Variety (April 1912)

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VARIETY TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This sketch is the copyrighted property of WALTER H. BROWN and JOSEPH DETTLING, by assignment filed at Washington of the original copyright. WARNING TO MANAGERS J Permission has been given to no one by Mr. Brown to play this sketch other than himself, r and J any manager permitting the piece, or any infringement thereof, to be played in *his theatre will be liable under the copyright law. NOTICE TO PIRATES Anyone attempting an infringement of "HIS FATHER'S SON" will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. ^^____ No engagement valid for "HIS FATHER'S SON" unless arranged through FREEMAN BERNSTEIN, Sole Manager, Heide,be * iggftgg&F Broadway JIM AND THIS WEEK (April 1), PALACE, CHICAGO April 8- April 15- •Columbia, St. Louis April 22—New Orleans •Orpheum, Memphis May 6—Atlanta PLAYING RETURN DATES EVERYWHERE May 13 —Fifth Avenue, New York May 27- May 20—Shea's Buffalo THE "SINGING" HIT ALL THE ORPHEUM THEATRES "THE GIRL WITH THE BEAUTIFUL VOICE" a MAMMY'S SHUFFLIN' DANCE 99 "I>1 LOVE LIVE INJLOVELAND yj AND HOW AMERICAS FOREMOST COLORED COMEDIANS hi. w.* <Apr«i l)*•«••.Brid f .p^«. n..i WHt (Aprtii) PrortT-5.N«»rii. "BLE88ID WITH IGNORANCE" Direction. ALBEE. WEBER A EVANS When anawtrtnp a&vcrtUemmtt kindly mention VARIETY.