrome Fairmont Harrity Johnnie 708 Harrison av Scran ton Hart Marie ft Billy Orpheum Winnipeg Hart Bros 294 Central Central Falls R I Hart Maurice 156 Lenox av N Y C Hart Stanley Warde Hyman Los Angeles lndf Harvey A De Vora Trio Orpheum Seattle Harvey ft Irivlng 1568 Broadway NYC E. F. HAWLEY ano CO. "THE BANDIT.** Next week (April'8). Keith's. Lynn, ■DW. R KILLER, Rap. Hilda Hawthorne ■• ■■ 'Johnny Next Week (April 8),Keiths Boston. Hawthorne's Minstrel Maids Dome~ x Mtddle- town v *»-^ Hayman ft Franklin Tivoll Sydney Aust Hayes Frank Social Maids B R Hayes Gertrude Follies of Day B R Hays Clarence B 1114 W Court Indianapolis Hays Ed C Vogels Minstrels Hearn Sam Follies of Day B R Hebron Marie Majesties B R Held ft La Rue 1118 Vine Philadelphia Henella A Howard 646 N Clark Chicago Hennlngs J ft W Plaza San Antonla Henry Girls 1116 So 71 Philadelphia Herberts The 47 Washington Lynn Herman ft Rice 111 W 16 N Y C Heuman Trio Gayety St Louis Hlcker Bonnie Follies of Day B R Hickman Geo Taxi Girls B R Hlllman ft Roberts 616 E 11 Saginaw Ifleh Hills Harry Robinson Crusoe Girls B R Hllson Robt Sam Devere B R Hilton Dave Moulin Rouge B R Hilton Marie Follies of Day B R Hines ft Fenton 5S1 W 161 N Y C Hlnes ft Remington Harrison N Y Hoffman Dave 1141 E Clearfield Phila Holman Harry Orpheum Birmingham Holmen Bros Plaza Chicago Holt Alf Sydney Australia Hood Sam 711 Florence Mobile Ala Hoover Lillian Belles of Boulevard B R THE FINISHED VENTRILOQUIS T. Representatives. MORRI8 ft FKTL. Hopp Fred 116 Littleton av Newark N J Hotallng Edw 657 S Division Grand Rapids Howard Jack Cosy Corner Girls B R Howard Katherlne Follies of Day B R Howard Comedy Four 988 8 av Bklyn Howard Harry & Mae 221 S Peoria Chicago Howard ft Howard Proctors Newark Howard Joe B 1018 W 65 Chicago Howard ft White 8917 Grand Blvd Chicago Hoyt ft Starks 15 Bancroft pi Bklyn Hulbert ft De Long 4416 Madison Chicago Hurley Frank J 152 Magnolia Elisabeth Hyatt ft Le Nore Majestic Lynchburg I Ingrams Two 1804 Story Boone la Innes ft Ryan Orpheum Madison Ireland Fr»dk Majestic B R Irwin Flo 217 W 45 N Y C J. Jeffrels Tom 189 Bridge Brooklyn Jennings Jewell ft Barlow 1861 Arl'gt'n St L Jess Johnnie Cracker Jacks B R Jewell MUdrad • Alden Boston Johnson Bros ft Johnson 108 Knight a* Col- llngswood N J Johnson Great 117 W IT N Y C Johnson Henry II Treraont Cambridge Mass Johnson ft Johnson 108 Knight av Collingsw'd Johnstone Musical Kings Southssa London Johnstons Musical 149 W 14 N Y C Jolly-Wild ft Co Majestic Dubuqus Jordons Juggling 4716 Ashland Chicago Juno ft Wellf 611 E 78 N Y C Kane James E 1781 So Sth Phila Kaufman Reba ft Inez Orpheum Duluth Kaufman Troupe Keiths Boston Keeley Bros 6 Haymarket Sq London Kelsey Siiters 4118 Chrlstlania av Chicago Kennedy Joe 1111 N 1 Knoxvllle Tenn Keaner Rosa 411 W 164 N Y C Kidder Bert ft Dor'y 116 Santa Clara Alameda Kimball Bros ft Segal Pantages Tacoma King Bros 111 4 av Schenectady King Violet Winter Garden Blackpool Eng Klein Ott ft Nicholson Pantages Spokane Knight Broa ft Sawtelle 4460 Sheridan rd Chic Kolb ft Le Neva Colonial Richmond Koler Harry Queens Jardin de Paris B R Kolllns A Kllfun Apollo Chicago Konerz Four Bros Colonial NYC Kratons The Olympia Liverpool Lacey Will 1616 Capitol Washington Lalght Pearl Sam Devere B R Lake Jas J Knickerbockers B R LA MAZE TRIO (1 Fools and I Tables) April, Central Theatre. Copenhagen Lambs Manikins Orpheum Franklin Lamont Harry 10 Clinton Johnstown N Y Lane Chris 4167 Kenmore av Chicago Lane ft Ardell 169 Alexander Rochester Lane Eddie 106 E 71 N Y C Langdons The Colonla) Erie Lansear Ward E 111 Schatfer Bklyn La Centra ft La Rue 1461 « av N Y C ' La Rue ft Holmes 11 Lillle Newark La Tonr Irene 14 Atlantic Newark N J. La Toy Bros Lynn. Lynn Larrivee ft Lee 11 Shuter Montreal Lashe Great 1611 Kater Phila Laurent Bert 1 Piatt pi Scranton Lawrence ft Edwards 1140 Westm'r Provid'ce Lawrence ft Wright 66 Copeland Roxbury Mas Layton Marie 161 B Indiana St Charles 111 Le Page 116 8 Milwaukee Le Roy Lydla Follies of Day B R La Roy Geo 16 W 115 N Y Le Roy Vic 111 Everett Kansas City Kan Le Roy ft Adams 1811 Locust av Erie Pa Leahy Broa 159 East av Pawtucket R I Leberg Phil ft Co 114 Tremont Boston Lee Alice Moulin Rouge B R Lee Aubrey Girls from Happyland B R Lee Jos Kinsley Kan Lee Rose 1940 Broadway Bklyn Lehr Corlnne Star ft Garter B R Lenox Cecil Trocaderos B R Lenzs 1914 Newport av Chicago Leonard <Qus 119 Manhattan av N Y C Leonard Joe Pat Whites Gaiety Girls B R Leonl Ruby Cracker Jacks B R Lepp Frank 8am Devere B R Leslie Frank 114 W 189 N Y C Lester ft Kellett 818 Falrmount av Jersey Cy Levering G Wilbur Follies of Day B R Levy Family 47 W 119 N Y C Lewis A Pearson Empress Tacoma Llngermaas 705 N 6 Phila Linn Beu Alhambra NYC Llpson Chas Girls from Happyland B R Lockhart A Leddy Stone Binghamton Lockwoods Musical 181 Cannon Poughkeepsie London A Rlker 11 W 98 N Y C Londons Four Keiths Toledo Lorrain e Olga 4116 W End Chicago JIMMIE LUCAS Next Week (April 8). Alhambra, New York. PtfseUsS). MP. §. BJIABB. Luce A Luce 986 N Broad Phila Lyres Three Sheas Toronto Lynch Gertrude Sam Devere B R Lynch Hazel 155 Norwood av Grand Rapids Macey Helen Girls from Happyland B R WILBUR MACK and NELLA WALKER United Time. Mack Tom Miss New York Jr P R Mack Floyd 6914 Ohio Chicago Malone Grace 181 Normal Buffalo Malloy Dannie 11 Glen Morris Toronto Manhattan Comedy Four Germantown Phila Manning Frank 166 Bedford av Bklyn Manning Sister Woodard, Warren Manning Trio 164 N Wanamaker Phila Manny Charlie Majestic Cedar Rapids Mantell Harry Trocaderos B R Mantells Marionettes 416 Elm Cincinnati Marine Comedy Trio 117 Hopkins Bklyn Maritana Miss 11 Honest Pi Forest Hills N J Marlo-Aldo Trio Temple Ft Wayne Marsh Harry Taxi Girls B R Marshall Robert A Wlllard Klnner Planklnton House Milwaukee Marshall A Kinner Planklnton House Mllw'kee Martin Dave A Percle 4801 Calumet Chicago Martin Miss Percle 4801 Calumet Chicago Martlne Fred 457 W 57th NYC Mason Harry L 8tar A Garter B R Matthews Elolse 8tar A Garter B R Matthews Mabel 1911 Burling Chicago Mavne Elizabeth 1811 S Wilton Philadelphia McCann Geraldlne A Co 706 Park Johnstown McCarthy A Barth 2901 Missouri av St Louis McConnell Sisters 1147 Madison Chicago McCormlck ft Irving 111 Av O Bklyn McCracken Tom 6161 Chestnut Philadelphia McCune ft Grant 616 Benton Pittsburgh McDermott Harry Star ft Garter B R McDermott ft Walker 6625 Havoforn Phila McDuff James Empress Chicago McGarry ft Harris 611 Palmer Toledo Mclntyre Wm J Follies of Day B R JOCK cKAY Scotch Comedian, The man who asks for applause and get* It. Orpheum Circuit. Pat Casey. McLaln Sisters 18 Miller av Providence McNallys Four Majesties B R McNamee 41 Smith Poughkeepsie McNutta Nutty 170 W 89 N Y C McWaters ft Tyson 471 60 Bklyn Melrose Ethel ft Ernest Bway Gaiety Girls BR Mendelsohn Jack Pat Whites Gaiety Girls B R Merrill ft Otto Keiths Toledo Meredith Sisters 11 Epplrt E Orange Merrick Tom Midnight Maidens B R Methen Sisters 11 Culton Springfield Mass Mouther ft Davis 841 E 86 N Y C Meyer David 1514 Central av Cincinnati Miglino Bros 1660 Bushwlck av Bklyn Miles P W Majesties B R Miller ft Princeton 88 Olney st Providence Milton George Bway Gaiety Girls B R Milton Joe Big Banner B R Minty ft Palmer 8111 N Park Phila Mitchell Bennett Miss New York Jr B R Mitchell Geo Majesties B R Moller Harry 14 Blymer Delaware O Montague Edward B Temple Hamilton Moore Geo W 1164 Cedar Phila Moore ft St Clair Pantages Los Angeles Morette Sisters Kings Highway St Louis Lillian Mortimer a c n 0 d ALBEE. WEBER ft EVANS Morln Sisters Bowery Burlesquers B R "Motorglrl" Wlntergarden Berlin Morris ft Kramer 1806 St Johns pi Bklyn Morrison Patsy Lynbrook L I Morton Marry Queens Jardin de Paris B R Morton ft Keenan 674 11 Bklyn Mosarts (Fred ft Eva> Orpheum Reading Mulcey Eddie Bway Gaiety Girls B R Mull Eva Girls from Missouri B R Muller Gene Trio Young's Pier Atlantic City Murphy Frank Girls from Missouri B R Murray Harriet Girls from Happyland B R Muskateers Three 140 W 19 N Y C Musikalglrls Colonial NYC N. Nadell A Kane Orpheum Des Moines Neary Bliss A Ross 459 B Main Bridgeport Neiser Henry Fields Minstrels Nelson Florence Girls from Happyland B R Nelson Harry P Taxi Girls B R PAUL NEVINS RUBY ERWOOD Next Week (April 8). Gay St, Knoxvllle, Tenn. Nowhoff A Phelps Pantages Portland Newman Val A Lottie Knickerbockers B R Nibbe Ed A Mike Moulin Rouge B R Nichols Caroline Keiths Boston Nicoll Florence Rose Bydell B R Nonette 617 Flatbush av Bklyn Norton A Ayres Princess Nashville Norton C Porter 6841 Klmbark av Chicago Nosses Five Empress St Paul Nowak Casper 1107 N Hutchinson Phila Nugent Jas Majesties B R O. O'Brien Ambrose Social Maids B R O'Connor Trio 706 W Allegheny av Phila O'Connor Sisters 766 8 av N Y C O'Dell A Gilmore 1146 Monroe Chicago O'Haus Edward Follies of Day B R Omar 262 W 16 N Y C O'Nell Emma Bway Gaiety Girls B R O'Neill A Regenery 691 Warren Bridgeport O' Neill Trio Proctors Porchester Orloff Troupe 108 E 67 N Y C Ormsbell Will Follies of Day B R Ormsby Geo Follies of Day B R Orr Chas F 111 W 41 N Y C Owens Dorothy Mae 8047 90 Chicago Pape Herman G Morrison Htl Chicago Parker ft Mo ire 11 187 Hopkins Bklyn Parks Marls Girls from Missouri B R Parvls Geo W 1514 N Franklin Phila Pederson Bros 615 Greenbush Milwaukee Peter the Great 411 Bl'mfleld av Hoboken NJ Peyser Dave Bway Gaiety Girls B R Phelan ft Winchester 1601 Belknays Superior Phillips Mondans 4017 Bellevlew Kansas City Phillips Samuel 119 Classon av Bklyn PIERCE and MAIZEE Booked Solid. W. V. M. A. Tim*. Per. Add.. 186 West 62nd St.. New York Plerson Hal Girls from Happyland B R Pillard Henrietta Social Maids B R Pollard Genie "World of Mirth'' B R Potter ft Harris 6110 Wayne av Chicago Pouchot's Flying Ballet Orpheum S.ilt I-ako Powell Halton Co Colonial Indianapolis Indef Powers John ft Jessie Darlings of Paris B R Powers Elephants 745 Forcet av N. Y C Primrose Four Grand Pittsburg Propp Anna Follies of Day B R Pryor ft Claire Bijou low.-i City Puget E Geo Pantag^e Q.nkland Queer ft Quaint Star Show Olrls B R Qulnlan Josls 644 N Clark Chicago Radcllffo Ned Sam Devere B f< Rawls A Von Kaufman Polls New Haven Ray Harry Hotel Clinton Pittsburgh Raycob H Albert Social Maids B R Raymond Great Bombay India Indef Raymond Ruby Keiths Toledo* Reded A Hilton Midnight Maidens B R Why is RED IKE ALWAYS WORKING Address care VARIETY. Chicago, and find out Redmond Trio 161 Halsey Bklyn Redner Thomas A Co 971 Hudson av Detroit Ilcdway Juggling 141 Inspector Montreal Reese Bros Lockport N Y Reeves Alf Orpheum Vancouver Reeves & Werner Victoria Baltimore Remington Mayme Gerard Htl N Y Renalles The 1064 Sutter San Francisco Reynolds Francis T Miss New York Jr B R Reynolds Nonle Star A Garter B R Rice Frank A Truman Gay Knoxvllle Rich Geo Star Show Olrls B R Rio Al C 269 Audubon av N Y C "Riley Eddie 26 Plant Dayton Ring Blanche Princess Montreal Roach A McCurdy Empress Spokane Roberts Edna Majesties B R Roberts C E 1861 Sherman av Denver Roberts A Downey 16 Lafayette Detroit Robinson Chas Robinson Crusoe Girls B R Robinson Wm C 1 Granville London Roeder A Lester 114 Broadway Buffalo Roller Henry 91 Trenton East Boston Ro Nero 411 B George Rome N Y Roode Claude Orpheum Denver Rose Blanche Cracker Jacks B R Rose Lane A Kelgard 126 W 41 N Y C Rosenthal Don A Bro 151 Champlaln Rochstr Ross Frank Trocaderos BR Ross Sisters 65 Cumberford Providence Rossis Musical Novelty 118 W 48 N Y C Rother A Anthony 8 Paterson Providence Roy A Wilson N Murry Richmond Royal Italian Four 654 Reese Chicago Russell Fred Girls from Missouri B R Russell May Pat Whites Gaiety Girls B R THOS. J. RYAN- RICHFIELD CO. Next Week (April 8), Colonial. New York. Sabel Josephine Hoffman House NYC Scanlon W J 1691 Vlnewood Detroit Schilling Wm 100 E Lanvale Baltimore Schroeder Carol Knickerbockers B R Scully Will P 8 Webster pi Bklyn Sears Gladys Darlings of Paris B R Selz A Miller Lyric Newark Scmon Duo Taxi Girls B R CHAS. F. SEMON Orpheum Circuit. Pat Casey, Pilot. - Next Week (April 8), Madison. Wis. ftas——as— Sexton Chas B Jefferson Birmingham Ala Ind Shermans Dogs Dumont N J Sherlock Frank 614 W 185 N Y C Sherman A De Forest Empire Plttsfleld Sherman Kranz A Hyman Maurice Baths Hot Springe Shermans Two 161 St Emanuel Mobile Shields A Rodgero Tivoll London England Slddons A Earle Hippodrome Slstervllle Slegel Emma Bon Tone B R Slmms Sheldon P O B 859 N Y C Skipper Kennedy A Reeves Bijou Kingston Slager A Stager 516 Birch aT Indianapolis Smith A Adams 1146 W Madison Chicago Smith Allen 1141 Jefferson sv Bklyn Smith Lee 11 Vienna Newark N J Smith Lou 114 Franklin Allston Mass 8mlth A Champion 1747 E 48 Bklyn Smith A Larson 140 W 49 N Y C Bomers A Storke Richardson Oswego Soper A Lane 1811 N Alden West Phila Spears The 67 Clinton Everett Mass Springer A Church 1 Esther Terrace Plttsfld Stafford Frank Orpheum Montreal Stanley Harry Grant Hotel Chicago Stanley Stan 906 Bates Indianapolis Stanley Teddy Follies of Day B R Stanwood Davis 164 Bremen E Boston Stefano Trio 1266 Maxwell Detroit Steppe A H 11 Barclay Newark Stepping Trio 1908 N 6 Phila Stevens E J 498 Marlon Bklyn Stevens Lillle Sam Devere B R Stevens Paul 323 W 28 N Y C Stevens Geo Majesties B R Stevens A Bacon 418 Rush Chicago Stlppn MuKlrnl fJarrlrk Burlington St Claire Annie Central Atlanta Indef Stone George Social Maids B R Stone Paul A Marmlon 4(56 Dayton av St Paul Strehl May Gay Widows B R STRENGTH BROS. N«xt Wt'fk (April R). Fifth Ave. N'.-w York. Dire ction PAUL I HI RAND. Stu^Tr^DollyCJay^Wldo* s U R Stuhhlefleld Trio 6S0R Maple nv St Louis Suits Anna Soclnl Maids B R FIVE SULLYS Orpheum tlrrnlt. N>xt Werk (April M, Orpheum. Kunsaa City. Direction Alf T. Wilton. When tiftsiperrnp aAvertbimtnU kindly mention VARIETY.