Variety (December 1912)

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VARIETY ENGLISH PRODUCTION OF "LAW" WILL BE MADE BY A. H. WOODS Pays Bonus of $15,000 For Foreign Rights. Qeorge Edwards Said to Have Defaulted Upon His Agree- ment. "Within the Law" Will Be Put on on at the Adelphi, London, With an All Star English Cast. The London production of Bayard Veiller's "Within the Law" will be made by A. H. Woods, and not George Edwardes, as previously announced. Mr. Woods is said to have paid $15,- 000 as a bonus for the English stage rights to the piece now at the Eltinge, New York. Mr. Edwardes secured an option on the English rights, agreeing to pay an advance of $10,000. No bonus was asked from him. It is reported he has defaulted in hit agreement. Woods, who owns a one-quarter in- terest in the show, put in a bid for himself. Mr. Woods and Lee Shubert will sail for London next month. While in London Woodd will engage an all- star cast of English players and ar- range to present the show at the Adel- phi Theatre. "FRANZISKA" WORTH WHILE. (Special Cable to Vaihty.) Berlin, Dec. 4. Frank Wedekind's drama "Fran- ziska," much commented on at its first night at Munich, seems to be a play worth while looking into. CONSTANCE DREVER PLAYING. (Special Cable to Vajuety.) London, Dec. 4. Constance Drever is now in Gertie Millar's part in "Gypsy Love" at Daly's theatre. IMPROBABLE AMALGAMATION. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) London, Dec. 4. A Moss-Stoll reamalgamation is be- ing talked of, but it is improbable. OTTO BRAHAM DEAD. (Special Cable to Variety.) Berlin, Dec. 4. Otto Brahain, director of the Leas- ing theatre, one of Germany's fore- most dramatic producers and an Ibsen- itc and Gerhart Hauptman pioneer, is dead. VAUDEVILLE AT Lt'NA. (Special Cable to \ ariety.) Paris. Dec. 4. The Paris Luna P?rk. sti'l under the direction of H. Akoun, will remain open this winter, if business warrants, with a vaudeville program in a "music hall" now being transformed. There- will be 1.000 scats, and a large prome- nade. REVIVAL FOR GAP. (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, Dec. 4. (lemier will revive Emilc Fabre's "La Vie Publiquer at the Theatre Antoine lo-niorrow night Tt was given at this house some years ago, and met with success, and it is hoped that it will now fill the gap caused by the withdrawal of "Credulities" and the production of a new work. PRODUCING TILLER'S BALLET. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) Paris, Dec. 4. The Alhambra will produce Tiller's ballet "Lovely Lucerne" Dec. 16 at the house. SUBSTITUTED CHINESE ACT. (Special Cable to Vaioty.) Paris, Dec. 4. "The Shanghai Eight," announced for the Alhambra Dec. 1, were in no con- dition to open owing to the incomplete- ness of the act. The management brought another Chinese troupe, "Pekin Mysteries," from Berlin, which opened Dec. 2. DEO. BILLS IN BERLIN. (Special Cable to Vabiety.) The. December bills show many American acts and all are doing very well. The Wintergarten has Fred. St. Onge and Miss Efesto in their bicycle act; the Zanfrettas, equilibrists, Shelvey Boys, contortionists, and Weiland, the juggler. Wintergarten's special attraction is the famous Parisian Cinema actor, Max Linder, in his sketch, "Pediculist by Love." He is a big hit, drawing the crowds and keeping the audience in continual laughter. His company of three ably supports him. Sahary-Djeli, the dancer, is also well liked and much applauded. Schwartz Bros., in "The Broken Mirror," get many laughs. Jeanette Denarber, with her balloon, well received. Lipinski's Dogs and the "Sunshine Girls," finish with Shadow Dance. Apollo has Mallia and Bart and Charles Montrell; Gross Berlin, Mazuz and Mazette; Circus Schumann, Max- imo. EDDINGER OUT OF "666.** (Special Cahle to Variety.) London, Dec. 4. Wallace Eddinger is leaving the cast of "Officer 666" and will be replaced by A. E. Mathew. GUITRY REVUE PERHAPS OFF. (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, Dec. 4. It is possible the revue by Sacha Guitry at the Folies Bergere, next March, may not see the light at this house, Sacha is booked to write and appear in a revue at the Folies Bergere, with a minimum of 100 nights, at $193 per show, in March, 1913. A rumor says this contract may be cancelled by mutual consent. SCOTCH SKETCH. (Special Cable to Variety.) London, Dec. 4. "The Visit of the King," a Scottish sketch, produced at the Palace Mon- day, is nicely written but not start- ling. "Bunty" actors are being used for its interpretation. "ARGYLE CASE*' IN ENGLAND. (Special Cable to Variety.; London, Dec. 4. Charles Frohman has the English rights to Detective Burns' play, "The Argyle Case," being done in America by Robert Hilliard. JOE MAN DOT, JULIAN ELTINGE AND JIM FLYNN A snapshot tak. n at .T.itk Dovle's training camp at Lob Angeles, of Julian Eltinge "hold- Ing up ' Jo« Mandot and Jim Flynn. Eltinge called nt the training quarters with Jack Curley. to. see the boys work before thnr respective battles. Just to show he was In good condition himself. Julian did a little live weight lifting. SIR HERBERT COMING IN. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) London, Dec. 4. Sir Herbert Beerbohm-Tree sailed Nov. 30 on the Caronia in search of material to succeed "Drake," which has been a big success. He may possibly select "Disraeli" and will also have a glance at "The Daughter of Heaven." "THE TIDE" OPENING DEO. 14. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) London, Dec. 4. "The Tide," a play by MacDonald Hastings, opens at the Queen's thea- tre Dec. 14. ISADORA DUNCAN COMING. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) Paris, Dec. 4. The exponent of Greek gestures, Isa- dora Duncan, has engaged for a tour in the United States, during April and Miay, 1913, during which time her Paris theatre will be under way. PAULINE IN LONDON. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) London, Dec. 4. Pauline opened very big at the Pal- ladium Monday. BAGGAGE LOST EN ROUTE. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) Berlin, Dec. 4. Rice, Elmer and Tom could not open at the Wintergarten Dec. 1, as their baggage was lost en route from Vi- enna. Marinelli's office and Director Steiner are helping them to recover it and will hold the railroad company responsible for damages. NEW OPERA-BOUFPE. (Special Cable to Vajloty.) Paris, Dec. 4. The Folies Drama tique theatre mounted Nov. 29 a new opera-bouffe, entitled "L'Arriere petite-fille de Mme. Angot," fairly received by the popu- lace which frequent the old house. Mme. Cocyte holds the best role in this work, which is more of a revue than anything else. It was written by Mauprey, the accompanying music be- ing mainly airs from the famous comic opera of Charles Lecocq, "La Fille de Madame Angot." WALLER DOING BUSINESS. The Lewis Waller-Madge Tither- adge combination playing in "A But- terfly on the Wheel" on the one-night- ers is doing business. It is under- stood to be Mr. Waller's personal en- terprise. Although the English actor is chafing under the banishment to the road, he is probably feeling better of late since reading the box office state- ments. A new play is what Waller wants, however, and he is looking to the Shu- berts as the source of supply, for an- other try at the New Yorkers. Belle Davis reached New York Sat- urday, coming from England. The same day she left for Chicago to visit her mother, who has been ill. Miss Davis sailed again for the other side Dec. 4 on the Celtic.