Variety (June 1912)

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VARIETY In a Quaint Character Study "THE EX-JUSTICE [OF THE PEACE" A FEW OPINIONS OF THE PRESS First Appearance in N. Y. City. Apr. 4. 1M :>, Keith ft Proctor'* 5th Avenue Theatre. RUBE DICKINSON ON THE TARIFF. Following the Fanny Ward sketch at the Fifth Avenue iaat night, a little man wi'h homemade clothes, white hair and a white chin whisker came on the stage as if he were walking over ploughed ground, and an- nounced in a piping voice: "I'm here to talk about the tariff." Then he proceeded to talk about every- thing else but the tariff. He soon had the audience laughing so that they looked at their programs in aearch of his name. It wasn't there. The electric sign flashed the letter "X." but the line on the program opposite that only read "Extra Number." By this time the people had ceased to worry about th.- name. He had them so amusedrlhey knew they would recognise him again. After a talk such as could proceed only from a genuine type who had been, as he declared, forty years an ex-Judge, the stranger Rube concluded by shaking his foot and singing of the charms of Irene, who made everybody's foot feel ticklish when she played on the a-cor-deen. The agents and managers rushed for the stage to learn his Identity and If he didn't want a week immediately. "I'm Rube Dlckinso.i," the funny little man told them. "I'm leaving on the mid- night train for Holyoke. Drop a letter up that way and I might spare time to come to New York later."—"MORNING TELE- GRAPH," New York City, April 4. 1910. IIAMMKKSTEIN'8 TRACK. WINNERS AT A GLANCE. 1 Howard A Howard. 2 Walter 6. Dickinson. Mclntyre A Heath. dead heat. S Marie A Billy Hart. Toots Paka A Co.. dead heat. Behold a newcomer. Walter S. Dickin- son. He came, and here he is. and he's here to stay, in a most original manner does Dickinson give his political talk. It's just simply another diamond added to Max Hart's collection.—N. Y. EVENING JOUR- NAL." Nov. 18, 1911. HAMMERSTEIN'S VICTORIA. N. Y. CITY. Walter 8. Dickinson gave an excellent por- trayal of a rube from down east. His dia- lect, make-up and the general detail char- acteristic of such a character were a de- light. His description of his trip to New York and the experiences encountered while here kept going, a continual ripple of laugh- ter.—"MORNING TELEGRAPH." Nov. 14. 1911. KEITH'S. PROVIDENCE, R. I. W. 8. Dickinson, a newcomer who Is called "another Esra Kendall" but can win laurels without standing upon anyone else's feet, was a scream. Here is a man who has an entirely new style. A real comedian if ever there was one.—PROVIDENCE JOURNAL," Feb. 17. 1911. KEITH'S BOSTON. One of the best things on the bill is the turn done by Walter 8. (Rube) Dickinson. His makeup and monolog are absolutely unlike those of any other man In vaudeville, and he certainly was ons of the big hits yesterday.—BOSTON "GLOBE." Dec. IS. 1911. KEITH'S PHILADELPHIA. "KIBE" MAKES BIO HIT. Walter 8. ("Rube") Dickinson was an- other new comer whose advent was decided- ly welcome. Pure, wholesome and delight- ful humor of the "rube" atyle is his spe- cialty. His act was a monolog, and it was so good that he did not have to depend at \ny stage on horseplay to win the crowd.— "EVENING TIMES." Jan. It. 1912. TEMPLE—DETROIT. The finest of the many good acts at the Temple Theatre thla week is that of Walter 8. Dickinson, "ex-justice of the peace." As a "rube" Impersonator Mr. Dickinson has reached an enviable height—DETROIT "JOURNAL," Oct 91. 1911. KEITH A PROCTOR'S 5TH AYE. THEA- TRE, N. Y. CITY. April t7th, lvlf. W. & ("Rube") Dickinson caught "«." a very good spot, and he did splendidly with his quiet patter offering. The talk is funny, although it is the make-up and manner of delivery that counts with Dickinson. As a new "Rube" put over In a different way, the specialty Is more than welcomed.— VARIETY" ("Dash"). CHASE'S—WASHINGTON, D. C. Walter 8. Dickinson as the ex-Justice of the peace is a droll comedian, whose discus- sion on the tariff and politics of yesteryear kept his audience In good humor during the entire time he was before the footlights.— WASHINGTON "HERALD." Jan. SO, 1911. MAJESTIC THEATRE, CHICAGO. Comedy at Majestic. "Rube" Dickinson, a monologlst who has created a deep character study of the New England Yankee, lights up a spot in the show with humor that Is pure and true.— CHICAGO "EVE. AMERICAN." May II, 1912. 5TH AYE.. NEW YORK. APRIL 2SD, 1912. W. s. Dickinson, giving a stump speech In the character of a "New England ex-Justice r>f the peace." deserves particular attention. His study of the farmer-politician la as clever and fine a piece of impressionistic acting as has been seen In vaudeville.—N. Y. "TRIBUNE." The unqueatloned hit of the program was Rube Dickinson In his quaint character "single." His material is new and with his delivery, he makes a sure fire weapon for vaudeville. Dickinson looks good enough to repeat here at any time.—"VARIETY," May 21. Direction, MAX HART AFTER A SEVEN YEARS 1 SUCCESSFUL ENGAGEMENT AT THE NOTICE NEW YORK HIPPODROME I WILL APPEAR VAUDEVILLE ALL NEXT SEASON, associated with VAN CLEVE AND HlSee* MULE PETE 99 Under the Direction of EDW. S. KELLER When anatocring advertitementg kindly mention VARIETY.